Kenneth Ma’s Love Triangle in “Big White Duel”

TVB drama, Big White Duel   <白色強人> is garnering good ratings for its unique take on medical dramas. With more realistic medical procedures and a stronger focus on the politics in the healthcare industry, the drama is continuing to earn praise. Undoubtedly, the drama also includes romantic themes and in this case, Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) character is in a love triangle with Ali Lee (李佳芯) and Natalie Tong (唐詩詠).

In the drama, Kenneth plays a skilled cardiologist and is the ex-husband of an emergency room doctor, played by Natalie. Although the two characters are separated, they maintain an ambiguous relationship and still care for each other. Their relationship is complicated when Ali enters the scene.

Ali’s character works with Kenneth, and although Ali has many disagreements with Kenneth at work, she eventually acknowledges Kenneth’s ability and develops feeling for him. As Ali and Natalie are also close friends, Ali struggles with falling in love with her best friend’s husband.

How will the Love Triangle End?

In relationships, the right timing is very important. In the drama, although Kenneth and Natalie’s characters are already divorced for five years and had many opportunities to rekindle their relationship, their feelings could have cooled over time. On the other hand, Ali and Kenneth are competitors at work. Ali would have to figure out her feelings and find the right timing to act on her emotions. But would her feelings for Kenneth mean the end of her friendship with Natalie?

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  1. I like the relationships between these three characters so far! Personally, I love Ali and Natalie’s characters friendship the most, but I also enjoy Kenneth/Natalie’s former couple to colleagues, and Kenneth/Ali’s boss/colleague one.
    When it comes to the triangle, I want Kenneth and Nat’s characters to reconcile, but at the same time i don’t want that to happen at the expense of Nat and Ali’s friendship. Hopefully this love triangles strays from the norm of TVB love triangles and isn’t strung out for too long.

  2. I want Tong Ming & Zoe to reconcile too. Since Tong Ming has changed some of his habits which may cause them to divorce earlier, and Zoe also begins to understand him better, i think their relationship will work out this time.

    In reality, i’m also rooting for Kenneth & Natalie to end up as couple. They look sweet together.

    1. @diana80 I don’t think he changed. Rather she changed in her perspective. And I don’t see any contrast since the whole change happened in 1 episode flashback and present day etc. Not enough development.

  3. Kenneth mentioned in a recent interview during the promotion of this drama that his character is very loyal in love. Tong Ming only loves one person that is Zoe and Kinnus is just a colleague. And I think that is why in episode 10 he was advising Matthew’s role not to have such a “flowery” heart and sending wrong signals to girls. When he said that I wanted to laugh because I think he has been sending wrong signals to Kinnus too. Hahaha….But from the way he smiles and looks at Zoe when she’s not looking, I know he still loves her.

  4. Old Kenneth plays a good doctor, but not necessarily a good partner. In the past, he told Natalie he didn’t think of work as work so he couldn’t understand why she was upset that he was willing to prioritize his “job” over her, his own then wife. Natalie made a great point that she is a doctor too and she still makes time for him or rather yet, them, as a married couple.

    Current day Natalie is wants to learn more about medical cases and how she can become better at her career than before (most likely due ex husband’s influence) and is slowly learning more about old Kenneth and still cares for him, but the way current day Kenneth praised current day Natalie after she took out the bags of cocaine from a patient’s stomach “Good job. I didn’t used to think you would be capable” is a backhanded compliment in so many ways.

    We don’t know about past Ali but we do know current day Ali is not afraid to stand her ground even if it means losing status or having people not like her. That’s the distinguishing factor between her and new Natalie. Ali is ambitious whereas Natalie is simply a compassionate person who wants to help people. Natalie is too flawed because of how emotional she gets at work and how much she does for Tang Ming even though they are divorced. Ali, on the other hand, is too good to be true in a way if you think about it: beautiful, smart, educated, ambitious but not aggressive, righteous, will not fight for her best friend’s man. She either dies or gets some sort of disease that requires Kenneth to operate on her, but she will not end up with Kenneth. If Kenneth ends up with her, Kenneth’s character will never reach his arc. Kenneth’s Tang Ming is someone who will become more considerate of others when it comes to romance, but he will not yield to the point where he has to become old Natalie to adjust to an old Tang Ming, who is current day Ali.

  5. I am not into the romance at all. I am still confused over the reform since the series has not bothered to explain either side since episode 1. The doctors seem unconcerned about any reform, to them it didn’t matter. Now we have tong ming coming out to fight for the medical director position just because YT made a judgment call over a patient who needed his attention during surgery because all patients is the same? Of course not. If Obama were to be treated for a broken leg vs someone with a serious broken bone, of course chief ortho will see Obama himself. This series made the injury too close to call so for me YT made the right decision and now Tong Ming is looking like a hurt jilted lover who discovered his lover isn’t morally upright to his standard. I really don’t like how this goes. Everybody else seems to be observing and reacting, such as Zoe, not much to do. No background whatsoever. Hospital seems so few people and rather free or either that EVERYBODY from the dept goes to treat some patient. I remember one scene someone told YT there’s no available OR and next scene Tong Ming says ok get an OR, prep the patient for surgery. I want this series to be intelligent but the whole reform angle is so child’s play. Still waiting for an explanation and some doctors other than 2 to care. If it is about politics, surely not only 1 hospital and 2 doctors in the hospital is involved? Other public hospitals?

    No comment on medical procedure but the hole the construction worker’s heart is a tad too big I think? Anyway this series is burdered with people who keeps saying they should be professional and fair and all and yet let their emotions do the thinking. Like do you support this doctor opposing the reform? Yes. Why? Because I am in love with him not because I believe the reform is bad. I support because I am his best friend. I support because I am his ex wife. Etc etc etc. So far no bottles of wine opened or pubs or nicknames but plenty of coffee.

    the only character I feel is consistent in her beliefs and is to be a woman of the year who is sure about what she wants is the journalist.Above all else I hate I think called Ceci. she’s practically smothering our supporting hero and she’s so.. oh that B word. I hope the doctor falls for the nurse.

    Let me guess; maybe… maybe YT will be seriously injured or die and Tong Ming believes in his reform? And take on the system? Or other way around? Or someone we know will die and some change will happen?

    1. P/S hate that Zoe receives alimony from Tong Ming. For me a slap to my face. And he happily pays her. Never happen. Or rather very very very rare. Thanks TVB for taking women rights back to 1900.

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