Kenix Kwok’s Father Passed Away

Kenix Kwok’s (郭可盈) father, Kwok Dat Cheung (郭達昌), passed away due to illness. Mr. Kwok’s funeral was held yesterday at the Hong Kong Funeral Home with a Christian ceremony. Kenix and husband, Frankie Lam (林文龍), appeared at the funeral home to take care of the arrangements in the afternoon. Appearing in mourning clothes, Kenix appeared full of grief.

Speaking about her late father, Kenix’s eyes flooded with tears.  Asked about her father’s last wishes, Kenix wiped away her tears, “When he left, he was very peaceful and comfortable. My brothers and sisters were by his side and we have no regrets.”

When asked which of her father’s teachings were the most memorable during his lifetime, Kenix said, “In the heart, it is self-evident without any spoken words” (在心中,盡在不言中).As to whether Kenix will take over her father’s business, she replied, “My father’s business has always been managed by others; there is no need for me to handle it.”


Jayne: Can’t believe the reporter asked Kenix so many questions at her father’s funeral. She was quite articulate. She and Frankie look as if they have aged a lot.


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  1. So sad to hear this and I know the pain since I have been there. May her father rest in peace and my condolences to her and her family.

    1. Dear Heavenly Father:
      I wholeheartedly agree with HeTieShou. In the Name of Jesus I pray: Amen.

  2. My condolences. And if she turned up full of make up, I will suspect her grief so I feel this is real.

    What business his father did?

    1. Haha Jayne, they’re not young. Even Chilam whom everyone is calling “babyface” is showing ageing-ness.

      1. Darn I wish can edit. Anyway ageing is a natural process that’s best left to its natural ways(without inserting foreign substance into your cheeks or cutting your meat..)although I respect individual decisions……….

      2. Everyone has to age and I think that aging naturally is always best. Some people age better than others. I agree that you should age naturally instead of using botox or anything else to try to slow it down or change it. However, I also respect each person’s decisions.

  3. my condolences, hope god give him more strong, dont be sad for so long, all life has end.

  4. Myt condolences and may the poor man rest in peace. I really like Frankie and Kenix and hope they’ll soon get back to some sort of normality.

  5. Apparently this article doesn’t get many comments like the juicy stories of Nick and Cecilia’s marriage trouble.

    1. STOP your nonsense! You LEAVE Frankie and Kenix ALONE! Frankie and Kenix are one of my best friends! I know both very well! I have faith in both! Both are NOTHING like Nick and Cecilia!

      1. Of course not. I wouldn’t dare cross Kenix. She is one major “ball” crusher. Ahhh, see the leash she just put onto Frankie?

  6. My condolences. May he rest in peace. Glad to know that he left peacefully.

  7. Very sad to hear. I also think it’s rather strange for the media to ask so many questions at her father’s funeral.

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