Raymond Lam Rescues Naked Kate Tsui in “Highs and Lows”

*Spoilers Alert*

New TVB drama, Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>, is praised for its exciting and fast pace. Revolving around the Hong Kong Police’s Narcotics Bureau, the drama will feature narcotics busts, dangerous situations, and numerous controversial scenes involving Kate Tsui’s (徐子珊) “Drug Queen” character.

It was reported that Kate Tsui’s relationship with eye doctor Marvin Tse (謝偉業) is over after dating for only six months, dashing her marriage dreams. Kate may be stumbling in her love life, but acting career has never been so bright. Kate abandons her usual modern and pretty looks to portray a drug addict in Highs and Lows. Her portrayal of such a standout character gives her the potential to win the TV Queen title.

Kate Goes Naked…Partially

In the drama, Kate becomes a police informant so she can earn enough money for her sick brother. In one scene, while trying to eavesdrop for vital information, Kate gets trapped inside a cold storage room and passes out due to hypothermia.  Her savior is none other than Raymond Lam (林峯), who with Ella Koon’s (官恩娜) help, removes Kate’s clothes and dips her in warm water. To please fans, Raymond even performs a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and like in other TVB shows, performs a bear hug to share his body heat with Kate.

Kate put in much effort and research in her portrayal of her character, “Pat Chan”. She said, “My character has a sad life, and later on she will become a drug addict, and has to inject drugs with syringes. I spent a lot of time watching movies revolving around drug addicts, and even spent some time at rehab center to watch how real drug addicts react and behave.”

MC Jin Covered in Feces

Rapper turned actor, MC Jin (歐陽靖), portrays Kate’s sidekick who has a crush on her. He works as a parking attendant at a bar. Since Kate’s father is a drug criminal and she despises drugs, MC Jin attempts to stop drug transactions from occurring at his workplace, but ends up getting beaten by a triad leader, portrayed by popular veteran actor, Koo Ming Wah (古明華).

MC Jin was upset with the small reward Kate got for her job as informant, so for revenge he decided to pull a prank on Raymond by pouring a bucket of feces-laden grasshoppers  (an old Chinese prank) all over Raymond. However, Raymond locks MC Jin inside a toilet with the grasshopper bucket instead.

Ella Koon Nearly Killed Trying to Save Witness

Due to her carelessness, Ella almost causes the death of a witness in a case. While a suspect Poon Fong Fong (潘芳芳) and the police are in a standoff at the edge of a building, Raymond manages to distract Poon. Ella then jumps from the water tank to stop the suspect from pushing a witness off the edge of the building. While the witness was saved, Ella slips and ends up almost dying. However, she was saved by her secret crush, Raymond, who  manages to grab Ella before she falls to her death.

The police set up a trap aimed at billionaire philanthropist and drug lord, Lee Shing Cheong (李成昌), but he manages to escape. The senior staff of the police force suspect Lee was informed by someone inside the agency so they decide to recruit Raymond and Ella to expose the corrupt cop.

Source: Sudden Weekly #869 via ihktv.com

Lance:  Now who can be the corrupt cop? Ben Wong? Michael Miu?

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  1. It would be nice if you guys put *Spoiler Alert* on the title instead inside the article; next time.

    1. And it would be nice if u didn’t complain about every single little thing. The title is a gimmick to draw viewers, doesn’t really spoil the story at all.

    1. I think this series will hurt on expectations since there are leaking it every often.

    2. To lure audience to watch. Gang rape and nakedness will make people excited.

      1. Except its Kate Tsui, EWWWWW! I rather she got shot be done with it.

      2. Oh her name isn’t Mavis anymore, don’t call her Mavis. Now she is Angelina.

        But she is sexy, agree that. Kate is also sexy but PSS is simply sexier.

      3. LOOOL WTF did she really change her name to Angelina!?!?!??!

      4. Don’t think so, people will be more dissapointed than excited cause it’s not Ray who’s getting naked! Gosh people, why do people go all crazy and perv when it comes to Ray.

    1. Its actually Ben Wong who is a corrupted cop, gang rape Kate, from the spoilers reveal.

      1. Ben didn’t take part in the gang rape but is responsible for her turning to drugs

      2. Larry, how do you mark specific sections of the clip on youtube?

      3. Is it just me or do Ben Wong most of the time play the bad “cop”? First in Loo and now HAL. He fits it though. Ohh I forgot he also played a jealouse doctor in THC lol

  2. So far so good! Just love LF as the smart, cool, handsome cop! Great story lines, keeps you guessing! Love Fung!

      1. Fox, dont be an ass. I am watching this series. I think he did great for first 5 eps but his role shouldn’t be too cool or too bratty OD it.

      2. A big surprise to me. You make yourself sound like not watching or not bother to watch in the topics, lolz.

        But glad to know you like it. The first time we share same opinions, need to celebrate, hehe.

      3. I said, there is reasons fir him to be primoted or overpromoted or else. But honesty I think Txb isnt really planned to promote him but hard to neglect what he can do. Maybe not the best in everything but he has all on his bag and do well thing they give them. Its the main factor.

        I think his promotion is only in short term, not really in long term like someone else such as Moses or even KC.

