Raymond Lam Has Biggest Chance to Win TV King With Audience Votes

Despite the complete failure of the 2012 Miss Hong Kong pageant’s one viewer, one vote system, TVB remains adamant on using the same format to determine the winners of the 45th TVB Anniversary Awards in December. While past awards shows factored in viewers’ votes, TVB executive management’s decisions were also taken into account. This year, the awards will be entirely driven by audience votes.

Besides selecting the list of nominees, the viewers will be completely responsible in determining the winner. After the airing of finales for The Confidant <大太監> and Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles (名媛望族 ) on December 14 and December 16 respectively, the awards presentation ceremony will occur happen on the following day, December 17. This gives the audience one day to vote, as opposed to the 15 minutes allotted for the disastrous Miss Hong Kong pageant.

Raymond Lam: “I Have the Advantage”

The new format will benefit TVB’s favorite son, Raymond Lam (林峰) the most. Of all the popular TVB actors, Raymond has the most fans. Many of them are passionate about their idols too. Even if Raymond does not have the best performance, his army of fans may help him win the TV King title.

Raymond smiled and said, “All artists have his or her fans. I admit I will have an advantage with my fan base. In addition to my TV-based fans, I have music fans too. I hope all of them will participate in the voting!”

When asked if he has more confidence to win this time around, Raymond said, “Yes, of course. In the past, I have been nominated, but I never know what factors and requirements by the voting committee determine the winner. Different people have different strokes, and different points of view. It’s a lot easier and more direct now. You get more votes, and you win. It boosts my confidence.”

Kenneth Ma Sees Disadvantage in His Chance to Win

Even with his stellar performance in The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) believes he will have a disadvantage if voting is 100 percent viewer based. Kenneth said, “I will accept any outcome. This is the first year with a 100 percent viewer based voting, and anything can happen. The voting comes down to whether the viewers like you or not, and not based on any scale or professional opinion. It’s anybody’s race, and a long shot could win anytime.”

When asked about his confidence in winning, Kenneth said, ” The Hippocratic Crush and Three Kingdoms RPG <回到三國> both have pretty good feedback, and should be competitive. However, both were aired a while ago, which puts them into a disadvantage against the recently and to-be aired series. As an actor, I am satisfied that the characters I played were well received by the viewers.”

Wayne Lai and Moses Chan Support New Voting Format

Already a two-time TV King, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥 ) did not feel pressured about the award this time around. When asked whether his fan base–who tend to be older and more mature–may not be as involved in the voting, Wayne disagreed. He said, “Nowadays homemakers, and office ladies are really proficient in smart phones and computers. I feel this kind of voting is pretty fair. Besides, being TV King twice, I have nothing to prove!”

Moses Chan (陳豪 ) likes the interactive aspect that audience votes will play in the Anniversary awards. He said, “A jury should select the nominees, and the viewers should determine the outcome. It’s true that the more fans, the bigger the chance. However, for me, winning or not is minor. Viewer participation makes it fun and exciting!”

Source: Ming Pao Weekly #2291 via ihktv.com

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  1. 🙂 so all of the awards, including what TVB called “King” and “Queen”, will be determined by the popular votes (fans’)?

    Well either way, TVB TV Award only means something to Hong Kong audiences and very few international attention.

  2. seriously? its not fair, if its just fan biase, trying to vote for their favorite. But then again the award is given to the one tvb most wants to promote. So there is some biases no based solely on performance… but i want Kenneth 🙂 i want oscar to win supporting. mandy to be supporting

    1. No way is fair. Fan vote = biased, Txb vote = favourism card. If the performances are always bad, where the fans come from?

      1. @Fox So what is your solution??

        I think they should try the Korean voting system: 30% professional judge, 25% online citizens living there, 25% international votes, and 20% texting votes …??

      2. Last years it was so and ppl still say it’s rigged. No change.

  3. “The voting comes down to whether the viewers like you or not, and not based on any scale or professional opinion.”

    He’s implying that the winner will win based on being likable, not due to their talent.

    “However, both were aired a while ago, which puts them into a disadvantage against the recently and to-be aired series.”

    Does he not remember that he is also part of the “to-be-aired series” and plays quite a big role?

    1. It’s unfair either way so i have no comment.

      TVB voting is just picking their favourites and like what you said, the ones they want to promote.

      Public voting is based on who has the largest dedicated fanbase and support.


      On the other hand, this is kind of like half-half though since TVB picks 7 nominees and then the public votes to pick one winner. Oh and don’t forgot that TVB can always play around with the results.

    2. Ignore the “like what you said”. LOL I was meant to reply to the person above but i changed my mind but forgot to edit. 😛

    3. Oh well he dun forget that SSSS but he knows he isn’t the spotlight of SSSS since Damien seems to take it all – 1st main lead and acting can’t be worse than MM. So he has to base on his 1st main lead in THC and 3K. Moreover, SSSS might get bad rating because there is no pre-modern series which can get good rating recently.

      The only funny thing I’ve seen is that MM said he supported the audience’s vote during 3K’s promotion. Maybe this time he thought 3K would be the highest one but it turned bitter when 3K only has 29 average in the end but WI not only surpassed THC but also the highest. Even more bitter when DID also surpassed the rating of THC and pulled 3K to lower. So it’s predicted that with the result of rating like this, MM’s change is lower as time flies.

      1. TVB is putting importance in HAL, TLSA, SSSS and TC and Kenneth know he isn’t the spotlight of SSSS. I guess that’s why he implied his spotlight series aren’t the “recently aired series”.

      2. Ratings isn’t the keymark for awards. It’s the hype and noise created by the press or audience that determine this. TVB purposely tried to make Tavia win the BA before by constantly putting her character in the press but Sheren’s great acting has the support of audience that TVB can’t fight without giving shame to Tavia. RB wasn’t a ratings champion but Sheren adn Wayne are the most popular performance of the year.

      3. Rating isn’t the key factor but it can explain the change in MM’s opinion toward the vote.

      4. I think Kenneth realized that Raymond will dominate the voting this year and that his possibility to top Raymond is small. That’s why he sounds pessimistic and questioning the professionalism of the votings.

      5. I don’t think so. If he really thinks so, he didn’t support it during 3K’s time.

      6. I think Kenneth sounds somewhat “小家子氣”. Now that he’s given more exposure and interviews, he comes across as somewhat childish/silly and mama’s boy.

      7. I think at times Kenneth sounds envious of Raymond’s popularity and success and looking like he’s distancing from Raymond in his interviews. It’s funny because I never found the other siu sangs envying Raymond or create a line from him, only Kenneth.

      8. It’s like Kenneth is feeling Raymond is a competition while at the same time implying that he is not a competitive person. I’m getting confused.

      9. Because all Ron, Bosco are LF’s buddies. MM said himself that he isn’t friend of any siu sangs, only chat sometimes when having work together.

      10. It may be because they aren’t asked as much about Raymond? Kenneth and Raymond starred in a series together, thus more questions may be asked about whether there’s any bad blood between them, or who they think are gonna win.
        and I would say among the four “younger” siu sangs, they are the ones who are the front liners this year, compared Ron the pervert and Bosco the flirt.

      11. And both of Bosco and Ron think they are LF’s junior, said by both in interview. Their relationship is very good.

      12. It’s sad that bosco and especially RON will SAY THAT. RON, LOOK AT YOURSELF! your contemporary is now light years ahead of you, although when they first came out, Ron was much better looking than Raymond and their popularity were around the same level.

