Dry Kenneth Ma Pits His Kissing Skills Against Mandy Wong

TVB Artiste Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Mandy Wong (黃智雯) were filming kissing scenes for their new upcoming medical drama.

Mandy Wong, who has gradually converted to walking the “mature woman image” route, often appeared in a sexy image before others and even consecutively kissed more than one man in that drama.

The duo had to kiss several times until their faces were “distorted” before the director shouted “Cut!” and accepted the final take.

Kenneth Ma laughed and said that he was more experienced than Mandy Wong in terms of filming kissing scenes.

Kenneth also hugely praised Mandy for being a good kisser such that he felt a good aftertaste. Mandy instead laughed and teased that she felt a little dry kissing with him.

Yesterday night, immediately after filming an intense kissing scene with Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), Mandy Wong had to film another kissing scene with Kenneth Ma in the Central district for their new TVB drama, 36 Hours On Call《On Call 36 小時》.

It was known that Mandy’s first onscreen kiss had been dedicated to Him Law (羅仲謙) and since Mandy had also filmed intense kissing scenes with Benjamin Yuen in “36 Hours On Call”, she was already considered to be a “passed master” in kissing scenes.

It can be said that “passed master” Mandy Wong bumped into “seasoned kissing expert” Kenneth Ma for this kissing scene! Kenneth laughed upon hearing this and responded, “Previously in The Mysteries of Love《談情說案》, I kissed four to five women such that they said I filled up my kissing quota at one shot. Actually, I haven’t filmed kissing scenes in a long time hence I felt a little nervous today.”

Kenneth continued, “Furthermore, this is my first time collaborating with Mandy but thank goodness they filmed the scenes behind first such that Mandy and I will be familiar with each other and would not feel that embarrassed when filming this kissing scene.”

Mandy Wong praises Him Law for having moist lips

Kenneth Ma also revealed that Mandy was a veteran in terms of kissing scenes hence they did not need to specially stand in a position to film due to awkwardness. However, Kenneth professed that he still had more experience in kissing scenes as compared to Mandy!

Mandy, on the other hand, analyzed Kenneth Ma, Benjamin Yuen and Him Law, one by one, on who was the best to kiss, “Him’s  lips are moist and watery, Benjamin’s  lips are emotional and Kenneth’s lips are dry lor!  Cause Kenneth himself is very dry (Mandy meant Kenneth was very dry in love) however it wasn’t the least awkward filming with him as he is a really nice guy.”

Upon hearing this, Kenneth laughed and said, “I feel that Mandy’s really very good to kiss, leaves me with a good lingering aftertaste. Some are really not good to kiss but I’m not naming any names!”

Reveals that Steven Ma is a direct and frank person

Recently there were rumors that Steven Ma (馬浚偉) was dissatisfied that TVB did not put The Life and Times of A Sentinel《紫禁驚雷》in high regard and hold any form of celebration for them despite raking in excellent ratings.

Kenneth, who was one of the main leads of “Sentinel”, remarked that it might be because Lives of Omission《潛行狙擊》had to shoot a movie version after that hence there was much more promotions as compared to “Sentinel” and furthermore, business is purely business so there was nothing they could say about the commercial aspect.

Kenneth continued, “Steven has always been a direct and frank person.” (Reporter: Did he mention anything to you about his intention to request for an early termination of his management contract?) We have previously chit chatted and he did mention that many Mainland companies have approached him.”

Besides that, there were also rumors that Steven Ma was displeased with TVB for turning down the Mainland production on his behalf.

As it turned out, Kenneth Ma had also suffered the same fate as Steven when TVB previously turned down two Mainland productions for him and cited clashing of filming schedule as reasons for it, making Kenneth sigh deeply that it was indeed a great pity.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com.

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  1. Have never seen Kenneth Ma in a kissing scene before so this should be interesting and also with Mandy Wong too. I like her and thought she was great in LOO.

    1. Pineapple,
      Kenneth Ma was very unconvincing as a playboy in “The Mysteries of Love.” He had numerous kissing and bed scenes, in which he looked a bit awkward.

      1. Haha, Jayne, I think it would have been better if Kenneth and Raymond swapped roles. However, the fact that Kenneth is only convincing in some roles, but not others makes him not a well-rounded actor. He plays great in his righteous characters, but when it comes to more unconventional characters, the playboy, or the villain, it becomes somewhat of a joke.

      2. Hi Jayne,

        Yes, I agree he was unconvincing as a playboy in The Mysteries of Love.

        It seemed like he was acting as a playboy but he wasn’t really a playboy.

        He acted as a villian in Lady Iron Fists too.

