Jeremy Lin to Take World by Storm with “Linsanity” Documentary Film

Taiwanese-American basketball player Jeremy Lin’s (林書豪) rise to prominence in the National Basketball Association has become a legendary story among basketball fanatics and non-sports-fans alike. The high level of interest in Jeremy’s story has culminated in Linsanity <林來瘋>, a documentary film detailing his childhood and path to success, which will open in the United States on October 4.

The movie’s name, Linsanity, comes from a term that grew out of Jeremy’s surprising ascent in the NBA, in which there is a low representation of Asian Americans. Combining his last name with the word “insanity,” the term “Linsanity” accurately conveys the frenzied following that Jeremy attained during his high-scoring performances in February 2012.

Recently, Jeremy and his father released a short, humorous video in order to promote the upcoming documentary. Titled “Papa Lin’s Extreme Workout,” the clip shows Jeremy undergoing various basketball drills under his father’s supervision.

In one section, a blindfolded Jeremy is shown receiving passes from his father – a drill intended to promote awareness of the ball on the court. In the next, Mr. Lin models a hook shot for his son. The last part involves Jeremy dribbling the ball, while holding a spoon in his mouth and balancing an egg on it, thus simulating the pressure on the basketball court. In the meantime, Mr. Lin also throws water balloons at Jeremy to divert his concentration, and even splatters the egg on his son’s forehead.

After Linsanity opens in American theaters, it will be released in Taiwan on October 11. Taiwanese fans will also get the opportunity to catch a glimpse of their idol on October 13, when the exhibition games of the new NBA season begin at the Taipei Arena, with Jeremy’s team, the Houston Rockets, facing off against the Indiana Pacers.

“Linsanity” Trailer

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  1. It says “baseball” instead of “basketball” on the front page by the way.

  2. Good player but why did he join the rockets?He betrayed the knicks.Also read he may be traded again from the rockets.

    1. The Knicks didn’t match the offer sheet the Rockets offered Jeremy. Therefore Lin signed with the Houston Rockets

    2. He made his decision on money offer which I think it was a boneheaded offer.

      Should have stay with the Knicks.

      1. knicks made the decision to not match the contract that houston offered lin

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