Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, and Him Law at “On Call 36 Hours” Dinner

Tavia Yang (楊怡), Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Him Law (羅仲謙), Candy Chang (張慧雯), and other cast members of TVB series, On Call 36 Hours <On Call 36小時>, attended a dinner in the Tsim Sha Tsui district last night. After filming On Call 36 Hours, Tavia revealed that she will be busy earning money and traveling.  Despite leaving Hong Kong, Tavia joked that she was unconcerned this would affect her fight for the TV Queen award. Tavia noted, “Although I hope to win an award, earning money is more practical.  I have confidence in winning an award. It is good to maintain healthy competition!”

Recently, Kate Tsui (徐子珊) and Koni Lui (呂慧儀) revealed that they were offered vast sums of money to attend “dinner dates” with rich men. Tavia joked, “No one asked me about ‘my price.’ I have an astronomical price and you have marry and bring me home too!”

There were rumors that Steven Ma (馬浚偉) was dissatisfied and disappointed that TVB only focused promotional efforts on Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊> and not The Life and Times of a Sentinel <紫禁驚雷>, which also garnered high ratings during its broadcast. As a cast member in The Life and Times of a Sentinel, Kenneth Ma said, “From TVB’s standpoint, there will be an upcoming Laughing Gor, thus it will benefit from additional publicity. I have heard that a mainland company sought out Steven Ma. I hope he will stay with TVB though, as there are continually less siu sangs remaining in the company these days.”

Faced with earlier scandalous allegations in cheating and beating ex-girlfriend, Theresa Fu, Him Law said that he had upcoming traveling plans to relax.

Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: Kenneth Ma will be busy filming Prominent Family <名媛望族> after completing On Call 36 Hours. Is he the most prolific TVB actors these days, constantly filming series after series?

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  1. Most prolific? Maybe not. But definitely is he being groomed to be big brother. I just wish he adopts Bae Youngjun’s view of presentation; always look good when in public. Somebody rip off that jeans and t-short please! PLEASE!

    1. Funn,
      Kenneth likes to dress comfortably and simply, as he prefers jeans, t-shirts, and even tank tops in hot weather. I agree that an image makeover would only benefit him. He should take pointers from Wayne Lai, who dresses much better these days. Kenneth has the frame to carry a suit well.

      1. That’s what I mean! You can be stylish AND comfortable. SOmeone wrote in here that some stars strive to be perfect and fans will accept him no matter what. My view is some stars try too hard to look ordinary, as if to say hey I am just an ordinary guy when you know you’re an actor, image is everything, for god’s sake, wear something stylish! Be handsome! Why forsake your handsomeness for ordinariness? Just accept your own gorgeousness! Be like Bae Youngjun. He always, and I stress ALWAYS dress like he is a star. Hair to shoes, everything coordinated. Very impressive!

    2. But, viewers and fans buy his current style. They like his casual every day guy look.

      There are already male artists filling up the polish well dress slot. No need for Kenneth to do so.

      1. No need doesn’t mean he shouldn’t. Be stylish. He can be ordinary any other time.

      2. I agree with Kidd.

        I don’t mind Kenneth dressing casually and what I like most about it is it suits and matches his personality, not trying to come across as trying too hard to impress. T-shirts and jeans are alright, however, I didn’t like that tank top he wore that one time when he was at an interview with Sharon Chan. It was a little to hard to digest and not very appropriate to wear in public.

        I think he looks more mature with glasses on too.

      3. But don’t you think dressing fancy trying to project sophisticated look is the same as dressing down trying to project an ordinary look? Both if done badly can be as pretentious as the other?

      4. Funn,
        “But don’t you think dressing fancy trying to project sophisticated look is the same as dressing down trying to project an ordinary look? Both if done badly can be as pretentious as the other?”

        It’s important to find a suitable personal image that can be both stylish and comfortable for a particular actor. Kenneth can continue to wear his comfortable jeans as long as he sports more stylish tops, such as a buttoned shirt with open collar and rolled up sleeves. I think Moses Chan and Kevin Cheng possess good personal style, which look comfortable, trendy, and not in the least bit pretentious. Kevin often wears jeans, but he dresses them up with trendy and colorful tops, which would look great on Kenneth Ma.

        Haha, maybe Kenneth needs a girlfriend with good personal style to help him dress up.

      5. Not only about wearing jeans. Maybe Kenneth also find T-Shirt comfortable?

        If he dress like Moses and Kevin, it won’t be his personal style anymore.

      6. “Haha, maybe Kenneth needs a girlfriend with good personal style to help him dress up.”

        That would be his girlfriend’s style, not his personal style.

      7. @jayne:

        Kevin is still handsome even when he’s dressed as law ba.

        I think Kenneth just needs to put more effort in. It wouldn’t kill him to wear a tighter shirt once in a while. Ya know, to keep us interested.

        BTW, just realized that Him is wearing a “wife beater.”

