Jinny Ng’s “Exaggerated” Reaction After HANA Wins “Most Popular Singer” Raises Eyebrows

Voice Entertainment artists Jinny Ng (吳若希) and Hana Kuk (菊梓喬) are not only labelmates but also competitors, and when Hana was announced to be the year’s Most Popular Female Singer at the Jade Solid Gold Awards held on Sunday, netizens naturally turned their focus on Jinny to see her reaction.

Long known for being Voice Entertainment’s “number one sister”, Jinny’s sudden hiatus in 2016 to give birth to her daughter has paved the way for Hana to step up. The past two years did wonders for Hana, who went from being a struggling artist to one of Hong Kong’s most well-known songwriting idols.

When Hana’s name was announced for Most Popular Female Singer, Jinny smiled brightly, clapped hard, and appeared supportive, but many netizens said they didn’t find Jinny’s reaction to be very genuine.

According to the micro-expression trainer Kenji Shimizu (清水健二), a genuine smile usually lasts around 0.5 to 4 seconds, while a fake smile usually lasts more than 4 seconds. Netizens said Jinny’s smile lasted for at least 13 seconds. Aside from its duration, Jinny’s smile was wide and exaggerated, like she’s laughing at a joke.

When Hana’s name was announced, Jinny’s face looked sour for half a second before she started smiling widely. When the camera panned to Hana hugging her labelmate Pakho Chau (周柏豪), Jinny’s face turned stiff for a split second.

This isn’t the first time that Jinny was criticized for her lack of sincerity. When Hana won “Most Popular TV Drama Song” at the TVB Anniversary Awards, Jinny congratulated Hana on her Instagram with the comment, “Congratulations to the number one sister!” Many netizens said they found Jinny’s comment sarcastic.

Nonetheless, Jinny has insisted that she is genuine in her congratulations for Hana, and that the two of them get along despite rumors of discord.

Clip: HANA Wins “Most Popular Female Singer” at 2018 JSG Awards

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. LOL. Jinny has got to do something to stay relevant, right?
    These JSG Awards are more like a The Voice Entertainment EEG annual gala. What’s the point in keeping it running when it has zero credibility? The only musician that deserves his win was Hins. I’m probably exaggerating but srs who still cares about JSG awards?

    1. @bubbles23
      yeah, only hins was the deserving winner. the others who won would have been second line singers back in the glory days…

      1. @m0m0 Pakho Chau is a talented singer-songwriter. Surely he’s a deserving winner too isn’t he? He has written many hit songs and he sings well. I like him better than Hins.

      2. @passingby
        i really like pakho but didn’t know that he wrote his own songs. he’s indeed very talented if he wrote the songs he sang. what award did he win? he deserves a song writing award and probably a hit song however, i don’t think he’s ready for best male singer. the four heavenly kings used to fight over the award and i think only real talented singers could hold up to the name of being the best at least for that one year.

      3. @m0m0 I love Pakho too but honestly there aren’t really great songs that I seriously like but I do like his voice. I believe he can sing and I like this acting as well.

      4. @wm2017 I only started listening to his songs some months back so I’m not really familiar with his works . But I really like some of the songs he wrote like 傳聞, 我的宣言,到此為止, 男人背後。I think he’s one of the few talented ones who can actually write songs and sing well too.

      5. @wm2017

        For voice and singing, I like Jason Chan more. 🙂
        People actually confused them in the past (early in their career) because of the the similarity of the chinese name. One is Pak Ho, one is Pak Yu.

      6. @m0m0 I recalled back to 2013-2015 Pakho won many music awards including Best Male Singer gold award at Chit Chat Awards and Best Singer-Songwriter. Since he joined Warner Music, he had composed over 40 songs which including Skylight that composed for Joey Yung. I think he is one of the few singers in Hong Kong that quite talented. Warner’s Artists absented for J.S.G awards since 2009 because loyalty problem with TVB. He only got J.S.G awards from last year after signing with the voice. I don’t know what the Voice do much for him. Because, he still worked with his team who are mostly working for Warner’s Artists.