      13. I think the three were asked about each other and if I’m not mistaken they always give answers of supporting each other and didn’t object when reporters address others as their ‘brothers’.

        It might be the age because Kenneth is much older which means he’s more mature than them. Which is why he disliked being associated with Mr Player, Mr Pervert, and Mr Flirt since Kenneth is Mr Innocent.

      14. when they first came out, Ron was much better looking than Raymond and their popularity were around the same level.

        Now Ron is fat dumb pervert who can’t act. We can’t call him good looking anymore. What a pity.

      15. Around TITS and TOB?
        His naughty role was more interesting than Raymond’s dorky role.

      16. The fact Bosco, Ron and also MM are LF’s juniors. LF joined Txb before them (Ron joined the same year but not for acting), acted before them, being noticed before them and won the Most improved before them. He also joined top 5 of Best actor before them (providing that LF joined top 5 of Best Actor the first time in 2001 with Golden Faith, Bosco the first time 2009 or 2010 I dun rmb, Ron never and so does MM). So LF is like a brother to them all, a leader as well.

        When they first come out, Ron’s popularity wasn’t equal to LF. When LF had leading roles, Ron still acted kelefes in his series (for example Lofty water verdant bow or Golden Faith). But they seem to be equal in TOB when Ron was promoted a lot by Txb. So in correction, Ron soared the fame to be equal to LF in 2003 time when LF wasn’t promoted and had the idea to come back to family business (he left Txb 6 months in 2005). However, after 2005 and especially 2007, Ron was once again lower than LF. If you see the situation in the picture of the years, Ron has never had equal position to LF.

      17. For MM, I think he is kinda smart/cunning but not really mature :P. And in his age, innocence? LMAO~, his mama will have a lot of worries.

        And the buddies group of LF including many ppl older than MM such as Joe Ma, Derek Kwok, 3 Gor, Bobby Au Yeung. Do you think they are immature? Or Mr Player, Mr Pervert, and Mr Flirt are loved by more ppl than Mr Innocent?

      18. I don’t like Kenneth’s way of answering questions regarding LF.

      19. In Kenneth’s recent interviews, I got the impression that he’s trying to shed off the Mr Innocent image by admitting he watch porn and flirt with a lot of TVB actresses. Selena Li, Myolie all admit that Kenneth often flirted with them as jokes.

        But in recent interviews too he also always show subtle competitive and envy for Raymond in his answers and I remember him taking a jab at Raymond and Bosco buying expensive cars once. I think he said he don’t understand why others spend so much money on expensive cars and watches.

      20. Player, Pervert and Flirt are definitely loved by 3So and 3Gor 😀

      21. @lol: So you are saying that MM is petty/envious and innocent to know he is petty/envious?

        For his question about car and watch, if he really asked such thing, I feel he is such a nonsense guy, also petty. Their money, they can use it the way they want. It’s not like they are using his money to buy the car and watch. Until they use his money to buy these things, he can complain. Wonder how he’ll react if someone say they don’t understand why an adult can be too childish to collect Donald Duck.

      22. @Anon: And Bobby, too. They often go to Bobby’s house to have dinner, but not include Bosco. Joel Ho Chan, Ron and LF are the frequent guess in Bobby’s house.

        LF is also close to Gallen Lo.

      23. I also sense that MM is jealous of LF’s fame, popularity and status through his responses whenever he gets asked questions that are linked to LF. He appears to be gentlemanly but instead tries to take a stab at LF. Is this what you would call ‘ngai kwun che’? Hope I used the term correctly.

      24. Nah, I won’t go so far to call him that, but it shows his social ineptness especially at his age.

      25. Haha fox you’re so biased that it’s really funny to read your comments. Kenneth has had leading roles since 2007 starting with SL2, which he did a very good job in, so he definitely has not had leading roles for just one or two years. Also, Raymond was not in the top 5 for Best Actor for Golden Faith – he wasn’t even the lead there! So much for being a fan of his.

      26. Ah admit that I forgot SL 2 :P. So MM started to have leading role from 2007. Can’t change a fact that he is still the junior :D.

        As for top 5 of best actor with Golden Faith, you can go to check :D. He was in top 5 for the role in it, for true :P. You can feel free to check because it was a big surprise to me to see him in top 5 this soon.

      27. If seniority is a factor for these awards then Wayne Lai should’ve been the male lead before Moses/Kevin and he should win an award long long time ago. This senior/junior nonsense makes no sense whatsoever.

      28. 2001 Top 5 for Best Actor:

        Louis Koo – ASITP
        Lawrence Ng – HH2
        Bowie Lam – HH2
        Bobby Au-Yeung – AR3
        Gallen Lo – Seven Sisters


        Gallen Lo – Golden Faith
        Steven Ma – WTLB
        Raymond Lam – EH
        Paul Chun – Family Man
        Moses Chan – Family Man

        “providing that LF joined top 5 of Best Actor the first time in 2001 with Golden Faith”

        so this is not true. He only ‘joined’ the top 5 for Best Actor in 2002, and not in 2001 as you mentioned.

      29. Likewise I think Kenneth is implying jealousy at Ray.

      30. @ Anonymous: Ok, maybe I rmb wrongly. I’ll have to go to check again. However, you also pointed out that he was in top 5 of Best actor in 2002, rite? It means it’s still the soonest among recent siu sangs. 2001 and 2002 dun have much different. Like that, MM has leading role in 2007 or 2010 also dun have much different as he still has leading role later than the rest. Plus, he joined Txb later than them, means the service he provided isn’t as long as others. My statement is still rite at core, lolz.

    4. I hope the upcoming Kenneth drama is good, so he has a bigger chance of winning! TVB awards are never going to be fair, so I’ll take whatever comes.

  4. So Lam Fung and Linda Chung will definitely win since they have most fan, it’s not just based on acting skills.

    1. Some of Linda’s fans in HK Golden forum are starting to rally votes for Linda in the midst of the favorites being Kate and Tavia.

    2. Kate might have chance, too. Her fanbase increased a lot with LOO and HAL. She is liked in HAL. Just depend on how she can do in the next important scenes.

      1. I always thought Linda has the largest fans among the five fadans

      2. I think Myolie’s fanbase is the biggest? Or maybe Linda. But I said that Kate’s fanbase increased, so maybe she’ll have a chance. You know, in the end the fans won’t do anything because Txb always can rig the results.

    3. It was never really based on acting skills. Just the hype of the town basically.

      1. Yeah and that’s funny how HK people complain about everything, first the choice of certain people for BA and then the choice of general audience.

      2. Oh wells.. like what LF said “can’t please the world and needless to please” 😀

      3. LF said “can’t please the world and needless to please”

        Did he say this quote? Absolutely correct.

      4. Yeah i think he said something similar to that a while back..

    4. I’m watching ‘Witness Insecurity’ now and I think Linda acted very well as a girl with emotional problem. I was quite impressed with her performance in this series. I won’t mind if she wins the Best Actress Award for this role.

