Jeremy Lin Tests Positive for Covid-19

Chinese-American basketball player Jeremy Lin (林書豪) announced on August 7 that he has tested positive for Covid-19, on the third day of quarantine in Shanghai following his flight from San Francisco.

Was Vaccinated in the US

The 32-year-old, who had flown to China as he plans to return to the Bejing Ducks for the upcoming CBA season, admitted that he felt “shocked and a little anxious” on knowing he tested positive. Jeremy was vaccinated in the United States and also did several PCR and antibody (serology) tests, prior to departure and upon arrival according to requirements. Since he was “really careful during travel,” Jeremy was uncertain if there were any loopholes which left him vulnerable to the virus.

Currently receiving treatment at a Shanghai hospital, Jeremy said his case is mild. However, he used his personal experience to caution fans to keep their defense up. Posing with a thumbs-up on the hospital bed, he wrote, “For those still unsure, PLEASE PLEASE go and get vaccinated…For those vaccinated, I know we’re all tired of dealing with COVID precautions but please continue to be careful!! These new variants are no joke and your health is so precious.”

Source: World Journal

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