Jimmy Lin And 2-Year-Old Son Bond Over Cars

Many parents found that the best part of parenthood was the ability to relive their childhood, find simple joys in life, and hear a child’s laughter. Jimmy Lin (林志穎) appeared to embrace fatherhood and thoroughly enjoy having fun with his son. The 37-year-old with the eternal boyish face also passed on his love of cars to his 2-year-old son, “Little Kimi.”

Jimmy was a big fan of Taiwanese-American NBA basketball sensation, Jeremy Lin. A picture revealed both “JLins,” Jimmy and his toddler son wearing Jeremy’s jersey number, 17, while watching a basketball on television. The simple photo depicted a simple bonding moment between father and son.

Jimmy’s intense passion for speed and cars was well known, as he had participated and won awards in car racing since 1997. In one of his photos posted on his Weibo blog, Jimmy’s son was spotted sitting in the front passenger seat. Jimmy apparently enjoyed sharing all car-related activities with his son, including car washing!


Source: 21CN.com

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Jayne: Extremely cute photos of Jimmy and his son. Jimmy can pass as the little boy’s elder brother by the way!


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  1. Ah where is the mother? Kids at his son’s age can’t sit in the front seat it’s not safe. Teaching the kid to be into stuffs and brands really isn’t a good idea in my opinion. Sure, they appeared to be really happy but something is missing in these pictures…

    1. Who is his wife? Someone by the name Kelly Chen. Yes, it might be a bad example. Imagine, his son trying to a drive car by himself at a tender age.

      1. His wife is an unknown model by the name of Kelly Chen Ruo Yi.

  2. i used to LOVE jimmy 20 years ago… i was so heartbroken when he had to go to the army. then he never made it back big again. =(

    1. I’m pretty sure he’s still a star in his own rights. I think he’s an outstanding actor and very handsome, and I wasn’t even around 20 years ago. I like him much more than the new gen like Jiro and Joe Cheng

      1. I used to like him a lot but not anymore since he is a liar… I never liked his acting even back when I was a big fan of his.His acting was never good and I don’t think he ever won any awards for his acting. His looks actually aren’t so great if you really compare to the stars of today. I think Jiro and Joe have more potential when it comes to acting than he does…

      2. @Amy,
        It is the past now, but it forever scarred me and many other former fans of his. However, if you want to know, I will tell you. Basically, he lied about having a girlfriend and even a child. Before that, he always told his fans and everyone that he would tell everyone when he has a girlfriend. But he was caught with Kelly many times in public and still lied to his teeth. Then he had a child out of the blue and was even caught by a fan in the hospital in the US but wanted to continue denying it. He even had his father lie to everyone about it too. Then all of a sudden, out of the blue he suddenly announces to the world that he is a dad… What the heck??? Sorry, many fans just could not accept that…. From that point on, he really disgusts me. But some were all praising him like he is a hero of some sort… Oh gosh…

        Also, he lied about dating Ruby back then. I admit that I don’t really like Ruby, but I felt really bad for her since he lied all of those years back then about ever dating Ruby. But now, more than 10+ years later, he finally has the guts to admit it. He basically just let Ruby carry all of the burden of those years…. What he did sort of reminded me of what Moses did to Bernice and that is not admirable at all.

    2. That is normal and even if he did not go, he still would not make it big again since who can constantly stay on the top?? With all of the new talents arising everyday from not just Taiwan, but Korea and other countries, can he really fare against them?? I don’t think so…

      1. maybe… maybe he probably couldn’t have sustain his fame even if he stayed. but he WAS one of the 4 popular tw male stars in that era along with “ng kay long” and others (forgot their names).

        i ended up marrying a husband that looks a lot like jimmy…. maybe it’s just coincidence. hehe. but my hubs is so cute 😉

  3. WOW…3 yrs already?????? I can’t believe how time flies. Such a cute pic of father/son 🙂

  4. I don’t agree that he can pass as his older brother since Jimmy has aged a lot and I don’t think he has aged that well…

  5. i wonder if he still gives Ruby a gift every year on her birthday? hehe

      1. Well after what he did, how can she like him like before???

  6. He looks like an elfin man to me. You know, the kind that never ages becos of magic.

    But it’s kinda of creepy. He looks like a fat creepy elfin man now.

    1. He has aged a lot… If you compare his pictures back then to now, he has…

  7. Jimmy is cute to look at but never really like his acting

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