      1. I disagree Kidd. Linda’s acting in WI was inaccurate and overdramatize a PTSD patient from 4 episodes that I watched. It’s also funny that sometimes she can be normal talking to strangers but at times she looks irritated. I’ve seen PTSD disorder patients and their reactions are different. Her role is supposed to be ground breaking but I just irritated by her. Giving her Best Actress will be a joke. Not to mention how calm she cried at the finale when her supposedly big time crush …..not that good of an acting. I prefer Kate from the 4 episodes of HAL that I watched if TVB need to award one of the 4 remaining fadan..At least Kate doesn’t irritate me and I actually feel sorry for her characte

        I quit because I can’t stand Linda.

      2. @ lol

        PTSD disorder has different degrees and patients don’t all act in the same standard mold. I’ve gone through emotional problem before and I recognise those symptom in Linda’s portrayal.

        ” It’s also funny that sometimes she can be normal talking to strangers but at times she looks irritated.”

        PTSD patient also can have mood swings.

      3. Tavia in THC and Kate in HAL are better than Linda in WI. The BODA couple is overrated by weibo netizens and making Linda sound over confident about the onscreen pairing in her interviews.

      4. I don’t know if her portrayal of PTSD is accurate, but if they are supposed to have a constipated look, or having to look as though they were smelling something bad, well she got it right.
        I like her portrayal when she started crushing on Hui Sir though, she was very shy and sweet.

      5. You’re right about the constipated look Nicole. I can’t speak about her crushing on Hui Sir because I stopped before they even talk or do anything but from the few minutes of finale clip posted by somone here before I think her crying was inadequate for such a grave and devastating moment for her.

      6. I think you may need to watch past that part, to actually have a feel for Linda in WI. As her constipated look was only in the first 5 episodes or so.

      7. I agree 100000% with you. Linda acted very well and she should win for WI. WI should win the best series.

  5. “The voting comes down to whether the viewers like you or not, and not based on any scale or professional opinion.”

    It’s interesting to see Kenneth giving views like this. With his personality I expected that he will come off smiling and joyfully said something more positive.

    1. To be honest, I don’t really get what’s wrong; yes, it can be (mis)construed as being sulky/sour grapes, but I thought he was simply stating the obvious. It’s what we’re all thinking anyway… I’d rather take that any day than someone who sugar coats the truth.

      But I honestly have no idea of what he’s REALLY thinking so maybe he is bitter. Who knows.

      1. Maybe if he dun change his mind from support to against, ppl won’t think he is bitter?

      2. Yeah in the end we don’t know what Kenneth is thinking. Maybe he feel the award is rightfully his after the success of THC or maybe he simply wants a good way of judging the winner.

      3. @Fox: Interesting.

        (Also kind of stupid of him to say he really supported it, because even right from the beginning, it was obvious the votes are based on popularity. What made him think otherwise initially?)

      4. I gave out my assumption above in this topic.

        I think he thought his chance is high even with voting system, but now he knew his chance isn’t that high and he isn’t that popular even with THC? Or the executive aka Catherine Tsang changed heart, from him to Edwin Siu and dun willing to help him to get the award anymore.

      5. 1) He knows that the promoted dramas are aired in the latter half of the year so it’s not as if TVB were aiming to push him to the top. (At least they didn’t plan to at the beginning of the year.) He just got lucky with THC so TVB probably decided to ride that wave of popularity. 2) Even if he had confidence in his performances, he must have known right from the start that LF had a ridiculously large fan-base and that HAL would be airing later on in the year. And I suppose even if he were popular with THC, most of his fans would mostly be si lais anyway? Do they even bother voting?

        It strikes me that if Kenneth IS bitter at anyone, it’ll most likely be at TVB management and not at other artists. Maybe.

      6. Well, in the recent years, the plan of Txb to promote MM is so clear: Putting him in the anni series. So maybe he has a commitment in the beginning from the executives that he’ll win, but now the commitment is withdrew, then cause to his current bitter mood.

        Maybe MM is bitter at the managers, but it’s quite obvious that his speech seems to be double meaning whenever he comments about other siu sangs, including LF.

      7. Maybe he initially supported the public votes because he knew his role in THC stirred up quite a lot of positive comments and he also mentioned that there were good reviews on TKRPG (?) so he had confidence I guess.. and he probably though TKRPG was the only role LF was in! 😛 He probably didn’t know about HAL until recently so he changed his mind after knowing that his fanbase can’t compete with LF’s. 😀

      8. It is indeed clear that MM is becoming promoted. Isn’t he also in Triumph II which is also a grand production next year as well?

      9. Kenneth has TITS2 and THC2 next year and both are grand productions and wasn’t Wong Jing also planning a 40ep grand production starring Kenneth, Hawick and Deanie Ip? He is receiving highest promotion among the siu sangs now.

      10. Even though MM will be in sequels and blockbusters next year, I still have my doubts that he will win BA since he probably will get overshadowed in THC2 by Lawrence Ng and TITS2 has way too many lead actors already so his chances will be slim in my opinion. As for the new Wong Jing series, Hawick Lau might be in it and if he does participate, I suspect that he might get a more prominent role than MM. Hence MM will most likely be disappointed again next year.

      11. TVB won’t give the award to outsiders like Lawrence or Hawick so Kenneth still has chance if LF got his award this year and left for singing and movies next year.

    2. hm… I think he is human at least. People who have high hopes of winning then found out it was rigged by a deciding something else they want to says something to release the stress is all. I wouldn’t really think too much into this

      However, I would like to say that Raymond doesn’t deserve TV King this year at all.

  6. Again, greater exposure helps to burn an image in the viewers mind thus stimulating a greater appeal if you are semi-decent artist.

  7. It’d be interesting if Kenneth gets nominated for his role in 3K!

    & LF for TV-King!

  8. Emmm….no comments.
    But Wayne will ALWAYS remain as my all time favourite and Best Actor cos he really has talent. :))))
    Support Wayne FOREVER!

    1. although LF is not my choice he is doing good job in High and Low,MM is still nr1.

  9. You only have the advantage when you do win. I still think it may be Kenneth’s year.

      1. I found Kent Cheng’s acting a bit weird in King Maker and sometimes he reminded his “Fei Mao” look especially when his eyes are half close.

    1. I still think it’s too soon for MM to have a year. Like 2009 were supposed to be Micheal Tse’s year with many noises + supports, can be considered as a phenomenon of the year, but end up, Micheal Tse only won Best supporting. Last year, with LOO, he was white hand.

      So maybe MM will have an award, but not the main one. Txb still has to consider other factors such as the market value. If he gets main awards this year, I kinda feel it’s a sign of overpromotion because MM is still a “young” siu sang. He isn’t Wayne or at Wayne’s age.

      1. Law Ba was a breakthrough and a sensation last year while Laughing’s performance in LOO wasn’t the only outstanding one because he’s equally contested by Cripple Co who was only his second lead. Laughing in LOO is also a rehash product.

      2. I agree with you however that it’s too soon for Kenneth to get this award. Maybe next year but next year is saturated with veterans coming back Francis Ng, Chilam, Lawrence Ng and existing veterans with tailor made roles like Wayne Lai and Roger Kwok.

      3. But he was predicted to win at least one award last year due to the fame of Laughing Gor. It isn’t the matter of breakthrough or not but the noises I’m talking about. So having noises dun ensure for a victory, but will be promoted by Txb later on.

