Kayan Choi is Proud to Say She Loves Money

Only in the industry for one year, Kayan Choi (蔡嘉欣) recently got engaged to her wealthy boyfriend Derek. Since the Miss Hong Kong 2019 participant often flaunts photos of fancy vacations and wearing luxury brands, Kayan has been criticized for her materialistic personality. Facing her critics, Kayan boldly admits to “loving money” and living life the way she wants without care for public judgement.

In Kayan’s recent social media post, she was seen with Regina Ho (何依婷), Eunice Chan (陳詩欣), and Karlie Chung (鍾晴) dressing in pink outfits to watch the Barbie movie. The post was met with criticism, as netizens felt that Kayan’s materialistic personality was a bad influence on Regina. Some netizens even attacked Regina’s social media account, “I originally liked you. You’re pretty, smart, and pure. But it turns out you’re good friends with these gold diggers—[your] image has been tarnished.” Kayan could not hold back her tongue and replied, “You don’t like Regina just because we’re friends? I’m hurt!”

Feeling a need to respond further, Kayan posted on her Instagram one day later to defend her own lifestyle choices and what money means to her. “Since I started my own business at 18, I realized everything revolves around money. It helps quantify the standard and quality of living. At that time, I knew that if I wanted something better then I would need to make more money. In the past 11 years, I persevered in my career because I love my work and I need to take care of my employees. To me, ‘gold digging’ is an important quality because it gives me the motivation to continue working hard.”

While she enjoys dressing up and staying at beautiful hotels, Kayan pointed out she would still eat local food at Tam Jai’s or eat pineapple buns. “A lot of the public only know me through the news and they only see the side of me that is having fun. They don’t know I’m just like everyone else. I have to go to work too. But that’s okay, I want to be brave and real and tell everyone that yes, I love money. I’ll continue to elevate my quality of life and work hard. To all my modern ladies, who loves money like me? Be brave in saying it out loud!”


Kayan’s wedding photo shoot in Paris.
Kayan shows off a Hermes dog bed for her dog.

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. She has entered the industry for 4 years correction
    You go girl. I like the real her. She is talented and business savvy plus pretty and tall. What’s wrong with liking money? What’s wrong is having NO money!

    1. Yup, I like money and I too would choose to live a materialistic life if I had enough of it.

  2. Ya, she loves money and she works hard for it too. I think there are certain things we all do when we have money, such as traveling and staying in luxury hotels. You’re on vacation, it’s meant to be fun and relaxing, something different from your normal life. You take it as a treat for your hard work, nothing wrong with doing it once in awhile.

    However, there will be some materialistic things I won’t spend on money like buying luxury brand handbags, shoes, etc. I might buy a few piece if it’s worth it. Definitely wouldn’t buy a hermes bed for my pet. I guess maybe she’s aiming to elevate her lifestyle to even owning her own private jet.

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