Jessica Hsuan Getting Married in 2011

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According to Hong Kong media reports, 39-year-old Jessica Hsuan has been in the entertainment industry for twenty years and has changed from playing fadan roles to middle-aged women. Although possessing fame and fortune, Jessica was looking for a partner and finally found love in veterinarian boyfriend, Ruan Bester, last year. After meeting Ruan, Jessica’s former lonely spirit was erased and she placed love above all else. Allegedly, Ruan already proposed and Jessica is ready to get married and become a mother next year!

Ruan Already Proposed

Although Jessica has been busy promoting TVB series, Sisters of Pearl <掌上明珠> lately, she did not neglect Ruan. In the past, Jessica placed all her efforts on her work. She filmed lengthy hours day and night, sacrificing her health and entering the hospital several times. Finally, Jessica became enlightened, “When I was filming A Step into the Past <寻秦记>, I entered the hospital. I told Heaven that I did not want anything except my health. Even if I possessed $100 million (HKD), it would be useless.  From that day onwards, I reminded myself not to work non-stop.”

Dating for six months, Ruan already proposed to Jessica. “He has talked about getting married. Since I am a woman, I will not take the initiative in such matters. I believe that love is destined. Each time when I dated in the past, I wanted it [to result in marriage]. I would say that Ruan is the most compatible man I have dated. Our beliefs and thinking are similar, allowing us to move forward in the same direction.”

Dreaming a Simple Wedding

Since that was the case, Jessica and Ruan’s wedding date should not be far away. Jessica hinted that she may get married next year. What vision did Jessica have for her wedding? She replied, “My dream wedding is very simple. I do not want a big banquet. I love Daniel Wu Yiu Cho and Lisa S.’s wedding ceremony in South Africa!”
Nowadays, Jessica placed Ruan and her family in first place. What did Jessica like most about Ruan? “We have common interests. He has a sense of humor and is kind-hearted. He treats my parents well and possesses a serious attitude towards work. In addition, his thinking is very compatible with mine.”

Ruan has a very kind heart, which may also be his greatest shortcoming. Sometimes he will be taken advantage of. Jessica often needs to be the firm one, “In the appropriate situations, I will need to speak up [for him].”


Jayne: Why am I not surprised to hear that Jessica intends to get married next year? In the past, she was very career minded and ambitious. But in the last few years, we saw some of that ambition slip. I still think that she had her greatest acting moments in Golden Faith.

Afterwards in A Handful of Love and Just Love 1, her former spirit and passion for acting seem to have fizzled. Many people say that she had great chemistry with Roger Kwok in Square Pegs, but I feel that she may have started treating acting like a job.  Perhaps along the way, through failed relationships, threat of health decline, and TVB politics, she questioned the meaning of it all. There was more personal satisfaction derived from things outside of work. Fortunately, in Dicey Business, we saw some glimpses of Jessica’s former fire.

Ruan seems to have brought that spark back into Jessica’s life. That’s what love is about; make you feel refreshed and full of energy for life! Congratulations and I look forward to their wedding next year!

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  1. HeTieShou says:

    THanks so much for the good news Jayne! I am SO happy for Jessica and it is about time that she gets married. I am also happy to see that she has finally found a great guy that is so kind hearted. Her ex boyfriend, Dicky has already been married to Zhang Xi so it is about time that she gets married as well. I feel that when women are younger, they place establishing a career above all else. However, as time goes on and if you are still single, your passion for your career begans to slip if you have not found your significant other(of course it depends on the person too since not everyone gets married). Congrats to Jessica and I am glad that she has shared her good news with everyone. Hope that she will share her good news of her wedding as well… Best wishes to her…

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  2. jayzemine says:

    I am so happy for Jessica for finally finding someone she wants to share her future with. Ruan seems like a really nice guy and they seems quite compatible. Best wishes to Jessica and hopefully babies in the very near future.

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  3. Funn Lim says:

    Gotta admit, she looks great for a near 40 year old woman. Wish her happiness. Children next?

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  4. Val says:

    Wow, looks like Jessica is one of the last fadan of her era to get hitched. We have seen Flora, Esther, Kenix and Ada all tying the knot. I suppose it only leaves Maggie Cheung Ho Yee now.

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  5. Wth says:

    I’m so glad to see that she’s happy n found her companion. Hope that their marriage will last. Just so happy for her.

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