Karena Ng Denies Being a “Material Girl”

Being the girlfriend of Raymond Lam (林峯) has its benefits and drawbacks. Although the newcomer has soared in public recognition levels in recent months, Karena Ng (吳千語) has also earned the name “material girl” from rumors and headlines.

Unlike his previous romances, Raymond did not attempt to keep his relationship with current girlfriend Karena a secret. The couple has been photographed together on numerous occasions, whether it was of them on vacation to Europe or going on movie dates in Hong Kong. Just last month, Raymond and Karena were spotted in southern California attending the university commencement ceremony of Raymond’s younger brother.

It has been said that Raymond often showered Karena with gifts, a rumor that Raymond himself did not deny or admit.  During their vacation in Milan, Italy in February, Raymond was seen purchasing a thousand-dollar Hermès Birkin bag for the 19-year-old. When they returned to Hong Kong, tabloids reported that Raymond forked out millions of dollars to rent a quality estate for Karena’s parents. It was also reported that Raymond had bought Karena a luxury sports car – the Ferrari – upon her request. The same tabloid reporters alleged that Karena, who grew up under very humble circumstances in Sha Tin, was “pouncing” at every chance show off her newfound wealth.

Karena’s Response

In a casual interview with Next Magazine last Saturday, Karena countered the tabloid rumors, insisting that the claims were false and unfounded.

“Indeed, I am not from a wealthy family. When I was very young, my father and a relative started a restaurant business. We were, in a sense, a ‘normal’ family, but we were not as poor as what the tabloids made it seem.” (Is it true that you lived in Sha Kok, a public housing estate in Sha Tin?) “I did live there when I was very young, but only for a few months. My parents were not in Hong Kong often, so they hired an auntie to take care of me. Even I almost forgot about this. I went to high school in Tai Wai, so maybe that’s why a lot of people thought I lived in Sha Kok.”

At the mention of Karena’s materialistic rumors, the 19-year-old looked saddened, but confidently said, “I felt helpless. We interact like any other ordinary couple. Yes, we did go on vacation together. As for the [Hermès] bag, it was a Valentine’s Day gift. I was very surprised that he gave one to me, and later I found out that he wanted us to use the same bag.”

Karena revealed that she too had “showered” Raymond with some gifts of her own. “I gave him a series of [action] figures. They’re pretty expensive ones too.”

As for the rumors of Raymond purchasing a Ferrari for her, Karena shook her head, “I don’t even have a driver’s license yet. [This rumor] is really too much. The rumor of him renting a house for parents also crosses the line. My parents are rarely in Hong Kong, and Raymond has never seen them before.  He doesn’t know them.

“All the designer clothes and shoes that I’ve worn have been with me since my debut. I use them for my work. Although my income is not a lot, I am capable of paying for my own expenses.”

With a career in showbiz, Karena understood that many matters were not under her control. “I’ve always tried to maintain a positive outlook when it comes to discussions like these. I know my own facts. I am not too bothered by things that are not true. I will patiently wait for others to learn more about me and accept me. Raymond didn’t do anything. We all understand how this industry works, so we will not always remind ourselves of [the rumors].”

Karena’s Management Company Against Romance

Karena admitted that her management, Raymond Wong’s (黃百鳴) Pegasus Films, was originally against her relationship with Raymond. There were reports saying that Karena was frozen by her company, which Karena later denied. She clarified, “They were worried that [dating] would affect my work, but now we’ve proven that it has not distracted us, and my management isn’t against it anymore.”

Was Raymond’s own management, TVB, against their high profile relationship as well? Karena frowned, saying, “There will be people who don’t like us, or don’t like us being together. There are many opinions and voices on this issue, but what really matters is that we’re happy. I’ve never heard about this rumor, but it’s really not in my control. I hope everyone will give us space to date like a normal couple.”

Rumored to be on Virginia Lok’s (樂易玲) blacklist, Karena said, “This is odd. I’ve met her two times. We had dinner together, and we got along well. I don’t know why this rumor happened.”

What about marriage? “I think that every girl would love to get married. I’ve always wanted to have a happy and complete family of my own, but we are still in the early stages of our relationship. There are still many things left for us to do… all I can say is that we are in a very stable relationship, but it is not to the point where I am planning for marriage.”

