MC Jin Writes Song As A Tribute To Basketball Sensation, Jeremy Lin

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Since NBA basketball player, Jeremy Lin’s (林書豪) breakout performance for the New York Knicks in February, his on court dominance has become the source of pride for Asians all over the world. It turned out that rap artist and actor, Jin Au Yeung 歐陽靖 (also known as MC Jin), was Jeremy Lin’s good friend and a big fan as well! Jin wrote his new song, Nick of Time as a tribute to the basketball sensation making waves across the globe!

According to, Jin met Jeremy Lin in person via mutual friends half a year ago. Jin and Jeremy maintained regular contact through e-mails over the last several months. Both stars were bound by strong Christian beliefs and their experiences as Asian Americans growing up in the United States.

On February 9, 2012, Jin uploaded the song, Nick of Time on Jin was proud of Jeremy’s achievements and felt compelled to write a tribute song, which was written when Jeremy was still playing for Oakland, California’s basketball team, the Golden State Warriors. However, Jin felt that his first attempt was unsatisfactory and thus never released it to the public.

In the song lyrics for Nick of Time, Jin celebrated the heroics of Jeremy Lin, the notion of “chasing greatness” in life, and that obstacles encountered must be overcome. Jin also expressed gratitude in God for his love and grace, making all such achievements possible. With gospel overtones, the song incorporated sound clips of Jeremy Lin in the song, reflecting his attitude towards success and the inspiration that he finds in God.

Listen to MC Jin’s “Nick In Time”!

[vsw id=”bEJUPpumvC4″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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Jayne: “Nick In Time” is quite an inspiring song from MC Jin! I heard that Linsanity is enormous in Taiwan and China; the levels in USA are not even close!

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  1. Surprise Jayne, what took you so long to profile Jeremy Lin in the site? 🙂

    In the USA/Canada is just largely Asian Americans w00t for him.

    Im rooting for him and Knicks teammates. They need to get into playoffs for god shakes.

    If there is a god out there, Lin’s turnovers should be ZERO.

    1. Larry,
      Was meaning to mention Jeremy Lin, but wanted to tie it to the entertainment angle lah. Now MC Jin helped us make the connection!

      I think the Knicks still has a long way to go before they can make the playoffs though. Jeremy still needs time to improve his turnovers. As teams and coaches profile his playing style, it will be harder for him as well.

      This is Jeremy’s breakout year and setting aside Asian American pride, I think he still has room for improvement as a NBA player.

      1. Jeremy still is a “rookie”. It is a good sign, he is playing well. Knicks are in the leading in the Boston game right now.

      2. NY is already currently in 8th place and I don’t foresee the bucks bumping them out. So it’s not hard to make the playoffs in the east. The hard part is moving up in the standings so that u don’t get bounced by the heat or bulls in the first round.
        Good luck to Lin.

  2. the basketball team you were referring to in San Francisco moved to Oakland in the early 1970s.

  3. Yeah..a breakout for “Lin-sanity” in HK entertainment scene…hahah

  4. Maybe I’m getting old but I seriously can’t stand rap anymore Lolz specially the new stuff…I just don’t get it. Old school hip hop all the way!!! Speaking of MC Jin, I’m not feeling his music, sorry, but I find him too gimmicky.

    1. He’s using less curse words to rap since he becomes Christian? That maybe the reason.

  5. Jeremy is apparently a fan of his songs too! He’s tweeted two of Jin’s songs so far and giving Jin thanks for his advice. Very cool!

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