Wayne Lai, Kevin Cheng, and Moses Chan in Exciting TV King Race

Following the technical failure of the living voting system during the 2012 Miss Hong Kong pageant, TVB is attempting the same voting format for the TVB Anniversary TV King and Queen awards. The award show will be postponed to December 17, after airing of the two Anniversary series, The Confidant <大太監> and Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族>. Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Michelle Yim (米雪) from The Confidant are both favorites for the TV King and Queen titles.

Each year, the TVB Anniversary Awards are fierce in competition and this year, it is not any different. At the 2013 TVB calendar shoot earlier this week, the potential nominees for TVB King, Wayne Lai, Moses Chan (陳豪), and Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) spoke about the chances of winning this year.

To make the award a fair contest, the final episodes of Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles (40 episodes) and The Confidant (30 episodes) and will air on December 14 and 16 respectively. This is the main reason why the award show is postponed to Dec 17.

The current favorites for TV King this year are Moses Chan and Kevin Cheng. Moses’ Master of Play <心戰> suffered mediocre ratings, but his portrayal of a serial murderer received praise. He has many series aired this year, one after another, therefore contributing to his steady popularity.

Kevin’s portrayal of “Law Ba” in Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭> earned him the title of TV king last year, and he is currently making a large amount of money filming TV series in the mainland. His performance in Gloves Come Off <拳王> and Ghetto Justice 2 are consistent as well, maintaining his popularity with the audience.

The postponement of this year award’s ceremony to December 17 will benefit artists from The Confidant.  Wayne’s portrayal of Li Lianying will be prominent and the show will remain fresh in the viewers’ minds when they vote. Perhaps reflecting the importance of the three TV Kings, they were were featured in the 2013 calendar shoot with Myolie Wu (胡杏兒 ) for the month of November.

Moses: “Opportunity to Perform is the Most Important”

Moses Chan feels the opportunity to act in different roles beats winning any awards. He also thinks that postponing the awards show is a good idea. “Having the award after the finales of the two Anniversary series is a great way to give equal chances for everyone. It will give the viewers a chance to complete the series before making the decision to vote.”

Regarding incorporating audience votes towards the TVB Anniversary Awards outcome, Moses said the viewers will naturally vote for their favorites, and he has no problem with it. ” To be honest, winning is not everything, and I already had my award. I would like to try out different roles. This year, in Master of Play, The Last Steep Ascent <天梯>, and When Heaven Burns <天與地>, my characters vary from one dimension to other; I am already very satisfied with what I have.”

Kevin Cheng: “Main Goal is to Participate and Celebrate the Event”

Kevin Cheng is currently shooting mainland Chinese drama, Ip Man <葉問> in China, and spending just one day in Hong Kong to be in the TVB calendar shoot. When asked about the three favorites to win the TV King award, Kevin said he only spent twenty days in Hong Kong this year, and felt that he already did his part by becoming nominated. Kevin said, “I am here to participate and celebrate the event with all my colleagues.”

Kevin is postponing his mandarin album due to heavy workload. After Ip Man, he will in Beijing shooting the sequel to Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心>, reuniting with cast members, Nicky Wu (吳奇隆) and Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩). As the highest paid TVB artist, Kevin was asked if money is more important than winning awards. Kevin said, “You can’t really say that, I am just working for my future finance. After filming Ip Man, I will immediately start filming Bu Bu Jing Xin 2, but I will try to arrange my schedule around the award ceremony.”

Wayne: “The More Competitors, the Better”

Wayne Lai seems to benefit the most from the postponement of the award ceremony. Wayne said, “Voting after the series finales seems to be fairer to everyone, but it’s hard to say whether I will benefit from it. Those who enjoy my shows might not go online to vote, but I feel that the award show should be happy and festive.”

As for winning another TV King award, Wayne said he is in the same situation as Moses and Kevin, as they also won the TV king titles in past years. He said, “Winning again is like icing on the cake.”

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    1. never understood the hype with on call. kenneth was good but he didn’t blow me away with his performance. his role in the three kingdoms was so exaggerated too. i did love his villain role in tiger cubs though

      1. Same. I couldn’t finish “On Call” it was too draggy and boring (to me) so I gave up. Don’t even mention “3Kingdom” but I do like the theme-song by Raymond! =)))

      2. I have to agree with both of you guys. Kenneth did a decent job in on call, nothing too special.I like his role in A Fistful of Stances more.

