Kevin Cheng Loses Pants in “Ghetto Justice 2” For No Reason

Kevin Cheng’s (鄭嘉穎) recent popularity surged sharply after the broadcast of Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>, which also helped secure his nomination in TVB’s Best Actor and My Favorite Male Character awards this year. TVB specifically asked Kevin to reprise his role in Ghetto Justice 2. In the original series, Kevin revealed the top portion of his butt, grabbing high ratings upon its premiere broadcast. In Ghetto Justice 2, Kevin was required to reveal his underwear, determined to secure high ratings once again!

Avoiding Accidental Exposure

The cast and crew of Ghetto Justice 2 filmed on location in the Sham Shui Po district last night.  A large crane assisted Kevin to climb up the roof of a three-story building. When onlookers spotted “Law Ba” Kevin Cheng’s appearance, they fought to take photos with him.

The scene spoke of Kevin Cheng climbing the exterior pipes of the building to enter girlfriend, Myolie Wu’s (胡杏兒) home to apologize after a lover’s quarrel. Myolie had discovered Kevin and [his ex-wife] Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) sharing an intimate moment after he had a few drinks. The producer of Ghetto Justice 2 requested Kevin to lose his pants while climbing up the pipes outside the building. Kevin looked helpless, “I am not afraid of heights. However, I do feel a bit awkward in ‘losing my pants’ for no apparent reason! I do not understand why climbing the pipes would result in my pants falling down! I took the necessary precautions underneath [my boxers] to prevent accidental exposure. In Ghetto Justice 2, I will not reveal my butt and only display my naked shoulders, which hopefully, this will help the ratings.”

Hopes to Sweep Two Awards at TVB Anniversary

Due to his performance as Law Ba in Ghetto Justice, Kevin Cheng was nominated for the Best Actor and My Favorite Male Character awards. Aside from the audience’s support,  Kevin was very happy that he received the acknowledgement from industry contemporaries. Asked which award he possessed more confidence in, Kevin said, “I wish to get both awards! One award is fine; I hope I do not have to pick up eggs instead! The contenders are on equal ground this year and not tilted towards one side. I am looking forward to the award results!” Asked whether he only considered Michael Tse (謝天華) to be his strongest competitor in the Best Actor Award, Kevin replied, “No! Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) is an outstanding actor in my heart!”

Kevin mentioned that he did not prepare his attire for the TVB Anniversary Awards yet. Kevin joked, “It would be explosive to attend without wearing any clothes! However, I am afraid to do so; I have a bit of a belly bulge right now and even lack the confidence to appear topless.”

In addition, Jazz Lam (林子善) visited the set of Ghetto Justice 2 although he did not partake in the scenes filmed last night. Since Jazz was nominated for Most Improved Actor Award, did he possess confidence to win the award? Jazz smiled and noted that he was only accompanying the running and did not possess the qualifications to win an award. Jazz hoped that King Kong (金剛) will win the award since he was his best friend.


Source: Orientaldaily, Mingpao

Jayne: Rumor has it that Kevin just extended his TVB contract by 5 years in exchange for the TVB’s Best Actor Award this year. Despite Michael Tse’s early traction in the Best Actor race, allegedly, TVB may give Kevin the award. This may be highly possible…does anyone know for a fact whether Kevin did extend his contract?

Everyone’s bets seem to be on either Kevin or Michael winning the award. I wonder what the chances of Ruco Chan winning as a dark horse are, since TVB is sending him everywhere and trying to make him their new cash cow.

The results of the last 2 years’ TVB Anniversary Awards were largely predictable…this year it is a bit more drama, as difficult to predict what will happen with recent turn of events.

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  1. It appears to be the new standard for TVB artists to reveal more skin nowadays. Male leads regularly have shower scenes and now stripping down to boxers and briefs are the new norm (Kevin in Ghetto Justice 2, Moses Chan in 4 in Love, Michael Tse in La Femme Desperado 2).

    And more pool scenes and yacht scenes which require women to wear bikinis and men to go topless. And the lamest reasons for Fala and Aimee to flash their bras onscreen.

    While we agree that such scenes are not justified by the plot, do you enjoy this trend? Is it about time that TVB increases their sexuality factor to match Hollywood standards? Or you consider it as a moral decline?

    1. Strangely, the scene where Aimee revealed her bra wasn’t showed in Astro on Demand. It only shows her head while her body was like cut off. So I didnt get to see her bra scene in Msia..I’m sure others didnt see them too in Msia lol.