      4. MM will stay with Txb long, hence he will have his chance in the future. He has just been with Txb for 12 years and has leading roles for 1-2 years, still “green”. There are more actors who stayed with Txb longer than him and having leading roles before him. Among the group of top siusangs in Txb now, MM is a senior with shortest time of service. Txb also considers this factor when giving out award.

      5. Next year Francis Ng might get the award automatically so I think next year is out for Kenneth because anyone in younger generation winning over Francis Ng will be a bashing stock by netizens. Raymond is lucky TITS2 isn’t aired this year.

        That means Kenneth has to wait at least until 2014 to get his award.

      6. Not that lucky, because in fact TITS 2 can’t be aired this year. And he chose HAL over TITS 2, so he liked HAL than TITS 2.

      7. I mean Raymond is lucky because he skipped having to fight with movie heavyweight Francis who represent a huge series like TITS2.

      8. I think Raymond’s competitors such as Wayne Lai especially in his role as Li Lian Ying are pretty strong. However, Raymond will still be more popular than Francis Ng among audience voting. Never compare a idol’s fanbase to a veteran.

      9. Raymond fanbase sure wins Francis Ng, but there will be backlash from the critical netizens and critics since who in TVB can win Francis Ng an A-list movie star acting unless Wayne gets another breakthrough role?

        At least this year Raymond has evaded the critics from Francis Ng’s fans.

      10. Next year award is easier, Francis Ng automatic win without competition. Chilam is lovable but not to his A-list movie star status.

      11. Kenneth sorry you have to wait till 2014. Not this year since it’s for Raymond and not next year since it’s for Francis Ng and blockbuster TITS2 😀

      12. I don’t see how it will be an auto-win for Francis next year. He didn’t win in 2003 for TITS.

      13. Lolz, these “Critical” he has so many, not only with Francis. The reporters also like to let him down. For example, his price in China is 400k/eps but reporters say it’s 200k/eps and yet to mention it’s lower than KC’s. Or in the new news, they say if the China fans can vote, he has to aware of KC’s fans despite the fact that LF has so many China fans.

        And with TITS 1, did you see Francis win?

      14. Let’s be real here, TVB will not award it to Francis Ng for Triumph 2. It does not benefit TVB in the long run. Francis is not a contracted artist, and there’s no way he’s signing a contract. He’s not Wayne who continues to film for TVB. Francis’s focus is in movies.

      15. Last year I liked Laughing Gor and Baico more than Kevin’s Law Ba. I can’t believe Kevin can get both awards. Michael Tse got home empty handed after being hyped too much.

      16. It was a bad year to Michael Tse. And this year, he dun have any series to be aired.

      17. Yeah. Michael only has Lescargot but seriously who cares anymore about that series by now and he was just supporting.

      18. I don’t think it’s too soon for MM. First of all, he’s not young anymore. Secondly, Kevin Cheng is also not Wayne’s age and we saw him winning last year, so age is obviously not a factor. Plus, Wayne never got any memorable roles until that year he won. BAM, huge role, and then he just gets the award like that. Not surprising at all if MM ends up getting it this year.

      19. Not the matter of age but experience and year of services. Raymond Wong only won Most improved, you see. MM is old but he has the shorter time of service than others and its a factor to Txb. Unless Txb really wants to overpromote him, he wont win the major ones.

        Age is a factor that the youngest won is 30. Means a long service is requested.

      20. Wayne never has a memorable roles until Chai Gau? You gotta kidding. Wat is Chou Pak Tung and the Pig? Lolz unless you are too young to only know about the recent ppl, you are kidding for sure.

      21. and there are also other memorable roles, such as in Safeguards and Gentle Crackdown 2.

      22. Wayne shined in TGC2 and made Steven Ma went by unnoticed.

      23. And Safeguards too! like when he did that speech to give the key to his brother, and then in GC2, when he had to name all those people that his “twin” knew.
        Those are the only scenes I can remember in SG and GC2.

      24. @Fox

        Oh. Okay, I guess I am too young then xD Honestly, I have never seen him in a drama until Moonlight Resonance.

      25. Oh that’s it. You don’t know him until MR so you didn’t know that he has long service for Txb, about 18 years up to now.

        So MM is still too green.

      26. @Fox I actually wants Michael Tse to win this year. He is actually a good actor versus with other actor.

        @lol Kevin Cheng (Law Ba) in BuBuJingXin was really good but after that his acting in other drama needs more improvement.

      1. I like this “Nice”, cute. In eps 9 Mc Jin copied him to say “Nice” the same way and I laughed.

      2. Why is it stupid and annoying? I also think it sounds cute and it makes me laugh all the time. 😛

      3. Haha I find it so cute!! Makes me smile when he says it…

      4. Nicole,
        U sound more stupid than happy sir saying “nice”

      5. Just because I think he sounds stupid saying that, doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of his. So stop sniffing his azz and telling us it smells like roses.

      6. How is Nicole making a fool of herself?

        Cultmembers are so damn scary! Can prolly take over the earth if joining forces with the other cult, LOL

      7. @Nicole,

        Yeah, totally annoying. It sounds very unnatural coming from him.

      8. Annoying – acceptable
        stupid- narrrrr..no

      9. loooooooooooo-cult member??!!?

        nicole- cult leader(gane_ha fanatic)

      10. Hehe, I think L+o^9 meant the goddess with the long nose.

        She can’t spell it out bc it would be blasphemy as their cult is on friendly terms with Saturn Queen. Not to mention their own god also got a fake nose as well, LOL

      11. LF says NICE very often. That is a part of his vocabulary. Loyal fans will kow that, as evidenced in his LUML concerts last year!
        LF Love Fung!

      12. um, ok?? It can be cute or funny or stupid…doesn’t really matter. How about people try to say something in Chinese and I bet you sound cute, funny, or stupid also…It’s just an accent. Get over it, not a biggie.

        Talk about why you like your actor more for TV King… *rolling eyes*

  10. I will vote for Hui Sir for my favourite performance and character although I know he won’t win and not a top pick. Hui Sir! 😀

      1. Witness Insecurity has this crappy storyline but after watching I can see why people like Hui Sir and Kiu Zhi Lam.

    1. Hui Sir is too calm and composed of a role and doesn’t have the extraordinary factor of a Best Actor role although he did very well embodying the role. Bosco should’ve gotten the award through the autistic poker boy in Dicey Business or the crippled drug lord Michael in LOO but competition might’ve been too high during these years

      1. I like Ah Fu Fu too :D. The other autistic potrayal that I like was Stephen Fung’s in Green Hope. However or some reason I didn’t like Roger’s potrayal of the mentally challenged person in LMS or SP.

      2. Hmn i like Roger’s portrayal of the mentally challenged Ah Wong in LMS! At least i think it is better than Charmaine’s portrayal of the mentally challenged Chu Chu in Sister Fa!

      3. I agree. Roger is a lot better than Charmaine in Sister Fa. Charmaine was TVB’s big sister but her acting in Sister Fa was horrible.

      4. I like Ah Fu but the best autistic in Txb I’ve seen is Wallace Chung in a very old series.

      5. WI is the best series and Bosco is awesome. I can’t choose between Bosco and LF because both good in cop drama but don’t like LF in the shlt series 3 Kingdoms.

    2. I totally agree. Bosco definitely should get an award at least. He is really good with the cops drama, he have the face, and the Witness drama was well developed even if the ending was satisfying. Not every drama is gonna have a happy two shoes.