      3. Yeah he’s role in tiger cubs was good, he does well in guest star roles. Remember the other truth, he was really good in that as well.

      4. The hype was kinda exaggerated by some promotions, too. MM waited few years to be promoted and now he is having it. But I think I like him back then more than now.

        I don’t watch THC to judge the praises, but his acting in both Tiger Cubs and 3K are so-so to me.

    2. Didnt like Kenneth in 3 kingdoms, then again with such a lousy script no one is given a chance!
      I do like Kenneth is baddie roles- he looks dangerously handsome!!!!!

  1. Kevin > Wayne > Moses.

    Though GJ2 wasn’t as hot as the first one, still hope Kevin gets it.

    and YESSSSS to BBJX2!!! So excited. Hopefully KC gets his girl this time, not Liu ShiShi cause she belongs to Nicky Wu (:

    1. I see fans posting not to get too excited about Nicky because he has yet to confirm whether he will be in the sequel. The reporters added Nicky’s name in this news article not Kevin.

    2. I think I’m one of the few people who liked Liu Shi Shi with NW in the drama but with KC IRL. I can see that extending into a modern setting especially if NW does not sign onto the sequel. Maybe NW’s reticence is a sign that the sequel will not live up to expectations.

      1. It was rumoured before that both Kevin and Nicky will not be in BBJX-2 and that only Lin KengXin (14th Prince) will be. That caused a lot of netizens’ debate and fans were ready to boycott if KC nd NW were not cast. But I think the Producers are smart enough to catch wind of it. Anyhow, that’s one good news about KC in it but I’ve a feeling NW will be confirmed as well (perhaps last minute of negotiating for the right $$$).

        I hope BBJX-2 will have a favourable ending, at least with LSS who truly loved NW (and note that she’s the only one who knows who’s who even though KC, NW or LKX are now different people).

      2. jasmine7, you’re probably right that Nicky is holding out for more money. I don’t know, sometimes I feel like I’m the only person on earth who doesn’t find him physically attractive. His face is very average to me and not at all what Chinese people usually find to be classically good looking. But I guess charm and charisma really can take you a long way in the industry.

      3. Lee: You’re not the only one out there. I also don’t find Nicky to be all that.

      4. Lee & Gar, you’re both right. Nicky’s face is quite average looking (and in comparison to his younger days, I find his nose shape bigger than before). But then again, he does ooze some sex appeal in certain photo shoots and, like Kevin Cheng (about same age), their bodies are to die for. But that is only the physical side of things and a person’s personality, how they conduct themselves, all these are what people find attractive. Another obvious example is Moses Chan…does he look handsome to you?? Definitely not but he’s charming and he works around that…(I actually find MC irritating).

  2. Raymond Lam will win for sure if there is a live voting system considering his fanbase, the other male nominees have no chance.

    1. RL hasn’t got much series on air for 2012 and if he wins, it will be unfair because his votes are from ‘music base’, not his acting ability. TVB pushed voting date back to allow final airing of those 2 series, particularly part biase because of Wayne Lai’s The Confidant. I do not mind Michelle Yim winning cause she’s a real veteran and deserves it (but my feeling is that younger voters might go for people like Tavia, Linda, Kate, etc).

      Kevin deserves to win a second year because he has put in the effort for different characters. Moses was almost ‘inactive’ for 2011 and 2012 sees him everywhere (especially since his hookup with Aimee) but I still find him ‘stiff’.

      1. Oh I really rmb that when LF has just started with singing and won the Best newcomer, many ppl said it’s unfair because his fans from TV show voted and he dun have music fans. Now ppl say he will win because of his music fans not for his acting. Lolz.

        The number of series isn’t a matter to win, rite? If you consider the acting ability, you won’t consider the number of series but the acting ability.