    2. Moral decline? Hardly. I would like more intimate scenes that are well acted. Right now don’t know why most TVB kissing scenes are like CPR scenes, so called nudity hardly amounts to anything and none of them even remotely sensual. And yet same actor, in another production in another country, I find the kissing scenes romantic. I have seen more risque scenes in Taiwanese or China series. They can never match Hollywood standard since hollywood standard is sometimes even more soft porn than porn. Frankly all I am asking for is a well filmed intimate scene, which can be 10 feet apart and still be intimate. Like Bowie Lam, he can turn on his sex appeal without shredding one piece of clothing or any actress kiss like Charmaine, who is one of the few who can do kissing scene in a less gross way but I haven’t seen her kiss for sometime so age may now be a factor.

      And increase sexuality? How about the actors buff up or the actresses put on some weight and wear lifting bra. I find the actors and actresses mostly asexual, hardly find them sexy. So hard you know! Sexy but can’t act, Can act but asexual.

      1. Funn, perhaps my taste has been lowered by TBB low standard, but I did enjoy the rough and atypical kissing scenes in LOO. Though you all should be warned, it could be just my strange tastes 😛

    3. @ Veejay

      Only show the head and cut off her body? So, there’s a black patch at the place where her body should be? Or they make the head occupy there whole screen and look like a close up shot?

      1. Kidd,

        The scene where Aimee was supposed to reveal her bra just didnt show, the whole scene was a closed up shot which focus Aimee’s head.. or you can say the scene just shows her head.

        I thought it was cut because of the mass complaints received by HK audiences..

    4. I really don’t mind that TVB is showing more skin, especially when it come down to guys with a nice body showing it off. I think right now Kevin have the best body in TVB and Ruco is in 2nd place.

      I have always thought that TVB drama was always too conservative, so when they they to turn up the sexuality factor it always come out shocking. They need to do it gradually, and they need to give all the actors/actress kissing lesson because most of them are really bad at it.

      1. I saw some screencaptures of Ruco’s latest topless body; hrmmm not something that attracted me 😛

      2. Where? WHERE?! As long as not flabby or too skinny, should be ok? No? I suppose some men are meant to be fully clothed.

      3. After watching the clips, I have to say that Kenny Wong, you are still the man. Even you always play useless roles or eunuch, your body is way so good.

      4. Kenny Wong? Body very good, but I look at him and I immediately go zzzzzzzzzzzz. So frankly good body not guarantee to an audience.

      5. Hey the topic is about best body, not best body and not zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

        To comment on the clips, Ruco must hurt himself a lot by this jump. A comment under this is quite true, wasn’t a good dive. Kevin’s moobs look quite good but for the two, I don’t see any packs. TVB ppl dun have many ppl with 6 packs like him, only Kenny and Him Law?

        Then, Kenny you are the best.

      6. @Fox,
        You’re right no six packs but no flab either,and it they’re very tone… good enough for me…lol..

      7. Aimee has a very bright smile in the screen capture. Reminds me of why I like her in Catch me now. A bright smile.

        Dunno why but the second pic in the second set (Lily Ho there?) looks like Kameyoko in Dragon Balls.

      8. Yeah Lily Ho, but I don’t know what character she’s playing.

      9. @kay: No matter, I also dun like 6 packs – that’s why I dun like K-stars to show body because I’m scared of brick wall chest. But to say about man’s body, it’s like girls’ big boobs and small waist, ppl will about about the packs.

        Uhm, I prefer a man’s body with small waist, smooth skin, the soft feel without moobs, long legs and round butt. Most important: Look suitable with his face! It’s my own view only :P. Sorry for being pervy, haha.

      10. I like the one in the first set of screen capture you given than this one, Masaharu. Maybe I like her to smile in full than just :). Weird feeling that I dun think Bosco looks suit to the role. Something odd in him for this one.

        Lol, hope Lily isn’t not Goku =)).

      11. @fox:

        This type of man’s body u prefer- small waist, smooth skin, long legs, etc… does sammul Chan match that prototype?

      12. @josie: I don’t think of SC when I said so, but he seems to fit some criteria. BTW, I also like hairy men :P. Yes, small waist, smooth skin, the soft feel without moobs, long legs, round butt and hairy :P. Because hairy is a signature of manly, lol.

      13. Masaharu,

        thanks!! But that logo… can’t see much. From little I could see, his body is not very toned or well defined, just you know, thin. Get that logo away so I can see clearer. What series is that? I was a bit shocked with the pirate appearance.

      14. Aaron Kwok, nice body, pity 5 inches too short. But he looks good, not close up but a bit farther he looks very good.

      15. You know who looks like he might have a nice body, at least toned? What’s his name… is it oscar leung? I think so. He might looks skinny before, but recently or what was that series I saw… his arms looked quite thick. Would need him to strip to know for sure. As always.

      16. Yes that’s him. Not 6 packs, no one can be like those korean stars but toned body. At least some hint of some packs lar! Him Law body not nice? Can’t remember. I think I should lower my standards for HK artistes., Frankly when I was in HK the guys are quite skinny.

