Jinny Ng Responds to Discord Rumors with Labelmate Hana Kuk

After Jinny Ng (吳若希) went on a hiatus after giving birth to her daughter, labelmate Hana Kuk (菊梓喬) quickly rose through the ranks and took Jinny’s spot as Voice Entertainment’s top artiste. As Jinny resumed her work, the media naturally compared the two singers and magnified their rivalry. With mounting rumors, Jinny explained her discord rumors with Hana.

Responding to being compared to Hana, Jinny bluntly replied, “Whatever! It doesn’t matter from my point of view. People cannot be compared with each other because everyone has their own boundary or position. We are colleagues, so there are no discords. Would you be at odds with someone you’re not familiar with?”

Jinny continued, “I don’t always want to work with her because I don’t want pointless gossips. I am only scared of this one thing. I don’t want to bother other people. The worse thing is where there is nothing and people insist there is something. This creates the misunderstanding that she thinks I have something against her. This is not good. To me, everyone is just working.”

Explaining Her Exaggerated Reaction to Hana’s Award

Last year, Hana took home the Most Popular Female Singer Award and Jinny’s reaction to Hana’s win became a hot topic. While Jinny was seen smiling and cheering for Hana’s win, viewers commented that Jinny’s reaction was overly exaggerated and fake.

When the subject was brought up, Jinny laughed, “On the bright side, I’m still relevant. Even when I didn’t win, I was still relevant. I remembered Mayanne Mak(麥美恩)was the emcee of the night and she told me that the original script wasn’t like this. They wanted to deliberately create more conversations, but Mayanne told them not to do it. In the end, they created the final script that was the least harmful to me.”

Jinny however understood that the original script was part of her company’s gimmick, “Oh well, the company wants to create news and we can’t say anything. When the company is promoting you, these are just some of things they give you.”

Being in the entertainment industry for 10 years, Jinny is grateful for her experiences, “A lot of collisions, and ups and downs, but thankfully everyone in my company is there for me. When I fall, they are there to catch me. When I am lost, they are there to provide advice. In this industry, you will mature much faster than other people, and meet many different kinds of people. There is also stress. Luckily, I am in this journey with this group of friends.”

Plans for the Annual Music Awards

As the annual music award ceremony is approaching, Jinny confessed that she wants to work harder to create other topics, “Don’t say I have discords. Hana is not someone fun to play with. She doesn’t talk much. If I’m the only one who talks, it’s not fun.  This year, I have to think about who I will have discord with. Maybe this year I should purposely step on Kayee Tam’s (譚嘉儀) dress?”

Jinny shared that she would not be fighting for the Most Popular Female Singer Award, but she revealed who she is cheering for, “This year, I’m betting on Kayee. She is very smart and she works hard.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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