      2. LF and his performance in HAL should be enough to give him the awards if he do it good. But yeah he also has a biiiiiig fan base, lucky guy. I bet that a lot of artists admire him for that lol

      3. Having less drama and managing to win is better than having many dramas and winning. Having more dramas is unfair cus they have more chances to have better roles

        Btw i dun like moses and he can not act

      4. That’s what I feel about Moses. Same expressions all over and very textbook acting.

    2. The live voting system is applied, and if LF dun win, we know Txb has a hand in, lolz.

      1. Edit: I mean the live voting system One man one vote is confirmed to apply*

  3. ^^I personally prefer Raymond over Kenneth, hihi. I’m obsessed with him after Highs & Lows, don’t ask me why. Can’t wait to see his love story with Kate! (Off-topic, sorry)

    1. I agree with you 🙂 I’m trying to support LF as much as I can; I live in The Netherlands, I don’t go to Hong Kong very often. 🙁 I .<

      1. I love watching Highs and Lows too with LF and others in it, but I really don’t like Kate Tsui (she is so arrogant, she won’t take pics when you aren’t a fan, while other TVB stars would do like Bosco Wong and many more!)

      2. what are you talking about? my friend met kate last year at the airport, and she gracefully took a picture with her despite saying that she “doesn’t look” pretty.

        for the record, my friend was waiting for raymond (lol) and she told kate that from the get go.

      3. “she is so arrogant, she won’t take pics when you aren’t a fan, while other TVB stars would do like Bosco Wong and many more!)”

        Fox would disagree on Bosco Wong’s part. Lol.

      4. she is so arrogant, she won’t take pics when you aren’t a fan, while other TVB stars would do like Bosco Wong and many more!

        I’m a witness and I met both last year in LOO function. Kate happily and friendly agreed to take picture with me – a stranger to her and even not wore the uniform of her FC while Bosco denied me by waving his hand.

      5. Maybe Bosco was in a bad mood that time, artist is also a human.. lol.

      6. For real Fox?:s because my friend met Bosco once, and she isn’t a fan either, but he smiled and was really nice towards her. Bosco’s moods must really go up and down lol

      7. Your friend must be very pretty? because Bosco only attrract to pretty girls with good bodies only haha. J.kidding.

      8. lol Veejay I would have been so sad if that was true. Because I don’t want My idol to be a big arrogant person haha:P

      9. Arrogant, Not sure but he is definitely a big flirt that caused Myolie to leave a man who she had spent together for 8 years LOL..

      10. Not sure whether Kate and Bosco are arrogant in real life, but I’m very SURE that Kevin is really arrogant in real life.

      11. I told it once. He was with his fans – the HK fans he knew and when I came, introduced myself as a fan, he moved his hand gesture to tell me to go away. A member in his FC there told me that he only took pix with fans he knew.

        On the other hand, Kate happily took pix with me and my friends, although only one among us is her fan and her FC member told her that I only did the translation work for my friend the fan (she dun noe Eng or Cantonese). So Kate didn’t know I’m a fan or not (at this moment I’m not really a fan but after that I started to like her a lot). The same day, we saw Kate again after LF’s concert and she still happily welcomed us again, even that I wore LF FC’s uniform. I blv Kate dun mind fans or not. She is just friendly.

        To mention, Linda is also quite nice. When I saw her, I asked her signature for my friend and she did it friendly. She also said “bye” to me. LF is always nice to me whenever I met him. Ron is quite ok, but I guess it’s up to his mood. Micheal Tse aka Laughing Gor is friendly, cute and talkative. A bunch of LF’s fans saw him and asked him about LF, but he still smiled and answered them friendly. Raymond Wong was a bit weird and not really friendly, but better than KC who avoided the fans and went directly to his car. Derek Kwok, Oscar Chan are the friendly guys. Fala is nice. Myolie is nice, too. Wong Cho Lam were a bit cold? But Vincy Chan + Joel Chan were cute.

        The worst encounter was the one with an actress I don’t want to mention name. After that I also heard from one of my frds in Shanghai that she is always arrogant like this to the fans she didn’t know or not going to her directly but to someone else before her. Another frd of mine said that her face turned black immediately when seeing my frd gave Linda a bigger present than her. Lolz, so if I have time to go to the Txb anni this year, I’ll definitely ignore her. And maybe Bosco, too as he dun want me to greet him.

      12. My friend and I asked Kate for a photo but she only looked at us and ignored while her manager said no.. Yep, not a fan anymore.

