MC Jin Reveals Photo of Baby Son, Chance

Chinese-American rap artist and actor, MC Jin (歐陽靖), posted a photo of his newborn son, Chance, on his personal blog on June 4th. Turning 30 years old recently, the devout Christian was excited in becoming a father and enter a new stage in life. Apparently, he also decided it was time to leave Hong Kong and move back to New York.

After filming TVB drama, Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>, Jin halted his work in Hong Kong to return to New York. He wished to accompany his wife, Carol, in the final weeks of her pregnancy. It was understood that Carol gave birth to their first baby, Chance on June 1st. Appreciative of the pain that all mothers endure in childbirth, Jin wrote on his blog, “A word to The Wife…You are amazing.”

Moves Back to New York

After making a name for himself as a rap artist in the United States, MC Jin released the Cantonese rap song, ABC, in 2007. In the song, Jin introduced himself as an ABC or American-Born Chinese. The humorous lyrics resonated with numerous overseas born Chinese. After trying to push his rap music career to greater heights in Hong Kong and acting in TVB, he decided to move back to the United States.

Jin wrote, “After living in Hong Kong for 4 years, it felt like my experience there was nearing its end and it was time to transition into the next chapter of whatever God has in store for me.”  With his wife, Carol, living in New York, Jin, and his newborn son’s birth, Jin may have felt the need to return to the United States to be more involved with the family.

Jin aptly titled his new English rap song, Brand New Me, to reflect the recent changes in his life.

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Jayne: Congrats to MC Jin and Carol! Baby’s cheeks look very pinchable!

The name, Chance, is quite meaningful, in which we need to take chances in love, in career, and many other things. There is no absolute certainty, but we take a chance because of belief  and a need for change. I remember reading a romance novel where the hero’s name was Chance, so I do like the name a lot.  

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  1. Looks like him. Chance? What is his surname? If No, then Chance No is bad bad bad. Chance is a better name than most western celebrity gives to their children. I remember when Gwyneth Paltrow gave her daughter the name Apple, it was like some controversy. Apple is nothing. Asians call their children Apple, Mango, whatever. It is Tinker Bell and Tallullah Bell or whatever that makes me go.. poor kid.

    1. I don’t get the big hooha over Apple. It’s a cute name and, like you said, only mildly unusual by the standards of celeb baby names.

  2. When I first glanced at the title, I thought he had named his son Chace but nope, it’s Chance. I think it suits a baby girl more than a boy in my opinion.

    1. I suppose Chance is a unisex name. Question is British pronunciation or American?

      1. Why would Jin the ABC rapper use British pronunciation?

        Anyway, I’m surprised he doesn’t want to return to hk. I guess he wants to focus on music instead of acting or hosting. Wish him future success.

      2. Errr sounds better perhaps? After HK is commonwealth. But then he is ABC. And New Yorker? Wow he must talk very fast! With a lot of hand gestures! Like Malaysians!!!!

      3. *EDIT*

        Errr sounds better perhaps? After all HK is commonwealth. But then he is ABC. And New Yorker? Wow he must talk very fast! With a lot of hand gestures! Like Malaysians!!!!

  3. good for hm. at least hes tryng fulfill hs daddy duties…

  4. Such a cute bb! Look at his tiny opened mouth. Ah~ so cute!

    So MC Jin will quit Txb and HK to back to US now? All the best to him. I quite like his rap :D.

    1. With TVB low wages…. He needs a lot of milk money to support a family.

      1. Even though TVB does not pay much, at least it is something. But in the US, I really wonder if he will be able to find work?? If not, then I think he will need to come back to HK to work and make money to support his little family…

      2. @HTS: MC Jin’s career in US was quite good before he came back to HK. Then it won’t really a matter for him.

  5. From what I know (as I follow MC Jin Twitter and he follows me back, he retweeted/replied back to my tweets to him a few times already), he is waiting for God’s Will of where He will lead him, so it is really undecided that if he is returning to TVB yet, but he has finished the work he has on his hands now. But I think as of right now, he will be staying in New York for awhile to fulfill his responsibilities as he did say on his site.

    I love the name that he chose for Chance; what a great meaning – a God given chance.
    I wish the best for him and Carol and that they will continue to receive continual blessings from God.

    1. I think that he should be in charge of his life instead of relying on religion or anything… Your work/career is what supports you NOT religion…

      1. A freethinker won’t never have the same belief with the ones with a religion, so don’t judge anyone by their beliefs.

        Note: I’m a freethinker.

      2. As a Christian, you will understand that things pertaining to your future is not something held by your own hands, but by God. He is the one that can take away everything you had in a matter of seconds.
        He is able to see things for the long term, as we only know so little about our future. Who is to say that your work will give you a happy and a successful life that can support you? No one can say that, but only He can bless.

  6. Congrats to him and I wonder if he will return to HK? if not then I wonder what he will do now as far as work goes?? Will he able to do anything in the US?

    1. He started his artist career in US before coming back to HK. Therefore he still has relationship in US.

  7. Could have name the baby: Bobby…Bobby Au-Yeung 🙂

  8. wait so he’s done with tvb? seems like he’s just starting to get famous, with the newcomer award and all. oh well. if he’s back in nyc, maybe i will bump into him hahaha. congrats to him and his wife/family 🙂

  9. He must be following the steps of Jeremy Lin…letting God’s will decide…

  10. what a complete toss. somehow, i don’t see this guy making it big as a rapper in the big apple, probably why he went to hk in the first place. and his song, it sucked.

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