Kenny Wee Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Oscar Leung

Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) has not publicly apologized to Kenny Wee (黃浩) for stating that the restaurateur has “persecutory delusions.”

True to his vow to sue Oscar if the apology is not issued by December 24, Kenny appeared at the High Court yesterday to file defamation charges against Oscar. Kenny is seeking compensatory damages and a court injunction.

In Eric Tsang’s (曾志偉) purported physical assault towards Kenny Wee at a wedding over Hilary Tsui’s (徐濠縈) drug rumors, many celebrities, including Oscar, had verbally defended Eric. Besides stating that he did not see Eric slap Kenny, Oscar went further and called the restaurateur as desiring public attention although he is a not a celebrity.

Despite Oscar’s acting career soaring this year, in which he won the TVB Most Improved Actor award, his critical remark towards Kenny brewed unprecedented trouble. On grounds of freedom of speech, Oscar refused to apologize to Kenny and even alluded to him as a “locust,” a Hong Kong slang term for a common annoyance.

Eric Tsang Pushed to Tears?

Kenny is not letting any insult or injury go unnoticed. Kenny has already pressed charges against Eric Tsang for physical assault. It was reported that Kenny received backing from a mysterious tycoon to pursue the charges against Eric at all costs.

When Eric was arrested by the Hong Kong Police for physical assault, he was interrogated for 4 hours. An inside source revealed, “Speaking before the police, Eric kept saying that he was drunk at the time and did not clearly remember what had happened.” Eric allegedly received a criminal records bureau (CRB) number that will follow him for the rest of his life, which will record his future criminal offenses. Upon hearing this, Eric allegedly burst into tears.

Hilary Tsui Hiding from Police?

An inside source revealed that the police had wanted to Hilary Tsui provide a statement in person at the station, but she has repeatedly dodged the request, sending only her lawyer to represent her. It was understood that if Hilary continues to dodge the request, the police will have to take further action.


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  1. What? Still ongoing? Why aren’t those accused of having drug orgies or whatever suing HIM for defamation?

    1. tvb’s image went down the drain the minute eric tsang slapped kenny wee, he lied to the police too, the story about ‘the dog eating crap’ made up by him confirmed his intentions, if he was truly drunk and didn’t know that he had unintentionally slapped kenny wee, he would had apologised the following day

      1. Eric is using ‘drunk’ as an excuse. Of all people who attended the wedding, why did he just slap Kenny and no one else? Lot of BS.

    2. You can’t file libel suits while there is an official investigation underway. In fact, a gag order is often issued by the court on all parties involved.

      Hilary’s “no show” tactic can very well force to police to issue a formal ‘arrest”. She might have to consider switching lawyers.

      All these new developments strongly suggest that there was a video after all and the police had to act on it.

  2. ” It was reported that Kenny received backing from a mysterious tycoon to pursue the charges against Eric at all costs”

    this means the end of E.T. i think

    1. no, it is so freaken silly. this is just a simple assault case, beitch slap by a midget, what could be worse? he will likely do community service instead of jail time.

      1. Nic Tse’s criminal records didn’t harm him much. So, I doubt it will harm Eric much.

      2. that criminal record was the turning point of N.T.’s life,it helped him to became a better person. i doubt if it also work for E.T.

      1. @ RaySimpson: Not sure if you’re just trolling, but you seem to wish jail time upon everyone.

  3. wow, is it this serious with eric and kenny. “criminal record” for life for eric :/

    1. eric got what he deserves, he can’t go around slapping other people just because it will make him look good in front of the celebs

    2. come to think about it, he did the slapping deed because he wanted to protect tvb’s image cos at least one of the drug user has a contract with his company

      1. Haha! Good one but nah surely Ricky won’t be that ‘stupid’ to do something that in the end would not benefit him but may actually tarnish his own reputation for being petty.

  4. When will this be over. Kenny if I can, I will b*tch slap you too for being a Douchebag. It’s a fking slap and Freedom of speech. Celebrities, you better fight back……..

    1. why? it’s eric’s own fault that got him into trouble so he do time, candy chang too.. she’s involved in drugs

    2. IGUESS IT IS OKAY TO SLAP SOMEONE, even if that person did not in ant way physically assault you. Wow, I always thought that was considered assault and punishable by law. I guess if someone give you a fu*cking well deseved slap, you should thank them and keep quiet about it. Making light of the other two situations is a a new low.

      1. then eric tsang should admit that he really intended to slap kenny wee to the police, instead of denying to the police like a school boy, he should own up like a man, well, you are somewhat right.. eric should thank the police for giving him a criminal records bureau number, wonder how he’s going to face everybody now that he burst into tears in the police station, most probably going to deny that too and tell another crap story, haha

      2. you are wrong, the person who is the new ‘low’ is eric tsang, maybe you would like to get a slap from him? you can keep quiet about it

      1. @LOW, could you read between the lines and not attack me or anyone else. Please for heavensake, read the comments again. That rreply was not for you or anyone who you think it was for. Of course I know Eric Tsang is a low life. Have \i not made that clear enough?. Just chill out ok?.lol,lol.