        LF was nice. He specifically asked us if we wanted a photo and stuff signed. 😀

      13. I have two friends who met Kate at different times. One said she’s arrogant while one said she’s happy and cheerful friendly. Mixed reaction here.

      14. My friend and I asked Kate for a photo but she only looked at us and ignored while her manager said no..

        Her manager is also LF’s, so LF signed for you even his manager said no?

      15. Oh idk who she is! Im just assuming it is her manager! But it was some girl next to her.

      16. I think artistes like us have mood swings, and they may be super tired, if they have irregular working hours. Especially if you are asking to take a picture, they may think they look haggard or not their best thus they may reject. However, I’ve met Kate on one occasion and she seems very friendly and cheerful, even though I didn’t like her before, but I do like her personality off screen!

      17. Fox,

        There are too many people that are nice in your comment. I don’t think they are in fact nice (I don’t mean they are bad either). It’s just that I think they just think taking pic and signing autograph are just a part of their job. Or maybe they just don’t care at all taking pic and singing autograph since it’s not a hard thing to do (it’s not that they will lose some meat of their body if they take pic and sign autograph). What I mean is that they might or mightn’t be nice in real life just because they are willing to take pic and sign autograph. However, those who aren’t willing to take pic or sign autograph are in fact bad because for one thing, they are artists, and for another, these are just small things to do (it’s not that we want them to give all their money to us).

        By the way, which Raymond Wong you meant? Wong Ho-yin?

        Yes, Kevin is really bad in real life. I already knew because I encountered him before (not the avoiding-the-fans-and-walked-directly-to-his-car incident) and found out that he is really a bad guy to be honest.

        Who is the actress? Please tell us! Is it Tavia since she is the only one that you didn’t mention out of five fadans (Fala, Linda, Kate, Myolie)? It should be someone that is famous right now since you mentioned TVB anniversary?

      18. I don’t say they are genuinely nice in heart or not, I said that they are nice to fans, lolz. I basically listed the Txb ones I’ve met and my experiences with them. I’m not their friends or family members so I don’t care they are genuinely nice or not, just that the responsibily of an artist is good treatment to fans in my opinion. I don’t like whoever fail to do such thing, to me.

        You are rite that we are paying for them, directly or indirectly, so I can’t like who even can’t treat the fans well.

        Yup, Raymond Wong Ho Yin.

        Oh, I forgot to mention, Michelle Yim is also nice :). I heard that Sheren is also nice but I haven’t met her before. To think back, I met quite a lot of Txb artists. Most of them are from not bad to nice. Hehe, so some exceptions aren’t a matter. I’ve met some Korean stars too and most of them gave me the feeling of my bad encounter with a Txb actress. So I don’t want to see Korean stars anymore.

      19. Fox,

        You haven’t answered me who is the actress? =.=”

        And of course, those who work in Asian entertainment industry have to pretend to be nice or at least to be not too bad. Nobody can survive in Asian entertainment industry if their true colors come out.

      20. Fox,

        By the way, you MUST tell me who is the actress. I mean, seriously. otherwise, I can’t sleep this whole night.

      21. @LOP

        I’m curious about KC’s encounter with you. No story?

      22. I think the actress is an actress Fox can’t name here. LOL

      23. vivien,

        Why can’t name here? -.-‘ I thought there is freedom of speech, especially in the internet where everyone can say anything because no people will know who they are?

      24. I just give my opinion that’s all.

        Kate is as arrogant as she can. When I was in HK, I went to a promotion of ‘Lives Of Omssion’. I went after the TVB stars to the parking lot. I could take pics with MC Jin, Candy Yuen, even Michael Tse and Bosco Wong (they were about leaving…also a lot of fans said they as fansgroup haved to be first to take pics with him…but those two TVB stars didn’t mind that I took a pic first)

        Before I saw Bosco Wong, I saw Kate Tsui. When I asked if I could take a picture with her, she said that her fansgroup should be first while I was talking so close to her. Then, my sister ‘yelled’: I see handsome guy Bosco Wong, so I was like whatever Kate Tsui I actually didn’t like you. We went to Bosco Wong, we were trying to get a pic with him. Some of them said that fansgroup should take pics with him first, but he didn’t mind at all. My sister took a pic with him first, when he almost had to leave I asked if I could take a pic with him and he said you’re the last one. I was so happy an he was so nice (it was not a really good pic afterall, but I didn’t really mind at all)!! <3<3

        About Kevin, I can tell you all he isn't arrogant. He came to The Netherlands with Yoyo Mung for the Miss Chinese European in 2008. When they came to a Chinese restaurant for a promotion of the channel TVB, he was very nice and he made some jokes with us. When they had to leave at the airport, he talked with us and took pics with us.

