Kate Tsui Still Cries From Pressure as an Actress

Since winning the 2004 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, it has been ten years since Kate Tsui (徐子珊) started her acting career. Yet, she still finds it hard to adjust to the many pressures faced as an actress. In a recent interview, Kate admitted she often cried behind the camera to relieve her inner state of anxiety.

As it was Kate’s first time acting in a comedy, Bounty Lady <My盛Lady> posed many difficult challenges. Adding to the pressure, she knew viewers had high expectations due to costar Dayo Wong’s (黃子華) comeback. During the first two weeks of filming, Kate was so nervous that she headed over to the side and cried once the camera stopped rolling. Fortunately, Dayo not only provided emotional support, but also helped Kate immerse in her character and adjust to the script.

Kate often cried a lot as a child, but her strict father hit her until she stopped. Throughout the years, she had learned to be strong, but things changed once again after joining the industry. Kate expressed, “It’s like suddenly turning on the water tap. I experience big emotional waves, but as an artiste, I must take care of my image. I can’t appear to be very fragile. With a large amount of pressure and such long work hours, a weak person would have to pick up her bags and leave within three days! So am I considered a strong person all the time? Not really!”

Recently, things have been looking better for Kate. She has turned to yoga practices in order to unwind from her busy work schedules. Through the sessions, Kate has mastered new breathing techniques in order to calm and relax herself. She greatly enjoys the activity, since it has been very beneficial to her well-being.

Not Easily Accepted by Audience

Kate admitted it is hard for her to earn viewers’ favor, especially when she often portrays unlikeable roles. “The characters I portray always appear very rough. There’s a lot of room for me to develop, but the audience either loves it or hates it. It’s like that every single time, and so it’s hard for me to be accepted. Usually, family viewers prefer Linda Chung’s (鍾嘉欣) good-girl image. But if I were to play a good girl, viewers may say, ‘Why is Kate pretending to be all innocent?’”

Thus, it came as a surprise when Kate took home the My Favorite Female Character Award in 2012. In her acceptance speech, Kate expressed she has never thought she would be an audience favorite. She found the award to be highly significant, since it was a sign that people are finally starting to accept her.

Wants Boyfriend Outside of Industry

As a celebrity, Kate needs extra time to better understand a dating partner. One of her boyfriends in the past turned out to only like her image as an artiste, rather than her personality. Kate announced, “If I date anyone, I will inform the public for sure. It’s just that I haven’t found the man I can be with forever yet.”

Kate added that her ideal future boyfriend would be someone outside the entertainment industry. She revealed her main reason, “I can’t watch him hug and kiss other girls! Even if I know it’s only for filming purposes, I still won’t be able to stand it!”

Source: More Magazine via kuangaitvb.com

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Kate comes across as very confident and cheerful; I’m a bit surprised by her admission of her emotional side.

    1. It find that actors/artists’ real personality in general are quite opposite to how they present themselves in public/the media..I guess it’s to do with maintaining their ‘image’,they must present themselves a certain way to the media and audience. But quite often I hear in interviews, where the ones who would seem the loudest, confident etc. are actually very quiet and emotionally/mentally fragile in private- the ones who seem fragile soft spoken are actually quite tough and strong headed. But of course, im not saying this is always the case…but just saying I have heard quite a few who has expressed this.

    2. Meh, crying is good. It’s a good stress reliever. It’s not weak to cry 🙂 main thing is after you cry, you smile and brave life 🙂 I cried sometimes, too, even for the slightest things. Sometimes, when things bottle up too much, if the little thing can help you cry and relieve the pressure, why not 🙂 that’s my thinking anyway.

      I like her more and more now lol

      1. I cried when I feel depressed or too much pressure too. It feels good after that 😀

  2. She does have a mean girl image. It would be awkward for her to act the nice girl role. She looks kinda tired in the picture, I think she needs to just take a break and go somewhere to relax. Being a TVB artist just seems so tough.

    1. I agree,i think it’s her exterior appearance that really stigmatises her to the rough, confident, ‘mean girl’ sort of roles. But then again that doesnt mean she cant do or shouldnt be able portray innoncent type characters. Yes image is very important for an actor to play their character convincingly, but their acting performance would no doubt certainly be a big factor too. She still has room for improvement just like every other artist, im sure she’d reach to her potential if she kept trying. And it’s impossible to have every single audience be accepting, thre is always going to be some who will dislike…

      1. True. Her diehard fans will surely love her and her haters will not accept her ……… this is a common formula for any artistes!

      2. @Sandcherry,
        VERY true that if you are a diehard fan of anyone, you will like them regardless of what they do. But if you hate them, you will hate them regardless of what they do. That goes for everyone.

      3. Exactly, which is why it’s better if she focus on herself rather than put a great deal of her mental and emotional energy on caring what others think or if they are accepting of her..of course artists’ would always want the acceptance or else they wouldnt have fame and survive in the industry.But one can only do so much for others approval,but in the end if you gained peoples acceptance but you’ve made yourself into a miserable person , or not even yourself anymore than what’s the point?

        One minute you might gain the acceptance ofthe majority, the next minute you might be shot back back down or even forgotten. Striving for acceptance isnt realistic…motivated to build a stable foundation of your work/abilities is what’s going to get you somewhere and keep you alive in such a fluctuating industry.

