Kenneth Ma A New Generation Of “Heartthrob Doctor”

Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Tavia Yeung (楊怡) promoted their new drama, Prominent Family <名媛望族>, at the 2012 Filmart expo yesterday. The pair  enjoyed their increased popularity stemming from the success of medical drama, The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>. There has already been early buzz that a sequel for The Hippocratic Crush may be filmed.

A Showdown of Dramatic Acting Talent in “Prominent Family”

The story of Prominent Family centered around Damien Lau (劉松仁), who portrayed the first Chinese lawyer in British Hong Kong in the 1920s. The intense rivalry among Damien Lau’s five wives will threaten to shake the foundation of Damien’s family to the core. Kenneth will portray Damien’s eldest son who is also a barrister, upholding the family amidst turbulence.

Prominent Family showcased TVB’s forte, which was the portrayal of family conflicts. Despite the talented cast, especially veterans Damien Lau and Idy Chan (陳玉蓮), much ado has been made regarding the quality of the script itself. Will the script be able to draw forth the audience’s strong emotions of tears, sadness and anger? Earlier, rumors circulated that Damien had to become a part-time scriptwriter for the drama due to the lack of experienced staff involved in the project.  Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung denied such rumors, citing that Damien would only offer his advice upon any matters of interest regarding the script and was not as involved as rumors suggested. The cast of Prominent Family will be filming in Shanghai in April.

A Sequel for “The Hippocratic Crush”

Recently, “Heartthrob Doctor” Kenneth Ma graced tabloid headlines in one publication after the other. Kenneth’s popularity shot to its highest zenith in his 12-year career after the airing of The Hippocratic Crush, which peaked at 39 points in its finale, with approximately 2.47 million viewers watching in Hong Kong. Although it may still be early, rumors were abuzz regarding the creation of a sequel.

Kenneth was eager to resume his role as neurosurgeon, “Cheung Yat Kin,”  in The Hippocratic Crush. Although Kenneth professed that the doctor role was similar to the well-mannered characters he portrayed in the past, the character was very mature and matched his real-life age. The combination of a good script with moving scenes, timing and luck helped push the popularity of his character higher.

Kenneth also credited the chemistry of The Hippocratic Crush’s young cast, who he had urged to put forth their best efforts during filming. Kenneth advised sagely, “Since many artists left TVB, there are many opportunities available. Now it is dependent upon who puts in efforts in their acting. If you can grasp each role you portray, then your workload will continue to increase. The producers do not need you to give them gifts. They need people to act in their dramas. If you are able to deliver a good performance, then you will be included in the next project.”

It Takes Time To Age A Fine Wine

Despite the recent praises for his acting, Kenneth agreed with Damien Lau’s perspective that an actor needed to continuously improve one’s acting and there was no finite point to reach, according to Apple Daily. Kenneth also expressed appreciation for seasoned veterans, “In my past interviews, I have expressed that siu sangs are not difficult to find. You can find these young actors in the acting training classes and cast them in 2 or 3 dramas, with the support of the veteran actors. On the contrary, the veteran actors, with 20 to 30 years of experience, are difficult to find. They are very important. If they are gone, they are gone.”

Kenneth learned that a sequel for The Hippocratic Crush with the original cast was planned, but did not know when production will begin. He indicated that he hoped to have Tavia Yeung as his romantic costar in the sequel again.

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Jayne: Next year will likely be the earliest time when the cast may be assembled for the sequel of “The Hippocratic Crush.” I wouldn’t be surprised if TVB plans to milk this series like “Healing Hands.”

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  1. Im already melt looking at his smile and puppy watery eyes… awww

    1. Dr. Puppy eyes will probably get a new love interest in the sequel, set after tavia has died off-screen.

      I’m still hoping for Nancy b/c they keep paring her w/ older guys- Wayne and now, mak bao in “daddy good deeds”. She deserves someone younger and hotter.

      1. As long as her “twin” has a smaller nose, it’s fine.

        When they were wheeling her into surgery, I was thinking- why not perform a nose reduction while you’re at it.

      2. You have to count on Him Him to see the smaller nose twin sister.

    2. Puppy, ok, checked. Eyes, ok, checked. Watery? Where is it?

      1. it was just a saying his eyes are cute sort of, you don’t mean I really mean it do ya??