      HUI SIR JIA YOU!! ^O^

  11. There was a year when the fave promoted by the TV, Tavia Yeung, had to speak out that she would refuse to accept the award if Sheren Tang didn’t win it. Sheren missed the award a couple of times. Tavia was of course embarrassed by the common knowledge she was “pushed” upwards to win, and that teh public was getting annoyed by ‘promotions’.

    If it is about acting, then neither the TV people nor the public should decide. Follow the Golden Globe awards system where entertainment journalists including and especially outside Hong Kong be the judge (on acting, not popularity or promotion).

    1. I know that year. Tavia was constantly appearing in magazines and news as the likely winner but in the end TVB didn’t give it to her because Sheren received the most applause from audience. TVB salvaged Tavia from shame.

      1. TVB had tailor made the BTROC role for Tavia that year but she didn’t do it justice while Sheren shined in RB. There is no way Tavia is deemed deserving of the award that year.

      2. they couldn’t when the public were so vocal about it. Tavia had the commonsense survival instinct to flow with the public feelings, and at the same time appeared gracious and respectful – nothing against her but rather the promoters.

    2. I really like Sheren Tang. Her acting skills is amazing. <3 <3

      Tavia is a hard-worker, but she definitely didn't deserve an award more than Sheren. If Tavia says she won't accept it, we shall all see if she will or not…

      TVB keeps trying to put news/pretty faces up, but c'mon goes behind the faces and look at their amazing acting.

  12. I think the live voting seems weird. The audience will just pick there favourite actor. Live voting should only be something base on looks like miss Hong Kong or mr Hong Kong and not the tv king or queen

    1. Actually, judge will pick like 7-10 then fan will pick. i guess it’s better than the miss hk …

  13. BAD IDEA. Remember MISS HONG KONG? If the system fails again, it will be an embarrassment and the “judges” will have to pick again and NO ONE will be happy because they will feel jipped. AND WINNING BASED ON POPULARITY IS ABSURD. The award should be MOST POPULAR ACTOR and NOT BEST ACTOR.

    1. They should just have another pork award called MOST POPULAR ACTOR/ACTRESS.
      Then give that pork award to Raymond and the Goddess.

      1. I think give best actor and actress to Wayne and Michelle. I’m still supporting them for The Confidant. Sigh.

      2. Who’s the goddess? There so many of them in TVB that I lost count, LOL

      3. Depends on how they do in it to make it outstanding or not. I always like Michelle Yim’s Cuxi last time but if Wayne dun have any change in his acting, still with his good-but-not special one, I don’t know why he can win. Same to Michelle, I wait to see the change in her acting, not the same Cuxi as last time. If she is the same Cuxi, good but not outstanding. I may support Kate in HAL because she is doing very well with her role Pat.

        Meanwhile, I like LF’s portrayal with Happy Sir in HAL. And with some side reasons, I want him to win and then complete the career in Txb :P.

      4. Fox: But I think the roles of Cixi and Li Lianying are more iconic characters, thus I think they will do well.

      5. Christine and Eliza are the official HK people Goddesses now.

      6. Christine and Eliza are the HK population goddess, but we are talking about the Goddess who is not really a goddess, but her whole cult of fans treat her like a goddess, and thinks she walks on water and turns water to wine.

      7. I also think they will do well, but will be outstanding or not :). Or will be their typical good acting, that’s the matter.

      8. This Goddess we’re talking about is the Goddess that one single criticism you made at her will make the cult branded you as a traitor filled with hatred.

      9. @Nicole: If she can walk on water and turn water to wine, she isn’t the goddess but kungfu panda, lolz.

      10. Mind you, today some cult member just post that we are all fat and lazy because we aren’t as hardworking as the goddess because she’s thin and haggard looking. LOL

      11. Now she’s Goddess/Saturn Queen/Jesus/Kungfu Panda?! I still want to call her Ganesha!

      12. Mind you, today some cult member just post that we are all fat and lazy because we aren’t as hardworking as the goddess because she’s thin and haggard looking.

        I missed this!

      13. LMAO~, but it needs to be 3 heads 6 arms to be more special

      14. More like… Best Popular Fan Pork Base *giggle* >.<

        I swear if Raymond win this year, I'm totally gonna says this is jigged.

        @Nicole ME TOO! Michelle Yim with Wayne Lai is gonna be amazing. I CANNOT wait for the Confidant, wonder when it will air. ^^

        @exoidus lol the goddess is pork duh 😛

      15. “I swear if Raymond win this year, I’m totally gonna says this is jigged.”

        What if Wayne win through this exact same system? Will you said it’s rigged?

        The word ‘rigged’ is used to indiscriminately now.

    2. Do you think it’ll be any better if Txb choose their favourite to win?

      1. I doubt the yearly accusations of TVB rigging the awards will go away with this voting system, though. There’ll be suspicions that the TVB execs simply ignore the poll and crown their own favourites, the poll is just “for show” to whip up audience interest and buzz, etc.

    3. Having executives vote is still a most popular award! 😛 Just that it is not most popular to the audience but instead, to the executives! Same thing.

  14. Maybe Myolie will win best actress again. She has the largest fanbase among tavia,Linda,Kate and fala.

    1. Oppa oppa I’ll be I’ll be down down down down

      Hey oppa look at me, just take a look at me
      It’s the first time I’ve spoken like this
      I fixed my hair and put on make-up too
      Why do you only not notice me?

      1. Hahha! I didn’t know that ‘oppa’ is already used. Sorry

    2. But does she really? What are you basing that on?

      When it comes to most ~intense, it’s definitely Tavia’s fans. And apparently, Kate’s favoured after her roles in LOO and now HAL, so who knows how much her fanbase has grown? Also, never underestimate Linda’s fanbase which is certainly sizable. Only Fala really has no chance since she hasn’t had any series and the tabloids have been constantly slamming her for her “music career”.

      1. What is LOO? And Myolie seriously has the largest fan base even in mainland I really do not want her to win again as she didn’t get my attention in GJ2 so if she really wins again then that proves her fan base is huge and if every year is based on the voting system then we will never have a new tv king and tv queen again.

      2. Eliza better not win anything yet. I like Eliza and don’t want her trampled by angry fans! Let’s wait till she got much better! 😀

      3. @ Oppa

        Sorry but I’m gonna need some other stats than the ~she just does argument. Mainland? Only HK people can vote.

      4. LOO = Lives of Omission. LOO was good. Kate and Bosco were awesome in there.

    3. I doubt it. Her performance in GJ2 was forgettable. TVB will not award it to her twice, consecutively. She’s not Sheren Tang.

      1. I mean if they really the award really 100% depends on voting. Then she would have a chance. Don’t forget bosco!

      2. Nah. I bet Bosco is voting for Linda because he praised Linda’s performance in WI.

      3. There’s no way TVB will not intervene.

        @salmander: Yes. Artists typically vote for their costars.

  15. Raymond can win the award if he really want ,Raymond the rich boy in TVB first class siu sang and with unlimited money around plus rich daddy support ,he will win ,that for sure ,of cause if he really want the award .no one can stop him.