Karena ended the interview with an afterthought. “I will be shooting an action film soon. I will have fight scenes, and I will have to spend most of my time in the gym. I will have to change my diet, and I don’t want the audience to watch an anorexic fighter. I want to have my own credible career, and not one supplied by rumors. Raymond and I will encourage each other, and I hope that we will have everyone’s blessings too!”

Source: Next Magazine #1213 via ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. What a fake girl.. her acting needs improvement.

    1. Hmm…to me she seems very natural and relaxed in front of the camera. In terms of skill, she’s leaps and bounds ahead of say Kate Tsui despite having less experience than her.

      I remember seeing Kate Tsui in “72 Tenants of Prosperity” trying to recite a line in (horrible) Mandarin and looking awkward while doing it, while in “Hotel Deluxe”, Karena recites a poem in classical Chinese and frikkin nails it.

  2. A failed attempt to clean her already tainted image. I like how she denies being a gold digger after she took the gold already lol.

    1. hahaha she’s a hypocrite…oh well raymond plays the fool.

    2. Serious “self-promotion” for Karena, a “desperate” star wanabe.

      “Unlike his previous romances, Raymond did not attempt to keep his relationship with current girlfriend Karena a secret.”

      Maybe due to the Mavis Pan photo scandal and pressure from home?

      “The rumor of him renting a house for parents also crosses the line. My parents are rarely in Hong Kong, and Raymond has never seen them before. He doesn’t know them.”

      The fact is that your housing before and after LF is oh so very different. Also, saw a video clip where LF tells the reporter that he loved Karena and her parents/family. So, how can he not know her parents? Who you think you’re fooling, Miss Teenybopper Karena?

      “All the designer clothes and shoes that I’ve worn have been with me since my debut. I use them for my work. Although my income is not a lot, I am capable of paying for my own expenses.”

      The fact is that your outfits before and after LF is oh so very different. Who you think you’re fooling, Miss Teenybopper Karena?

      “… and I hope that we will have everyone’s blessings too!”

      Give nothing but “lies” and all you’ll get is “rejection”. The audience is smarter than you think, Miss Teenybopper Karena.

      “Better to tell the truth than a lie. Better to be free than to be a slave. And, better to know than to be ignorant.”

      Don’t believe “anything” Karena/LF says.

      1. WELL SAID, applause to you Anti-GoldDigger! I wasn’t fed up with them dating before but now I am. They’re very annoying!!

      2. Miss Teenybopper Karena is seriously insulting the intelligence of the audience with all these lies. Teenyboppers like that need a good hard slap in the face. And, this is coming from someone who doesn’t even believe in physical punishment.

  3. Plastic woman.. even Fei Fei and Joyce look prettier than her!

    1. Ok, easy there. I wouldn’t go to that extreme

      1. I think so too. Her chin is severely distorted and her smile is crocked.

  4. I still remain skeptical that the gift was a Valentine’s Day gift. If my memory is correct, they went to Italy in March. He should’ve bought the Hermes during their trip in Milan, thus it should’ve been purchased in March.

    And, I doubt Ray would buy such an expensive gift for her. He didn’t do that for Mavis.

    P.S. Their news never ends right?

      1. They went to Japan first, then Milan. My point is they went to Milan after Valentine’s Day. He should’ve given her the bag on Valentine’s Day, thus I remain skeptical that the bag was given for Valentine’s Day.

      2. Yes David, I remember when the reporters asked her why they traveled to Milan, she said, “Because Raymond’s major in college was architecture, he always wanted to travel to Europe and look at the local structures.”

        That must be the biggest, most lame excuse I’ve heard lol. 90% of visitors traveling to Milan go there to shopping, there’s no doubt about that.

        The bag should’ve been purchased during that trip. Let’s not forget – multiple magazines were reporting that she bought 5-6 Hermes Birkin Bags in Milan.

        Why would the HK media report the same or similar news if it wasn’t factual? One magazine may be lying, but two, three?

      3. Maybe because the material girl is lying?? For a 19 year old, she is one great LIAR.

      4. I literally threw up after knowing they went to vacation! Will never forget that acid taste.. hope they get a taste of it soon.

      5. I also don’t like this girl, but whatever, hope they happy.
        At least the plastic girl ex, Mavis seem more real than her.
        I choose Mavis over Karena anytime.