      17. oscar leungs muscled body is weird for his cute baby face. It makes his head look small.

      18. As long as the body looks fit, it’s ok already for me. Why need to have 6 packs like body builders? Those bodies can only be achieve with rigorous specialised training. It looks unnatural for the actors to have 6 packs when he’s playing your everyday guy.

      19. I love ancient series so I guess all of this showing more skin stuff is more for modern series. I hope that they don’t try this stuff in ancient series since it would not be really appropriate.

      20. Yes, Kenny Wong has the best bod! Kevin Cheng has a really nice sporty look, and I honestly find Ruco Chan a lot hotter with clothes ON lol

  2. Reveal what? NOTHING, just his ugly boxer shorts! Come on! Give the real thing!

    And all these swapping awards… how can TVB promise so many people for ONE award? So TVB is now like Loan shark, making big promises but really can’t deliver? The way it goes, so many people being promised. We shall see!

    And I prefer Kevin fully clothed. He is just too skinny to reveal much.

    1. lol Kevin always topless in every series Funn. Its fanservice for you and fans

      1. Never count, but come to think of it… quite true! But I don’t like to see him unclothed in anyway. Sorry lar, too skinny. Now even more skinny. Even his head is skinny after he shaved off his hair. Can someone let Kevin get dressed in nice suits… I think military suits will suit him but not the China variety. No one can look good in that sort of military ensemble.

      2. @ Funn

        Kevin’s body quite toned and muscular now. He didn’t look skinny when he went topless in that matchmaking series.

      3. Kevin is not too skinny, he have one of the best body in TVB. He’s super fit, and I don’t mind him showing it off, he work hard for it.

      4. He was skinny in Burning Flame 3, but I believe Kidd. He might gain more muscles after spending a long time in China where the filming schedules are less burdening.

      5. Very different perspective. I find him skinny. He may have lost fat and gain muscle, but again too skinny. I don’t think he is toned at all. He always give me an impression he is very small size (body ok!) and I don’t think I am mistaken on that. Even when he took off clothes, I still think he is too skinny. I am not sure if he is fit or not but he gives me an impression he is rather slow mo.

      6. man, HK guys have nothing on those Korean abs. There are basically shower scenes in almost every freaking Korean drama. I don’t mind HK dramas shedding off some clothes and opening their mouths when they kiss.

      7. Korean abs is a bit too much. I quite enjoyed Choi si won’s abs in Oh My Lady until he began stripping every single episode until somewhere middle he stopped and suddenly I was quite happy seeing him clothed. Maybe I am a prude.

      8. Agree with Funn that I always think Kevin has a rather small size body frame even his body is all toned and fit now.

      9. Aiyoh, the picture of Kelvin dangling from the railings with his pants down is more comical than sexy, loh!

        Ugly printed boxers and funny stance… how to be sexy…

        Come on, if TVB want to “sell” their boys’ physique, at least do it like the Koreans idol series, e.g. Rain.

        Hm, maybe have a gratuitous shower scene with a toned body, taut abs and water rivulets running down a man’s body. Then the handsome actor can toss his hair back when wet like a frisky puppy dog, cute and sexy. Better still if the shower scene comes at a point where the character is brooding.

        Murky dark and sexy…

        No, I don’t need naked men and sex scenes… that’s too direct. A shower scene is good enough… at least you know he’s freshly scrubbed and clean.


      10. @Canto

        Gratuitous shower scene / half naked scene is a must for Korean series nowadays…

  3. I find it surprising that many Chinese forums don’t root Ruco while English forums are more supportive of him. Ruco lost badly in weibo supports too behind the other nominees. HK medias only talk about Michael and Kevin plus Myolie and Fala so its no brainer that the winner will be between the two. Bosco seem to resign defeat early and care more for his movie and business and Wayne is just there.

    1. Maybe Chinese forum fans are more like supporters for the old ones? Meaning suddenly a new horse, they need time to embrace? Maybe they don’t like the westernised looks of Ruco? I know it is silly. Maybe, you know Laughing Gor is still a huge hit amongst Chinese fans? Like we are all saying, he will never ever die. EVER.

      1. I dont think those weibo people are supporting the old. Fala always top the female votes and Bosco always come right after Laughing and Kecin. It surprise me that they dont support Myolie much too 🙁

    2. Maybe it’s because Ruco is not that popular yet, but he will be by next year…

      1. Or the year after next? And there’s always the year after the year after next? And by the year after the year after the year after next he will surely be popular!

      2. @Funn: You are talking like candies to children on Halloween. This house won’t give then the next house. The next house won’t then next next house.

        Chance might come just one time in a life. Who can ensure that next year he can keep being a phenomena like this year?