      8. @josie,

        I think kenneth would feel embarassed if he wears a tight shirt revealing his two nipples LOL! he’ll probably cover both his nipples by his hands like a woman drops her bra off haha.

      9. Yes, but women will like him more.

        Just don’t wear see-through shirt like Joel Chan. That’s just tacky.

      10. @josie,

        Guess what? I used to think Joel Chan was handsome hahaha.. I used to ask why hasn’t he got promoted by TVB yet since he possessed a handsome face, body and height. But his acting from previous series was/maybe still mediocre.

        Btw, I dont mind watching Kenneth wearing tight shirt since he got the height, he’ll look good in it.. but i think kenneth will look even better in suit.

      11. Ever since Joel hooked up w/ florinda, his looks have gone down.

        Suit is too much work for Kenneth. I think he clothes that don’t require ironing.

      12. OMG! Glad to know I’m not the only one who noticed that. I thought it was just me. He seems to have gained weight or it may just be that I didn’t pay attention to him as much before.

      13. probably rich lifestyle comes with good food that make him gain weight haha

    3. Sounds like Funn just wants an excuse to rip off Kenneth’s clothes!

    4. is that an american eagle top? are u saying he shud upgrade to abercrombie or hollister? lol

  2. tvb male artists need to beef up like Him. they too scrawny and no wonder why they losing to Korean guys.

    1. Toned is good but it’s hard to bulk up that much without steroids. Just like for girls, it’s better to look healthy than unnatural.

  3. Kenneth is now having the good treatment from TVB. More and more of him. I blv Kenneth is becoming the second Moses in TVB’s view.

    1. Moses has the same height but I think is better looking and a better dresser.

      But I can’t stand seeing him and aimee everywhere now. Yesterday, couple event and today costume fitting. If they really wanted to keep their relationship on the down low, they could refuse.(just like Moses turned down that one series to open his coffee shop)
      I think they both love the publicity and are just pretending to be shy.
      Poor bernice, probably rolling in her grave.

      1. “Poor bernice, probably rolling in her grave.”

        Bernice is not dead lah.

      2. Me too is sick looking at Aimee but not Moses yet lol probably I have soft spot for men :P. Even before Aimee gotten together with Moses, I already dislike her appearance in a bias way, never like her acting too exeggerating and her voice is too high pit.

        As for Bernice, I think she has gracefully moved on to a better life, I heard she’s pursued by Alaister who is a millionaire.

      3. you forgot to mention her fake boobs too, and her awfully annoying slanted cartoon eyes and pointy chin… really why is tvb promoting her??

      4. I think despite the fact Aimee looks older than her age, she is quite pretty. Of course, Bernice is prettier in my opinion.

      5. too bad her boobs looks so extremely fake and about to explode hehe

      6. @hello,

        You sure Aimee has fake boobs? I always thought they are genuine LOL! since the time she participated in MHK (ms hongkong), they already look pretty huge and real. Rmb some ppl mentioned this before that Aimee were brought up westernized, therefore her choice of food are mostly red meat, milk etc which really help to boost big boobs haha

      7. @ Veejay

        Aimee was already rumoured to have fake boobs during her pageant time.

      8. @Kidd,

        They could be fake since ppl are quite professional nowadays to disguise genuine and fake lol

      9. ““Poor bernice, probably rolling in her grave.”
        Bernice is not dead lah.”

        Her soul is dead?

  4. Definitely enjoying how Kenneth raising from 2nd lead to 1st lead and hope tvb will air the 3 kingdoms with Kenneth in soon.

    As for Him Law, I’ve lose interest in this guy after the scandal of him beating theresa broke out. Never like this guy, still give me impression of a pretty vase nothing else.

    seriously, i’m getting a bit tired watching tavia in almost every series this year…but i don’t have prob with her acting though. Just tired watching her in alot series lately only.

    1. 3Kingdom also has TY =]].

      Kenneth also has a lot of series lately, do you feel tired of him?

      1. @Fox,

        For real??? 3 kingdoms really have Tavia in? Just why is Tavia in too many series? Lmao.. honestly I’ve no prob watching her..but why? is tvb trying to push her high to replace Charmaine?

      2. Tavia is the lead female in 3 Kingdoms, but it’s a male-dominated series I suppose. She will have love scenes with Kenneth Ma, who travels back in time.

      3. @Fox,

        Sorry didn’t see your question below 😛

        Nope, since I like Kenneth now, I don’t mind watching him over and over again atleast not now yet lol

      4. Chriselle replied you and she is right. TY is one of the female lead in this one, I guess she is one of because dunno this series focus on her chac or not. Maybe they’ll focus on the guys and she walks through it. Her chac is a maid, not someone who join the war game.

      5. @chriselle and Fox,

        I rmb there was a series of Louis Koo who also went back to ancient time and met sonija, jessica tsu etc with similar storyplot.

