K-pop Stars Attend “Dangerous Liaisons” VIP Premiere in South Korea

Hur Jin Ho’s (許秦豪) Chinese film, Dangerous Liaisons <危险关系>, had a star-studded VIP premiere at the Yeouido CGV Theater in Soul, South Korea on October 11. Director Hur Jin Ho, producer Chen Weiming (陈伟明), and leading stars Jang Dong Gun (張東健) and Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) greeted the media enthusiastically. The film’s other lead actress Zhang Ziyi (章子怡), however was not in attendance.

The premiere of Dangerous Liaisons was one of South Korea’s most star-studded affairs in recent months. Numerous Korean film and music stars were invited to attend the premiere, including award-winning film actor Ahn Sung Ki, renowned television actor Kong Hung JinOn Joo WanLee Tae SungOh Kwang Rok, SM Entertainment actresses Ara and Lee Yeon Hee, and The King and the Clown director, Lee Jun Ik.

Many international K-pop stars were invited to the premiere as well, including KangtaSuper Junior’s LeeteukSiwon, and DonghaeGirls’ Generation’s YoonaSHINee’s Minho, and 2PM’s ChansungJunho, and TaecyeonLee Jong Hyun of rock band CN Blue, who portrayed Jang Dong Gun’s son in the television drama A Gentleman’s Dignity, also attended the premiere to support his “onscreen father.”

Despite being surrounded by many famous K-pop stars, Jang Dong Gun’s wife, actress Ko So Young (高素榮), attracted the most media attention that night. After tying the knot with the actor in May 2010, Ko So Young rarely made public appearances.

Although the Korea Media Rating Board gave Dangerous Liaisons a “Restricted” rating – no one 18 years and under can be admitted to see the film – the film is regarded as South Korea’s most highly-anticipated Chinese-language film of the year. When the film premiered at the 17th Busan International Film Festival earlier this month, all 10,00 premiere tickets of the film were sold out in twelve seconds, becoming one of the festival’s fastest-selling films in sixteen years.

On October 8, Dangerous Liaisons had a limited release in nine South Korean cinemas. Tickets sold really well, and the film made it to the top 10 box office that week. The film had an admission rate of 94.3%.

Dangerous Liaisons opened to 300 more theaters in South Korea on October 11.

Source: QQ.com

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  1. Ko So Young is hot, she and Jang Dong Gun are the perfect ideal couple.

    Only here for Yoona and CNBlue Jonghyun. The rest ehh duncurr.

  2. I am very shocked at JDG’s gaunt and pale appearance. This movie is like a battle of who is the skinniest. Did Ko So Young suck his hotness away?

    And no, I do not think he looks good with either female co-star in what is supposed to be a very sexually charged story.

  3. Now we wait for a collaboration between Nicholas Tse and Go So Young..

  4. Here for 2PM & CNBLUE.

    JDG liked Jonghyun as his onscreen son so much, he insisted he called at least every 2 weeks.

  5. Cecilia’s top is too big on her. She shouldn’t lose anymore weight, her breasts are shrinking. But she looks good in this picture compared to the last one.

  6. Not sure what Lee-teuk and Kyu-hyun of Super Junior were doing there. LT is enlisting at the end of the month and Kyu-hyun isn’t an actor. Wonder what it means — will Kyu-hyun branch out into acting?

    1. K-pop idols are good at sniffing where the cameras are. Management should learn to tone down their level of exposure, because people are starting to tire of it.

      As for Leeteuk, that man is practically everywhere! I’m not sure it was a sensible decision from him to appear on We Got Married with Kang Sora when he knew he would be enlisted any time soon…

  7. Amazing! K-pop stars don’t adopt western names, but yet they still have more international fans than c-pop stars.

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