      3. I have faith that Ruco will be even more popular because he’s talented. It’s those that can’t act that will eventually fade away…or at lease I hope that will stop getting

      4. Can act and can’t act is on the eyes of beholders :). Shouldn’t wish that the ones you don’t like not being promoted because someone can wish the same to Ruco, kay :P. Haha, however still can’t help to wish so, right?

    3. I think it’s kinda reasonable. Ruco’s popular soars after ToT but to compare with old fanbase of other artists, he is still under. Look like it’s a truism that English forums prefer Ruco than the Chinese ones.

      1. what would you explain about Myolie? I cant believe most polls at chinese base mainly weibo are won by Fala.

      2. In Myolie’s case, I think it’s partly because of her past roles. Some ppl automatically pull her to exaggerated due to her roles in comedies. Fala is more of eye-candy and easier to capture the ppl by the image she had. And I think LOO is a bigger hit than GJ.

      3. That just means people are voting by favourites. If all the votes are picked by voters by what they like instead of Best Acting what’s the point of calling it Best Actor and Actress?

      4. @Masaharu: Haha crashed me out by laughter.

        @lol: Masaharu said it. It’s a fact that the favourism will take its role at most. Acting doesn’t have a matter there, it’s all about your love.

      5. Haha ok, Lily seems to act a spy or special agent or a mysterious woman.

  4. Maybe it’s just me, Kevin showing his boxer just doesn’t appeal me at all..dunno why.. maybe not my type of guy.

    1. Would it help if his boxers started to slide down a bit too? 🙂

      Law ba must have an industrial strength waistband on those boxers b/c how do they stay in place while his belted jeans can fall down on its own?

      1. LOL, nope don’t think so it will help since Kevin himself doesn’t attract me. I only watch his series and not all his series i will watch, like the recent BBJX which is famous in Mainland and I didnt watch that.

      2. Even if he’s stripped naked, I won’t even look at his body for long…probably just 1 or 2 peeps..that’s all 😀

    2. The problem is with his positioning and the print of his boxers.

      Imagine if you were walking on the road on day and you saw a man dangling from the railings, with his boxers.

      What would be your first reaction?

      You wouldn’t think… “Hm, that’s a sexy man…” Nah, your first reaction would be, “damn… he’s going to fall and die! Anyone dialed 911?”

      And even if he was rescued later and you saw him, you wouldn’t think, that’s sexy. You would think, “So, this was the bloody fool who nearly fell out of a window and gave me a scare… And he looked silly out there with his boxers.”

      And I haven’t started on the checkered print of his boxers.

      So conclusion: Poor Kelvin has too many things going against him in that scene to be sexy.

      1. My first reaction would be “call 911! … wait, is that Kevin Cheng?! Let me take some pictures too…”

        But yes, I agree the print of his boxers is bad. Reminds me of the notorious “red,white,blue bag”.

        I can imagine this scene playing out in typical comedy style. A lonely housewife is lamenting about how she wishes a big strong man would rescue her f/ this life of despair. Then she sees law ba climbing outside her window and he conveniently falls in. She sees him and says “thank you lord!”

  5. I thought that Kevin still had a few more years on his contract? If he did renew, it could have been because of the poaching crisis or that they don’t want him to film in mainland full time. I feel like every year there is contract renewal talk in exchange for the award- I remember it happening for Ha Yu, Wayne, and now Kevin. Maybe that’s an accurate way to predict the tvb king? haha

    Anyways, I think the chances of Kevin getting the award are even higher now that a lot of his colleagues support him for the win.

    1. Well I love Kevin in ghetto justice so I hope he wins it all like he said haha 🙂 and it would be nice if myolie wins too oooo just like a couple in ghetto justice so I’m rooting for them and hopefully tat means more side jobs for them as a couple too 🙂

      1. I’m kinda hope SM will win this year best actor although chances are slim for SM as he won’t be around in HK during that time..

      2. I vote for Myolie and Kevin too. I love them in GJ and it will be cute if they can win together. I love GJ.

      3. I can’t believe TBB Totally Bad Bad made me casted a vote too for this big “joker reality show” on their official web page. What have I done!

        I voted a “dark horse” – the less popular choice and those who will not win; I believe ;).

        Damn “dark horse” can ride horses pretty well muehehe.

      4. I vote for my fave and my less fave but seems to be dark horses, lol.

  6. Well, first things first. We were discussing baring more skin, kissing, etc., and whether we consider all that a “moral decline”. I do not think it is that, as long as thay do not develop into porno. As for the kissing part I think it takes time for the actors to hone their skills. I just feel that the actors are a bit scared to kiss properly. They know but dare not for fear of offending the ladies. What do you think?
    As for the awards, I think that Kevin and Myolie performed extremely well in Ghetto Justice and that both of them deserve to be king and queen this year. You must remember that Ghetto Justice and especially Kevin caused quite a stir among audiences all round which did not happen with any other series so far. I really love to see Kevin and Myolie together. The chemistry between them is exquisite.