    1. yes, he’s heavily promoted, meaning the promoters want him to win and will their upmost to make it happen

    2. Dude do you watch way too many Chinese dramas that you’re brainwashed by the fact that just cause he comes from a well off family it means he can have everything? Tvb awards have nothing to do with family background or money besides Raymond did prove himself in HAL, he’s doing great so far I don’t see any reason why shouldn’t he be nominated or belittled just cause of his family background..you’re just being discriminating towards him cause of his background which is unreasonable.

      1. Totally agree with Teece! Raymond would have won years ago if “having money” was indeed a factor. Artists are awarded for their craft. Raymond is deserving this year playing Wai Sir.

  16. 1) Online voting is terribly bias.
    2) Hackers can easily influence the results like they did last time TVB tried it.
    3) Raymond will win even though he doesn’t deserve it in 雷霆掃毒.

  17. let me guess ……TVB wants Raymond to win but they know is acting is sub par compared to the other actors and has to resort to this sh*t to get him to win. Cause they know, all those dumb naive lang mo’s are gonna vote for him no matter what.

    1. Of course the lengmos will vote for him. He is making a wikipedia for them, lolz. Not thank to him, we won’t know many lengmos.

      As for acting, I think he is good enough to compare with other actors 😀 if not better than many. So it’s the matter of opinions.

    2. totally agree with you. I heard Raymond said during interviews that he wouldn’t put filming TVB series as a priority in his career in the future. This is obviously TVB’s tactic to ensure a smooth transition for him into the film, music industry and mainland dramas. TVB obviously wants him to get the TV King award before he leaves the company gradually.

  18. I wouldn’t take the fans voting seriously. Somehow, I feel TVB will intervene to make the outcomes their way.

  19. i don’t like raymond..
    i like bosco acting..
    bosco acting is more funnier and cute..

    1. yeh, bosco is the best amongst the top siu san like KM,LF,RN,he is also the godson of MM,he desereve the award too for his roll in witness insecurity.

  20. We don’t know what tricks TVB might have up their sleeves…

    This year: Audience vote so they can practically hand over the award to their favourite pet, LF. Need to keep him happy and give him all his toys.

    Next year: Job done, LF’s got his award so let’s go back to our usual routine since the voting system was “too much for them to handle”.

    Best Actor award aside, I wonder how much they’ll rig the results this year.

    1. Not really. The award changed from 19-20 Nov to 5 Dec in 2009 to boost for BTROC and kept holding on this day until this year, to promote SSSS and TC, to delay to 17 Dec.

      What will you say if LF dun win?

      1. “He was robbed!” Haha.

        The way I see it, the only reason he’ll lose it is if someone else delivers a ground-breaking performance that the audience almost DEMANDS the award be handed to them. Such was the case with Sheren Teng and I’m sure TVB would fear the backlash if they snub the outright favourite. I could be wrong…

        Gosh, it all sounds so negative. It’s not that LF’s a terrible actor – I find him okay, if a bit boring at times – and I do appreciate all the hard work he’s put in. He’s simply not at BA level, although to be fair, the award has lost its prestige and all his other competitors have been pretty stale so far. I hope, for his sake, that he wins simply because he’s delivered a fantastic performance and not for other reasons. Poor Myolie has to put up with sarcastic remarks of how she is not the “true” best actress…

      2. It’s quite hard to have a fantastic performance with Txb now, when the scripts are so poorly written. And it’s a matter that he isn’t with Txb that much.

        I always find his acting, especially the eyes acting is good from the beginning, but I also find that recently, he slowly thinks farer than a career just with Txb, too. Whatever he does, there will have criticism because he has too many “troubles”: rich background, good looking, interesting love life, etc. So he also thinks that he can’t comfort everyone, just do his best to his work and gets the high payments.

        I stated before, looking at the way Txb promoted him, I don’t think they plan a long term for him, unlike Moses or even KC. If Txb really wants to overpromote him, I guess he has this award long before, such as in 2007 when his role Alfred in HOG is truly liked by audiences or even in 2005 when his role Siu Chai in LFD is also liked by audiences. But in the end, he always has nothing or some minor awards. This year, if he dun win but a Txb’s fave, I won’t have any surprise because it happened before.

        I find it’s pretty annoying to see the reporters say the same thing that he’ll win every year but end up, he dun win and they make it like he is not that liked or Txb gives it all to him? Well, if he wins by the voting One man one vote – ppl will say he has large fanbase, win. If he wins by the old system (Txb’s decision) – ppl still can say Txb loves him, win. Either way can be said, so why he needs to bother?

        About the demands for the award, it can happen, but maybe we shouldn’t forget the case of Micheal Tse with E.U. With this high support, even being milked to death by Txb, what he has was only the Best supporting, nothing else. So not all the time the most demands is good enough. Many factors affect, such as the plan of promotion or the loyalty with Txb or the love of which executives.

        Honesty, I wonder why ppl always say he has large fanbase but never wonder where and how this huge amount of fans like him.

        Myolie’s victory last year can be said that with some bad remark, but it dun affect her at all. She is doing well despite the criticism.

        And for his sake, just get it to complete his career with Txb, don’t stay with them long. Txb isn’t all he needs and Txb’s Best actor isn’t the biggest goal to him. Now, he is also thinking the same way so he only films 1 series with Txb per year to maintain the relationship. That’s all.

        Last point, it’s time for him to win. The actors around him who have the similar price/market value with him won (Moses, KC), then there is no reason he can’t win. He is old enough, acting good enough, services for Txb long enough and popularity is enough.

        Btw, if he dun win this year, really that he is robbed, lolz.

      3. Wow fox! I noticed u have a lot of information, knowledge and time. So pro! And yr comments are so reasonable. I admire u man!

      4. Yeah Fox likes Ray and I think he deserved the love from people, he’s got the talent. And why should he bother about the BA since it’s the same every year for him, I remember last year (or the year before) he was given an awful role with Tavia and Bobby and TVB still wants to keep him, no way.

      5. “Honesty, I wonder why ppl always say he has large fanbase but never wonder where and how this huge amount of fans like him.”

        There are many things (and people) in this world that are popular and it absolutely confounds me as to why that is…

        But back on topic, I have to admit one of the reasons that holds me back from being a LF fan is the same as some of the reasons you’ve stated above: his supposed “connections”, rich background, overwhelming popularity. Nothing wrong with being popular, but his fanbase is INSANELY massive when compared to others. But I’m just nitpicking here and I know it’s unfair of me as these things are beyond his control. However, I DO see some talent in him and I can see he works hard. He’s just not my cup of tea, I suppose.

        Hmm, I’ve only started following HK gossip this last year or so, so I wasn’t aware of the situation in ’07. Even so, I thought Moses’ character was THE one who elevated that series, so I don’t see how the character of Alfred would’ve stood a chance…

        I do understand he’s outgrown TVB now and the award may not be his priority. The only ones who are faffing about it are probably TVB management and us viewers… Nice to pass some time with gossip and speculation… But really, just because the awards have gone to less deserving actors in the past doesn’t mean TVB should continue that pattern and not set things straight; (TVB’s inner workings aside) it should purely be based upon an actor’s achievements within a given year, and not because of popularity nor timing. If LF really does win this year then congrats to him. If not, I hope he’ll just move on (unless he’s too much of a perfectionist and wants to “complete” his TVB career).

      6. Connections and money can only bring you opportunities. They can’t buy you fans.

        I don’t think those tens of thousands who attended Raymond’s concert are paid by his dad.

        People shouldn’t use his rich background against him.

