Kenneth Ma Addicted to Playing Villain Roles

Recently, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) has been acting as a villain in many drama series. One of which was acting as a scheming rebellious  prince who plotted to overthrow the current king and seized the throne for himself in The Life and Times of A Sentinel <紫禁惊雷>.

Asked whether he had a feeling of being demoted, Kenneth replied, “Having portrayed a righteous character for so many years, as an actor, villain roles are actually very fun. In fact, they are hard to find and I can’t wait for more. I feel that I am not villainous enough. Hope that there is a set of drama that offers a much more villainous role so that I can be satisfied and “go in peace.”

In actual fact, villain roles usually leave a deep impression on the viewers so does Kenneth have the confidence to get promoted and win the award based on his villain roles? In reply to this, Kenneth responded, “I also don’t know. Those are said by people and they also say they hate taking awards but honestly, winning an award would enable one’s appearance fees to increase lahs!”

Kenneth Ma’s most unforgettable moment was the scene where the King was forced to abdicate his throne in the main audience seeking hall, “The dialogues for that scene alone were more than forty pages long. It was one of the toughest I have experienced ever since my early filming days. Just that scene alone took me three nights to complete and my feelings for those three days were extremely heavy and extremely unforgettable.”

Source: Oriental Daily

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. By the way does anyone finish watching the ending to The Life and Times of A Sentinel???

    I have two questions I really want to ask and hopefully someone have the answers.

    1. 1- Is Selena really the Princess Duen-man, thus Steven seem like he knows they cannot be together.

      2- At the end when the emperor is feeding Elaine (empress), she looks out into the window and the narrator said something. Does it means she is still thinking about Kenneth and still loves him OR the birds remind her of freedom OR her good old days??

      Thank You
      Sometimes the dialogue is hard to understand and since I really like this drama, I really want to fully understand the ending.

  2. yes she was the princess, and as he was teh fourth son of the king, they are half bro and sister. thus they cannot be together…

    as for the end empress elaine, i didnt understand that bit too.

    1. Is she really the princess? Why does ep16 show that she is just an imposer? Thanks.

  3. I think Kenneth has a really honest face and is better at playing righteous men or even courageous but mischievous characters (like he did in A Fistful of Stances…my favorite role of his!). I did not care for his role in Sentinel–not terrible but not particularly impressive. AND I’m a HUGE Kenneth fan…so I will continue to finish the series haha but I think his character is better then Steven Ma’s–who likes to play overly straight and narrow characters–dude grow up.

    When I was watching Sentinel, I felt that his facial expressions (when no one was looking) was too sly, but I don’t know if this is due to director’s choice or his own acting. I suspect it’s a combination of both. I think Kenneth would fare better as a character similar to Chu Di (except for the seductive bits haha) from Relic because this character, though he usurped a throne, did so with great dignity and righteous (in his opinion) conviction.

    If Kenneth wants to play a villain role, he should pick anti-hero types. They are less typical (of sorts) and sexier (hehe).

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