      2. Uhm because I don’t see any water in his eyes :D. Actually never ever seen :P. I just dun think his eyes have water.

  2. :Kenneth learned that a sequel for The Hippocratic Crush with the original cast was planned, but did not know when production will begin. He indicated that he hoped to have Tavia Yeung as his romantic costar in the sequel again.”

    Will they kill off one of the major character to make way for another?

    ” Kenneth will portray Damien’s eldest son who is also a barrister, upholding the family amidst turbulence.”

    Good guy role like in A Fistful Of Stances (ahhhh so handsome!) is great for Kenneth. If it is a villain… you all know I love him right? If there is an essay contest of him I might probably win (yet again!) but seriously, he can’t act as villain. Absolutely unconvincing. I want to see him in similar role like in AFOS or in a tragic melancholic story of a really nice guy suffering really bad luck but ending up with the woman he loves. For serious acting thespian, even in THC, sometimes he is wonderful, sometimes he is just… too cute to be taken seriously and I want to take him seriously.

    These days I have been very free in confessing my love for my favourite stars so here I go again; Kenneth, I love you BUT steer clear of villainous roles. And please do stop with the pouting and puppy dog looks.

    1. @Funn,

      Dont worry, you will get to see your handsome looking Kenneth in Prominent Family soon~ but I hate the pairing arranged by tvb though..I dun want that ms hk 2010… someone else.. pls!

      1. OH YES! You’re right. Can Rebecca Zhu act? and T__T she’s not even nice to look at. MEH!!

        Alot of people have been complaining on Ma Ming’s puppy eyes. -____- But I buy it! 😛

      2. ^ I remember reading an article where Tavia thought she nailed the villain role, KL.

        I don’t think her role in PF is a villain. I read somewhere her role is involved in the women’s movements. Eh

    2. Funn,

      A not so subtle hint to Jayne for a “why I love ma ming” essay contest? 🙂

      Poor Kevin…she says she loves u one day, the next day you’re replaced. What a cruel world.

      1. Girl’s heart is the hardest thing to control in this world :P.

      2. Josie, I still love Kevin! My heart can acommodate many many many good looking men! But admittedly right now I am more in love with Wallace Huo. I think these days I am so “free” with my love!!

      3. But I am not sure I want to own any DVDs of Ma Ming.

      4. Funn,

        I think you need to use the TY’s style to confess your love to many men instead of money.

      5. “I think you need to use the TY’s style to confess your love to many men instead of money.”

        Huh? How?

      6. funn,

        similar like TY’s style, just say you love Kenneth everytime u make a comment..

        I think some here will get annoyed fast! lol

      7. Huh? As in “Kenneth I LOVE HIM Ma is amazing blah blah blah and whenever I watch Kenneth I LOVE HIM Ma I go blah blah blah?”

        EVen I am tired of typing so much words!! No no no. Whatever my feelings about liking him, honestly, truthfully, I still feel he has a long way to go to be the actor he wants to be or his fans thinks he is. But at least shows he has room for improvement and tweaking.

        Tavia to me is a competent to good actress but she doesn’t have that room for tweaking anymore. Her style is rather set and therefore, boring. To me she is still not leading lady material, no matter how TVB keep sticking her down my throat and go “NOT LEADING LADY?! TAKE THIS!! NAHHHHHH!!! TAKE! ANOTHER SERIES! AND ANOTHER! AND ANOTHER!!!!!!”

      8. Funn,

        You forgot the “I LOVE KENNETH MA!!”

        ok, back to the topic, I think TY’s prob is she can’t handle evil roles, she’s just bad at them..

        She needs more training to become evil.

      9. Just wait and see weather Tavia can enhance her evil skill in Prominent Family. Hope Damain Lau can lecture her wat is ‘evil in heart but not in eyes’.

      10. Tavia is ok when character is ok such as in this THC but truthfully her acting juice has dried. She’s like female version Steven Ma, got so many leading roles but acting using the same mannerisms. b-o-r-i-n-g

      11. @Funn


        ROFL! Love this! 😀

      12. HAHAHA. Agreed that Tavia needs a break from dramas for awhile. I’m bored of seeing her in every series.

        What do people think of her chemistry with Kenneth in THC? I wasn’t sure what to think, especially since an interview a few years ago where Kenneth said he really wanted to work with Tavia b/c she was the only fadan he hadn’t worked with yet at the time.

      13. Tavia is horrible at portraying a villain. The one thing she can’t master yet (actually, a lot of the siu sangs and fadans are lacking in this).