    1. Offending the ladies? I wonder do they feel offended when kissed by Kate Tsui who seems to be into her kissing scenes? Nahhh… maybe they’re just terrible kisser. I don’t expect french (ewww no!) but surely, more passion? More ermmm flexible lips smacking action?

      1. Kate is the rare female artiste that willing to enjoy her kiss scenes although she denied in interviews. I still remember all her kissing scenes with Bosco in LOO

      2. A female that can get offended is Fala whose body look so stiffwhen she pretend to kiss

      3. Husband of Fala says this to Fala one day:

        Husband : Pretend you’re kissing with your co-star OR LOSE THE TITLE OF the lady boss of NEWAY!

        Fala : OHHHHHH okkayyy.. sowwy hubby.

      4. I remember Fala saying somewhere that she hates kissing and if she could, she would refuse doing kissing scenes. But come on. That is no excuse for you to look stiff when you’re kissing. You’re an actress for crying out loud. There are some thing that you are just required to do. I don’t like kissing either, but if it’s required in the script, I would do my best on it.

  7. Aside from Him Law, perhaps other TVB artists do not have such a ripped body. However, I think there are several guys who have nicely toned and pleasant enough to look at without their shirts on:

    Kevin Cheng (lots of topless scenes in The King Boxer). Despite his medium build, he has nice proportions and very little excess fat where it shouldn’t be.

    Michael Tse- Everyone focuses on Laughing’s chok expressions. His muscles are quite nice.

    Mr. Hong Kongs- Benjamin Yuen, Stephen Huynh, and William Chak have nice frames. When Benjamin won the Mr. Hong Kong, his sculpted muscles were very memorable, although his muscle tone seems to have decreased a bit.

    Vincent Wong- I wonder how many showering scenes he will have with Him Law in the upcoming “Flying Tigers”? Early press photos feature a pretty buff Vincent.

    Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Raymond Lam and Moses have nice broad shoulders, although pec tone could be more sculpted.

    Chin Ka Lok has a very nice figure hehe although a somewhat goofy face.

    I think Ruco has nice muscle tone from waist down due to his table tennis days, rather than upper body strength.

    I guess weight lifting is not a regular habit among Hong Kong males. To achieve that sculpted body figure, weight lifting is a must and regular sports would not be enough to make those muscles have the sharp edgy look. So if TVB artists barely have time to sleep, then no time to weight lift.

    Btw, Daniel Wu and Nicholas Tse have nice sculpted torsos. Aaron Kwok’s body is so chiseled, it seems unreal. In an interview, I believe Daniel mentioned that he weight lifts 2 hours each day. It takes work to maintain that fine body! If the maintainence is not regular, very easy for muscle to turn to fat and flab.

    1. Chin Ka Lok has to have a nice body-he is after all a martial artiste and stunt coordinator.

      Kevin Cheng just gives me an impression like those chinese says dried up something. Meaning being thin or having little fat doesn’t make one nicely toned. I still feel he is way too skinny.

      Michael Tse, never notice. His face takes charge everytime.

      Vincent Wong, yes and he has the height which helps.

      Ruco not sure thanks to that huge logo. But I find his stomach area a bit flabby, no?

      Kenneth ma, flabby around the midsection. Raymond Lam, nicely put, he is with flesh, badly put, he needs to hit the gym, but not too much.

      Aaron Kwok is not human. His body is perfection from years of dancing and yet not too much like those korean abs. I think Aaron’s body is the healthy type.

      With that I must add Nicky Wu as the one with toned body. Why I keep saying Kevin is skinny is they are sorta same height and yet one looks much bigger in size. Of course you can attribute that to Kevin’s usually baggi clothings and Nicky’s always skin tight clothings. But you see them one next to the other you will know what I mean.

      1. Funn, interesting that I have the same view about Michael Tse too. Yeah his face takes charge more.

      2. People say Ray is chok king. And if yes, then Michael is chok dowager.

        Ok ignore the nicky wu comment. Just saw his new pictures, he is now back to sorta skinny. or maybe he has a thin face.

        Oh by the way a friend forwarded this link;

        See how much your fave stars’ face score. Make sure choose a passport photo

      3. I remember watching Michael in HunanTV Strictly Come Dancing. At the beginning of the competition, he has a flabby belly. By the finale, whoa he’s very sculpted!

      4. Eh dancing can lose weight! All those dancing with the stars, lose so much weight!

        Ok lar, michael looks quite fit but I can’t go beyond his face. Seriously, just his face dominates and oh how I hate that look he gives.