      7. Temp fake fans, yes you can buy them, like those who cheer you at shopping complex, etc. But sustained fans, same group, fanclub membership, people traveling miles just to see you.. no.

      8. The confession of a fan: If I have been paid by his dad, I’ll be super happy :). But instead, I’m paying for him =.=

        I think the reason why the matter of rich background is haunting him is that he is already rich and getting richer. They feel like these richies (in general) are stealing their opportunities and having the money the poorer dun have. It can be called “jealousy with others’ money”.

  21. I actually hope he wins! I’m pretty sure without tvb doing anything Raymond would win either way! Something about him just attract you to him! But if he doesn’t win there is alway a next time!
    Highs and Lows is a good series! Whoever didn’t see it yet you should!

  22. I will never agree with audience voting in awards. None of the fan voted awards are prestigious. We all know most people just vote their favorites and not whose the best. I think the best thing to be done is to just allow TVB artiste and production staff to each cast a vote. TVB always does this kind of survey on Scoop before the awards ceremony and every year I almost 100% agree with what the artiste survey chose as the winners.

    1. Artiste voting is also a bad idea. Do you think the artistes even have time to watch all the TVB series to judge?

      1. Like Oscars, the answer is no and they probably blindly vote or just let their family fill in the form. However it makes good discussion with artiste voting because at least it is not 100% executive voting.

    2. Because normally, the artists will be informed by Txb that who are the winners, so they have to support these ppl. That’s why their “predictions” are always correct or nearly correct.

      1. It’ll have more meaning than the fans voting. Fans are completely blind and have irrational beliefs about certain people. This site is proof of that – all we need to do is look at an article about Christine Kuo, Aimee Chan, or Tavia Yeung.

        While I think the awards rarely were given to people truly deserving (and instead have been used as a marketing ploy to “boost” favourite actors and actresses) having the fans decide will mean absolutely nothing. It becomes a popularity contest…

      2. Either way it will become population contrst, rite? Fans are blibd but the eyes of executives are any brighter? Not that I support ths system but I think any system is just the form, no difference. Txb always can rig the poll and they did.

      3. I think it’s safe to say that whatever small meaning the award has now (which is tiny) will disappear with fan voting 😛

      4. Lolz, I blv it’ll maintain the tiny meaning even with the fan voting. Ppl will get used with it.

      5. Well, the executives can still rig the poll to get their desired winner. Not saying that they necessarily will, but if they do, it has more sinister implications than in the previous system, because they’d be lying to the viewers — saying that viewers will be the ones voting for the winner even as they disregard the votes.

        But yeah, for me the only aspect in which this Internet voting system is notably better than the previous system is the potential entertainment value. I look forward to spectating the media fallout in the event of the poll being hacked or a TVB server meltdown. I also wonder which artistes the HK media will accuse of buying or manipulating votes. I’d also be curious to see if any fanbases employ strategical voting or form voting alliances e.g. “I’ll vote X for Best Actor if you vote Y for Best Actress”, or if there’s going to be any organised effort to prevent any hated actor or actress from winning by voting for the closest perceived competitor.

  23. I mean come on people you guys are so aginst everything! If you guys are so aginst it then who do you want to do the voting?

  24. If Myolie could win BA last year, I dont see why Raymond cant win BA this year. He’s doing a good job with Happy Sir in HAL & is more pleasant to look at haha.

  25. TV King n Queen to be vote online by viewer is truely unfair. Raymond def got the better chance over the others in winning even tho his acting is so so.

  26. 🙂 should have Raymond been raped in a drama by a gang which includes all top actresses in TVB. He can definitely wins his TV King.

  27. Moses and Wayne already won. Of course they wouldn’t care as much the format of voting. They have nothing to lost even if they don’t win.

    I disagree with this kind of voting system. They should do like the Malaysian TV award. Let audience vote for Fave Actor and Actress and the Best Actor and Actress be chosen by a panel of judges.

    1. Has Moses won TV king b4? which year was it? can’t seem to remember

  28. I think HAL is boring. Doesn’t get me excited,.. It is just plain. I think THC is more exciting than HAL. Don’t tell me that you guys didn’t even get excited during the surgery scene that can caused life or death to the patient on the surgery table,… at least a little bit. And don’t forget the moment when ‘yat Kin’ brother’s death. I admit that KM and TY acting is nahhh but isn’t the storyline of the drama just exciting?

    1. I think they shouldn’t be compared cause they’re of different dramas, HAL is an exciting series given it’s action packed with great cast members but for THC it’s more of an inspirational series rather than an “exciting” series.

    2. Not really. I think THC was boring, didn’t even finish it, just not my type.. while HAL gets me excited and looking forward to next episodes. Different people, different opinions.

      1. I like THC better but both are different genres. HAL is fast paced action drama while THC is inspirational.

      2. What is THC? Is it the On Call 36 hours? F word, it was danm boring and bad acting

      3. No it wasn’t! Maybe u hate the actors and actresses inside that series but it doesn’t makes it boring! I do not like the actors and actresses inside too but I find the storyline very interesting.

    3. On Call 36 is the best series this year. The quotes are meaningful. Highs and Lows is close second because it has an exciting cop storyline. I like cop series and medical related series the best. Other series this year are crappy.

    4. Maybe you will likw Healing hands but forget the 3rd one. And another good one is The last breakthrough.

      HH and The last breakthrough were the best medicial series to me. Touching and meaningful. If you watched them, how do you feel?

      1. Google :D. Healing hands and The last breakthrough. Don’t watch Healing Hands 3 because it isn’t as good as 1 and 2.

  29. Dont forget Ron everyone! The disgusting pervert has quite a number of fans too.

    1. Giving the award to Ron is practically.. TVB suicidal or something..

      1. But tvb does weird things you know. Really really weird things.

  30. My prediction is Raymond Lam because it’s time he got it and his character in Highs and Low has the dramatic characteristics suitable for the award.

  31. Although it is voting but I think TVB will observe the result and if it went different than what they want they will alter it.

  32. This is crap. If the results are solely based on voting, them veteran actors and actress will lose out cos of their smaller fan base. A fairer system will be 50% public voting and 50% decision by a panel of judges.

    1. Well TVB does picks seven nominees for the audience to vote…

      1. No I read that 7 TVB executives will determine the top 5 finalist 1 day before the award.

      2. Oh so 7 TVB executives pick top 5 and then the audiences votes for one winner?

      3. May I know who are the 7 top executives? :D. I only know 620 and Cat Tsang.

      4. IMO, the judges shouldn’t be TVB executives. The panel should make up of established veteran actors/actress, retired actors/actresses, reputable entertainment journalists, and renowned film directors. These people make up 50% of the scoring. The rest will be determined by public voting. That, in my view, will be a fair system. But I don’t forsee it happening.

      5. I know some: Yu something the newly join, 620, Cat Tsang, Tommy Leung, Tsang Tsing Ming and other two I don’t rmb but one is replaced Stephen Chan.

      6. established veteran actors/actress – They are still fighting for the award 🙂

        retired actors/actresses – They are bashing Txb =)), such as Felix

        reputable entertainment journalists – Lolz, there are not so many in HK :P. Meh, I don’t want to see Cha Siu Yan and her survey…

        renowned film directors – They are under the executives and still have to support the artists under each side :P.

        This band won’t work, I can tell you.