        Anyway, I wonder if this is a one-time hit for Tavia. According to the script writers, the roles were tailor-made for her and Kenneth. I mean, if she can’t perform a tailor-made role, then there’s no hope. Let’s see how she does in PF.

      14. I think we should give more chance to Tavia in terms of playing villain. Yes, she did not do well in BTROC, but, that was her first try. Prominent Family will be her 3rd villain role. Maybe she would be better this time.

      15. ^ I remember reading an article where Tavia thought she nailed the villain role, KL.

        I don’t think her role in PF is a villain. I read somewhere her role is involved in the women’s movements. Eh

      16. huh? you guys sure? i think she did a great job in THC…. every other forum (chinese ones and english ones) have all been praising her performance in THC.

      17. @Briget: Now he is fully satisfied. Pair up not 1 but 2 or 3. Shall be unfresh soon, lol.

      18. “I think we should give more chance to Tavia in terms of playing villain.”

        Agreed! Maybe she will have more personality. As long as she steer clears from BTROC type of acting AND the role is written well (since BTROC villain is pointless), I think she can do well. Anything where she isn’t the lead or the spotlight is taken away from her she will be fine.

        She has chemistry with Ma Ming but not those I wanna tear off your clothes sort. I find them not very passionate or longing in the way they stare at each other. You know Tavia’s half asleep eyes and Ma Ming’s big puppy dog eyes, neither conveyed that passion of longing. None.

      19. Yay Kin and Yu Jai are tailor-made for MM and Ty. No surprise here.

      20. @Kidd: The Hou Gong took away my hope, if any, lol. She repeated Gam Ling even in a more exaggerated way.

      21. @ Fox

        Third time will be a charm. Plus, veterans like Damien will give her pointers.

      22. @Fox

        Really? I thought her character in Hou Gong was really different from BTROC. She actually looked more evil to me in a less exaggerated way.

      23. @sure-lee: The way she smirked and rolled eyes are totally the same, if not more exaggerated. Always find her jaw line after HOG is weird and like frozen. And why she can’t never use the eyes effectively when trying to be “evil”?

        @Kidd: Let’s see and I don’t put any hope on her. Damien might help her and if he can, wonderful. I saw a bit of the trailer in Filmart and look like the lesson isn’t learned. Somehow, I hope she’ll continue with saint roles like in MR forever because at least I don’t have to see her smirk.

    3. Im expecting Ruco and Raymond W. as the next artists you will confess your love to, LOL

      1. Raymond Wong? No Lar. Ruco? No lar! I like pretty guys lar.

      2. Ok, I suppose you will let us all know who the next person is that captured your heart 🙂

      3. Funn,

        U don’t think ray wong is handsome? Maybe the married part makes him less appealing?

        I can understand Ruco cuz he looks straight out villainous.

        My guess is Edwin siu will be the next object of your affection.

      4. @josie: Raymond Wong looks pale and always like a long sick guy.

        And why you don’t try Him Him?

      5. Ahhhh Josie, Ray Wong-nothing to do with him being married. He is just too pale and sickly looking for my taste. I do like the way he talks; give me a sense that he is an old fashioned good man. But love him.. no.

        Ruco… have to see first. Right now still feeling the serial killer vibe from him.

        Edwin Siu? NO.

        My heart now belongs to some very pretty guys. Anyone visiting my blog will know, because this person is consistently in my 2 top posts. Coupled with my love for Fukuyama Masaharu, I am rather busy. But I notice, most if not all guys I like may not be considered classically masculine handsome but they all have beautiful features and somewhat flawless skin. I am a sucker for beautiful guys I guess. And also all of them seem rather old in behaviour.

        But why suddenly bring up Edwin Siu?

        Hawick Lau? Handsome but no. NO NO NO.

        Him Him I like but love? Too kiddie.

      6. “Funn, so fast you forget Tung Boon Sin already?”

        Kidd I remember Tung Boon Sin but but.. I don’t love him!!!

      7. Funn,

        I thought you would say Him HIm “too buffy with small head, not my liking” lol

      8. Fox,

        I’ve liked ray Wong ever since “love undercover”. He was quite handsome in “when easterly showers” and BP. But yes, he looks like a lover, not a fighter.

        Him him was cute in THC but I keep imagining him putting theresa in a headlock when they fight and he goes “the hulk” mode.


