Jelly Lin Distances Herself from Calvin Klein, Makes Lay Zhang Look Bad

In a mere 34 hours after Calvin Klein announced Jelly Lin Yun (林允) as its brand ambassador, the 23-year-old actress called it quits. She is the newest addition to join the slew of Chinese celebrities who cut ties with luxury brands that incorrectly listed Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau as separate from China. In a statement issued through her studio, Jelly announced the termination of her partnership with Calvin Klein because the brand’s official US website disrespected China’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Jelly is Disgusted with Calvin Klein 

Jelly’s decision to end the partnership marks her as Calvin Klein’s most short-lived ambassador. When Calvin Klein revealed Jelly as its ambassador on August 12, she received a lot of attention for it despite the body-shaming from netizens. However, the next day, Jelly’s studio deleted all her endorsement photos for Calvin Klein and issued a termination statement, explaining Jelly’s disgust for Calvin Klein’s decision to list Hong Kong as a country. “Maintaining national sovereignty and territorial integrity is the responsibility of every citizen of the People’s Republic of China,” the statement read.

Her patriotic move was greatly appreciated by netizens and earned her additional fans who admired her decision to give up the brand endorsement for her country. Some people even praised her as “the representative of the patriotic youth” and “China’s good woman.”

Netizens Drag Lay’s Name Through the Mud

Unexpectedly, Jelly’s move made fellow Calvin Klein global ambassador Lay Zhang (張藝興) very embarrassed. The statement issued by his team said they were still investigating the matter and urged the brand to correct its mistake (if any) and apologize for it. They warned that Lay will terminate his contract with the brand if it doesn’t comply with the One China policy.

However, netizens questioned Lay’s investigation, as Jelly’s team already had results and canceled her contract. As a result, a large number of netizens scolded him on Weibo.

Instead of addressing his partnership with Calvin Klein, Lay issued a statement through his studio announcing the end of his partnership with Samsung. It is related to the fact that Samsung still has an unclear definition of China. Yet, some netizens were quick to point out that his contract with Samsung was almost up, and accused him of trying to distract netizens with this statement.

Calvin Klein’s Response

In response to losing Jelly as its ambassador, Calvin Klein immediately revised its labeling options on its US official website and reiterated its support for China’s One China policy.

Source: HK01

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