Hana Kuk’s Rise to Fame Required Sacrifices

Voice Entertainment singer 32-year-old Hana Kuk (菊梓喬) became a hot topic after snagging the “Most Popular Female Singer” award at the 2018 Jade Solid Gold Awards. Only debuting two years ago, her quick climb to stardom did not come easy for her. To achieve her dreams of becoming a singer, she obeyed her company’s orders and ditched her previous “MK look” to transform into the goddess she is today.

Born into poverty and abandoned by her parents at the tender age of 13, she was willing to work hard to be successful in the music industry. Aside from sacrificing food and renting a cheap village house for 10,000 HKD a month, the obedient Hana listened to her company and dumped Come Home Love: Lo and Behold actor Stanley Cheung once their relationship was discovered by the media.

Her sacrifices did not go unnoticed – all the theme songs of popular TVB dramas were given to her, such as My Unfair Lady‘s <不懂撒嬌的女人> “Hands in the Sand” <手中沙>, Line Walker: The Prelude‘s <使徒行者2> “Forgot Myself”  <忘記我自己>, Heart and Greed‘s <溏心風暴3> “Speaking Again” <欲言又止>, Deep in the Realm of Conscience‘s <宮心計2·深宮計> “Moths Fighting Fire” <飛蛾撲火>, and most recently Life on the Line‘s <跳躍生命線> “Never Say” <從未說起>. With six nominations at the 2018 JSG Awards this year, she swept six awards home and beat her senior and label mate Jinny Ng (吳若希) as the most popular female singer. However, she had an absolute advantage over Jinny when it came to the number of songs.

Still, Jinny seemed bitter by Hana’s win by exaggeratedly laughing when the winner was announced. In an interview afterward, Jinny repeatedly stressed she was happy for her junior. “I expected [to lose to Hana] because the voting results were very clear, she had a very high score, so I am very happy for her because Hana really loves to sing,” Jinny expressed. “Her passion for singing makes me feel inadequate, so she deserves the award. Even if it was rigged, Hana deserves it since she is signed to the company and her songs are all hits. If you think about it, which Hong Kong singer has MVs that all exceed or almost exceed 10 million views? Next year, I hope Hana will be the winner again. I don’t need to be the “number one sister” in the company because I am the “number one sister” in my family.”

However, some netizens are unhappy with Hana’s sudden shot to fame, and thus dug up information on the singer. Some criticized Hana’s real birth year is 1982, thus, she should be 36 years old and not 32, while others stated that Hana’s real name is actually Chan Hiu Yi. There were also accusations that she bought clicks to increase her popularity. Fed up, the new queen of singing defended herself and said, “32 is not falsely reported, I did not change my name, Hana Kuk is my stage name and my parents also agreed to it. If I had extra money, I rather use it to pay rent and buy dinner.”

Source: EastweekYouTube

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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  1. So shes rose to fame quickly… so what is the problem?? even if its all “who you know” then good for her… and whats her age and name got to do with her fame?? people are just jealous.. I mean if shes popular then it means people do like her,, and then we are liking her for her singing so what is the problem… everyone has their own background story..

  2. Whats an MK look?

    I thought she was younger. The age at which “new”artists peak at TVB seems a lot older than the rest of the world….

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