Jessica C. and Andy On Have Not Set Wedding Date Yet


Although Jessica C. and Andy On (安志杰) welcomed the birth of their daughter this March, the couple has yet to tie the knot since their engagement nine months ago.

Models-turned-mothers Jessica C and Ana R both attended a promotional event for a jewelry brand yesterday. Attending the event in a deep V dress, Jessica appeared to have a bloated belly. Teased about whether she is expecting a second child, Jessica smiled and said, “I was worried at one point too, but that is not the case. I am working hard to lose weight, but I am still breastfeeding right now, so I have to eat and make sure that I am getting all my nutrients.”

On whether the couple wants to have another baby, Jessica candidly admitted that Andy wants another child. Ana, however, suggested that that the couple should wait until baby Tessa can walk first before having another baby.

Ana, who is half Spanish, shared that traditionally, a baby girl will get her ears pierced within the first week of birth. Having given birth in November 2015, baby Maya is already more than seven months old. However, the 36-year-old mother chose not to adhere to this tradition. On the other hand, Jessica pointed out that Andy plans to follow the Chinese tradition and shave their daughter, Tessa’s hair when she is four months old.

Although the couple has been engaged since October 2015, the couple has yet to set a wedding date due to Andy’s busy work schedule. With baby Tessa to support now, Andy is working twice as hard to earn money. Not only is he busy filming a movie in Mainland China, the 39-year-old actor and martial artist is also busy filming a television series. Jessica lamented, “We have to work around his busy schedule, so we haven’t set a date yet. We will most likely go back to the United States [to host the wedding banquet], because our families are there. But we will have a dinner celebration with friends here in Hong Kong.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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