Jaycee Chan Receives 6-Month Prison Sentence for Marijuana Use

Arrested in August by Mainland Chinese authorities for marijuana possession, Jaycee Chan’s (房祖名) case was heard in court in Beijing on January 9. Jaycee admitted using marijuana with friends at his Beijing home four times. Apologizing for his drug use, Jaycee received a six-month prison sentence and was fined 2,000 RMB.

In the court hearing, Jaycee stated, “I broke the law, so I should be punished. When I am released, I will not repeat this offense, otherwise I will disappoint my family and friends again. Although I am duly punished, it does not necessarily mean that I receive forgiveness. I hope that in the future, I will receive understanding through my actions.”

On the day of his arrest by Beijing authorities, Jaycee recounted that he and his personal assistant Sun Le (孫落), as well as Kai Ko (柯震東) were at a foot massage parlor. After interrogated by authorities for four hours, Jaycee admitted to marijuana use and accompanied the police in searching his home. Over 100 grams of marijuana were seized from Jaycee’s home in Beijing.

Jaycee stated that he had used drugs with Kai Ko on three occasions at his Beijing home: mid 2012, July 2014, and August 13, 2014. Jaycee shared drugs with actress Alice Li (洛詩) on August 14, 2014 inside his home bathroom.

Two defense lawyers appeared in court, but Jaycee’s parents, Jackie Chan (成龍) and Joan Lin (林鳳嬌), did not attend the hearing. Due to the high profile case, the couple did not wish to add to the media frenzy inside the courtroom. Jackie arrived in Beijing earlier and had already met with Jaycee’s lawyers. Joan has been writing letters to Jaycee every day and will give them to him upon his release.

As Jaycee has been jailed since August, this would be set off against his six-month prison sentence. Jaycee will be released on February 14, and will be able to spend Lunar New Year with his family.

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Is that the latest picture? If yes he looks fine.

    As usual, useless parents.

    As for the sentence, perhaps Jackie did some persuasion but usually fair sentence for a first time offender and remorseful and marijuana. Hopefully he learned his lesson and turn over a new leaf and also walk away from his useless parents. Media frenzy? What an excuse.Clearly even the mother loves her own “face” than her son.

    1. China broadcasted the hearing to stress the severity of drug use in the country and gives Jaycee this light sentence of 6 months? How contradicting is this? Confirms my belief that Jacky Chan will play an important role in sentence right from the beginniing.

      As Funn said, “hopefully he learned a lesson, turns a new leaf and walk away from his useless parents.”
      I can’t believe the selfish parents decided in the end not to show up to give their son emotional support as every parent should.

      1. “Confirms my belief that Jacky Chan will play an important role in sentence right from the beginniing.”

        Maybe but if Jackie had bigger influence it would have been shorter sentence and he would have walked away a free man. Maybe China also has a justice system which recognises a first time offender, marijuana being a lesser drug and that he will pose no harm to society. Legally these are mitigating factors and if prison is packed, no point in chucking such a lesser offence in prison when there are worser crimes. That being said since China routinely execute the convicts at a faster rate than other countries, maybe the prison cells are not as full.

        I wonder does Jackie offers free autographs to jaycee’s fellow inmates so that they won’t rough him up unlike Nic Tse whom I believe has a bashing? Hence his maturity?

      2. I think dad did pull strings behind the scenes to get only 6 mths.

        Drugs and alcohol are becoming a problem in the China wealthy crowd’s kids … problem kids who wash up on Cdn high schools because their very busy parents don’t know what to do with them.
        Kids who have tons of money for ugly MCM backpacks and Maseratis … and loads of $ to party with but parents who remotely and unsuccessful try to do parenting from afar.
        These aren’t (fresh off the boat)FOB-ESL (Eng as 2nd lang) kids = most can speak Eng decently, having been dumped once too often in another Western country where dad has ‘bought’ yet another passport.

        China is looking at future social problems if this is the reigning wealth who will be in power in the near future.

      3. @Funn I get your point on punishment for first time offenders and a different set of rules for second time and serious offenders. To me, it just seems really stupid of China to give a sentence that translates out to “you’ve been in jail long enough, you may leave tomorrow.”, given how they made a big deal out of this issue. I think he should have been given at least 1 year of jail time, where he can truly reflect on himself and his actions for the next 6-7 months. That two-faced Kai Ko guy had it easy, too. But then again, this is messed up China.

      4. Maybe China should just stop trying to control everyone and let people do what they want to do freely. He smoked marijuana, so what?? It shouldn’t be and isn’t a crime. Stats show the more you try to restrict something, the more people want it.

      5. What daddy did was get the more serious drug possession charges dropped.

      6. Methinks daddy has the serious charges dropped too. And it’s the parents’ strategy to make it appear as if they are uncaring but in actual fact strings were pulled behind the scene.

  2. Yikes…what’s with the hair…probably not a good idea to wear your hair like a woman when you are in prison.

  3. Have to respect his remorse and for accepting his punishment like a man. no excuses. no blaming others. that’s admirable.

    1. Had to, in exchange for a lighter sentence. But I think he is truly remorseful.

  4. >>>Due to the high profile case, the couple did not wish to add to the media frenzy inside the courtroom.