    1. Yes David, you pin the nail on her! Her mouth is full of lies!

      1. Take a chill pill guys. What is the big deal that Raymond got her one or more expensive bags?? Its normal for a boyfriend to buy gifts for his girl friend. Just because her background is different from him does not mean she is a gold digger. Relax guys.

    1. …..Living in a material world
      And I am a material girl
      You know that we are living in a material world
      And I am a material girl….(Material Girl

  5. We know he loves her a lot (a little love-obsessed), but I don’t think he is the one requesting to use the “couple bag.” It’s usually women that request their boyfriends to wear the same color, same bag, etc. It’s a little unrealistic he would “ask her” to show-off a couple’s look.

  6. Ray showered her with expensive gifts, she too showered him with her body.

    Good luck Ray, you’ll need it bad. If you are to married a gold digger, make sure you have an air tight pre-nup

  7. Well, “material girl” and gold digger are synonymous terms, not much difference.

  8. Some boys kiss me, some boys hug me
    I think they’re O.K.
    If they don’t give me proper credit
    I just walk away

    They can beg and they can plead
    But they can’t see the light, that’s right
    ‘Cause the boy with the cold hard cash
    Is always Mister Right, ’cause we are

    Living in a material world
    And I am a material girl
    You know that we are living in a material world
    And I am a material girl

    1. Quite ashamed she chose to walk this path when he is with one of the most handsome (alt. his looks were fixed) men in the world! I would be with him even if I had to raise him.

      I wonder if Karena would be with him if he were to go bankrupt someday? Flora Chan did and that shows a lot about her character.

      1. Of course not! If he was poor, she would be the first to leave him. She loves Hermes, Ferrari, Dior, Chanel, Gucci more than him.

  9. Posting here too:

    Part 2 to the story written before:

    Ray finally comes out of jail. Filled with resentment and hatred, he thinks of a scheme to get back revenge. But.. how??

    Karena is now a billionaire, she has bodyguards around her. It is hard to approach her.

    He thinks: This woman hired people to kill my family. I will want his family to suffer too.

    Subsequently, even if the gold digger acquired billions of dollars in cash, she didn’t hire any bodyguards to protect her family in Australia. As a matter of fact, she can care less for them (like in real life).

    Ray travels to Australia immediately after he lends some money from Ron Ng. He knows where her family is and…

    Part 3 coming soon

  10. Her explanations and desperation to deny claims of her being a material girl further show the media is correct. If she wasn’t, she wouldn’t try so desperate to clear her record.

    Read her responses – they’re pretty much scripted. I have a feeling she had an appointment or personally reached out to Next Magazine to do this interview rather than what Next reported – doing an impromptu, on the spot interview.

  11. Celebs are famous for lying through their teeth so what is new?? Karena’s teeth should have all fallen out already.

      1. Not just Ray’s but others as well as normal citizens who are pathological liars…

      2. Oh yea, maybe they are wearing dentures.

  12. A sigh of relief I’m not dating her. Let Raymond spend all the cash lol.

  13. The gold digger again!? I want to throw up, sick of seeing them flirt.

    1. Wow, these r&k articles must be completely harmful for your health. For the sake of your internal organs, don’t read = no throwing up

  14. I don’t know why people keep bashing Karena as a gold digger and calling Raymond as dumb and asking him to wake up. Obviously, Raymond already knows she is a gold digger, but he does not mind as long as he can get her on bed. This is a win-win situation. This game looks like Karena is the winner and controls everything, but she is not. Raymond is, especially after he gets her on bed (or possibly already got). Men don’t mind burn their money as long as they can get the woman they want on bed.

  15. “Rumors only” lol.. your words are rumors only.

  16. The only way Raymond will wake up is if she admits she is with him for money rather than love.

    However, seeing how foolish Raymond is acting, I wouldn’t be surprised he would continue to be with her even if he knew the truth.

    Or maybe.. he already knows the truth?? If he does but still continues to spoil her.. he is stupid.

    1. Oh, your name is May too. Guys, I’m May, a different person from the May above (remember my avatar).

      “Or maybe.. he already knows the truth?? If he does but still continues to spoil her.. he is stupid.”

