Joey Thye Denies Being In a New Relationship

25-year-old singer-actress Joey Thye (戴祖兒) has a large social media following, and her private life is a consistent topic of interest. While she maintains a public-friendly social media account, her close relationships with various celebrities and well-known socialites give gossip mills a field run.

A lover for all things art, Joey recently collaborated with Japanese artist, Yuya Hashizume, for his art exhibition in Hong Kong. Joey is one of the investors of his Hong Kong galleria. According to gossip reports, Joey met Yuya through Michael Li, a Macau-born art investor whom Joey met through a mutual friend. The reports claimed that Michael has been actively pursuing Joey.

A look back into Michael’s old Instagram photos show that he had a non-celebrity girlfriend. From as recent as January 2018, he was with his girlfriend in Tokyo Disneyland. That August, he uploaded a photo he took with Jacky Cheung (張學友) at his concert; Joey had uploaded a very similar picture on her own social media account—it was valid proof that they had attended the same concert.

In September, they uploaded their first photo together, with singer Hins Cheung (張敬軒) by their side. The trio pointed at the camera. Michael also tagged Joey in the photo, and wrote “I want nobody nobody but you,” a reference to the song “Nobody” by Wonder Girls.

Hong Kong media reached out today Joey recently about the validity of these claims. She replied, “Too fake! Don’t want to bother explaining. Michael is credited in every single one of my art shows, on the foam board which introduced him as a co-founder along with me. We’ve all spent money on these projects, and we’ve all worked hard on it. We managed two art shows this month, and it was a big accomplishment. I worked really hard every single day, sacrificing my sleep. To be honest, I can’t help but to feel upset with this news, because it basically implied that I didn’t do any of the work.”

Michael was also reached out for comment. He clarified that he is actually from Hong Kong, not Macau, and also denied dating Joey.


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