“The Man Who Kills Troubles” Airs Finale


Vincent survives, but learned that Natalie’s character has died.

The finale episode of TVB Anniversary drama The Man Who Kills Troubles <解決師> aired on November 23, with its most climactic scene being Vincent Wong’s (王浩信) “O Sir” and Jonathan Cheung’s (張頴康) “Man Sir” facing off in an ultimatum. To gain more power for himself, Man Sir shot Qiao Yi Feng (played by Peter Pang 彭皓鋒), but his killing was unknowingly filmed by drones controlled by O Sir. Upon the discovery he pursues O Sir, wanting to silence him.

During the car chase between the two, Vincent managed to hack into a group of performing drones nearby, and used them to aim fireworks attacking Man Sir’s vehicle. Resembling the scene where Mystique used drones against Spiderman in the blockbuster Spiderman: Far From Home, TVB production attempted to entertain viewers with its localized twist.

Natalie Poisoned by Johnathan, Sad Ending for Main Couple

Even though Man Sir’s rifle shots damaged the rear of O Sir’s car which then burst into flames, he managed to escape and jumped on Man Sir from behind. Locked in a fierce tussle, the two men, both heavily injured, lay on the ground close to death. Peering at the starry sky, they revealed each other’s inner thoughts. Man Sir even spoke at length to admit that he was the mastermind who set a trap to poison Jovy (Natalie Tong 唐詩詠) with ricin whose symptoms were similar to that of common cold hence making it hard to identify. O Sir was devastated.

About a month later, a reformed Man Sir, fortunate enough to have survived, shares sweet moments with his girlfriend, Ace (Crystal Fung 馮盈盈), and intends to move to Bhutan for a new life. However, he meets his end when he is assassinated by Mr. Qiao’s underling Ray.

Two months from the day he fought with Man Sir, O Sir awoke and learned that Jovy has indeed been poisoned to death.

Source: HK01

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This drama is good.but the ending for vincent and natalie is so sad.chloe die and follow by jovy.it will be good tat osir and jovy have a good ending

  2. I feel like they tried too hard to make it tragic, if they really wanted to kill off one of the mains, I think having O sir die instead of Jovy would have made more of an impact. Did they really have to kill off both of his lovers?

    I would have loved to see a scene of her brother reacting to news of her death.

    Also the product placements scenes were so obvious when it came to Sharon and Michael Tong, like the features of the car and the close up of the vitamin supplements. It was kind of jarring.

    1. @chisin I didn’t even bother w/the Sharon & Michael Tong scenes kinda unnecessary to me how both of them came from being poor and such similar backgrounds so cliche. The same goes for the female cop n the forever in love w her superior even thou he turned so out of reality and even evil towards the end when he was supposedly was such a righteous person. They even cut their so called intimate shower scene so I wonder why they would bother filming it? I do like the Vincent Wong fight scenes to me his love line w/Natalie Tong has no chemistry me so I didn’t really feel that sad for her character. lol haha… Yes, usually we feel something for a lead to die. haha lol…My favorite characters have got to be Natalie Tong’s brother and the still cute looking subordinate/brother of his and even the killer S. They are all pretty good to watch other than Vincent Wong. 🙂

  3. It was a really sad ending as did not expect Jovy to die, thought O sir will be the one die instead. Guess they maintain him in case tvb wanna make part 2. Also thought John will die in this drama, but turns out he did not.

    Not sure why tvb make Ray kill Man Sir to avenge Mr Kiu, when he treated Ray like a dog. Ray should thank Man Sir for getting rid of Mr Kiu ☺️.

    Overall is a good and interesting drama. Worth a watch

  4. jayne,
    why is my comment not showing? it’s showing on activity but not here? didn’t use sensitive wording or anything.

  5. the drama is okay-ish. boring in some parts but overall got through it. i think the storyline and characterisation were okay but i feel it was a bit predictable and cliche.

    and why does vincent’s co-star always end up dying in the drama… tracy, ali, natalie lol

    1. @emiliachan agree! I enjoyed the beginning/middle because I thought the drama was different and cool, especially Vincent’s action scenes. However, I stopped watching because I figured the ending would be quite predictable.

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