    With JC who’s been absent all the time in Jaycee’s life anyway = understandable. Work always takes priority.

    With mom Joan Lin who obviously put a lot of blood and sweat singlehandedly raising this son = I can’t understandable her not appearing bec she has always seemed very close to her son (and vice-versa)

    The only reason I can think of as well, is them NOT wanting to escalate the media frenzy with their appearances, and mom wanting to maintain her low profile all these yrs.

    Poor kid (from our perspective) for not having the support, but I think Jaycee had known what to expect anyway (in sentencing too)
    He’s out Feb 14 – a mere mth away = having waited this long, I think the parents can duke it out another month.

  5. Hope that he is truly going to learn from this lesson. No offence, but why are people calling Jackie irresponsible? Like JayC would have probably received a much heavier punishments if Papa Chan really ignored him. No matter what happens, Jaycee will always be Jackie’s son. No one can change that. Even if Jackie wasnt present during his chilhood years or when he needed a father figure the most, he will always love & care for Jaycee. And save him lol.

  6. What happen to his eyes look a bit disfunction or maybe a candid shot. Marijuana is approved of using in some western countries so that why’s the sentence only 6 months prison.

    1. I heard even US is also very common and approved of selling this drug alrd not only in eroupe countries.

      1. There are Cannibis (aka Marijuana) clinics everywhere in my Cdn city. It’s legal, if you can justify (also easy) it for medical use.

  7. Corruption big scale as usual just because its stupid jackie’s son!!! Money talks all the time everywhere! Poor people suffer all the time and are always the victims!

  8. So he only has about a month left. It’s his first offense, so I won’t hold it against him. I just hope he learns and is truly remorseful. Luckily, it seems like he is.

  9. haha… haha… haha… corrupted communist government

    1. I think 6 months is fair for this case. If it was corrupted, they would have released him in the beginning.

      Nicholas Tse got no jail time for what he did and that was wrong!

      1. C’mon, 6 mths is as good as it gets.

        They need ‘time’ to investigate (3 mths would have been way too short bec it would be instant release … and they had to put on some kind of acountability ‘show’ at least.

        After subtracting the months he spent while they investigated … he’s out next month. And hopefully better educated and enriched (the 100 bks read) for that experience.

        With dad’s clout, a jail record would probably make zero difference in his future opportunities too.

      2. Daddy Jackie broker the Communist China a super deal. What about others? lol

    2. I notices lots of people don’t even know the meaning of ”communist”

  10. us celebs do all kinds of drugs, get dui, but never goes to jail for it even if they dont show up for court.

  11. Only 6 months while a normal civilian would probably be gunned down… the power of money and contact through he famous father, no corruption?!? yea right!

  12. It’s obvious that Jaycee Chan (房祖名) does waaaay more than just marijuana. Even after six months away from drugs/alcohol, he still looks like a druggie. His eyes are a dead give away.

  13. I’m sure that Jaycee Chan’s receiving this light punishment does have something to do with Jackie Chan. 6-month jail, really? First of all, China made it such a big fuss about his drug use and now the final verdict is only 6 months in jail. What a corrupt and mess-up country China is! Not to mention that Jaycee Chan doesn’t have to start over again and instead he only has to serve the remaining 1 month. This is totally ridiculous. This Chan family is a joke. The dad is trying to encourage people not to use drug and now the son has committed crime on drug use.

  14. Why is everyone making a big deal about marijuana? It’s just weed. What’s the big deal? It’s a natural herb. It makes you a little high but it would not make you kill people or act violent. I think 6 months is a long time for smoking weed. It’s not like he is selling drugs. China needs to chill out and use their resources to catch all those people that sell fake CDs and handbags.

    1. China’s past experience with opium addiction which lead to the “100 years of humiliation’ by foreign colonial powers makes them super sensitive to repeating any type of drug addiction again.

  15. Come on, six months? For pot? I know I know it’s china blah blah but community service would do much more good to society.

    Alcohol is a much worse drug yet it’s socially accepted. Even president Obama experimented with pot when he was younger. I know so many people who experimented with it in college (myself included) and all of them became decent adults with good jobs who contribute to society.

  16. Thank goodness he can be released ..Jaycee is a good kid . I’m glad he will use this experience to stop smoking its good for his health. And Marijuana is not a hard drug its like cigarettes..he born in California its legal there…

  17. Time serve u know 6 months is ridiculous for pot ..go to the Netherlands or California ..pot is not **** to be jailed for

  18. In this picture, he sure does look like his father.

    I hope this will be a learning lesson for him regardless if he still think someday he will inherit all his father’s fortune and money!

  19. Here’s the real story of his drug bust… According to a close friend of Jaycee Chan, Jaycee’s father (Jackie Chan) messed with the wrong Chinese government official by sleeping with another’s wife. So the government official went after Jackie’s son, who lives in China. If you are wondering why Jackie ‘s son, now you know. There are many rich people doing drugs, including government officials’ children. Why waste all this time on Jaycee?! Thanks to his dirty old dad’s womanizing behavior! Hot off the press!!!

    1. The child/children usually pays for the parents sins. Alan Tam may be next.

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