        I feel a kind of disconnect. I think his face is really the honest looking type. He should act as those righteous men.

      3. Canto,
        “I feel a kind of disconnect. I think his face is really the honest looking type. He should act as those righteous men.”

        Agree, until Kenneth Ma can truly put behind his true self, he will not be truly convincing in his more extreme character portrayals. He is a very, very likable actor and his acting skills have grown from his early career, but like you mentioned, he does come across as “acting” and not truly in character.

      4. Yes, it might be better for MOL. The type of Gordon character LF played in New breath of love.

        I like Kenneth in the role he acts “gwing”.

      5. But Jayne you gotta admit he got the built and he looked devastatingly delicious in that red shirt and the oh so super tight jeans. I wondered how he could even sit in that jeans. But acting wise, yes, something lacking.

      6. Hm… it seems like Funn thinks Kenneth is physically appealing.

        He is not bad, but his face looks a bit pock marked, like last time he used to have lots of pimples or something…?

      7. I think he is. He is one of those rare ones who look physically tall and robust. But his face is too square for my taste. Not sure about his skin

      8. @ Funn

        “But Jayne you gotta admit he got the built and he looked devastatingly delicious in that red shirt and the oh so super tight jeans.”

        I thought you only started finding him devastatingly delicious when he donned that white chinese robe.

      9. Actually I find him attractive there, in that red shirt. I like a man who dress that way, minus the tight jeans. But yes, it was in AFOS in that white overalls that I became smitten. But then I saw sentinel and everything crashed back to earth.

        By the way is Ray in that White snake movie? Not even his name is on the poster and Jet Li’s face so big. But the the title is sorcerer and white snake so well… understood. If he’s not in it, forget what I wrote.

      10. @Funn: He is in and I saw a lot of posters with his name. Maybe the particular one you see in Msia dun have :). Of course Jet Li’s face is the biggest :P.

    2. I think I remember seeing him French kiss Natalie in Sentinel. Kinda weird to see people French kiss back then, haha.

  2. Is TVB selling sex now? Why all TVB modern series has hot long kissing scenes and sex scenes (pulling clothes and such). Scenes like these used to be implied only. I’m not a prude. I’m ok with such scenes in necessary. But, when every series has such scenes, it’s over use and give the feeling of selling sex.

    Even ancient series they want to artists to kiss and if not kiss got penalised.

      1. Actually Myolie also do already in Ghetto, right? Even if not sex, it’s heavy aggressive hot kissing.

      2. yeah, actually there is no need to pursue this strategy as hk audience don’t care about i think.

      3. Depends on how you define hot kissing. I just hope someone will remember that it may be hotter not to kiss but to rip off hats. From the pictures, ain’t hot until they go french.

    1. Kidd,
      “Is TVB selling sex now? Why all TVB modern series has hot long kissing scenes and sex scenes (pulling clothes and such). Scenes like these used to be implied only.”

      Sex sells and TVB is just catching the wave. Hong Kong viewers are becoming a little more open than a decade ago.

      The rise of leng mo’s and their ability to grab daily news headlines in tabloids indicate viewers’ interest. Also, wasn’t “Sex and Zen 3D” one of the top grossing films this year in Hong Kong?

    2. I guess the reason is Charles Chan. Maybe he like that. Rmb that after Charles Chan bought TVB, a so-called half nude picture set is shot.

  3. “Kenneth, who was one of the main leads of “Sentinel”, remarked that it might be because Lives of Omission《潛行狙擊》had to shoot a movie version after that hence there was much more promotions as compared to “Sentinel” and furthermore, business is purely business so there was nothing they could say about the commercial aspect.”

    Best answer I heard from an artist. Truthful and unoffensive. Great insight. Kenneth understand the game completely.

    1. most people in the circle knows this, however when feeling treated just as an commodity one feelings are hard to control.

      kenneth can’t do anything besides answering this way since he is still trapped in hell and his cotract is not about to expire anything soon.

      1. Exactly, showbiz people all know this, heck even regular people like us know this, what’s more Steven Ma. It is the way MT presented his ‘lecture’ in such an arrogant and patronizing manner as if explaining something obvious to someone dimwitted.

      2. Yes most people know but Michael choose to answer in the rude and belittling way.

    2. yeah… i agree.. it is really a good way of replying!! very brilliant indeed!!

  4. Ming Pao

    Mulling over it he evoked that notion that had been stored for a long time at the back of his mind and activated it. He sent an official letter style text message to Virginia Lok requesting an early release from his contract.

