Jet Li’s “Badges of Fury” to Star Cecilia Liu and Michelle Chen

Jet Li (李连杰) will have a refreshing role in new movie, Badges of Fury <不二神探>. While viewers are familiar with his suave fighting skills and heroic image, Jet will play a laid-back and cowardly detective in the comedy action film. Badges of Fury will also star Wen Zhang (文章), Cecilia Liu (刘诗诗), Liu Yan (柳岩) and Michelle Chen (陈妍希). The film is expected to release in December 2012, to coincide with holiday season.

As a laid-back detective in the film, Jet Li will pair up with young muddle-headed detective, Wen Zhang, to investigate  a series of murders. Although Jet appears to be frivolous, he is highly skilled in martial arts, and often saves Wen Zhang from dangerous situations.

During Jet and Zhang’s investigation, the duo suspects actress, Cecilia Liu and her sister, Liu Yan, in the murder case. Michelle Chen will portray a capable and decisive police officer, who is the supervisor for Wen Zhang.

Jet Li and Wen Zhang Will Swap Roles

Badges of Fury will be the third collaboration between Jet Li and Wen Zhang, following Ocean Heaven<海洋天堂> and The Sorcerer and the White Snake <白蛇传说>. Director Wang Ziming (王子鸣) disclosed that the duo will pair up differently this time, and will even “swap” roles in the film. Director Wang said, “This time, Jet Li is responsible for the humor, and Wen Zhang will fight!”

To prepare for his new role, Wen Zhang has also started to train actively, enabling him to deliver the best action effects for viewers.

Cecilia Liu, Liu Yan, and Michelle Chen Develop Sisterly Ties

Aside from Jet Li, the three lead actresses will also be a drawing point for the movie. Cecilia Liu is one of the hottest actresses in mainland China after starring in hit drama, Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步惊心>. Liu Yan headlined earlier news, after being romantically linked to Bosco Wong (黃宗澤). Taiwanese actress, Michelle Chen’s popularity rose after starring in You Are the Apple of My Eye <那些年,我們一起追的女孩>, and was nominated at the Golden Horse Film Awards in the Best Actress category last year.

Cecilia, Liu Yan, and Michelle appeared to get along very well during the filming, often flaunting their sisterly ties on Weibo. On August 3rd, Liu Yan uploaded a photo taken together with Michelle on her Weibo, and wrote, “You are the apple of my eye’s Michelle Chen. I am so sorry, the pretty lady with the dimple is courted by me today!”

Michelle also wrote “flirtatiously” on her Weibo in reply of Liu Yan’s message, “I met a smart and hot girl today!”

On August 4th, Liu Yan uploaded on her Weibo a loving photo with Cecilia on the beach, in which Cecilia leaned her head on Liu Yan’s shoulder. Liu Yan wrote playfully, “The weather is so hot! My sister Cecilia and I will treat everyone to a cup of ice lemon tea.” Cecilia also wrote cheekily, “If my sister treats, I will drink!”

Wen Zhang Upset with Scandals

Earlier, Wen Zhang was photographed behaving intimately with his costar, Michelle Chen. In the photo, the pair wrapped their arms around each other. Michelle even massaged Wen Zhang, sparking romantic rumors between the pair. It was later clarified that the pair was only rehearsing for their scenes in Badges of Fury.

As a married man, Wen Zhang was obviously very annoyed with the fabricated reports. On August 4th, Wen Zhang expressed his frustration and wrote, “Is it time to write about me and Cecilia Liu or even Liu Yan next? Will wait and see!” To liven up Wen Zhang’s mood, Liu Yan replied and wrote, “Wen Zhang student, do not worry, there is still our boss (referring to Jet Li).” Wen Zhang, amused by Liu Yan’s message, responded, “Nobody will believe it if it is written about him!”


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  1. Wow, finally, Liu Shi shi debuting on the big screen. This sounds like a good one.

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    1. So happy for Cecilia Liu, finally a chance at the big screen and with Jet Li too. Good luck to her….

      …….and yes, even though I do enjoy Yang Mi, she needs to be more selective. I don’t really like her role in Love in the Buff when she played an air stewardess and had that disgusting scene with Shawn Yue (when she was licking ……).

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