      Perhaps like qwerty said, it’s a win-win situation? He is not stupid cuz he can still get the sex. For men, money can be found back, but sex can’t.

  17. think it’s kinda funny how she mentions that the action figures she bought for him were “pretty expensive too”.

    1. Action-figure for Hermes, ANYBODY will make that trade.

    2. Hermes bag for some measly action figures… What a difference.

  18. Hope they first get together in China. They get run over by a car and get paralyzed.

    Next, they get kidnapped. They can’t run away and get severely abused. Their hands and ears get cut off.

    They get released but it doesn’t end like that – both of them get burned by fire and their faces are unrecognizable.

    They try to kiss but fail. Ultimately, Natalie Tong comes back to life and chops them up and eats them for dinner.

  19. The more they’re happy together, the more they will suffer in the end. They will catch Aids and depression very soon. Leslie 2.0 to come soon??

    1. It’s not cool to drag in an artist’s passing/death as a joke.

  20. What she is saying, i personal think is lying or someone teach her how to respond to the reporter. how can 19 years old can this mature and 1 more point,is she just a newcomer for 2 year how can she purchase the branded so much. example maybe actress in industry for 6 or so many year they can buy the expensive branded.

  21. I will call her Gold digger if she date Hugh Hefner. Ray is still young, look good and come with extra money. she could be truly head over heels with him. Plus I think they look good together.

  22. does this have anything to do with the fact that there are so many young reporters these days – usually local females from poorer circumstances – I mean, do they treat male celebs better than young pretty single female ones?

  23. She dumped her boyfriend for Raymond Lam and attracts a whole host of bad news & yet, he doesn’t see her for what she is. So many dislike her, yet he’s blinded.
    When he realized how stupid he is, it may be too late.
    And because of her, Raymond is losing so many of his fans and their respect for him…Karena must be sent by Mavis for revenge…hahaha

  24. Part 3 of the story (part 2 can be read in the previous posts):

    Ray arrives at her parents’ house in Australia. Bring along a box cutter knife and some mouse poison purchased at the nearest convenient store, Ray rings the doorbell.

    Her parents come out to open the door. Using his amazing acting skills, he cries and asks for her parents to help them reconcile. Her parents believe in what he says (they do not know what her “good” daughter has done).

    They let him in and Ray volunteers to cook dinner. He pours the poison into the food and lets them eat it.

    Both parents fall to the floor crying for help. Ray, who has revenge in his eyes tells them: “It’s not my fault, it is your daughter’s evilness. She killed my family and both of you will help her return the debt.” They try to run out of the house but Ray takes out the knife and… becomes Tavia Yeung 3.0. He got his revenge.

    Acting very calmly, Ray buries their bodies and even spits on them. He says, “This is only the beginning. I will not let your daughter live!!”

    Before he leaves the house, he gathers as much things of Karena he can. He leaves the country and comes back to Hong Kong.

    On the other side, Karena doesn’t know her parents were murdered. Ever since she became rich, she didn’t even look at them. She only parties and shops everyday. Very soon, she will meet him again..

    1. please , get a life. Or become a writer for a novel.no need to drag Tavia here .

    2. your story is funny.
      but what mean “becomes Tavia Yeung 3.0. ”
      nothing to with tavia.

  25. Who wants to openly admit that they are materialistic???

  26. Just less than a month ago, there was another article on JayneStars with the title “Karena Ng denies being materialistic”. Now this one “denies being a material girl”, we are talking about the same thing over and over again. Everyone knows she is a gold digger, she should just admit it, and maybe then there will be less bashing.

  27. As long as LF is happy and healthy and continues to entertain his loyal Honeys! It is his choice, his decision, his life!!! LF Love Fung!

  28. He is willing to spend and she is willing to take — win win for both, as I’m sure they both are getting out of it. However, it’s a bad idea for a 19 year old girl to get used to this type of lifestyle. What if they break up… she’s gonna have a hard time readjusting to frugal living or continue to find herself sugar daddies which will probably backfire on her eventually.

    1. It is always good to live frugally since you never know when you can end up poor and unknown…

  29. She is hiding something, I have never seen thousands of people (ten thousands) bash a artiste on Weibo. All her message/comments on Weibo are negative. She even deletes comments, she really has problems.

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