Joel Chan Serves Florinda Ho in London

It was reported last week that Joel Chan (陳山聰) had departed to London, England to mend his two-year relationship with Florinda Ho (何超雲). The couple has indirectly announced through their Weibos earlier this month that they have broken up, and Florinda implied in her post that their separation was because of money.

Joel and Florinda’s romance had been troublesome from the start. Florinda is the daughter of casino tycoon Stanley Ho (何鴻燊), and although Joel himself came from a well-off family, he had given up his career at TVB in order to make a living out of being the boyfriend of Florinda. The paparazzi laughed at Joel for exchanging his life for money.

Caring for Florinda

Joel set off to London on the night of April 12, boarding a Cathay Pacific flight. To avoid the press, he arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport by the taking the Turbo Jet from Macau, and directly checked in to his flight through the custom terminals at the pier.

The paparazzi noted that Joel, who normally flew first class seating during business flights with Florinda, sat in the premium economy class this time. Rumors indicated that Joel fell into a financial crisis after Florinda cut ties with him, and he had to borrow money from friends to pay his airfare to London.

Joel arrived to the London International Airport thirteen hours later. Looking tired and scraggly, he immediately went to the bathroom to clean himself up. Florinda’s driver was already at the airport terminal waiting for him.

After meeting up with Florinda, who has been suffering from food poisoning in the last few days, Joel immediately took her to see the doctor. Around 4 PM, Joel was seen running errands for Florinda around the city. He was seen purchasing some take out at the Royal China restaurant, and then hurried over to several pharmacy establishments to grab medication for Florinda.

Allegedly, Florinda has already forgiven Joel and they are now back together. A source said, “It was Vincent [mutual friend] who contacted Joel about Florinda’s food poisoning. Vincent also came up with an excuse to go back to Hong Kong so Joel could come to London to take care of her.”

Florinda Used Pakho to Anger Joel

In 2011, Florinda had a very public breakup with “fur” prince, Andy Wong (王大業). The ex-couple, however, announced that they were still friends, and Andy consistently praised Florinda for being his best and most unforgettable girlfriend. Andy also hinted to the press that he was still in love with her.

After her breakup with Andy, Florinda was pursued by Hong Kong singer, Pakho Chau (周柏豪). However, Pakho ended up backing down in his chase with the appearance of Joel, who ultimately won Florinda’s affections. Pakho maintained a friendly relationship with Florinda. When Florinda and Joel’s relationship was on the rocks, Florinda openly flirted with Pakho through their social media sites, angering Joel.


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  1. It is like a TVB drama series ….. very interesting.

    Good luck, Joel.

    1. Sandcherry,

      From the sound of the relationship, Florinda will make the demands and Joel will have to run after her. He’s left behind his acting career and friends to cater to her, not to mention frequently flying to Europe on her whim.

      1. It’s a pity that Joel has decided to become Florinda’s man servant and left his acting career at TVB (and any shred of dignity) behind. He was a good actor and had real potential.

      2. Not ALL of his friends, only the noise with Christine Ng and Sharon Chan. He still can have friends during the love time.

      3. actually he still remains very good friends with Derek Kok. Florinda has visited their family numerous times.

    2. Joel!! You better not F this up!! It is my dream to marry a Rich girl and pretend to work. Please succeed and give me hope!!! Hope you marry her.

  2. Joel Chan vs Eric Tsang who do you prefer ” A man 24hrs with you or a man do not with you all the times?

    1. Personally I would prefer to have Joel if I have tons of money (from my dad). At least I can count on him for something I like.

    2. Whoa that’s like choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea.

    3. eric will give you money but leave you alone without love.

      joel will give you love in exchange for you to give him money.

      pick neither.

  3. I think Joel will still behave like a dog if he wants to marry this rich heir. If he can give up his acting career and wife for her, he may as well put up with her until he has more of her money.

  4. Someone should turn this real life drama into a TVB one 😉

    1. Good idea ………. TVB, think about this storyline and just change the names of the characters. The best cast would be Joel Chan and Florinda Ho as lead artistes.

      1. that will never happen because the HOs have a Portuguese niece from First Wife inside Mo Seen.

      2. also Eric Tsang and Ah Lek are reportedly more than just employees in the new hierarchy and that might be why they were so into going after Kenny Wee on behalf of Josie Ho (only made it worse)

  5. I thought he didn’t have any friends left?

    Oh well. Perhaps we should thank Joel for fighting the battle for equality – albeit in a roundabout way.

    1. Lol, like what the other JC (Jackie Chan) is doing.

    2. Actually no. He had the noisy “breakup” with Christine Ng and Sharon Chan, but he still has friends during the time with Florinda. Check Derek Kwok.

  6. joel can capture florinda’s heart is because he got the LOOK!!!… florinda’s got the $$$$…. so its very normal… i seen guys got $$$$ always have pretty leng lui girls …. Joel is consider very handsome actor in TVB… He has this mischievious handsomeness that make women weak on knees

    1. Handsome?!?!? Not by my book. There are much more handsome men out there. It’s just that the really handsome good men will not stoop so low. Even Raymond Lam (handsomeness aside), who is from a wealthy family, has good work ethic and does not expect things to be handed to him.