  5. Him Law and Chris Brown beat up their ex girlfriends and it’s not dramatic like Kenny Pee.

    1. the ladies still had feelings for their guys, didn’t press charges

  6. Seriously? backed by a tycoon then what about Josie Ho’s dad? But seriously they’re all a bunch of immature brats. Oscar Leung is being promoted in such a negative way. To work so hard to get to where he is and because he defended a senior . . look at this mess.

    1. if josie ho’s dad is smart, he would stay out of this, it is time that children learn how to behave themselves in public

    2. I think Josie Ho’s dad seem to give independence to his kids. Look at Josie and Florinda’s gossips and lifestyle.

      1. Stanley Ho has been feigning incompetence ever since Christopher Ho and Grande Holding’s scandal – how convenient and now they both deny any blood relation to each other.

  7. This is not ending soon likely. Oscar you fool. Look at what this has turned out now.

  8. Regardless whether there is a tape or not, Kenny is getting to be annoying. Stop this nonsense and start a new year.

      1. its all E.T.’s fault.first he slap him then he tell the world that he is a crap eating dog,who wouldnt be angry? i think only jezus or budha wouldnt. now he really turn to a mad dog with the backup of the mysterious tycoon.

    1. i don’t agree, eric tsang, oscar leung and the celebs are the ones who are annoying, they are even annoying to the police force, haha

  9. The media is introducing a new character in this drama aka the nameless tycoon, haha.

    E.T burst into tears, really? LOL

    1. because she is afraid that the police will find out the true behind this case.

  10. If ET received a criminal records bureau (CRB) number, than the number should be this:-

    6C9 – 11967

  11. this is good news for once – otherwise it is just watching a bunch of bullies feeling energized and nourished by the opportunity to publicly humiliate Kenny Wee without any likelihood of punishment or cost to them whatsoever

  12. maybe there is no mystery tycoon backing Kenny Wee but it is the kind of thing to make the bullies pause especially the opportunistic third party ones like Oscar Leung – TVB, how good do you think his acting is that he will be able to convince HK audiences that he is a hero and leading man – and if he is such a good actor, doesn’t that make him a sociopath? Do you think people want to see him on tv as a good role model for small children?

    let’s not forget that both times, it was not Kenny Wee who notified the police. It was a worker at the restaurant who handed over the tape and then Kenny Wee commented on the incident. Then when he was slapped and then coerced into a private dining room, the employees at the wedding noticed a group of men all dressed in Black and became frightened and called the police. Come on, don’t let Maggie Q’s resentful misrepresentation of Hong Kong in “Nikita” confuse you – if you know Hong Kong, you know that a genuine workforce citizen does not casually call the police. And also, remember that Jackie Chan’s recent news about past gun-toting to defend against triad bullying has educated everyone about making false statements to the police. Neither Kenny Wee nor the employees who called the police would risk so much and offend the police. Eric Tsang and Hilary and the rest are torturing Kenny Wee but they are avoiding conflict with the police.

    I think that Josie Ho knows that video of her acting disgusting and covered in white powder can’t be used to prosecute her – she will just say it was corn starch and she was doing an acting exercise – BUT they do want to abuse someone who cannot fight back so they can vent their dismay at being caught – and that means Kenny Wee who looks like a simple businessman with a vulnerable wife and child. Perfect!

    1. famous 5 declined drug test, don’t they want to clear their name?

      1. If I am screaming innocence, presenting pics from ‘that’ night to the public and trying to shut Kenny up, hell yes, I would gladly and readily take the drug test.

        Problem is, drugs stay in the system for a while and a person taking drugs will continue the trend, so drug residue will alwsys be present in the bloodstream, and in urine. I have seen it with countless drug users.

      2. In that case, those 5 celebrities must have taken drugs recently (or in the past). Otherwise, they would not have declined any drug tests. If they were absolutely clear, I am sure that they wouldn’t mind to do it.

  13. This Oscar guy sure acts like a “loud mouth” punk.

    If this suit were successful, that would take care of his pathetic so-called acting career.

    1. I don’t think Oscar Leung was a humble and smart artiste in the first place. He would have been more popular if he was. He has been in the entertainment industry for a long time; he joined TVB in 2004.

  14. Oscar was arrogant in his early acting days before he even became popular. He is a leopard that can’t change his spots.

  15. Lol, none of them are good stuff. I’m just following this for the entertainment value. *microwaves popcorn*

  16. i think everyone should boycott and not watch any series oscar kelefe is acting in, especially the remake of ‘young and dangerous’

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