Karen Mok Enjoys Life Through Travelling

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Karen Mok Enjoys Life Through Travelling

After her father passed away last year, Karen Mok (莫文蔚) learned to slow down to enjoy what life had to offer. Having spent three months travelling the world with her husband Johannes Natterer, Karen had a newfound love for spending quality time away from work.

Taking a backpacking adventure when she was in her teenage years, Karen revealed she has not been on a real vacation in over 22 years. Wanting to relive her early memories, Karen and her husband embarked on a journey to Peru, Boliva, Argentia, Chile, Easter Island, Tahiti, New Zealand, Italy, and Australia.

The high school sweethearts separated for several decades, experiencing heartbreak and even divorce for Johannes, before reuniting and getting married in 2011. In their recent travels, they revised Venice, where the couple once traveled when they were dating in their young adult years.

Karen recalled her favorite part of being on her trip, “It was a unforgettable journey – the happiest thing was to be able to spend 24 hours a day with my husband. This is the longest time I’ve spent with my husband. In the past, we spent most of our time flying between England and Hong Kong.” She added, “Being on this journey for three months together allowed us to experience new things and places. It also allowed us to realize each other’s strength and flaws.”

Treasure Those Around You

In the last two decades, Karen was a determined and career-driven woman who preferred to focus on her work. However, after her marriage and her father’s death, Karen learned the values of treasuring her loved ones. Admitting to neglecting her family due to her work schedule, Karen is still learning how to manage her time and allow a better work-life balance.

Karen expressed, “Now, I’ve learned to leave more time for friends and most importantly – for my husband. I have endless things to do in England. I go shopping, visit museums, go on long walks in the park – it’s like I’m living in a whole different world. Before marriage, I thought life was all about being busy – how ridiculous!”

Celebrates 45th Birthday

Returning to work in Taiwan, Karen celebrated her 45th birthday yesterday. Her music company prepared a cake for the celebration, as well as many gifts. Well rested after her world travels, Karen is recharged. “It was a truly unforgettable birthday. Thanks to everyone!”


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  • 6 comments to Karen Mok Enjoys Life Through Travelling

    1. tess says:

      Not really a fan of her songs, acting wise, still ok. But love her bubbly nature and humble personality.

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      • ajlim replied:

        @tess .. Haha agree don’t think she pull off as great singer. But I just wonder those artists or singer who doesn’t make it to the cut .. Erm they can still afford to live a comfortable life that’s not too shabby right ..

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      • lle1234 replied:


        Do notice many people praise her acting, but ironically her music has been getting her more awards and recgonition over her movies. I like her as a singer better then an actress. Of course her music is not everyone’s taste and more suitable for those that appreciate meaningful music about life rather then mainstream commerical songs.

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    2. ajlim says:

      Handsome picture ! Appreciation of life great !

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    3. jaraket says:

      They look great together. She’s one of my fav actresses, glad she’s finally taking a break and enjoying life. Didn’t realize she was 45! She’s looking great.

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    4. Lovely and talented actress, don’t know much about her music but heard she got a lot of recognition for it. Her love story with her husband is sweet too.

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