      7. Will this work?
        Veterans like Ha Yu and Louise Lee, who are not contesting any awards in that year.

        Not all exTVB artists are against it – eg Liew Kai Chi, Leung Kar Fai, Amy Kwok.

        Retirees like Wong Hang Sau, Owyeung Pui San, Angie Chiew.

      8. You might forget that Liew Kai Chi is with CTI :).

        Ha Yu and Louise Lee still can have name in the nomination list.

  33. I also hope Lf will win this year since he serves the longest in TVB as compare with Bosco, KM and Ron.. Yes, we cannot judge by seniority but come on, give the poor guy a chance LOL.. he’s always there in the ceremony but only won pork chop awards? Atleast give him something significant.. Honestly speaking Lf’s acting isn’t that bad, he’s way better than Ron and Bosco atleast.. as for KM, I like him because he has a puppy eyes and also a handsome face.. LF has a player face but he seems to very dedicated to his series (all of them).. from what I seen.

    1. ok wait, if Steven Ma is still around, I want him to win the most because I always thought he has been underrated by txb the most time….

      1. No offense but Steven Ma lack charisma and is textbook actor who often overshadowed by his costars. He’s like Moses and Tavia acts the same method in different dramas

    2. LF has a player face? Disagree! He maybe a true player but definitely carry an innocent face.

      1. He has a player face and is one in real life lol.. not slight of innocence in that face hahah.

      2. And Kenneth has a pervert face and is he one in real life?

      3. NAH,, Kenneth has a puppy face with hidden agenda, Lf and Bosco has the player faces and Ron has the worst face of all LOL.. a big pervert face.

        Moses has a fake innocent face.

      4. Puppy is the small dog? You mean Kenneth has the dog’s face?

      5. No, puppies are mostly cute and KM has a cute face but with hidden agenda which also mean he’s not that simple.

      6. no, kenneth is a dog who enjoy watching porns

      7. LMAO at those puppies. 😀

        I think Kenneth looks and acts pervy.

      8. No, I think MM supposed to be a horse (Ma), lolz. His face is quite long, too.

    1. LOL poor Ron.

      Kate looks gorgeous though. Michael Miu looks awesome too!
      Ma Ming looks like a statue.
      And Tavia looks 40!

      1. i know… Ron Ng is looking bad to worse w/o all his romantic negativities recently haha…Tavia looks weird in that get up and Kate was surprisingly pretty sexy in there. Michael Miu i always think hes the HOTTEST older among those 5 back then.

    2. Ron! Maybe too much late night parties.

      Tavia looks frail and old.

    3. What was Kate doing with her hands? It looks like she was hold an invisible object or generating an energy ball a la Dragon Ball.

    4. LOL, the snake goddess is trying hard to look seductive. Casting a spell with her hands?

  34. Kenneth Ma was candid with his professional viewpoint when he thought LF was going to win. Is it obvious that LF has both the music and TV exposure to bolster his popularity position thus enhancing his chances of winning? Even blind people can see that which runs contrary to Nicole’s comment about KM having “小家子氣”.

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    Stillwater , Oklahoma . This is without a doubt the best video that has
    come out and apparently 6 Million others think so too because there have
    been 6 million hits in 4 days. Please watch it again and again and send
    it on to others. I believe the pendulum has started to swing so let’s
    keep it going.

    *This is very well done.*

  35. Since ppl are complaining, can anyone actually define the term “best actor”? Can anyone actually say wat level is that?

  36. If Raymond gets to be TV King then OMG. Its sooooo unfair!!!

    Michael Tse’s Laughing Gor/Sir is WAY BETTER than Raymond’s Happy Sir…..

      1. I meant how can Laughing Gor not win for his year. But Happy Sir is going to win….. like seriously…..

        Raymond cannot act. He’s like a piece of cardboard cutout…. :/

      2. :O Are you serious? If he is a piece of cardboard cutout and no facial expression then I guess at least half of Txb are cardboards.

    1. Really? I disagree! I prefer LF’s Happy Sir. Michael’s Laughing Sir was so annoying, I couldnt stand his character. Bosco’s Bai Co outshined him in LOO.

      1. I think at least Michael Tse can act.
        Raymond is horrible :/ he has no facial expressions…. 😐

        I also hate his “niiiiceee” OMG…….. *puke*

      2. What is so great about Michael Tze and LF? Not versatile and most of the time have same expressions. I think Bosco is quite talented as he have taken different roles and found him convincing. Guess he needs a really breakthrough role like Wayne.

      3. @Ray: To say Michael Tse is not versatile is showing plain ignorance of the number of different roles he has pulled off successfully in his career as judged by most audience.

  37. Bosco or LF for the best actor and Linda for the best actress.

    1. bosco for the best actor,LF for best suppoting actor and michelle yim for best actress.

      1. LF must have supporting role to be nominated in best supporting category.

      2. LF is supporting role in High and Low,but btw has someone seen episode 11? its masterly,best epi thus far.

      3. Nope, if his,screentime in HAL is supporting then Kate will be more of supporting. Share the lead is more correct. He dun have less screentime than Sam gor.

        I find eps 11 is good but a bit draggy at why Chuen gor commited the crime. Faster will be better.

  38. i’m a ray fan, but not sure if i would be voting for him this year. actually, i’ve never voted for him since even though we’ve been allowed to vote on tvb.com for years. although i like ray’s happy sir, not sure if it’s enough to deserve best actor this year.

  39. I never care LF much anyway but in the new investigation series w/michael miu, i always thought he looks matured a bit compared to his other works.

  40. Let have our own Best Actor/Actress here on Jayne ^O^ so we at least feel yah!!

    Best Actress: Michelle Yim, Sheren Yang, Maggie Shiu, Yoyo Mung, –anymore ??

    Best Actor: Wayne Lai, Michael Tse, Ruco Chan, Bobby Au-Yeung, Frankie Lam (idk what happen to him 🙁 ), Bosco, Aaron Kwok, Chris Lai

    Best Improve actor/actress???

  41. I’m amazed at some of the comments here. ‘The Confidante’ is not even aired yet, no one has seen Wayne’s and Michelle’s performance, but, some people are saying that Wayne and Michelle should win.

    1. Not the first time. Even TVB seems to think so, by placing the names as contender even before series is broadcast? It is about reputation and frankly I don’t think Michelle is that great, by reputation.

  42. Kenneth is also well-liked by his colleagues too. I hope he won’t be jealous of Raymond’s fanbase. Too me Kenneth is a humble actor in most of his past interview.

    This interview he just said the truth. Either way, some audiences will say the award is rigged by the votes from the audiences or the decision from TVB executives.

    1. More like ‘Chest and Abs’ instead of ‘Young and Dangerous’. The poster looks g-y.

    2. Awful poster. Looks like

      “The porn version” or perhaps “The chippendale version” or even “Brokeback Mountain” version. I believe this version will be rubbish.

      1. Them posing with the bare chest and abs also look like overaged Kpop boy groups.

  43. I think it’s ironic and strange if Ray wins this year. I don’t even remember him attending the awards ceremonies in the past 2 years??? There’s TVB’s strange world for you.

    1. In 2010 he went to the award ceremony and won 2 awards: tvb.com and most favourite character.

      In 2011 he said he had songs to record so dun go.

      Ironic and strange? Why? Because he didn’t go to the award last year?

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