Kai Ko Ordered to Receive Drug Rehab

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Taiwanese actor, Kai Ko (柯震東), was arrested in August for illegal marijuana use and was detained for two weeks by Beijing authorities. After his release and return to Taiwan, Kai took a urine test requested by the prosecutor to see if he is a long-term drug user. The Taipei District Prosecutors Office ordered Kai to undergo drug rehabilitation at his own expense.

Although early speculations led the police to believe that Kai was taking a number of illegal drugs, his drug test results only came back positive for marijuana. As this is Kai’s first offense, he was let off relatively easy and he will have to report to Cathay General Hospital every week to ensure that he is keeping up with his drug rehabilitation program. During the two-year period, if Kai is found to use drugs again, he would need to undergo trial.

Kai was evidently relieved when he left the Prosecutors Office. Despite being surrounded by reporters, Kai greeted the public with a friendly smile. Kai expressed that he is less nervous now because of the family and friends’ support.

Since his drug scandal, Kai’s image plummeted and his career took a large hit. Since China is intolerant towards celebrities who use drugs, Kai’s scenes will reportedly be removed from the movie, Tiny Times 4 <小時代 4>. Feeling remorseful, Kai apologized to the production team for delaying the production schedule and having to go through the trouble of re-filming a lot of the scenes.

Source: On.cc

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  1. Kster says:

    i knew this would happen since the start.. -.- this punk ass kid skips all trouble and takes drug again.. i hope china does ban him for like infinity..

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    • Hikhik replied:

      ?? Takes drugs again?

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      • ... replied:

        Yeah I thought the same thing.. When did he start taking drugs again??

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  2. real says:

    don’t see him sobbing this time?

    maybe he got some help from jackie, would be terrible for jaycee, if kai ko had a heavier penalty, so time to party again

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