    “To make this decision was not easy. I thought of Zhan jie (Catherine Tsang), Uncle Choi (Leung Choi Yuen), they’ve been good to me. Even Stephen Chan, though the days of our interaction are not long, but these two years I can see that he has been trying very hard to fulfill his promises to me. I’ve the utmost respect for him.”

    But to pursue better growth he, in the end, still sent out his text message. The day was August 21. As to the rumors that though The Life and Times of Sentinel’s finale garnered a peak of 40 points but did not receive any acknowledgment from the company, whereas Life of Omission garnering the same peak rating was ostentatiously celebrated had so enraged Steven that in a fit of anger he decided to request an early termination to his contract does not hold water because it was not until August 26th that ‘Sentinel’s’ finale was aired.

    “Do you think it’s little kids playing toys? If I want a celebration I can pay for one out of my own pocket. I’ve done that many times already.”

    About Michael Tse’s upfront upbraiding him for being “immature”, Steven smiled and said: <i?“I’m not very familiar with Michael. I believe he was just kidding. Steven, I, will never carry out any action over not having a celebration.”

  5. I’ve been brought up in the UK since I was a young kid and have watched American films and dramas all my life. They don’t just have heavy kissing, there are lots of bedroom scenes even in daytime soaps. Maybe its because Chinese are still a little bit more conservative and it still takes a bit of getting used to. Strangely enough I have never thought much of the heavy petting or bedroom scenes in American films but with Chinese films it still makes me a bit uncomfortable. Maybe its because our culture is so different but times have changed and I think even Chinese people are becoming very westernised in their outlook now. Am not sure whether its a good thing or bad!!

  6. Mandy Wong is one of the most naturally beautiful actresses currently working in TVB. She looks especially good with her shorter hairstyle!

    She’s also showing great acting potential and I hope that she rises to top fadan status within the next 5 years.

    1. Yes Mandy Wong has the most potential out of the current newbies. Besides her talent she also has come out of performing school so that might explain her natural acting. She also has a pleasant face. I think she will rise.

    2. Well, lets hope she does not glam up herself or try to fix her face after she became top fadan. She won’t be naturally beautiful anymore after that.

    3. Mandy isn’t really beautiful but she has unique look. I hope she won’t inject something to nose or lip or making cheekbone high like the current trend. These works will kill all the emotions in face of the actresses.

      1. I’m thinking she’ll probably do something to her eyes. She’s a bit cross-eyed, but not as bad as kenny bee’s ex-wife.

        My beef w/ her is if she wants to be regarded as a serious actress, why does she pose so sleazy in the magazine. Even if she wants to go the sexy route like Kate, there’s no need to dress like a hooker.

  7. Definitely loving Mandy Wong. She’s not the prettiest but there’s this charm that’s in her and not in many others.

    She can easily replace my favorite female artist 🙂

  8. Mandy Wong looks like a mix of 90s actress Astrid Chan and 80s actress Cherie Chung. Side profile appears more like Cherie, while front profile resembles Astrid more 😛

      1. Ah I do see the resemblance. More so her side profile resembles her Nadia because I find that Nadia has larger eyes and has a kinder smile. I still think think she sort of resembles Cherie and Astrid (even though Astrid has a more angular face) 😛

  9. I think Kenneth Ma and Linda Chung would make a great real-life couple! They were previously involved with different people earlier. It seems that both may be single right now. 🙂

    1. I think if Linda has to wait for Kenneth to make a move, the “mosquito will also be asleep.”

    2. LOL, somehow i can’t picture them together. replace kenneth with ruco would be fine.

  10. I had feeling that Tavia Yeung had chance with Knneth ma. Tavia will be the one who go after him

  11. I have noticed there are more ‘real’ kissing scenes (ie can actually see the lip touches instead of blocking the camera with back of heads) in TVB dramas than a few years ago but then still looks a bit awkward. Korean drama kiss scenes are much more natural.

  12. Aww!!!How cute I think it make them them a great onscreen couple!!!That is a very great kiss scene!Bravo!!!

    1. Maybe it’s just me, I dont find they would make a good couple. Something about Mandy that doesn’t intrigues me even she has potential in acting.

  13. Kenneth Ma has the height & looks, his acting has improved but still, wish it could be better!

  14. I like Mandy Wong in LOO.. and her acting really make me notice her a lot… very natural and not bad at all… hope to see her get more chance in tvb…

  15. Mandy Wong indeed has potential and is natural in front of the camera. I just hope TVB won’t pitch her too hard and in too many dramas in the future, and backfired on her.

  16. feel bad for both kenneth and steven. i’m sure they will have their opportunities one day. it’s just a matter of time to film in mainland. that’s where the big projects are and can go international. i don’t even know who mandy wong is. she looks good though. i like her better with short hair.

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