Joey Thye Shows Off Toy Collection

An avid collector, the actress spends at least a thousand HKD on each toy figurine.

Fans of TVB actress Joey Thye (戴祖儀) would know that she loves collecting toy figurines, with her personal collection often appearing on her YouTube channel and Instagram feed. She is especially fond of the Marvel series produced by toy brand Hot Toys. Just as true hobbyists do not mind spending money investing in what they love, Joey blows at least $1,000 HKD on a 1:6 inch Marvel toy, while the Iron man model would cost at least $2,000 HKD dollars.

While the actress and host often talks about her personal Marvel series collection, netizens are doubtful. On March 31, she updated her Instagram with a post of her own Marvel series figurines, and wrote, “Many people ask if the toys are really mine? Or do they belong to others? True, some of them aren’t mine, but some of my other toys aren’t here. There is no space for my Thanos, and there’s still a box which I haven’t unboxed.”

Just looking at the figurines she showed alone, the estimated cost is likely over $30,000 HKD dollars. Some netizens expressed admiration at her collection, while others got distracted by her short skirt and long legs, leaving comments like “Love your legs” and “That skirt is lovelier than the toys.”

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