      25. I also came in the newspapers and magazines with my sister because of Laughing Gor, we didn’t prepare for that (we only touched him on his shoulders…I was ‘laying’ on his back…while taking pic for the photographers). We found it very normal hahaha! 😀 <3

      26. LOP,

        “Who is the actress? Please tell us! Is it Tavia since she is the only one that you didn’t mention out of five fadans (Fala, Linda, Kate, Myolie)?”

        Yes, it is Tavia! She is the one!!!

    2. I met Bosco, Kevin, Moses and Ron before as they were having a concert together. Bosco and Moses were very friendly while Ron and Kevin were more cold and Kevin gave me a really cold stare that gave me chills, cause I didn’t take the poster away after he signed. Ron didn’t even look up.
      I want to meet Raymond the most and after reading the comments here makes me want to see him more.

      1. i had a positive experience meeting lf! granted it was an open function where he was meeting with fans, so of course he needed to act diplomatically. he was selling his debut cd in a little cd shop. we had a 10 second conversation which i will always remember (nothing personal unfortunately. there was a misunderstanding about the remaining stock of his cds). when i asked my friend to take a photo of us (which his fan club members asked us not to do to reduce queuing time), he leaned over the counter so he was closer to me in the pic. so in spite of all his negative news with those busty bimbos, i will always have a soft spot for him and will continue to buy all his cds. the only thing that will deter me is if i met him another time and he turned out to be a ^&%$.

  4. As I’ve pointed out in the past, this years awards are indeed being pushed back because of both anniversary series ending after the usual first Sunday of December.

    As it seems right now TVB is going for live voting. If that is the case, I don’t think it will benefit the younger actors as much as people claim. It’s not likely younger fans will be home watching the show live so they might not actually play a big part in the vote. Older audiences make up most of TVB’s audience and will definitely be watching live so that makes this voting system a toss up between several people.

    1. I do think the Internet is an inherently young-skewing platform, but I think the result and whether the system will favour younger or older artistes will depend on the details of how exactly TVB implements the voting.

      I didn’t really follow the Miss Hong Kong pageant this year — what exactly was the live voting system like and how long was the voting period?

  5. Raymond Lam and Kevin Cheng are both okay though their individual star appeal relates more to being pretty boys. Considering acting skills, I believe it’s a fight between Wayne Lai and Moses Chan. Though I don’t like Moses so much nowadays I have to admit his acting has improved trememdously. As for Kenneth Ma, his role in Tiger Cups was impressive but we need to see more of such performance from him, in the way Wayne Lai has repetitively demonstrated and Moses has now achieved.

    1. No offense but I don’t see the greatness of Moses acting. He’s nowhere near Wayne.

      1. and none taken – I do agree Wayne has terrific acting talents but Moses in his more recent performaces have imporved greatly, certainly better than handsome boys Raymond or Kelvin

      2. Moses’ acting is better than LF and Kevin? Hilarious.

      3. LOL…I second you simplitee. Moses is definitely behind LF and Kevin IMO.

      4. I used to like Moses and his acting. The role I like most is the one in Love Bond but his acting recently seems unnatural and exaggerating, like in YSSS and CBML. Maybe he was also unnatural in LB but I was so in love with the character that I didn’t notice. After Bernice incident and all the promoting with Aimee, I really dislike him now and he looks like he aged a lot.

  6. If it’s live voting Raymond has great chance because his huge fanbase will surely push it. These younger fans maybe not watching live but they’re well aware of anything involving their idols. Besides HAL is also newly aired so it’s still in audiences mind.