      7. @milanista I guess that’s where my question is when it comes to Pakho — if he’s truly talented as you guys say, then why the hell would he sign with Voice Entertainment? To me, that’s a stupid move for an established singer/songwriter, especially if they have talent. If the goal was to get in TVB’s good graces and be eligible for their awards or whatnot, he could sign with EEG instead, like Hins and Hacken did (as much as I dislike EEG, at least they are widely known and recognized as a major record label in Asia — all the things that Voice Entertainment ISN’T). I’m not a fan of Pakho’s and don’t like any of his songs, but I have nothing against him as a person…I’m just looking at it purely as an outsider trying to understand the rationale in terms of why an established singer would want to put his hard-earned reputation and career on the line signing with a “small potato” record company that is basically crap…not just that, Voice Entertainment is also irrelevant in the industry, as they aren’t even recognized outside of TVB.

  2. Honestly all these singers and actors/actresses are so fake to pretend to be happy when their competitors win that award they’re eyeing. It’s normal to feel disappointed at losing. But diplomacy dictates that they have to pretend to be happy for the other, so they need to put up a show. Jinny’s reaction does appear too exaggerated and too fake but can’t blame her, she’s a lousy actress.

  3. JSG awards has died long time ago, TVB still investing this show is a joke as we all know the winners is chosen by TVB it has no expert credibility from the music industry. I sure miss the old days of 4 heavenly kings era those were the golden days of real competition.

  4. I do like Hana’s songs. They dont send me to sleep like most others churned out from HK these days.

    I suppose Jinny was trying to hide disappointment, but she’s human, it would be more unnatural if she was truly happy someone else won instead of herself.

    1. @megamiaow Well, TVB heavily promoted Jinny too, but she got pregnant and they found Hana. Jinny is definitely a better singer than Hana and her songs were much better than Hana’s songs. But then Jinny chose family over career, so she can’t cry about it now.

  5. hk music industry is so doomed with singer like jinny who was even be among the nominated contender for the best female singer award….

  6. There are only 2 main female singers in the label so in reality Jinny came last and it is normal she feels embarrassed. This is the best way to hide by clapping like a family member has just won an award….

  7. What has happened to JSG cantopop’s biggest rivals. From Alan Tam vrs Leslie Cheung, Four Heavenly Kings, Faye vrs Sammi vrs Cass, Joey vrs Miriam to now JINNY vrs HANA?

  8. I think there are still many talented singers and songwriters in HK. We need to give them our support if we want the HK music industry and Cantonese songs to stay afloat and maintain relevance. Give some positive energy to the industry. 🙂

    I see a many here keep saying HK music industry is gone, the new artists not as good as old. But, how many actually listen to these new artists or give them a chance? There are still singer-songwriters and music band/group in HK making their own music.

    JSG might be great in the past, but, it’s not an accurate reflection of HK music industry anymore. There are more singers out there than HANA and Jinny Ng. They just didn’t participate or get nominated in JSG.

    1. @kidd Ive been trying to give them a chance, but all been slow songs and they bore me. I prefer upbeat catchy songs. Any fast tunes recommendations?

      1. @megamiaow

        I have to agree with you that the current singers mostly sing slow song. Slow songs with good melody and lyrics are what I prefer. So, I have many songs I like.

        I don’t have much recommendation for fast catchy tune. These few songs should be quite catchy or at least not boring slow. Sherman Chung has some more fast songs. I just list 2 below.

        胡鴻鈞 Hubert – 到此一遊
        Dear Jane – 也許我不會活多一歲
        鍾舒漫 Sherman Chung《R U Naughty?》
        鍾舒漫 Sherman Chung – “開心節”
        ToNick – 很想跳吧
        Gin Lee 李幸倪 – 《風靡》
        黃明志Namewee Feat.盧巧音Candy Lo【唱廣東歌Sing Cantonese Song 】
        C AllStar – 無懼
        C AllStar – 大同

    2. @kidd

      Totally agree! I’ve been following Cantopop closely for the past few years and there have been many new songs that have come out that I like. My Cantopop collection has songs from the 70s to now, and as long as I and others enjoy them, then I say live and let live.