        I thought u might like Edwin since he’ll probably play a cute and nice guy who really loves Linda in DGD. I know I would definitely pick him over Steven.

      9. I have no matter with Raymond Wong. I think he is kinda good in Central Affair :D. For Him Him, if he can get rid of the Hulk I’ll like him, lol.

      10. I like Wallace Huo’s facial features. I only saw a few clips of him recently and personally I like his exquisite and beautiful face.

      11. @Masaharu: Did you watch 怪侠一枝梅? Wallace is pretty cute there but I love 马天宇! Haha, he is so CUTE! Cute!

      12. Masaharu, you have said what I wanted to say about Wallace. What a beautiful face. Beyond handsome; beautiful. Also can act. So a plus point.

      13. him him is cute.

        Ruco look older than his age but I like Keith look with glasses LOL

      14. Because Wallace Huo is beautiful.

        Wallace Chung also nice but sorry lar, Wallace Huo is… beautiful. That man is just .. perfect feature wise. I want his eyelashes.

      15. im with kidd. Wallace Chung is a very very handsome man. love his luscious lips!

        wallace huo looks crossed eye sometimes. lol. his features just don’t appeal to me…

        so funn can have him. lols.

      16. Where got cross eyed?!?!? Individually beautiful features but all put together can’t be perfect lar. Cross eyed … or you were looking too close that you got cross eyed?! HA HA

      17. I’ve only watch 1 episode of Strange Heroes, so, can’t judge. But, I was attracted to Ma Tian Yu when I saw the picture in the boxset. He only came out near the end of episode 1. So, I haven’t seen enough of him to make any judgement.

        Although Wallace Huo is more classically beautiful, I like Wallace Chung’s look better. I won’t say Wallace is very very handsome though. He’s handsome, but, not very very handsome. Lol.

      18. lol, Funn…sometimes he looks crossed eyes to me. and please…i don’t look at him that close dear.

        kidd, well, to each and her own. he’s very very handsome to me eyes.


      19. Funn, Kidd,
        Overall, I agree with Funn’s standards on beauty. Hehe I remember her list of Chinese beautiful actresses and I agree with her list, as well as the recent men list.

        I find Wallace Huo to be very beautiful too. Very memorable face? More in ancient costume than in modern dramas. His features are each individually beautiful, but not particularly a face with a lot of character. I feel the same way about Masaharu Fukuyama, a beautiful face but due to the perfection, not a lot of character. Wallace Chung is handsome too; glad he found success outside of TVB.

        I prefer a very masculine quality in male actors, such as Takashi Sorimachi, Andy On, and Mark Cheng. Not necessarily perfectly handsome, but a very masculine quality and appearance. A “dangerous” edge, not necessarily through long hair or tattoos, but a hard edge to the man. Nice muscles are the finishing touch. IMO, a very memorable man is someone who has a heightened masculinity.

        I think I’m past the stage of pretty high school boy look.

      20. I like Masaharu Fukuyama’s look. I think he has a memorable face because he left an impression on me the first time I saw him on TV. I was quite young then, still studying in school. I didn’t go gaga over him. But, I like and remember him. Many years later, when I started working and earned my own money, I bought that ‘Beauty and Beast’ series because of him.
        I’m sure, back then, it’s not because of his acting that made him memorable to me, because I didn’t know how to judge good or bad acting at that time. So, it’s definitely his face. 😀

      21. Kidd, which Wallace you say is very very handsome or rather not very very handsome?

        I wish to clarify Wallace Huo is beautiful. Not handsome, but beautiful.

        Masha has loads of character. You don’t want to know his personal habit. He has great stage presence. He alone could stand in the middle and sing and no props, guest stars, anything and he can sustain attention for more than 3 hours. Plus he is a great singer and if he had paid more attention to acting, a great actor.

        Wallace Chung ar… look young for his age I suppose? More manlier I suppose?

        But sorry, I love classically beautiful men not verging on a-qua but like you know, scholarly beautiful.

      22. @ Funn

        Wallace Chung. In my mind, Wallace is Wallace Chung. So, unless stated otherwise, assume I’m talking about Wallace Chung. If Wallace Huo, I’ll include the surname.

        Ping said Wallace Chung is very very handsome. So, I replied that Wallace Chung is handsome, but, not very very handsome. Of course, ping disagreed. Lol.

      23. Kidd, got it! So when I mention Wallace it is Huo. Chung will be full name.

        Sigh… is Wallace that popular an English name?

