Katy Kung Celebrates 30th Birthday by Opening Own Restaurant in Malaysia

Although TVB actress Katy Kung (龔嘉欣) had a simple celebration for her 30th birthday, she took a big step in her life and became an owner of a hot pot restaurant. As Katy wanted to broaden her life experiences beyond acting, Katy reached out to her friends in the Hong Kong food industry and opened a hot pot restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Sharing details of her new restaurant on Instagram, Katy posted a picture of herself in a waitress outfit with the following message:

“From the restaurant’s decoration, recipes, working in the kitchen, studying soup base, meatballs, dumplings, buying kitchen tools, set up, and so on…everything is not easy. It’s all completely different, but it gives me room to grow.

“Thankfully, right now I have the opportunity to learn, to experiment, and to broaden my life experience. Everything in front of my eyes is unexpected. In the future, many things might appear to be impossible, but I believe that with a firm heart, I can do a good job!”

Authentic Hong Kong Hot Pot Restaurant

Katy shared why she and her friend opened the restaurant in Malaysia, “There were no authentic Hong Kong hot pot restaurants in area. My friend wanted to open an authentic Hong Kong hot pot restaurant in Malaysia. Our main focus is making home style soup base. I created the handmade dumplings, and meat with chefs and will teach [the restaurant] to make them.”

Naming the restaurant “Like You,” Katy wanted people to have a good impression of the restaurant and decorated the restaurant in retro-Hong Kong style for people to take many photos. Katy explained, “When people talk about where they want to eat and they suggest ‘Like You,’ it gives a good feeling.”

While many artistes start their own business to safeguard their unstable salaries, Katy doesn’t treat her restaurant as a backup plan. Insisting that her business is for life experience, Katy said, “In my opinion, I wanted to make a breakthrough at the age of 30. With regards to acting, it is still my main priority.”

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This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com

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  1. i wished they have an hk style hot pot where i am too. there’s been a variety of HP places popping up but most of the sichuan/mongol style. i bet hk ones would be popular if they start opening them in the states.

  2. Woow the place looks so pretty! I’d love to go! Yeah, I too wish that there were Hong Kong styled hot pots near me. Always the China spicy kind or those catered towards westerners.

  3. There are many Taiwanese Hot Pot and China Hotpot in my Country. I have yet to taste HongKong Hotpot ….Very interested to try one.

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