Joe Chen Suffers from a Big Rash on Her Thigh

Despite Joe Chen‘s (陳喬恩) busy work schedule, she still manages to share her life with her fans from time to time. On the morning of the 16th, the 39-year-old actress suddenly posted a photo of her thigh covered in red spots on social media. Many of her fans were shocked to see the picture.

Although a surprise for fans, Joe is accustomed to rashes, especially when the temperature drops during the wintertime. Some netizens who suffer from the same condition advised her not to scratch her skin. “These rashes will get more and more itchy, and the more itchy it is, the more I scratch, and the more serious it gets,” Joe expressed helplessly.

When her rash is not present, her skin is actually very nice. Joe has radiant and fair skin even without make up, so it’s unbelievable she is turning 40 years old in April. When she was seen with a bare face at the airport recently sporting a newly dyed trendy haircut, she appeared very youthful and energetic, especially donned in a jean jacket and jeans. However, she still wore a black mask and hid behind her assistant, covering her face from time to time.

Such well maintained skin requires hard work. In order to look good on camera, Joe will refrain from eating food that’s high-calorie Even when she eats instant noodles, she will pair it with a bowl soup that’s known for its beautifying results. Not to menton, she has a habit of eating fruits and often goes to the gym. When she sweats, she is promoting her metabolism and will naturally have a pink undertone.

Source: Ettoday

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