      24. Strange Heroes = 怪侠一枝梅? If you are referring to this series, Ma Tian Yu is already cute in eps 1 when he appears on stage. His characteristic is kinda anti-hero, I like. I like him in 怪侠一枝梅 much more than 红楼梦.

    4. Funn, I know I won’t be fighting for bias list with you; whether in “acting style” preference or looks hahaha.

      Except for Fukuyama Masaharu and Wallace(newly discovered!).

      My bias list has a strange combination.

      I won’t be fighting with Fox either haha.

      1. Huh? Why fighting with me? For Matsuda-kun :P? I wanna know your bias list, too.

      2. Fox, I mean I will “not” fight with you :D..because Raymond Lam is “not” in my bias list haha..

        Ermm..many people, some of them in no particular order:

        Daniel Wu(longest time..*loves*)
        Takeshi Kaneshiro
        Wallace (new!)
        Takashi Sorimachi GTO(fading..)
        Takuya Kimura(almost fade totally..)
        Chen Kun(new!)

        Bowie Lam
        Paul Chun and John Chiang

        Aragaki Yui(share with boyfriend :D)

        and more that I might accidentally left..bwahaha.

      3. Lurking your list and you have some in my list too :P. Maybe we still can fight, lol.

        🙁 You put Shun away!

      4. “unn, I know I won’t be fighting for bias list with you; whether in “acting style” preference or looks hahaha.”

        No need to fight. We share share.

      5. I can’t imagine who to vote for is Jayne suddenly puts up an international beautiful men list which includes Masha, Wallace (Huo not Chung), Kevin Cheng and whoever else who is beautiful. It will be a dilemma.

      6. Masaharu clearly not TVB fan LOL .Only got Bosco and the others mostly Japanese idols? ROFL

      7. Pink Fashion show! It shown in the background, Vivien.

      8. Kate must be really short. After wearing a 7 inch heels, she’s still not that tall.

      9. She is 5’6″. I think she is slightly taller than TY who is also announced 5’6” for the height.

      10. 5’6? No I think 5’3 at most. From the picture I shared yesterday it’s this same event, Kate wearing that killer 7 inch heels and Bosco wearing flat shoes, and she’s still shorter than him.

      11. I think she is really 5’6”. I’m 5’4″ and she is taller than me about 2″ (quite same height of heels when I was standing next to her).

      12. really 5’6? Then maybe the heels yesterday isn’t 7 inches but only 4-5 inches? It’s either her heels isn’t that high or she’s naturally short for an actress.

      13. Bosco come Australia once a couple of years ago promoting his album n i get to meet him back stage. He is so much more handsome in real life than onscreen and also he’s quite funny. gotta love bosco <3

      14. kate is really 5’6′ tall because Ms HK got a minimum requirement in height. 5’4 is just a “pass” height to join the beauty contest and eventually if you’re 5’4 in beauty contest, that will make you the shortest cuz most girls are either 5’5 and above.

        I think TY is the shortest among fala, kate, myolie and linda.

      15. Kate looks “short” because the 180cm guys were not lying about their heights as opposed to what many people think. Bosco, Raymond Lam, Steven Ma and Michael Miu are logically at this “180cm” mark.

        Daniel Wu, Lai Lok Yi, Matthew Ko, Kenneth Ma are 6 footers.

      16. Veejay, Kate and Tavia have always been the shortest. Tallest might be Linda followed by Myolie then Fala.

      17. Not LF, Lf is not even at 180cm 😛 cuz I’ve seen him in real. MY husband did too, LF was just standing besides him while he was in Msia last time for promotion. And husband is only 177cm and LF is shorter than him 😛

      18. I think only Kenneth and Lok Yi are really 180cm and above, the rest u mentioned like Michael Miu, Bosco and LF are still in their 5’8 or 5’9. Not even 5’10.

      19. in their wikipedia Kenneth 183, Daniel 183, Chris lai 183, Sammul 183, Matthew Ko 185, Joe Ma 185

      20. Real height I think Kenneth 180. Kate 5’4, Myolie & Linda 5’6, Lf & Bosco & Steven & miu 5’9, Ron 5’8,

      21. Tavia 5’3, Kevin and michael tse 5’7, daniel & chris lai 179, Joe ma 182,

      22. Fala 5’5, Linda 5’6, sammul 180, louis koo 5’9, Donnie 5’7.

      23. You also shrink as you age. So, no surprise if the artists are shorter than what was reported.

      24. Then Linda did lie a lot about her height, too? I saw them together in real person, she is in about 2-3 inches heels and still shorter than LF a bit.

