Joel Chan Wishes Ex, Florinda Ho, the Best in New Relationship

Joel’s career had hit rock bottom when he dated Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho’s daughter, Florinda Ho, six years ago.

Newlywed Joel Chan (陳山聰) recently disclosed that since getting married in early November, he has only been able to have dinner with his wife Apple once.

He is grateful that the success of his drama Barack O’Karma <金宵大廈> has brought in an influx of opportunities, “Luckily my wife is very understanding, I was only able to get married because I had requested those days off. I had one day of rest after the celebrations and then I had to immediately rush back to filming for Running With Big Steps <大步>. We are aiming to finish filming by the end of month. After filming ends, I’ll have a lot of overseas events. In December, I will be heading to the United States with Selena Lee (李施嬅), Joe Ma (馬德鐘), and Alice Chan (陳煒) for an event. It will only be for five days so my wife won’t be coming along.”

With jobs lined up all the way to next year, Joel will be delaying his honeymoon until mid 2020. Joel and Apple decided to go to a small island in Italy, “Neither of us have been before. My friends told me that there is not much to see in the winter, so we’re planning to go in the summer. For now, I have to work hard!”

There have been recent reports that his Running With Big Steps costar, Elaine Yiu (姚子羚), has become paper thin due to being overworked and becoming single recently. Reporters asked Joel for his thoughts, and he admitted she has lost weight but not due to the loss of her relationship. “When we were filming for Chinatown <唐人街>, she was already skinny. It’s not that she doesn’t eat, but she eats very little and she is also a vegetarian. I always remind her to eat. Our current filming for is quite strenuous and she has the most running to do. I don’t think she is unhappy; in fact she is very strong-willed. I hope that she can take care of herself. Sometimes when my wife makes soup for me, she’ll prepare some for her as well.”

Reporters also asked Joel to comment on his ex-flame, 30-year-old Florinda Ho’s (何超雲) new rumored relationship with a 50-year-old divorced man. Allegedly, it was her first relationship after breaking up with Joel six years ago. Joel commented, “I haven’t heard anything, but all happy news is worthy of congratulations!” When asked if he would send a congratulatory message to Florinda, Joel declined, reminding everyone that he is already a married man and did not want to affect anyone else. He also declined to comment on whether Florinda had given her blessings to his new marriage.


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  1. I thought she can do better than that but rumor to be with a 50 years old man and a divorce? What a big age difference. Must be a single father it could be. I mean she’s already rich herself does she have to stick with an older man? That’s right the reporter needs to stop asking about Joel and her since he’s now a happily married man.

    1. @cutie777
      OMG, I was thinking of the same thing. Some ladies mysteriously have a thing for older men just as some younger boys do…

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