John Chiang Rushed to the Hospital While Filming “Eunuchs Leave the Palace”

While busy filming TVB’s drama, Eunuchs Leave the Palace <公公出宮>, 67-year-old John Chiang (姜大偉) suddenly felt discomfort in this chest. Seeing that John was in pain, the crew halted filming and John’s son-in-law and costar, Raymond Cho (曹永廉), immediately drove him to the hospital.

John was hospitalized for a day and has already been released. John expressed, “[They] checked my heart and the tests said everything is fine. I will also visit my family doctor tomorrow. After all, I’ve undergone an angioplasty before. Even if there’s nothing wrong with my health, I want to be more cautious.”

Raymond revealed, “At the time, my father-in-law said his heart felt uncomfortable. I remembered that he had undergone an angioplasty a few years ago, so I immediately took him to the hospital for checkup. The blood tests said his health is fine, so I feel more relaxed.”

Rosina Lin (林夏薇), who portrays John’s daughter in the drama, was very nervous when John showed symptoms of pain. She is relieved to hear from Raymond that John is feeling well, but has not spoken to John as she knows he is resting.

Producer Marco Law (羅永賢) also revealed that he will revise the schedule to allow John to rest more. He said, “We will temporarily halt filming of John’s scenes. We will start filming those scenes after he has seen his family doctor.” When asked whether it was because John’s workload is too much, Marco said, “His character is very important [in the series]. He is in many of the scenes. Recently, we have only been filming indoors in the studio. But it is important for the elderly to focus on their health when feeling discomfort.”


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    1. Yes, but way back in the old days. His English name has always been John, but because his Chinese name sounds like ‘David’, people called him that early on when he started out in his career. He said in an interview a long time ago that he actually doesn’t like it when people call him David instead of John, but since people got used to it, he let it be until later on when his career was more established. He said that nowadays, if you call him David instead of John, he won’t answer you…LOL.

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