Jonathan Cheung Quits Vaping Because of Daughter

The actor recounts frightening side effects of going cold turkey.

Married for eight years, actor Jonathan Cheung (張頴康) and Angie Mak (麥雅緻) are blessed with a daughter “Little Bean” and son “Little Peanut”, completing their lovely family of four. Recently, the actor shared how he decided to quit his e-cigarette smoking habit because of his family’s disapproval.

Daughter’s Reproach Encouraged Him to Stave Off Smoking Habit

Nearing 39 years old, Jonathan is a bonafide family man who would send his kids to and from school on his off days, while occasionally joining his wife’s Facebook live sessions to interact with fans.

Last week, he shared on Facebook that he had successfully quit his habit of smoking e-cigarettes for 100 days, and gave more details on his motivation. In August, Little Bean found an e-cigarette device in his backpack, to which he explained, “This is what Daddy uses to relax!” Unexpectedly, his daughter replied, “I don’t like it when you smoke!”

While he has never vaped in front of his kids, Little Bean’s words pricked his heart like a needle and this motivated his newfound commitment to quit the habit. Passing his e-smoking device to his wife, the actor has successfully kicked the habit for more than three months since.

Explaining his lengthy post, Jonathan shared that his purpose is not to encourage everyone to quit smoking, but to share the physical harms of e-smoking. “During the first 20 days of quitting, I often broke out in cold sweat, and always had a low body temperature, and was not able to concentrate at work. I couldn’t even remember a few lines [of script]! It was not as bad in the past when I quit traditional smoking!”

Wondering why he was experiencing such nasty side effects by staying away from e-cigarettes, the actor concluded, “All along I hadn’t known that I was inhaling all these chemical [contents] into my body. When I had to do without them, my body had such strong reactions! I found it very frightening!”

Thanks Daughter for Letting Him Be a “Responsible Dad”

To encourage her husband to quit his habit, Angie prepared a notebook for Jonathan, and Little Bean would reward him a sticker for every day he stayed away from vaping. Proudly sharing a photo of the stickers he has earned, Jonathan said, “When Bell Bell [the family dog] passed away, I got so depressed that I felt like smoking. Luckily I remembered the book, so in the end I didn’t give in! It’s really challenging as e-cigarettes are easily available! Plus the cold sweat I experienced the first 20 days put me off smoking again! Thanks to Little Bean for letting me become a responsible dad. Next, I hope to collect 365 stickers and share with everyone again!”

The actor joked that he was certain Little Bean was unaware of his smoking habit, and believed it was his wife who spilled his secret. However, Jonathan does not blame Angie, but was touched by the painstaking effort in getting him to quit the habit, ending his post with “Wifey, I love you so much!”

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