Ju Jingyi’s Suspected Plastic Surgery Becomes Hot Topic

By on July 26, 2019 in NEWS, TV Dramas

Ju Jingyi’s Suspected Plastic Surgery Becomes Hot Topic

Graduated SNH48 member Ju Jingyi (鞠婧禕) is a rising star not only in China, but also in Japan, thanks to her association with the AKB48 sister groups. The title of being “China’s Most Beautiful in 4,000 Years” doesn’t come without criticism and stress.

Indeed, it was Jingyi’s looks that put her on the map, and as soon as she departed from SNH48, a series of production companies courted her with drama offers. She has starred in popular dramas such as Legend of Yunxi <芸汐传> and played the titular role in The Legend of White Snake <新白娘子传奇>.

Currently starring in the period drama Please Give Me a Pair of Wings <请赐我一双翅膀> alongside Aaron Yan (炎亞綸), plastic surgery rumors for Jingyi had always been around, but never emphasized. It wasn’t until a scene in Please Give Me a Pair of Wings that propelled netizens to bring up the topic of plastic surgery, putting a damper in Jingyi’s title.

The scene in question was Jingyi inside a dark prison and turning or head to look up 45 degrees. The lighting in the scene lit up her face, but also lit up her nose bridge, which looked slightly transparent, leading to speculations that Jingyi could have gotten a nose job.

Old pre-debut photos of Jingyi had also been dug up for comparison. The old photos definitely show a much different Jingyi than what we are used to seeing.

What do you think?

Source: HK01.com

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  • 7 comments to Ju Jingyi’s Suspected Plastic Surgery Becomes Hot Topic

    1. terrycrews19 says:

      she is not pretty at all

      but most people’s nose would look transparent like that with lighting like that

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    2. msxie0714 says:

      “China’s Most Beautiful in 4,000 Years”.
      LOL! That’s over-exaggeration, and then some.

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    3. says:

      Is the last photo really her? She must have a good plastic surgeon.
      If I was 20yrs younger, I would be so tempted to get PS too. PS or not, it is her decision. She is not the first nor last. Get over it.

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    4. yoyo says:

      I agree how does the light even prove anything on that first pic?

      Anyway, the way she puts on sooooooo much makeup makes it obvious already that she always been lookin like a Barbie doll.

      Nobody is natural these days and if they are they won’t be appreciated either way.

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      • littlefish replied:

        @yoyo not the first pic, it’s the second pic they are talking about. Apparently the latest trend is if your nose glow red when a light shine on it = you have a nose job done. I don’t believe it but the other day I come across such article… and basically every girl has a nose job done! (Or it totally fabricated lol! And they prove nothing!)

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    5. At this point, is it even news if a celebrity had plastic surgery? I am not saying all celebrities have plastic surgery, but why is it so shocking to people? It’s an industry based on looks. And why do people have to be so harsh? It’s not like you were born 100% beautiful. Someone went to go get their looks changed because it will make them famous and they’ll receive compliments. One is good for the wallet and the other is good for the ego. Put yourself in their shoes for a second, do they deserve all the bashing? No. Should they handle all the bashing if they are to enter the industry, yes. But that doesn’t mean people can bash unreservedly! Live and let live!

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    6. lynn90 says:

      She’s a very likable actress even when she played the antagonist in Novoland. Her acting is pretty decent for an idol actress. I’ve actually enjoyed her dramas. Has she denied these rumors yet? I don’t know but gonna assume that she will like 90% of other people.

      Anyway, I think there’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery. Everyone has the right to change their face, looks, and appearance even if they aren’t in the ET industry. However, I think it’s important to be honest because the truth is something that doesn’t die like in this case. You can deny plastic surgery all you want, but someone is bound to have your old photos, the old you, and leak it to the world or like in this case and Angelababy’s, you started your career with your old face and then gradually changed. I just find it silly to lie or deny the truth when it’s clearly obvious. It makes you look like a joke and makes people more vicious at attacking you. If you’re bold enough to do it then be ballsy enough to accept the truth when you’re questioned about it. I think netizens are laughing because she was named one of China’s beauty when she’s plastic. That paradox is what makes this case hilarious. Like Hu Ge said, in the end, as an actress, you’re a public person, what you do or say shapes the image of you to the people out there. I think just because you’re an actress and need your face to make money doesn’t excuse your lies. Comparing it to a normal job, you can’t fake your resume and expect not to get reprimanded once they find out. I’m not saying, hey, bash her for being plastic. I’m saying the least she or anyone who is plastic can do is admit the truth. Whatever follows, follows. It’s not like Angelababy’s plastic surgery is the only issue that keeps her trending in the news. It’s her horrible acting, rumored divorce, and so forth. People are always going to find something to talk about. Why?! Because not everyone is going to like you, but you don’t have give them a reason to dislike you even more like lying through your teeth. Anyway, JJY is cute and I don’t mind still watching her because she’s a decent actress.

      I don’t think anyone is shocked these days about plastic surgery. It’s just people probably think it’s crazy how no one is natural anymore. Lol Well, except for a few. Even though, plastic surgery is the norm these days, but is it really okay? It’s more of a how far type of society question. Sure, it’s their body but their decisions impact society. It’s like a pro choice and pro life argument, the way I see it, not saying anyone else. There will always be two sides to it.

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