Kelly Cheung Frequently Loses Her Personal Items in Taxis

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Kelly Cheung Frequently Loses Her Personal Items in Taxis

Today, a few cast members of Shaw Brother’s most anticipated web series, Flying Tiger 2 <飛虎之雷霆極戰>, including Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), Kelly Cheung (張曦雯), and James Ng (吳業坤) arrived at the airport to board a flight to England. Bosco revealed he would be there for eight days to shoot some scenes with romantic costar Kelly and Hollywood celebrity Pace Lee.

Kelly will be playing Pace’s subordinate and also Bosco’s love interest. While Pace will shoot some action scenes after his character gets caught by terrorists, she will shoot a scene with Bosco in England where they bump into each other again after parting ways since their school days in the United Kingdom.

However, Bosco complained Kelly only has to film on the first two days and the last two days. Upon hearing this, the actress defended herself and said she would be busy setting up a dinner date for him. Bosco explained, “I told her to introduce me to some foreign girls since she said she has friends there.”

Kelly quickly emphasized that he wants to meet “some” girls. Bosco retorted, “Well if I’m going to meet new friends, I might as well meet more people.”

Although he’s been taking English lessons for the web drama, he clarified he still doesn’t know how to converse in English so having a foreign girlfriend is difficult. Thus, he is just looking to make friends. When reporters asked Kelly if she’s looking forward to having a romantic encounter, she laughingly said she’s never thought about it. Bosco exposed she doesn’t need to look forward to it as she frequently has chance meetings.

The actor expressed, “I’ve heard her say she’s left her handbag or phone on a taxi or public transportation at least three times already. To be able to get it back in Hong Kong is already really lucky but she had her belongings delivered to her at the filming site. They even reminded her to be more careful and not to lose anything else.”

Yet, Kelly believes it’s because the people are kindhearted and did not have any other motivations. Bosco exclaimed that he wouldn’t get that treatment if the belongings were his. “I don’t think she needs a boyfriend right now,” he said, “I think she needs an assistant.”

Even so, he’s willing to be her matchmaker once they return to Hong Kong, as he doesn’t have any friends in England.

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    Is Kelly the new up-and-coming TVB fadan? Another terrible actress I’d rather not watch. She’s like the new version of kate Tsui who’s more concerned about looking pretty than acting. That scene in the last episode where she was in hospital after her near-death experience, she had on a full set of thick long fake eyelashes lol!

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