Jeremy Lin Receives Taiwanese Passport

The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) season has come to an end, and Jeremy Lin (林書豪) has since returned to California to rest. Since joining the Beijing Ducks in 2019, Jeremy averaged 22.4 points, 5.6 rebounds, and 5.6 assists but he was frequently injured.

Jeremy shared that the players in the CBA are very passionate and often use their bodies as a physical defense. “Often, they are playing ball and hitting people at the same time.” As a player of his status, Jeremy is often the target of the opposition and sometimes will have many players blocking him. After the season finished, he immediately reported to the hospital with injuries to his knees, face, and back. Beijing Duck’s coach also disclosed that at one point after a game, Jeremy could not hear any sounds.

Despite playing with the Beijing Ducks, Jeremy had applied for a Taiwanese passport and was finally granted one yesterday. Even though his father is a Taiwanese citizen, Jeremy was born in the United States and his status was a National without Household Registration. Now with a passport, Jeremy is able to apply for citizenship if he stays in Taiwan for 365 days without leaving or applies as a professional. He can also be a dual citizen and keep his American citizenship.

While many are wondering if Jeremy is paving the road to switch his career base to Taiwan, his father spoke on behalf of Jeremy and said that the basketball star is currently resting and regaining his health in California. In regards to his future career path, Jeremy will let his agent handle the issue.

Source: HK01

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  1. Man it’s like this guy’s basketball career can’t find a safe place for him. Aside from luckily being part of Raptors, just injury after injury. I doubt he will stay in China for long since he seems to value being able to voice his opinions and faith. Makes sense for him to get Taiwan passport

    1. @bubbles23

      “I doubt he will stay in China for long since he seems to value being able to voice his opinions and faith. Makes sense for him to get Taiwan passport”

      I am a Jeremy fan and have been following him since he was a Raptors. Jeremy will have way bigger commercial and business value in China than in Taiwan on and off the court. Taiwan’s economy has been stagnant for over 40 years. In China, you can voice opinions about your faith. Many people in the west are misunderstood that there is a lack of religious freedom in China when that simply isn’t true.

      He’s getting a Taiwanese passport, simply because it’s easier for him to travel to and from China right now than if he only had an American one, and being of Chinese-Taiwanese descent, his only option other is to get a Taiwanese passport as it’s impossible for him to get a Chinese one.

      1. @bubbles23
        Same to you. The US also said Iraq had Weapon’s of Mass Destruction backi in 2001 then invaded that country.

        Not a single piece of WMD found since. Colin Powell was holding a vial of laundry powder at the United Nations to prove his case.

        Keep being a sheep.

      2. @anon I’m not even American but okay. Just cause one country does something wrong doesn’t make mean the other is acting in good faith.

      3. @bubbles23

        Why does it matter if you’re American or not? The US controls the western mainstream media narrative. Canadian news follows the same media. Canada is part of the FIVE EYES.

      4. @anon lol, alive and well only if they marry to a Han. How many Chinese know about the Tienanmen square? Love how you call other sheep when you always are the biggest of them all 🙂

      5. @littlefish

        Sure every country has a dark past at some point. China included. Your American forefathers (yeah the white folks) murdered millions of Native Americans to colonize the “America”. How convenient of you to forget that to prove your point. LOL

      6. @anon the difference is that America acknowledges its dark past and is willing to do something to put it right. China, on the other hand, censors it’s own past because their leaders know that their will be uproar if the population knew what the communist party did before. Religious freedom?? Only if they abide by what the CCP consider to be religious freedom. How about you go to the Tiananmen Square and start a rally on June 4th and see what happens to you?? Wumao will always be wumao

      7. @longhair84

        Is that so? Is that why there’s massive protests happening across the USA right now as I am writing this out? Black Lives Matter?

        The US likes to talk about freedom and equality but doesn’t put ANY of it into action. The USA is still as racist as ever. Everybody else are second class citizens.

        The US is a heavily militarized police state. Sure you can protests, but you’ll get shot, and illegally arrested and beatened up without reason. Don’t pretend the USA is a saint.

        Do you even believe what you write? LOL

      8. @anon there are massive protests in America because of police brutality and systemic racism, which politicians across the both spectrums know about and are willing to do something about it. The protests are also encouraged by the democrats, can you imagine any protests of these sorts in China? No because there is no freedom of speech.

        Racism does still exist in America but at least they have had black and asian minorities in power. I can’t remember the last time someone other than Han Chinese held a high position in the politburo.

        Yes gun crime is a problem in America but only because Americans have the right to bear arms, so they’re are constantly at risk of being shot also. There is a constant debate in America to change this. Will they ever have a debate about issues similar to this in China.? Of course not.

        America is a military state???? Lol the us army is a civilian military. Which means that the civilians control the military, not vice versa. The chinese army is the CCP army. The communist party controls it. Wasn’t Mao who said the political power comes from the barrel of the gun?????

      9. @longhair84
        “the difference is that America acknowledges its dark past and is willing to do something to put it right. ”

        I have no beef in this argument but this is a straight up lie. Americans have done a lot of harm while denying it like bombing the middle east, agent orange and more recently detaining migrant children …. they haven’t even acknowledge the atrocities committed against the Native Americans. I hope you are not a Tr__p supporter.

      10. @karina are you talking in term of politicians actions? There are many Americans wants to right the wrongs, but politicians being politicians are not allow such thing done easily but you hear about these rallies, these protests, people around the world knows about black lives matter. Meanwhile, do you hear or see Chinese inside China rally for Tiananmen Square massacre??? That’s the difference. Americans aren’t saint, but at least they are a lot more free than Chinese live in China. Also a lot of key figure activists don’t need to flee America the way many Chinese/HK activists have to.

      11. @anon this is why you are the CCP sheep. Anyone who’s voiced their differences against the CCP must be American >_> I don’t forget what they have done but they don’t erase that fact. American can find information on the history of how the British eradicated the native Americans. Try to find information on how CCP is trying to take out Uyghur? Good luck to it, because look at your ignorant comment on that matter: “ Fake news from western propaganda. The Uyghurs are alive and well.” where in fact, good luck finding pure breeds Uyghurs, they are forced to marry into a Han family, overtime, there will be no true Uyghurs. And China has been doing this forever, it’s always marry into my bloodline or die.

  2. Geez. I know all sports come with a risk of injury, but it seems like the extent of his injuries while playing in China is out of the ordinary. Players are hitting him on purpose?? To the extent that he had to go to the hospital? Jeremy Lin sounds like a person who would put his quality of life over big bucks… here’s hoping to see him somewhere else next season.

    1. @sasamii well, in basketball you get marked heavily if you are famously good, and since they are playing in China, ppl would not mind being dirty. They can just pay some crappy player and if that take out the good player, then that’s what they’d do. This is the country that allows slavery, organ harvest, etc. dirty plays in sport is nothing. Here hopes he enjoy his time in Taiwan, in before China comes and take it back >_<

  3. Hilarious anyways to keep this on point, does sound like the ccp ball players are playing very dirty against Lin to cause so much injury. Curious if they do that to the African American players as well… Basically the black ones for those that don’t know.

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