Rebecca Zhu Injured While Practicing for TVB Anniversary Show

In the annual TVB Anniversary Gala, artists often perform dangerous stunts to thrill viewers. With the chance to shine in front of TVB executives, many of them practice hard and even risk chances of injury.

In this year’s TVB Anniversary Gala, Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗), who had trained as a professional ballet dancer, attempted a straddle split while hanging upside down on a rope web. Unfortunately, the move proved to be too demanding for her, and while practicing the move yesterday, Rebecca sustained a back injury.

After the injury, Rebecca was accompanied by security guards to the TVB studio nursing room for medical attention.  A medicated pain patch was applied on her lower back, but Rebecca continued to feel sharp pains in her lower back, which may have resulted from abrasions between joints due to strenuous practice. In fact she said that it was painful just to stand up, and suspects the injury might be more serious than it seems to be.

Originally, Rebecca was asked to perform a highly flexible gymnastic move for the “Goddesses Love the Web” segment at the Anniversary Gala, but she will now attempt an easier move for the show. Rebecca felt that her hard work during practice was wasted.


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  1. She looks different in the picture. She is better than christine kuo in terms of acting, but she needs a hell lot of improvements as well.

    1. She just starred in ONE series so far that is currently airing…of course she needs improvement…that’s a given. I think she’s doing good as a newcomer. At least her face has expression when she acts out her

      1. I think Rebecca is doing decent for a newcomer. Her emotional scenes are convincing. There are many actresses that still have problems with those scenes despite having so many years of experience and this is only her first series, so I think she has potential.

  2. Rebecca Zhu looked very different in the above picture. She did not look like Fala Chen at all.

    Fala Chen is so much prettier than Rebecca Zhu.

    1. Sandcherry,
      Rebecca’s recent photos show a much slimmer jawline. Maybe with the help of botox?

      1. As a result, I think she looks very different ….. she looked less prettier than she did in the past.

    2. Rec only looks like Fala in 75 degree look. Other than that she doesnt look like Fala.

      And I think.with time, she will be prettier. Her facial features are pretty so with right make up, she will look better.

      1. Personally, I don’t think so. She does not look pretty in the above photo.

  3. I think Rebecca did some thing on her nose she used to has flat small nose..

  4. Wow, hope Rebecca gets well soon from trying to execute a “difficult” maneuver. Sorry and disappointed that the previous 6 bloggers were so shallow and just critiqued her appearance and not her health.

    1. Rebecca Zhu was a trained professional ballerina and should have been able to perform the difficult “task”. I guess that she was not able to “perform a highly flexible gymnastic move” due to lack of practice. Sorry for her. Hope she will recover soon.

      1. “Rebecca Zhu was a trained professional ballerina ”

        Why is it all failed ballerinas are called trained professional ballerinas? How long she trained? Has she been continuing with her training? If not, why should she ever do such dangerous stunts? Just because she once went to ballerina classes. Like asking someone who studied piano lessons for 5 grades to do a concerto with full ochestra within weeks. Insane expectation.

      2. According to the press, she won an award to go to the States to further your ballet study. It she did and started so late at the age of 16, she must be a genius for a ballerina.

        She was a lead ballerina, as far as I heard, in shows either in Hong Kong or some shows in the States.

        She certainly did not just finish a few lower grades in ballet, unless she did not disclose the truth.

      3. I meant a “scholarship”, not an award, to further her ballet studies in the States.

      4. Funn:
        This is what I got from Wikipedia on Rebecca Zhu:

        “Rebecca Zhu was born in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China in 2 December 1987. When she was 16 she attended the The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and majored in ballet. She achieved a scholarship to John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, where she studied for her postgraduate work-study on ballet. When she returned to Hong Kong, she was recruited by the Hong Kong Ballet, Hong Kong’s leading professional ballet company.”

        Does it mean that Rebecca is a professionally trained ballerina?

    2. I feel bad for Rebecca too. All her hard practice gone to dust now and only leaves her with pain.

  5. I think almost every beauty pageant winner had some kind of plastic surgery done on her face or body after she joined TVB …….. to make her prettier, sexier and have a good camera face. Good or bad???

  6. As a back pain sufferer myself, I wish Rebecca a quick and full recovery. I hope she listens to her doctors well… don’t mess with your back.

  7. Rebecca always looks more meaty than most other TVB ladies.

  8. wonder why tv people always go for plastic? didn’t she win the miss hongkong title which means she is highly excepted already? our countenance changes, sometimes it tells us we are not eating well or not getting enough rest, even not enough exercise, so we have to change our lifestyles and not get surgery everytime our face look tired, bad move rebecca, between, she only started ballet at 16, the stunt was too hard for her, people should stop faking who they are not and others ahould stop idolising

    1. Did Rebecca Zhu start ballet when she was 16 years old? I don’t think ballerina can start so late at the age of 16. Most girls start when they are 6 or 7.

      According to the press, she won an award to go to the States to further your ballet study. It she did and started so late at the age of 16, she must be a genius to be a ballerina.

    2. I don’t think she started at 16. The wiki article said she 6 she attended the The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts at 16. She might have started ballet young and then when she join HKAPA, she studied further in the dance, by majoring in it.

      1. Kidd:
        You were correct. She attend the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts at 16, and she was majoring in ballet. It means that she was already a trained ballerina when she attend the College.

        Rebecca got a scholarship after her college in Hong Kong to further her ballet studies in the States, not an award. Therefore, she was a professionally trained ballerina for years.

  9. The girl in the photo is not Rebecca, is it? Cos it doesn’t look like her.

  10. TVB shouldn’t make their artists do such dangerous moves. Rebecca got extra hard moves due to her dancing/athletic background and having to practise for not only this programme and another programme as well, and also filming series…it isn’t a surprise that she has injured herself. I hope she will recover and rest well because injury shouldn’t be taken lightly.

  11. we know why rebecca doesn’t look the same, angelababy also looks very kindly too huh? before plastic maybe she can get married into a good family, don’t know if she will be able to after, just don’t mess with nature

  12. Rebecca looks a bit like Liu Shi Shi in the above picture. Looking different doesn’t always mean PS and botox. It could be hairstyle, make up, camera angle, fake contact lenses. She is a pretty girl, young and fresh.

  13. TVB is insane in demanding non professional people to do gymnastic stunt moves. I hope they have insurance because TVB is… insane.

    1. I think TVB executives are just insane… Especially since I’ve just read that stupid awards nominations list. If there is a worst employer award I reckon TVB must be nominated.

  14. “but she will now attempt an easier move for the show”

    she should not attempt an easier move. She should opt out of the performance all together to give her back time to rest.

  15. you should look at her lips when she acts, i dont really like her accent, but she is ok ..

  16. I watched the TVB anniversary show last night. I was VERY impressed with the whole web performance. The most physically demanding and interesting event imho. I see how it would be easy to injure yourself.

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