      6. @Veejay,

        Yep, it was A Step Into the Past with Louis Koo. I loved watching that series! 😀 Sadly, I don’t have much expectations for 3 Kingdoms. Not as interested in ancient series nowadays. TVB is better off producing modern.

      7. @Veejay: This one is A step into the past.

        Well, traveling through space is a famous genre now. Gong, BBJX, the series with Nic Tse and Ah Sa I dun rmb name and A step into the past are this type. A lot of Chinese new novel are now using the same concept.

        TVB follow the trend and make this 3Kingdom. However, I like traveling into the internet world like the sale presentation clip of 3 Kingdom than the current traveling through space one.

      8. Maybe 😛 but Kenneth better don’t make any stupid move though or I might change my liking to someone else hehe.

        Also, bad scandal can really effect someone’s popularity and changed audience taste. Look at Him Law, my view on him was average, ok, can accept his appearance on tv but after the beating scandal broke out, I totaly lose interest in him, its prolly i despise men who beat women.

      9. @Veejay: Have ppl like you, being affected by bad scandal. However, have ppl to think that no scandal = too boring, lol. The taste is unexpected and up to each person.

        I like Kenneth in the past. Now, I dun have any feeling with him, maybe I’m in the group that no scandal = boring, haha.

      10. As for Him Law, I like playboys and real player but I dun like guy beat woman, so I stay in Theressa’s side on this scandal. But it dun change my view on his talent, if I can view it :). Like Amigo, I still like him as a host despite his woman beater scandal.

      11. @Fox,

        Interesting choice of life there you pick. To me, small scandals is ok but beating a woman is def no gentleman and two or maybe 3timid while u’re with gf also not okay.

        too bad, my real life is full of scandals when i was in my early 20s 😛

      12. Don’t simply use love scenes as a word. Love scenes in hollywood scene is SEX scene. In TVB, I doubt it.

      13. You are right, especially for an ancient series. Those words happened to cross my mind when I was writing the comment. Didn’t think too much about it.

      14. @Fox,

        Curiousity gets me after you said you like real player/playboy type. Have you ever been in any relationship with a playboy before and how did you find out that he is/was a playboy? What is/was your action after that?

      15. Well, players are usually hot.

        I liked ASitP. Ray was so young, dark and plump nose back then .
        Now, tavia is one with the plump nose.

      16. Girls, when I say that I like playboy, real player type, it means I like an artist or a character for this type, not my bf :P. Because these artists who are playboy always look “cute cute hot hot” to me, hehe. To choose bf, of course I choose the one who love me the most.

      17. I dun mind my bf’s past with how many girls, as long as he only has me now and he loves me the most, and of course, he is healthy now :P. Haha, maybe I like the experienced guys.

      18. LOL, some girls like the challenge to tame the beast only to be ate alive 🙂

      19. “Maybe they’ll focus on the guys and she walks through it. Her chac is a maid, not someone who join the war game.”

        I think this series is most likely a comedy, what with jealous Chow Yu and ‘HK girl’ Siu Kiu.

        So, I think the female cast will play a bigger role than in history.

      20. @ exoidus

        “LOL, some girls like the challenge to tame the beast only to be ate alive”

        Girls like this are stupid.

      21. “Well, traveling through space is a famous genre now. Gong, BBJX, the series with Nic Tse and Ah Sa I dun rmb name “

        The Nic Tse/Ah Sa series. You mean ‘Sword Heroes’ Fate’?

        That’s not a time travel series. They travel into a video game world. The type of series you hope 3 Kingdom will be. 🙂

      22. Oh really? I thought it’s travel to space. So it’s travel to internet world.

    2. Is 3 Kingdoms done filming yet?

      I agree with Veejay and I’m quite tired of seeing Tavia’s performances this year. Men is her 3rd or 4th series this year? But all her performances are somewhat the same. Her character in Men is suppose to be 25 years old, but she looks older than that. Her short hair is also not very suitable for this character as she’s less mature this time around.

      1. Agree, that Tavia’s character in “Men with..” looks more mature compare to a 25yrs character.

      2. If I’m right, 4.

        Why she keeps the hair for series like this? Except the ancient 3Kingdoms, she kept the same hair for at least 5 series up to now. Or more.

        Lol, if her chac in MWNS is 25, I blv Fong Fong faked her ID :P.

      3. I believe she too busy with work keep filming no time to think change her hairstyle and producer did not request her hairstyle should be what. She too thin until look more mature than her actual age. Put some weight and light make maybe can make her look around 27 till 31.

      4. So Dr. O is supposed to be 15-20 yrs older than fong fong?
        How cliche! Typical pervy doctor with trophy wife.


        I think 3K wrapped a couple months ago.

  5. Don’t like that pic of Kenneth at all and with those glasses, he certainly looks a middle-aged uncle and very ordinary rather than a TVB actor.

  6. What is the English song name play at the drama On Call 36 Hours.Thanks

  7. Tavia & Kenneth make huge change in their images in on call 36.

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