Kenneth Ma Knows What Jacqueline Wong Wants

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Kenneth Ma Knows What Jacqueline Wong Wants

TVB actress Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) turned 29 last Tuesday, and her boyfriend Kenneth Ma (馬國明) was there to celebrate it with her. The Deep in the Realm of Conscience <宮心計深宮計> actress refused to disclose what Kenneth gave her as a gift, insisting that it’s a secret. Asking if the gift was upon her request, or if it was something that Kenneth had just decided to give, Jacqueline smiled and said, “It was a bit of both.”

Reporters pointed out that Kenneth is known for his silliness and cuteness (天然呆), so it seemed out-of-character for Kenneth to be able to figure out what his girlfriend wanted. Jacqueline said, “He’s a very simple person. The longer we are together, the more he knows about what I want.”

Speaking about upcoming Valentine’s Day, Jacqueline said she expects to be working that day. As her schedule hasn’t been finalized yet, it is hard to plan upcoming dates. Jacqueline also revealed, “[Kenneth’s] birthday is right before Valentine’s Day, so it’s hard to plan.”

After Valentine’s Day will be the Chinese New Year, and Jacqueline said she will be visiting Kenneth’s family. She has already met Kenneth’s family, and both of their families did come together to celebrate Jacqueline’s birthday. It was a casual meet-up, and Jacqueline said Kenneth’s family takes very good care of her.


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  1. dandan says:

    I really like the way these two have been handling their dating life to the public. Just enough confirmation and things here and there, without oversharing or without the need to try to hide everything.

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