        I don’t think Kate is 5’3″ because standing next to her, she is taller than me and I’m 5″4′ :).

      25. So Tvb puppies are suffering from the “Bolt” syndrome, not only in their abilities but also their appearances as well, ROFL.

      26. I can’t be sure but I wil always minus 3 inches from official reported height. I have only ever met Kenix in person so I can only judge as against her. She was wearing very high heels and even then she was almost same height with me and I am the last time I check 5 feet 4 inches. What’s her name.. Joyce Tang? EVen shorter. They are all very well porportionate in terms of body for the female actresses which is why you don’t see the actual height. Joe Ma is said to be 6 feet. Even Alex Fong Chung Soon is said to be 6 feet. I will say in their dreams. Plus bad posture, shorter. But the one that shocked me the most was Wong Hei. He was tiny. Maybe because he was very very thin. The one who actually looks good looking and normal in person was the host, Onn Tak Jun. He was to me very attractive.

        Never believe the height thing unless she is Judi Dench who says her height is 5 feet 1 inches tall. THAT I believe.

      27. I believe Joe Ma is 6 feet or more. He’s always taller than everyone else in the series he’s in.

      28. Maybe because everyone else’s is shorter? All I know is he has very bad posture, more so since everyone else is so short.

      29. I dont believe Kate 5 ft 6 too. She look short next to Bosco even in ridiculous tall high heels and Bosco height is average only. Maybe only 5 ft 10 at most.

        If Kate is this short TY must be very short and Leila Tong a midget.

        I think Joe Ma is 6 ft.

      30. I’ve seen LF in person, no way is he 5 ft 9. 5 ft 8 I think. TY can’t be 5 ft 6 as she is quite a few inches shorter than LF. Think Linda is probably 5 ft 5 or 5 ft 6 and Kate maybe the same. Fala not sure.

      31. I’ve always thought Linda is 5’8; Fala 5’7; Kate 5’6; Tavia 5’5. Oh, boy…They do look taller onscreen, lol

      32. I think differently. Kate looks smaller on screen and standing next to her, she is quite tall. Linda is also quite tall but the feeling when standing next to her isn’t as different as Kate.

      33. Kate is shorter than Fala. She participated in the same MCI pageant as Fala and when she stood next to Fala, she’s visibly shorter. I think she’s shorter than both Fala and Linda.

      34. Kidd is right, both Fala and LInda are taller than Kate.. Linda is like 5’8 and Fala is like 5’7 1/2 or 5’7.

      35. Linda is 5 feet 8 inches tall?! Because reportedly Nicole Kidman is 5 feet 9. Minus 3 inches!!

      36. ron walked passed me once and i am pretty sure that he is 180+cm. a good friend of mine is 178cm (i could only reach his shoulder) and ron is definitely about one inch taller than my friend (i was slightly lower than ron’s shoulder level)

        i would say kate is around 163-165cm and myolie 170cm. have seen them right in front of me

  3. U will looks more handsome, if u go for lip botox…hehehe

      1. Yikes! Did Kobe’s ex- wife, vanessa do that to him?

      2. Hahaha….

        Ms.Funn will be running away, if he ended up like that lo….


  4. Yes yes yes to the sequel!! The cured my heart after being so upset on call wasn’t on yesterday and I ended up rewatching the drama. Yup and then I remembered I fell in love with the drama the moment Kenneth took his shirt off to save a little boy. Please, for a rare once can the sequel be a continuation of the story where the lead couple stick together instead of always killing them. It’s getting overused and I can no longer sympathize with those ridiculous story plots.

    Tvb, I understand that you like drama but if you keep overdoing them, your audience will not tune in. Like last years wax and wane? Story about crazy family rivalry? Already seen it with heart of greed and their awful sequel. Oh and stop makin the same story line only set in a different era.

    1. YES! to the sequel too. the last few episodes was so emotional, i almost cried myself, it felt like i was acting those characters. Kenneth is good at acting those roles.
      @melanie, which episode was the bit when he took off his shirt because i totally missed that, i haven’t seen it

      1. It was the first episode and like the first 5 minutes. I was shocked I miss that. His arms were so beautifully sculpted

      2. is there any way in which you could get a picture of that?