    1. i think Raymond has a high chance as well just like last year.. kevin won because he was to popular after his LA role

  7. Is Kenneth Ma not worthy of this title? :/ He’s been working very hard over the years; i thought his breakthrough year was this. But whatever it is I will support him 🙂

    1. After LF, I also would choose Kenneth Ma. I agree he worked had these years…

  8. I have only watch 1 episode of TLSA, so, can’t judge Moses’ acting in it. But, Moses was great in ‘Master of Play’. I think if he wins this year, it will be a more deserving award than the one he won for Dak Dak Dei.

    1. I don’t think Moses is great in MOP. He only has textbook acting from the scenes I saw. Adam Cheng however was great and has more influential acting.

  9. I think Kenneth Ma has a greater chance than all three.

  10. I think Moses’s chance to win is kinda low this year in fact. He has no high rating series on hand it’s a factor for the victory.

    1. moses chan does not have a chance its just the media that likes him.. and his fan base it no where near LF and hes not one of 620 favourites

      1. Wrong through.

        1. Moses is always under 620’s fave.

        2. Moses isn’t close to Stephen Chan.

        3. Stephen Chan left Txb already.

      2. Yes pretty sure Moses is a top favourite from the executives.

      3. i thought he wasnt anymore cos i read from something saying he made 620 very upset when he said opening hes coffee shop was more important then acting and gf and u cant be a actor for ever

      4. LOL no it was the producer who was upset. If 620 upset Moses won’t have that many opportunities that we see him got now.

  11. Moving the awards to accomodate The COnfidant suggests to me TVB is confident in this series. My feeling is as my fear for Kenneth is he will be long forgotten when December comes. A repeat of the series (and all series broadcast earlier) would be fairest.

    1. Kenneth is a main player in SSSS which is another anniversary series TVB is holding up.

      1. That Funn, means your Kenneth won’t be forgotten. After all had 4 series in total aired throughout this year.

      2. ron is planning on leaving tvb when hes contract expires thats one of the reason tvb stopped promoting him just one of the reasons

      3. Big possibility Ron is leaving TVB and going to mainland. See how 620 treat two latest scandals?

        RonToby scandal: 620 dont care
        TYHimhim scandal: Press conference! Sue! PR! PR! PR!

      4. But in TITS2 Ron pair with No1 TVB fadan Myolie. That means he’s not demoted. I’m confused now. Is Ron really leaving TVB for better ground in mainland?

      5. But mainland will give Ron more money and more freedom. I think he will really leave.

      6. But in China, Ron’s popularity isn’t that high? His Mando is also a problem.

      7. Yah his Mando is still bad. Other TVB artists improve their Mando when go to mainland but not Ron LOL.

        I don’t know how popular he is but at times he will shot up to top 10 weibo search together with Viann and because of Viann. Does that imply he’s famous enough?

      8. But lately his name no more in regular top 50s LOL. Not many TVB people. KC is the highest. LF is not bad too sometimes when I search LF I will look at the search ranking. Another regular is Bosco. Rarely see others. Actresses rarely get regular top 40s-50s although I saw TY and Myolie’s search up when their scandals at the peak.

      9. A matter that LF dun have a weibo :P, so can’t track his follow number.

    2. @Funn,

      Despite how much I like KM in most of his series, i’ve a feeling that it might be LF’s time to win the best actor this year because Txb is known for giving awards to those who has the longest serving as Lead role than those who got promoted recently. Lf is like KM senior right? I mean Lf has been around longer than KM..

      1. LF was from 13rd acting class, MM from 14th acting class. MM started to act from end of 2000 to beginning of 2001 and LF from 1998. So LF is really MM’s senior.

      2. @Fox,

        thanks for the confirmation LOL. Do u also think LF will win this round?

      3. I don’t think but I hope, because it can complete his career with Txb. If he dun renew his contract 3 years later, he’ll only has 4 more series with Txb. So winning this year can be the good timing and end of the road before he can go to approach more out of Txb.

        I said, if it’s One man one vote for true without the involvement of Txb to the voting system, I have no doubt that LF will win. But Txb we know, always put a hand in the poll so the result can be out of our expectation as I haven’t seen Txb with too much efforts and hope to give LF this Best actor award. I guess they want to use it as a carrot in front of his nose, lolz. So it won’t be a surprise to me if MM win this year because he is very heavily promoted. But I will happy if the victory of MM is the reason for LF to leave Txb soon.