    3. @kidd Yes and no. I agree with you that there are still talented singers and songwriters in HK and we should definitely support them, but at the same time, we also need to face reality and acknowledge that the HK music industry and Cantonese songs as a whole have been dying out. I don’t think it’s about being negative, but rather facing the facts and understanding where the problem lies, which is important because the only way to truly fix (or attempt to fix) an issue is to acknowledge it and figure out what is causing it (root cause). One of the reasons why TVB has become the way they are now is because their approach whenever problems arise is to bury their heads in the sand and deny that there is a problem in the first place – no problem = nothing needs to be fixed, which allows them to continue doing what they do (and continue to be stagnant and increasingly irrelevant in a world that has already been several steps ahead of them for years).

      And no, not all the new artists are bad….some of them are actually quite good (like Hubert Wu for example), but unfortunately, there aren’t enough of the “good” ones to make up for the “not-so-good” ones, which is where the imbalance lies. And with the way the industry works nowadays, with the rise of the Mainland China market, the reality is the HK market is too small to be sustainable, so the imbalance (in terms of talent) exacerbates things significantly. Add to that the “exclusivity” of TV stations like TVB with all of their restrictive rules and such, which creates a system that basically only promotes their own (largely talentless) singers. Singers not signed with TVB need to rely on other platforms to get their music out to the masses, which is increasingly difficult in HK with only a few options (the other 2 free-to-air TV stations, though not many watch them compared to TVB or the 3 main radio stations, which all have their own rules and restrictions).

      Definitely agree that JSG is NOT an accurate reflection of the HK music industry anymore – which is why long-time HK music fans like me don’t even want this award ceremony to go on any more because all it does is further add fuel to the fire. We all poke fun at Louis Koo winning Most Popular Male at CRHK Chik Chak awards, but at least that win was for a specific purpose – it was HK music fans way of saying how crappy HK music awards shows are and how tired we are of the way things have gotten (to the point that we are going to vote for a non-singer who hasn’t released a single album that year and only had ½ a song in contention to win the main singing award). With Louis’s win though (and kudos to Louis for being such a good sport, since he’s well aware that everyone is using him to mock the system), at least the music industry is getting something out of it, as Louis already made it clear that in his current capacity as President of HKPAG, he is going to push for something that the HK music industry (and almost all of HK’s veteran singers) have been asking for the past 2 decades but have not managed to get: one unified music award ceremony (not affiliated with any TV or radio station) where all singers can participate and will truly represent HK music industry (similar to how Taiwan has GMA and the U.S. has the Grammys). As a long-time HK music fan, I’m hoping Louis’s project becomes a reality sooner rather than later (word on the street is that he’s been in closed door meetings with music industry people for awhile already pushing things along, so there’s some hope). 🙂

      1. @llwy12 some wrong analysis i would say. Canto pop can be so popular because of GOD created few cantopop god singers on earth such as sam hui, alan tam ,leslie, anita mui, and 4 heavenly king. But some already died and the rest already old. They cannot help anything anymore. Or else cantopop will not be popular at all. 2nd is there is too few canto speaking person on earth compare with mandarin, english and others.

        Although i no longer watch tvb jade solid gold award anymore, but you still cannot deny tvb really good with their dramas because many of their dramas with good theme song that not even mainland china can produce. Jinny and Hana still sing it perfectly although their voice are not unique.

  9. Hanna does really have a nice voice and dang Jinny reaction is just to much i might say a lil to overboard lol

    Pakho Ive heard his singing he does have a nice voice but all his songs arent that great I think he should go back in filiming movies and series

  10. Jinny gave up her career as a singer to be a gold digger, she deserves the outcome. Look at the bright side, at least she has money now without singing. Here is a joke for you guys, she is officially a HO now since she married to alex ho even though the dude is a cheater. He cheated on her while they were dating and will probably cheat again in the future. But I guess that would be fine with Jinny if the price is right. A typical Ho indeed if you know what i mean, haha.

    1. @mihk1994
      Such a thin unattractive guy that Jinny is likely to weigh heavier than him. I doubt anygirls will come for him if he didn’t have money…

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