  7. Isn’t he suppose to be wealthy himself? Or so I heard…

    1. true – this could all be fabricated by the press – this could be true love between independently wealthy people

  8. how shameful. joel is officially an old boy toy soft rice king who leave his ordinary woman to find rich girl now.

    1. way to go for shattering his relationship with friends too in order to serve florinda full time.

  9. When he announces his gf, he is called a gold digger.

    When he takes care of his gf, he is called a boy-toy (serving gold bowl).

    When he argues with his gf, he is called a fool (for cutting his gold bowl).

    Actually all of his actions are quite normal for a guy in a relationship. Why ppl are that harsh on him? Just because Florinda was born rich?

    Maybe you can look at Bobby Au Yeung’s life last time. Luckily, he was stronger.

    1. Precisely no one realized Andy Lau also the same as Joel Chan going after a rich girl like a dog at that time he was nobody and poor now he is rich but no nobody commented on him.

      1. Sorry but Andy’s situation is nothing like Joel’s at all. First of all, Andy did not drop his career, friends,family or anyone when he dated Carol. He did not cater to her and dropped everything to be around Carol all the time. Andy continued to work hard which is why he is popular today. Now Andy is the one providing for Carol not the other way around. Andy always worked hard unlike Joel who dropped everything just to cater to and serve Florinda.

      2. I take you didn’t watch Andy’s movies while growing up. That man works hard to be where he is at now!! you don’t have a single clue. dont speak things you don’t know!!!

    2. I don’t think it’s only because he dates a rich gf or takes good care of her.

      it’s how Joel handled everything,
      he cut off contact with his good friends (christine ng, sharon chan)

      he stopped working (probably depending on his gf’s money to live..)

      I think these are more the reasons why people are so harsh on him

      1. Yes, it all adds up (or the pieces of the puzzle comes together). And, outsiders can see it so clearly. Although, Florinda has indicated her suspicions as well (via “love = money”).

      2. talking back to 2008, he also dun film any Txb series and took trips to Japan and Europe times, bought tons of new clothes (giving to his frd, too) but where was Florinda? Dating Andy the heir of a fur company.

        And other than Christine Ng and Sharon Chan, he has other buddies. After dating Florinda, he didnt talk or go out with those girls, but how do you explain about his good relationship with Derek Kwok’s family? Not only Derek but also his wife. Joel and Florinda are the god parents for Derek’s first daughter. It means he dun cut all the ties with frds, just with those two girls. Reasons are wat, Joel had his own explainations but nobody here care to hear him.

        So now what you will comment if they break up and what if they reunite, get married and live a long life together?

      3. As soon as the money is gone (somehow), Joel Chan is gone too. 🙂
        How will Joel provide for a spoiled rich girl?

      4. @fox

        i didd’t say he’s wrong or something.
        i just gave some reasons why people are so harsh on him.

        he might be still good friends with derek kwok. but why would he cutt off contacts with Christine/sharon all of a sudden?

        i can’t predict what will happen in the future. whether they are still together or not.
        but i’m sure he’ll get back to work if he breaks up with his gf. because then he’ll lose his ‘credit card’

      5. I’m saying that your reasons are quite biased to him. Not that all because of Florinda, Joel enjoys his luxurious life as he did it in the past, before knowing Florinda. Also not that because of Florinda, Joel dun hang out with anyone else. He cut the ties with Christine Ng and Sharon Chan, for Florinda or different reasons, we don’t know. He explained something about Christine Ng and Sharon Chan as someone who seek for the attention before, FYI.

        Moreover, he is quite rich himself. Not as rich as Ho family, but he is also a rich guy. It isn’t like after having Florinda, he starts to have luxurious life and free meals.

  10. ‘London International Airport?’ – thats in Canada, not London, UK.

    The main airports around London UK are Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted

  11. He’s good….. Have fun gold digging her.

    She’s in love… Have fun buying his love.

  12. I don’t see the point that this relationship will last. And if they get married… (I said ‘if’), the divorce will be very ugly, and juicy for the HK paparazzi.

    1. I agree and think that Joel would have been much better off continuing his career as an actor and may have become successful because he had a lot of potential. What a waste that he dropped it all just to cater to Florinda… I think that even if they got married, it will not last nor will it be happy.

      1. agree. joel wasted his career in tvb to chase easy money. he could’ve been rising now if he didn’t leave to serve florinda. lee tim sing was willing to take him back and help him get back on his career.

      2. If you’ve read an article about himself during EU time, you will know that Joel had thought about quitting industry. He has never considered actor as his main job, but a habit. That’s why to him, having acting job or not, isn’t important. There were time he doesn’t film anything, just travel around to enjoy life, and those periods were before he knew Florinda.

  13. Joel, your name is already a soft slipper name. so treasure this opportunity and be a slave to her. ultimately, either you can’t stand her spoilt upbringing or you suck up like a slave with no human rights. Good luck.

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