      4. TVB promoted him because the boss LF is the cash cow now. He is the best package in the hong kong industry so far. Can dance, can act, can sing, handsome,good attitude, so chok, good backgroud, unlimited fans especially china, I cannot find another hero like lim, maybe andy lau? But andy ady an old fox and his attitude is not good and cannot do well in drama. He oni good in movie short duration. If drama, then failed thats why he left tvb earlier.

    1. fung sucks, only teenage girls without brains loves him,follow the mob.

      1. He’s pretty bad in this series. I read an article of how this series is supposed to push him for TV king…ya right!

      2. So who doesn’t suck then? And is worthy to be loved by mature women w/ brains?

      3. Looks like all the negative comments about LF are coming from the guys. Do I sense jealousy????

      4. LF will be the most richest celebrities ever and most successful. Who cares about the haters like you who are useless lol. haha. Everyone got haters. Most important LF is winner and u r loser. LOL

  3. Dont care about LF. I watched one episode and i dont think i want to watch it again.

  4. I like the series so far. Hope to see more of Kate & Raymond’s scenes together. Does anyone know what happen to Kate in the end?

      1. will she die or be send in prison? Hope the ending wont come out like that.

      2. [spoiler]LOL there were already long time spoilers on the ending about LF saving her from some explosion as she was abducted. Damn these spoilers!

    1. Kate finally showing her legs. I remember her with chubby legs in a movie before and haven’t seen her wear anything short since. But wow, what a difference now.

      1. I don’t remember Kate ever having chubby legs. She’s always had a good body. But yeh, she really does look hot in that hostess uniform.

      2. I don’t rmb when Kate has a chubby legs. She often wears shorts. But her body in the uniform for eps 4-5 is so sexy.

  5. Some reason, Kate doesn’t look good in this series. Her face seems chubbier than in other series. Don’t particularly care for her acting.

    1. I don’t think her face looks chubbier than usual, but she does look harsher than usual, but it suits her character.

      1. I think there was an article about how her face was swollen for some reason.

  6. Gosh I can’t wait to see Kate and Raymond lovestory heeeeeere ! It looks so good (don’t cry Kate’s’haters because Happy likes her character and not boring ella). So far good drama. Go Kate and all Highs cast and crew !

      1. Nah they won’t end up together, it’s a one sided love, Ray never liked Ella only Kate. It would be unrealistic if they did end up together.

      2. What if he ends up liking Ella? 😀

        But i hope it’ll be an opening ending where none of them ends up together!

      3. Sorry to disappoint you but Ella and Ray already revealed that it’s a one sided love so it’s not going to happen lol it’s either he ends up with Kate or alone besides it’s already mentioned that he’s too in love with Kate which is why he ignored Ella’s feelings

      4. U never know. There’s no future w/ Kate anyway (either dead or jail for her). Maybe he will start to accept Ella… They tend to have those open endings.

        But I feel injustice for Ella. How come she doesn’t get any mouth to mouth f/ LF? No fair. 😛

      5. They can still end up together even if it is one sided love 😛 But then that would be a stupid ending of pity. Anything is possible from TVB.

        Again, i hope for an open ending or Wai Sir dies (a death that makes sense)

      6. Kate might turned around in the end, it did mentioned something about her but I don’t wanna reveal the spoilers. This director made some pretty good choices in relationships in his past series and ending up with Ella is just dumb no offense it’s like Ron and JJ all over again, he clearly loved Linda way more but ended up with JJ when he didn’t even loved her as much. It would be a rush ending and this series deserves better than that. It’s more likely he’ll end up alone or with Kate, we’ll see.

  7. “praised for its exciting and fast pace. ” what? i’ve only watched the first 4 episodes, but they felt so long to me. dragging 1 case for 4 episodes doesn’t feel fast paced to me lol

    1. 3 cases already. One is the Heung sir as internal man. One is Pat father, one is the current with Ding gor. 3 at the same time.

    2. If this isn’t fast paced to you then how did you manage to watch other lately boring draggy TVB dramas?

  8. ok no i don’t have to watch this anymore. i started watching it and its not as thrilling as tiger cubs. michael mui is so manly and cool looking and raymond looks bland. where is the old raymond? i miss the old one from when he was little shrimp boy.

    1. Tiger cubs is thrilling? Huh, are you watching the other Tiger cubs with me?

      Btw, same producers of both HAL and TC, lolz.

      LF’s little shrimp boy was 10++ years ago. If he stays with himself 10++ years ago, ppl will say he dun have development. Whatever can be said.

      1. Yes, shrimp head was very cute. That was the first role I remember him in.

  9. I thought Raymond looks cool with this hair style. Never really liked him before but I’m hooked after watching the first 5 episodes! I also like Ray-Kate couple more than Ray-Ella. Hopefully it’ll be a good ending. (Don’t make Ray die the way Bosco did in WI, please!)

  10. actually, i want Ella to be paired up w/RL too but i doubt that will happen hahha…so i think it will be the cliche ending w/him either alone or w/her at the very end hahha…typical tvb endings.

  11. Kate and Raymond Rock ! Jealous kate’s’haters play desperate to have Ella with Raymond :p

  12. I like LF best in smart and snarky roles. I think he has been playing super goody nice guy for so long (or weird evil emo), he seems slightly out of practice – his tick in this show seems to be sipping soda whenever he can.

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