      5. Actually I also notice that dancing can really slim down a person fast. That’s like a regular exercise which involved regular movement in every parts of the body.

    2. During Mr HK competition, Benjamin said he spent almost everyday at gym doing weight training. He was also a fitness instructor, if I’m not mistaken.

      Ron and Ray is getting flabby! Spend less time on video games guys 😛

      1. Fox,
        When was this Ray pic taken from?

        I think men’s bodies/ muscle tone can fluctuate very widely due to whether they are able to lift weights on a regular basis. Those toned abs quickly turn to fat and flab in 2- 3 months without consistent weight lifting. So artists lift weights in spurts for strip scene or concert performance and without the time to maintain the muscle, it turns to flab.

      2. Maybe he is those bulky type. Shoulders look strong, arm looks good, forearm a bit flabby, stomach looks tiny flabby. I think if he keeps it up, he may look a tad like Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, as in bulky but doesn’t mean he is fat. Unfortunately in HK anything bulky means fat, so I think he won’t go more than now.

      3. Aug of this year.

        And here he is in 20 Oct:

        Look at the arm, it isn’t weak at all.

        Actually with his schedule now, he always have to gain muscles for jobs. His look makes him look weaker than his true self. But no 6 packs, I know that :P. The best he has is 4 packs and 2 blurry lines, lol. Flabby or flesh? It’s him of 2004 or 2005 time, not now. I think he is underweight now. Sometimes too skinny.

      4. Fox,
        Ray has the advantage of wide shoulders to display those muscles to maximum effect. A man with wide shoulders carries the upside down triangular form in the masculine torso that is ideal. 🙂

      5. @Jayne: Anytime I heard the name Ray, my mind will say “Ray Lui”. Not any Raymond :P.

        Yes, I agree with you on the wide/board shoulders. Plus, he has a small waist (confirmed by me who hugged him :P), then it comes to a triangular form. However, his look makes him look soft and gentle and his body isn’t too “strong” (meh, I’m referring to JJ Lin after he took gym to have six packs – real six packs. Look at his cute face and his six packs, such a nightmare to me. I love JJ Lin and his music, but I still wish him to come back to non six-packs time), but in fact he is quite strong.

        Do you see him jump anytime? He can jump very high, prove that the power of his legs are not weak, too.

      6. Wahhhh Fox!! Cartoon nudity! But that sorta body? Got! Korean abs. Seen it in Choi Si Won but not as thin. Quite scary. You know whose body made me like sit up in the cinema and forever entrenched in my mind as to what is perfection?

        Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and the baby blue trunks suit him so well.

      7. I dun think anyone in real life can have this no-flesh waist in anytime. It’s exaggerated the waist :P.

        Google Choi Si Won (I’ve no idea who he is) and show body, then find this:

        Can’t compare with Hisoka (the guy in the manga pic I provided) :P.

        You know whose body made me like sit up in the cinema and forever entrenched in my mind as to what is perfection?

        Who is this person, Funn?

      8. Ray weight seems to fluctuate here and there. He looks a bit bulkier in the pics, but lacks definition. He should hire a personal instructor who will help him train the weak spots.

      9. When was the last time you see him flabby, sehseh? What are his weak spots :P? Hope you are not commenting about the 😛 ability of him because his ex had just praised him about this aspect :P.

      10. @Fox,

        I think if i’m not mistaken, Sehseh saw the pics of LF in his swimming trunk where some of his abs was seen to look flabby, loose..not well toned. I saw pics of LF in that situation too but didnt bringing it up though since its nothing special to discuss about it as ppl tends to get some extra pounds if they didnt exercise regularly.

      11. @fox:

        I like to call LF “ray” instead of Raymond b/c it’s more affectionate.

        I’m finally watching MOL and ray’s arms look good under those tight dress shirts. I keep wondering how this physics professor who spends all his time in the lab, looks so buff. Maybe he and his assistant arm wrestle sometimes.


        A little stomach flab is no big deal b/c how useful are stomach muscles really? Even my favorite tennis player roger federer has some belly fat.

      12. josie,

        yeah no big deal..everyone has this little fat in them no matter how fit you tried to keep.

      13. @Veejay: It’s must be so long long long long since the last time he was in a swimming trunk. Let me rmb, 2005 maybe because LFD is the last time he wore a boxer. But the last time he showed his body on screen is last year in Perfect wedding and The jade and the pearl but I know you haven’t watched it. And if you refer to these times, it looks nothing different to Ruco and Kevin’s muscles in the provided clips 😛 above.

        LF looks quite fat/flabby before 2005, that’s correct. But now he get skinnier and skinner. Due to the concert and filming requirement, he is even getting underweight and quite muscle sometimes, if he has concert (every year, lol) or role required, like the Yang movie.

