Raymond Lam Has Biggest Chance to Win TV King With Audience Votes

Despite the complete failure of the 2012 Miss Hong Kong pageant’s one viewer, one vote system, TVB remains adamant on using the same format to determine the winners of the 45th TVB Anniversary Awards in December. While past awards shows factored in viewers’ votes, TVB executive management’s decisions were also taken into account. This year, the awards will be entirely driven by audience votes.

Besides selecting the list of nominees, the viewers will be completely responsible in determining the winner. After the airing of finales for The Confidant <大太監> and Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles (名媛望族 ) on December 14 and December 16 respectively, the awards presentation ceremony will occur happen on the following day, December 17. This gives the audience one day to vote, as opposed to the 15 minutes allotted for the disastrous Miss Hong Kong pageant.

Raymond Lam: “I Have the Advantage”

The new format will benefit TVB’s favorite son, Raymond Lam (林峰) the most. Of all the popular TVB actors, Raymond has the most fans. Many of them are passionate about their idols too. Even if Raymond does not have the best performance, his army of fans may help him win the TV King title.

Raymond smiled and said, “All artists have his or her fans. I admit I will have an advantage with my fan base. In addition to my TV-based fans, I have music fans too. I hope all of them will participate in the voting!”

When asked if he has more confidence to win this time around, Raymond said, “Yes, of course. In the past, I have been nominated, but I never know what factors and requirements by the voting committee determine the winner. Different people have different strokes, and different points of view. It’s a lot easier and more direct now. You get more votes, and you win. It boosts my confidence.”

Kenneth Ma Sees Disadvantage in His Chance to Win

Even with his stellar performance in The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) believes he will have a disadvantage if voting is 100 percent viewer based. Kenneth said, “I will accept any outcome. This is the first year with a 100 percent viewer based voting, and anything can happen. The voting comes down to whether the viewers like you or not, and not based on any scale or professional opinion. It’s anybody’s race, and a long shot could win anytime.”

When asked about his confidence in winning, Kenneth said, ” The Hippocratic Crush and Three Kingdoms RPG <回到三國> both have pretty good feedback, and should be competitive. However, both were aired a while ago, which puts them into a disadvantage against the recently and to-be aired series. As an actor, I am satisfied that the characters I played were well received by the viewers.”

Wayne Lai and Moses Chan Support New Voting Format

Already a two-time TV King, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥 ) did not feel pressured about the award this time around. When asked whether his fan base–who tend to be older and more mature–may not be as involved in the voting, Wayne disagreed. He said, “Nowadays homemakers, and office ladies are really proficient in smart phones and computers. I feel this kind of voting is pretty fair. Besides, being TV King twice, I have nothing to prove!”

Moses Chan (陳豪 ) likes the interactive aspect that audience votes will play in the Anniversary awards. He said, “A jury should select the nominees, and the viewers should determine the outcome. It’s true that the more fans, the bigger the chance. However, for me, winning or not is minor. Viewer participation makes it fun and exciting!”

Source: Ming Pao Weekly #2291 via ihktv.com

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  1. No system is the entire world is 100% fair…Anyway…I will vote for Raymond be TV King if I can vote…But i heard that he might/will not be here during 台慶. So i am sure if TVB will still give he the prize if he wins.

  2. Last time is not fair especially that mooncake drama. SUppose koon ka cai to win it but see that ha yu so old already that’s why gave him to win oni ma. Now confirm LF will be tv king because he is the most popular plus very nice acting in high and low.

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