      4. So u want LF to venture out of Txb? but he’s already pretty popular in the Mainland, in Music Industry too and also Movies. Actually I have a feeling that LF cares much of the Txb Award thing since he got outside opportunities, but KM, he can’t sing, he’s not given chance to be in Movies yet.. and he only can rely on Txb to win an award.. so chances are Txb might give it to KM and give LF some pork chop award in compensation..

      5. Yup, I also think that he dun care too much for the Txb award, but it’s still an insult to him to see a junior win it over him although he isn’t any better than LF (I’m not saying from the fans’ aspect so it’s pointless for anyone to argue with me that anyone think MM is better than LF, I said it from the view that LF can view).

        However, I’m kind fed up with every year, LF’s name is brought out for Txb award and then the winner is someone else. It’s like he needs this award a lot but never can’t win. So just win it to end these things.

        For MM, he will stay with Txb long, so why don’t give him some pork chop award and give him the Best one later. He can’t go so he can wait, lolz.

      6. I have no doubt that Txb will still promote MM heavily because they dun have anyone else to promote among the “young” (oh well, they are not young btw) siu sangs. LF and Bosco are half leaving Txb, Ron… uhm…

      7. I feel the award should be given to most deserving and not longest serving. If longest serving, shouldn’t Jess be first in line? Or even Michelle Yim? For men, shouldn’t it be those veterans?

        Give it to the most deserving. Did LF give a memorable performance in one particular series this year? And was his memorable performance so much better than all other nominees? If yes give it to him. If not, just because he is a veteran, I am sure LF doesn’t want pity votes.

      8. So far I really like him in HAL. Finally a decent Txb role for him, not the type of roles in LKH series that Txb assigned to him.

        And HAL is the current series that I like the best in 2012. It’s intense and nice work of everything – from the plot to the acting to the fresh cast. Well investment for the cops’ means as well.

      9. Kenneth has many series and one of them is also the anniversary series, TVB is trying to give him a shot to a contender too since his peers have managed to put up this BA fight already but not Kenneth yet until this year comes. I don’t count Ron.

  12. Big fan of Raymond Lam but am I the only one who feel like he’s acting has not gone anywhere these past few years? I mean TVB sure does give him alot of opportunities I was always thinking his time was couple years ago if he were to win but he didn’t. I actually like his acting but I think this year should go to KM. Was never a fan of KM I mean did not mind him but didn’t love him either. Things have sure change… Jumped on the KM bandwagon after THC and I think he was great in Tigers Club too!! KM for best actor who is with me? 🙂

    1. He’s like from opera to better to chok to a bit less chok to back to chok.

      I like him when he was in the better stage.

    2. I’m with you Anon. Shameless Ray fan but feel like he’s “peaked” acting-wise. I also think he should have won something years back when he was at his height of popularity as an actor. Tired of all the chok-ing meta jokes they do in TVB series and also tired of Ray’s rather decent but bland singing. I wish he would just re-focus on his acting instead!

      1. I thought you like Linda’s singing?

        He didn’t win years back then due to the reason that Txb didn’t want him to win. So I think not only fans but he himself feels tired of being in Txb series and then end up with nothing. That’s why he dun bother Txb much to find better chances out of Txb.

  13. Let me do the Yoda voice for the following answer to the following statement by Moses;

    “This year, in Master of Play, The Last Steep Ascent , and When Heaven Burns , my characters vary from one dimension to other; I am already very satisfied with what I have.””

    Different characters, they may be, but the same is, for all the acting performance by Moses.

    1. Well said Funn. Different characters but same Moses textbook style. He’s turning boring like Steven Ma and Tavia. All textbook style.

  14. Interesting news for anyone who like to know how many % of LF will win:


    With answer like this, look like he won’t bother to go to the anni and the award again.

    1. Fox! How dare you post something up without translations! 🙁

      1. Basically, he said he’ll go to China to film Purple hairpin in Oct and it took him 2 months to finish. Then he’ll prepare for his concert. The filming is happened during the Anni and Award time, so when he was asked if he’ll go or not, he said he isn’t sure, only wants to complete his series and concert well. However if having award, he also wanted to receive it himself. He also joked that if he dun go, he dun noe if his chance to win become bubble or not.