        I’m saying of this because sehseh seems to refer to old LF, not the recent one :P.

        Yes, belly fat is the matter of Asian. It’s easy to have belly fat in Asian than Western. I read it in a research.

        @josie: Haha yes. Especially the scene in the mountain when he saved SLM. SLM said that she loves muscle guys so maybe Kingsley’s muscle arms in this scene is the reason why she felt into him crazily.

        LF is easier to let me think of Raymond Lam Fung, than Ray or Raymond because Raymond, we have Raymond Wong, Raymond Cho, Raymond Chiu in TVB, too. For Ray we have Ray Lui and also Raymond Wong, Raymond Cho, Raymond Chiu in TVB. I see that most of his friends and co-workers call him Ah Fung instead. Why more? LF is one of his album, so can be linked to him easier.

      14. You know not many here are diehard fan like you 😛 so they might obtained the info late or outdated

      15. That’s why I gave her the soonest pix to see and ask for when the last time she saw him. Very clear, right?

        BTW, I bet that at least sehseh will have to see him in Fa sister series this year because Charmaine is in this one.

      16. @Fox,

        Having muscles doesn’t mean the stomach won’t be flabby oh. In fact, ab muscles are the hardest to develop. Not just the 6 packs but the side as well.

        With that said again, LF need a personal trainer and some dedication if he want to develop the sculpted, fit look.

      17. @sehseh: By this definition, then only few TVB men can have it, not only 2R. I saw Kenny + Him only (I dun know much about the Mr. HK guys – dun follow and some I dun rmb faces, then I dun mention of them).

  8. Wow, Jane, I really admire your very perceptive description of the male torso. You know, all this time I never really gave a thought to how “good” the male body could look. Maybe now I should pay more notice!
    Re more on the art of kissing, maybe if those who are doing it are more relaxed then the awkwardness will disappear and things will look more natural.

    1. @P. Tan @Funn @Canto
      “Wow, Jane, I really admire your very perceptive description of the male torso.”
      Lol, I think I have an artist’s eye thanks to my interest in art at a young age. I took a nude human figure drawing class at age 16, which was a little embarrassing at first. I think both male and female bodies are beautiful. A big fan of Roman human sculptures, which celebrate the beauty of the human figure. Anyhow, TVB artists are in decent form; although the women probably are in better shape than the men.

      Bollywood videos have a lot of sexual tension although the men and women do not even kiss; it is all in the eye contact and body language. To portray a passionate scene is more about the kiss and skin revealed; a lot can be conveyed through some hot stares alone and of course the situation. Shower scenes are probably better, given the voyeuristic aspect.

      Canto is right; Kevin with his pants hanging down while climbing on some pipes is not a sexy scene. It is more of a comical scene. So sexy is also situational.

      1. His bum is flat.

        Anyway those greek god looks… who can look like that without putting much effort? TVB stars think skinny is good. The girls are often skinnier. Generally I find HK stars (TVB to be precise)’s body very very undesirable. Either too thin or not toned. They mistaken being thin as being ideal.

        Bollywood movies.. ahhh the joy of seeing the make star in tight jeans standing behind the sari clad actress hanging onto the branch of the tree and he making front and back motion and she looking exceedingly happy. Ahhhhh…. they can’t kiss in the past so they do everything BUT kiss. But seriously Jayne, Bollywood now can kiss and suddenly less on such imagery but have you watched Tamil movies? They’re still pretty old fashioned, as in still into imagery. Can’t remember which movie but I remember sari clad actress on the beach or river or something, guy next to her, see only their feet touching one another. Imagery is everything.

        But yes, Indian movies can make me weep uncontrollably non stop. The only one less on imagery was Lagaan which I really liked but no one beats Shah Rukh Khan when it comes to crying and stuff. That man can make me weep at the drop of his tears.

        Ahhh bollywood…I need to find some good bollywood movies to watch.

      2. Funn,
        “Ahhhhh…. they can’t kiss in the past so they do everything BUT kiss. But seriously Jayne, Bollywood now can kiss and suddenly less on such imagery but have you watched Tamil movies?”

        Lol, I guess I haven’t watched Bollywood music videos in a long time. Whether kiss or not, those MV directors are very accomplished in creating the right passionate mix. I don’t know about the tree branch, that sounds a little explicit. But I watched some MVs where the couple were just dancing by the beach and the woman had a long, chiffon scarf flowing in the wind and caressing her body…alluding to her lover’s caress. Even the guys dance sensually to the music.

        I have not watched Tamil movies. Any good titles to recommend?

      3. @ Funn Lim

        If you want some Bollywood movies, My Name is Khan is pretty good but more serious and Shah Rukh Khan is in it! 3 Idiots is also not bad but it’s more of a comedy.