        I laughed at this.. “Usually, family viewers prefer Linda Chung’s (鍾嘉欣) good-girl image…”

        stop comparing yourself and making genral assumptions to put yourself down girl!

  3. but her bf will be watching her huge and kiss other guys

    1. I think that that why she want to leave the entertainment industry once she get married. Her husband won’t have to see her kiss and hug other guys 😀

      1. She said she’d leave once she’s married?? Wow, that’s a big cut off.

      2. I remember hearing somewhere that she said she would leave the circle or be in semi retirement mode after marriage and kids.

      3. maybe when she finds a bf it will be a good idea to do less kissing scenes i remember her saying she will leave the entertaninment industry when she gets married

    2. Well, she didn’t say she’s not a hypocrite.

  4. Kate comes across as insecure. It seems like she cares more about being accepted. I think as long as she gives her best in each performance, then that’s all that matters.

    I used to think Kate portrays the bad girl more convincing. However, she has shown improvement in her acting in recent years. She used to come across as fake in goodie roles, but she wasn’t bad in Bounty Lady.

  5. Given Linda Chung and Kate Tsui, I would pick Kate. It’s always easier to potray good girl than villian. Yes, she may not have the good girl looks but her roles are versatile and rooms for improvements. Whereas I’m bored with Linda Chung, maybe due to her voice, even she acted in villian roles, I still feel it’s not villian enough.

    1. “t’s always easier to potray good girl than villian…” uhh not necessarily. I’ve hear a lot of artists express that it is quite difficult to play goodie roles even more so than evil roles because their acting can so easily come off as boring/unentertaining or even criticised as not acting/ two dimension…with evil roles they are able to express more and do a lot more with their acting performance (but how good of a performance is a different story lolol)

    2. If you’re a competent artist, then you can portray any role.

      Linda had a wide range in the beginning of her career. She portrayed good and bad roles, but in recent years she had to keep up with her good-girl image. So, TVB stopped giving her bad-image roles. As for Kate, it was the opposite. I think both are pretty on par right now. Linda has been stagnant with her repetitive roles while Kate is give opportunities to improve.

    1. Agree. Kate looks very tired in the above photo.

      1. yea, she looks like she has not slept in days in that photo.

      2. Good photo. It infers to us that Kate is quite depressed or feeling unwell. Definitely suits the article content!

      3. If shes depress, might as well a good time to quit TVB all together.

    2. It kind of looks like whoever did her make-up has no idea how to use eye shadow and concealer.

  6. Technically it is harder to portray a good girl than a villain (bad girl). Almost every artiste says that there is more room to show off a bad girl’s character ……… the different aspects of a bad girl.

    Therefore, Linda Chung’s acting looks almost the same in all her good-girl characters.

  7. Personally I think Kate Tsui is more versatile in acting different roles. The only thing I don’t like is her extra long fake eye lashes. I can accept her high-heeled shoes, but not her extra long fake eye lashes. She seems to like to blink her eyes more frequently and slowly to show off her long eye lashes. This will ruin her characters sometimes.

  8. Is it a new publicity trend for an actress to come out with a depression statement? Last time it was Linda, now Kate. Next we may have Tavia.

    1. Depression is no joke, and imo certainly shouldnt be discouraged to come out and speak up about it. Some might think it’s for publicity, which it might be in some cases, but It come off as surprise if a majority of artists’ actually experience depression considering their work hours, stress/pressure,constantly watched and critcised..

      And it’s not a new publicity trend, it’s reality mate lol..

      1. Depression is really serious and those that do not have it or know about it, will not understand how tough it is.

    2. Kate might come out with this depression thing now because last month she was crowned Worst HK Actress along with William Chan as the male counterpart.

      1. woah, was this a legit ‘award’ ceremony, or just for fun kind of thing??

  9. well……………i think i don’t really prefer kate to be an
    awesome actress but i think she might do better is not always wear too high heels>.<

    1. She mentioned before that she had to wear heels most of the time in series because of the height difference between her and her costars (apparently she’s quite ‘short’ compared to the rest, but to me she doesnt look short o_O) Im not against her wearing heels, it’s just that if it’s totally out of character to do so, i.e. portraying a cop and wearing sky high heels like in her Snipper role lolol,then it becomes rather weird to watch and unconvincing.

      1. That’s not a very good excuse. She didn’t wear high heels all the time earlier in her career and she paired with tall actors like Kenneth Ma and the pairings look fine.

      2. I don’t think it is a good excuse either, especially in her “cop/inspector” roles.

  10. i personally prefer her way more than linda chung.

  11. hi there

    1. I guess everyone of us is vulnerable in some crisis including celebrities.
    2. poor kate, chin up gal.
    3. accepting oneself is a good start.

  12. Sometimes someone being happy we don’t know that they are sad or having difficulties. Thats why its hard to judge a book by its cover. We tend to judge and generalise someone hastily. I admit I do that too sometimes…nonethless, we should care less what others thing. Just be yourself and be happy. People may think you are silly or whatever but in the end, their opinions don’t matter. If they are good and worthy, they will accept you just the way you are.

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