  5. oh god so the new trend in TVB series is doctor shows. They better be f****** good. First it was lawyer shows in the early 1990’s, then cop show mid 90’s, then comedy and doctors 00’s, then biatch shows early 00’s, then family fued shows mid 00’s, then forensic shows, then biatch again, then lawyer again and now doctor again. F*** TVB is running out of ideas recycling their own s***.

  6. A sequel great, but a have a bad feeling Tavia will be killed off 🙁

    1. Agreed… if they do a sequel (looks likely) I’m pretty sure as well that Tavia will be killed off.

    2. Then MM will be second Lawrence Ng, after each part his love interest will have brain surgery, lol.

      1. Not a bad thing for Kenneth to be Lawrence lol. Lawrence in HH is a classic character in TVB.

      2. I don’t mention of Paul Ching Chi Mei for this meaning 😛 in such case :P.

    3. I prefer they kill her off than made the sequel just to tell of her getting chemo treatment.

      1. Or just let her live, but they are getting divorced with the introduction of new characters.

      2. I don’t mind new characters to replace Tavia, but I rather it not be the likes of Linda or Fala yet again.

      3. lol,

        Interested in knowing who would you like to replace TY in the sequel?

      4. Eh. Why just Linda and Fala? I would say the other 4 fadans (yes, Myolie and Kate, too.)

        I think Nancy or Selena would be a good choice, but TY’s fans will probably boycott. Haha

      5. maybe they should put Myolie in sequel, that will be a special combo with Kenneth and Myolie, never seen this pairing before.

      6. Chrissie Chau! Viann Zhang who soon to be Viann Ng! Lol, someone pretty and young plz!

      7. Exoidus, I can’t see the two divorcing in the sequel… it would be totally out of character for both of them as their story was supposedly one of unconditional love.

  7. Can I marry Ma Mind please? He’s too cute & good natured <3

  8. I’m having KM fever lol he’s soo damm hot n cute 🙂

  9. If there is a sequel, I hope they would continue with Kenneth and Tavia’s love story. If they are going to kill of Yu Jai then please don’t have sequel.

  10. it’s prob fine to kill of the 2 major characters both kenneth and tavia.
    and let the interns/newbies run the show. let’s see who will watch it.

    mannn there shure is a lot of ty haters here.. almost every comment i read is abt her nose, boring, bad acting or what-so-ever. (pretty repetitive i’d say) can’t read nothing constructive at all.. i wonder if the other 4 girls have a consistent list of commentators who always comment on them ?? (myo, fala, kate, linda)?? ok i think myolie did have her fair share abt her acting or square mouth….

    1. Kate has :P, a lot harsher (for example calling her medusa). Fala has harsher and Linda also has.

      What’s wrong with TY haters and why only TY can’t be touched? The comments on her seems to be diverse as you listed: nose, boring, bad acting, etc. These ones are not enough to you? What else do you want to see? Blink eyes*

    2. Hah! Do you expect us to praise her when she’s bad? lol And, her nose wouldn’t have been a subject if she left it natural. Eh

      1. Actually it’s the nose that made Tavia interesting, if nothing else. I don’t think I’ve ever read any comments much on Tavia until the nose happened.

  11. They FOR SUREK will kill off Tavia to “promote” other trainwreck actresses like Kate, Aimee (shudders, can’t even speak canto properly, imagine her as a doctor in HK), Rebecca, Koni, Sire, Christine…..illll.

      1. Don’t think they’re killing off Tavia, cuz I actually heard that in the sequel, they’re planning to give Kenneth a disease and let Tavia save him! LOL

      2. @ sure-lee

        That would be a fresh idea. All the time, it’s the male doctor who did the surgery/healing for his sick girlfriend. A switch around will be a fresh idea. I hope it will come true. 😀

        I wonder when will TVB do a sequel where the one that get killed off/leave the country is not the female lead but the male lead.

      3. @Kidd: The last breakthrough? Although it also has a female lead in coma but another male lead left HK with cancer.

  12. Haha, I’d like to see Lawrence mg and Kenneth ma go at it in a healing hands vs on call 36 hours. Lol

    1. Won’t happen. By this time Lawrence’s character should be chief of surgery already. Too senior. Unless some major accident or something.

      1. I agree.. what if something does happen to Lawrence’s character… eh, either way, don’t think he’s interested in tvb

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