Netizens Criticize Jelly Lin’s Figure in Calvin Klein Ad

Jelly Lin Yun (林允), who shot to fame after playing the heroine in Stephen Chow‘s (周星馳) 2016 blockbuster The Mermaid <美人魚> , is affectionately called the “popular little fairy” by netizens. Yet recently, the 23-year-old received backlash from netizens for her Calvin Klein lingerie ads.

On August 12, Calvin Klein officially announced on Weibo that Jelly became its brand ambassador for the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to uploading photos of the actress in underwear, an official video for the fall 2019 campaign was also released. Netizens were quick to point out Jelly looked stockier in the video than in pictures, causing her figure to become a trending search on Weibo.

Although Jelly did not have a lot of screen time in the film, her body was still subjected to a large number of criticisms. Some netizens wrote, “I thought it was an average person, “the back of a tiger and the waist of a bear, “her figure is not qualified,” and so on.  Also in the video were supermodels Naomi Campbell and Bella Hadid.

Source: Hk01

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  1. Anyway she has announced to end her relationship with CK, the same reason as why Yang Mi ended hers with Versace.

  2. Unless the mainland star is already an actual supermodel, the rest of them are all “normal” ,not toned and fit and of average or below average height. These haters/netizens gotta lay off and not body shame everything that is behind the glass of their devices. Plus, I saw a plus sized woman in that clip. Obviously, CK wants to ‘cater’ to all shapes and sizes. All marketing. They obviously wanted to tap into the Chinese market too by getting Chinese people…her and Lay Zhang

  3. I don’t like Jelly Lin at all but no need to body shame her. I am not amaze or mersmerize by people doing crazy stuff to get skinny. Starving and skinny pills, all the unnatural stuff. That’s how they get all sorts diseases.

    I’m fine if they maintain skinny looks from natural methods though, such as approved diet and exercise. Or if they just look naturally skinny.

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