TVB Has Confidence to Manage TV King and Queen Live Voting System

TVB’s earlier live voting failure at the 2012 Miss Hong Kong pageant was heavily ridiculed.  The company’s technical failure made Hong Kong citizens feel robbed of their votes, with the crowning of Carat Cheung (張名雅) which was heavily contested. Vowing to correct its technical issues, TVB hopes that this will enable the public to vote for this year’s TV King and Queen.

TVB General Manager, SK Cheong (鄭善強) stated that the full audit report of the server crash during the Miss Hong Kong pageant is now available. Next week, there will be an explanation as to what led to the voting failure and whether any parties will be held responsible.

Realizing that audiences are excited by the one-person-one-vote system, TVB will consider using this system to select the winners of the TVB Anniversary Awards.  Mr. Cheong stated that the voting technicalities can be overcome and that TVB will have the ability to implement this voting process. However, the method in which this will be implemented has not been finalized yet.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Neither do I. It is okay for “Favourite Artistes Awards”, but not for Best Acting awards.

    1. I agree! It should only be for favorite artiste because there will be so many fans voting for their idols rather than the acting skills

    2. either way it won’t be a fair judgement. if it’s left to the judges, the winner will be pre-determined and not necessarily based on the artists performance and if it’s left for fans voting, they will obviously vote for their biases. no matter how you look at it, it’s biased.

      1. Do you think the Txb excutives are any less biased? I blv the fans are biased but they are more fair than the sole decision of the executives

    1. Jasmine7,
      Not sure what the voting rules will be, since TVB has not announced the voting rules yet.

      However, it may make the votes to determine the winners come only from Hong Kong, as the foremost priority is to induce greater ratings inside Hong Kong and achieve greater loyalty amidst next year’s TV wars.

  2. Ugh I do not approve of this method. It’s just turning into a popularity award! I don’t even feel like watching it anymore.

  3. When executive vote, people say it is rigged but when public vote, people say it becomes a popularity award. Well, i have no comment on this new voting system..

    1. I thought of the same thing too.

      Maybe the “one person per vote” should be for “My Favorite Artistes/ Characters”
      As for the TV King and Queen, I was thinking 50% of the vote from the executives and 50% from the audience???

      1. Note to you then its Chinese name when translating to English name is My most FAVOURITE actor/actress


  4. If it’s one-vote-per-person public voting system, it’d be equivalent to who has the largest fan base to win Best Actor and Best Actress Award.

    If so, congratulations to Myolie in advanced. Even if most people feel that her performance did not stand out in comparison to her last years performances, she’d probably still win again if tvb decides to make it entirely based on public voting. -.-

  5. Really do not like this idea. It basically turns the BA race into a popularity contest and Internet arms war between fanbases and it will have nothing to do with the actual acting performances. And it still won’t necessarily prevent TVB from rigging the awards and giving it to whoever they want anyway.

    From a bystander’s perspective it might be entertaining to watch the drama unfold, though. There will be viewers complaining about the deficiencies of TVB’s voting system, there will be tactical voting, accusations of vote-swapping and vote-buying, rival fanbases accusing each other of cheating at the poll, troublemakers trying to hack the poll… HK showbiz media will have a field day.

    1. From the beginning, it’s favourite award for years. Fave of Txb and now they try to make it seem to be Audience’s fave, but likely still Txb’s fave.

  6. Well, how abt Favorite Actor & Actress instead of Best Actor/Actress?

  7. I think the netizens should band together and prove to TVB that voting like this for “best actor/actress” is dumb. Most popular? Sure… but best actor/actress? No.

    So what everyone should do is vote for the most UNLIKELY person to win it, and make them win. What would TVB do then?

  8. If I can cast my votes, I will vote for Linda & Mandy. For man, I vote for Kenneth & Oscar

  9. I believe that this voting system will cash, if their favorite won’t win. And if it works then I welcome LF as the winner already now.

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