        That’s why I said he wouldn’t bother to go for the anni and the award, like last year’s award nite.

      2. His statement is like that: Txb gives me an award, I’ll go. If not, I won’t go there to clap for you and your rating. I have other things to do.

      3. Cool. Now we can predict if he’ll win or not through his attendance (like last time) and we can see that he doesn’t really care about the award. It’s like peanuts to him 😛

        I think it’s good though.. why waste your time sitting there clapping when you can spend more time on your other works?!

      4. Although i do like watching him during Anni shows because he always dresses like .. you know what i’m talking about Fox 😉 Hahaha.

      5. If LF dun go, it means Txb will give him the 4th Asia-Pacific, lolz.

  15. If pick either one of the 3, i would go for Wayne Lai one more time best actor.

  16. If the live voting system is in place, then the award is not based on the artists acting but based on the # of their fans. This is very unfair!!!

  17. So… it’s confirmed that they will do audience voting? Do we know yet whether audience votes will account for 100% of the result or is it just a certain percentage?

    I still don’t like the idea of turning the Best Actor/Actress award into a popularity contest, but as someone who likes to follow showbiz and celebrity news, I can’t wait to see what drama awaits. Will there be yet another technical failure? What sort of accusations will be flung at TVB then? Who will accuse who of stuffing the ballot box?

  18. i want roger kwok to win again but roger need a good role to help he win the award again not those silly comdies hes been getting

  19. If the voting was for pure acting ability, Wayne Lai wins hands-down. A distant second would be Kenneth Ma. Wayne assumes either the good guy, bad guy roles effortlessly with numerous facial expressions and believable behaviors. Rarely do you see the other front runners Lam Fung, or Moses (except in MOP) play the bad guy especially with challenging roles. If viewers are voting on looks & popularity as well, that is a different story.

    1. is good acting based on facial expression i thought is was based on how well u perform ur own in a series cos if its just facial expression i havent notice kenneth ma with many facial expression at all but he does play we roles quite well

      1. I also wrote believable behaviors…which best fits Wayne and the different roles he personifies.

  20. Bosco I cheer for Bosco lol. Even that I Know he won’t win against those actors, but top 10 would be great too:p

  21. oh poor Ma Ming…really hope he has a chance of getting the award.

  22. KM may be featured in more series this year but we’re talking acting/performance. He seems quite text book, a little like Moses and I sometimes find his facial expressions (that stupid look) ‘annoying’ and his voice is not helping either. Sorry. If he wins, I reckon it’s more sympathy votes.

    If tvb wants Wayne to win with just one series, I think it’s a little unfair.

    1. “If tvb wants Wayne to win with just one series, I think it’s a little unfair.”

      I don’t see what the problem is. The person with the very best performance should win, regardless of his exposure rate that year.

      Besides, it’s not true that Wayne has only one series this year. King Maker just finished airing.

  23. Top 5 for TVB King revealed by HK media:
    Lam Fung
    Kenneth Ma

    Somehow feel sorry for Bosco. He did a very well Hui Sir but was neglected by TVB this year.

    I hope Lam Fung can win. I haven’t watched HAL but I think it’s time for a younger one to win but I don’t think Kenneth Ma is ready. So I support Lam Fung.

    1. As a matter of fact, this is quite a plausible list in TVB’s mind. 4 out of the 5 TVB King nominees are involved in all four dramas to be featured in an upcoming TVB anniversary event shortly. I think it was the lightning event or something.

    2. The Four feature TVB serials:
      1. The Last Steep Ascent(Moses)
      2. Highs and Lows(Lam Fung)
      3. Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles(Kenneth Ma)
      4. The Confidant(Wayne)
      5. Defending TVB King Champion(Kevin)

      1. this isnt offical yet cos it can change like what happen last year

  24. I’m rooting for LF too!

    How about we drop Moses from the list and add Bosco instead? His character from WI is so much better than all of Moses’ combined.

    1. Is this list official? But I agree too it’s odd that Bosco isn’t in the list given his popularity in WI. I don’t recall any Moses performance any special this year. Always textbook Moses.

      Is there a female list?

      1. There are many lol here now. I remember I was the only one back then.

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