      4. Thanks Cy for the recommendation. Will have a look. Frankly Jayne, I am not into Tamil movies. How many good cop bad robber corrupt minister explosion walking away with dark glasses sari clad heroines I can take? I kinda prefer Bollywood movies but yes things can be THAT explicit. Good Tamil movies though should be with religious theme.

        Do you like old movies? Bobby was very famous. I hope I got the spelling right. Really old, revolutionary because it featured a young couple eloping which is a big no no in Indian society. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is one of the most romantic, but in retrospect very silly but the songs are great. I see kids mimicking the moves right down to the lying down on the floor. Made me teared up was Kabhi Kushi Kabhie Gham (I think I got the spelling right) and the dancing was exquisite but I can’t stand Kareena Kapoor. For a modern sort of story with very good songs, I do remember Dil Chata Hai or something like that with the actor from Lagaan, another good movie which should have won the Oscar. But for something different, never seen in Indian mainstream movie, I will say Dil Se. This is one where there is no happy ending and deals with terrorists, rape, very tragic stuff and it was not a hit but I thought the acting was impeccable.

        And in retrospect I am recommending mostly Shah Rukh Khan movies!!

        You want older? One that will surely make you cry? My memory is vague but I distinctly remember Haathi Mere Saathi, the tune is classic, and the story is about the relationship between a man and his elephant and how his wife and child destroyed that pure friendship and if I remember correctly culminating in tragedy for the elephant. I mean if an elephant can make you cry so much it must be good. The song is really really good.

        Many more but that’s all I can remmeber for now. I haven’t watched Hindi films for some time now.

        But you want something more… I suppose not that Bollywood, get Lagaan first. I never knew Cricket could be so exciting but I always knew the Brits can be THAT annoying.

      5. Funn,
        As you have good taste, I will take note of all your Bollywood recommendations. I don’t have much free time to watch tv, films, or series nowadays. All the free time I have in the evening, I work on the site. Sometimes, I feel time is so precious that I don’t want to waste it on a dumb, lame comedy. So quality recommendations are always appreciated. Thanks! I’m fine with old movies as long as they contain classic, timeless themes that are still relatable today.

  9. Hi Jayne ! I didn’t know the TVB awards can be bought by the actors. I thought the winning depends all on public votes.

    1. Not all on public votes. A large part by the company; as in all votes, anything can be rigged.

    2. Michelle,
      I think the audience’s votes only count for 15% of the final determination and allegedly TVB executives’ votes count for 50% of the decision.

      1. TVB said this year they will increase the % for public votes and decrease % for insider vote

      2. I have enough experiences to know that I shouldn’t blv TVB, lol.

      3. lol if based on audience votes the votes from mainland are interesting because Kevin is getting tremendous support from BBJX fans

      4. I dun think TVB will accept that.

        BTW, do you know that LF has own channel for his series in ITV (online view channel) in China? Haven’t had any TVB artists from 2000 to now have it.

      5. Myolie isn’t fortunate enough because she doesn’t have that huge mainland support like Kevin.

      6. TVB seem to support voters from any country and you see mainland has many people. Its true that Kevin has a lot of fans in mainland after BBJX who support him

      7. These votes will be counted or not, only TVB have the answer, lol. They even can change the result of the poll without our knowledge. Like in 2007, TVB changed the result of the poll (this year they public the result of vote and in the last day, the result is unable to see) in last minutes to let Moses won.

  10. When even the actor himself doesn’t get the purpose of the scene, it spells trouble. From the reports, I don’t like where GJ is going. First, adding an ex-wife to create love triangle. Now, this unnecessary pants off scene. GJ has funny moments, but, it’s not a slapstick comedy. This scene feel very slapstick. And wouldn’t this action be a bit too silly for the smart Law Ba?

    1. Any mention of an ex wife in the first series?

      I don’t think it is slapstick but it could be a mild situation comedy. After all isn’t GJ an offbeat drama series?

      1. No mention of ex-wife at all in part 1. They just pop one in for part 2.

    2. Not a fan of Myolie Wu but even if they added Christine Kuo into GJ2, and If i’m kevin, I’ll still choose Myolie over Christine cuz i really think Myolie has gotten really stunning lately.

  11. am excited for this. But, Still don’t get how Christine Kuo can be a pair with kevin. I will choose MYOLIE!!!!!!!!!

  12. Count me in for Myolie too. I agree that she has grown “stunningly beautiful” and to add to that, gorgeously lovely and glamarous plus possessing a remarkable talent in acting. Hope she wins this year!

    I suppose Kevin realizes,too, that the pants- pulling in that particular scene will not help boost the series in any way. No, there was no mention at all of Kevin having been married before in GJ, unless he was secretly married to Christine and nobody knew about it. Hah, it’s all just guessing!

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