Winners List for 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards Leaked!

Kevin Cheng to Win Best Actor; Myolie Wu to Win Best Actress

As in the past, the TVB Anniversary Awards resulted in a fierce competition among the artists vying for the awards. According to reliable sources, the award results have finalized. “Laughing Sir” Michael Tse (謝天華) could not beat “rogue lawyer Law Ba” Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎). Michael will only receive the My Favorite Male Character Award while Kevin will receive the Best Actor Award. Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) will kick aside Fala Chen (陳法拉) to win the Best Actress Award. Fala will win the My Favorite Female Character Award instead.

The TVB Anniversary Awards will be held on December 5, 2011. The major awards will be a fight between TVB series, Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊> and Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>. At a recent high-level meeting, the “Ghetto Justice” faction beat the “Lives of Omission” faction and if nothing unexpected occurred, Kevin Cheng, who just renewed his contract with TVB, will win the TV King title!

An inside source at TVB revealed, “The production team and TVB executive management support Kevin in winning the award. They felt that he delivered a breakthrough performance. Although Michael will only be receiving a consolation award, the company felt that Michael will not be upset since he will be leading in the new Laughing Gor film.” In fact, Michael Tse already received wind of this year’s award results. Recently, Michael changed his tune and noted that he will be satisfied in receiving any award.

Ben Wong to Win Best Supporting Actor; Elena Kong to Win Best Supporting Actress

The Best Supporting Actor Award will be given to Ben Wong (黃智賢) and the Best Supporting Actress to Elena Kong (江美儀), who both appeared in Lives of Omission. As a first time semi-finalist in the awards, Ben has worked in the entertainment industry for 22 years, finally showcasing his talent. His character, which bordered on good and evil, won over the audience and netizens. An insider noted, “He is TVB’s ‘biological son’ thus Virginia Lok’s camp was more concerned. Ben also received fans’ and production staff support. He won support from all levels!”

On November 27th, a TVB manager arranged for Ben Wong to shop at sponsored jewelry stores in Tsim Sha Tsui and Tsuen Wan. Normally portraying good and honest characters, Ben was extremely happy that his evil “Spicy Ginger” character in Lives of Omission. “I put in a lot of effort to portray Spicy Ginger. I even adjusted the dialogue in my death scene. The character was very three-dimensional role. What made me the happiest was seeing Damien Lau (劉松仁) praise my acting on his blog!”

Buried in the warehouse for two years, When Heaven Burns <天與地> was recently aired in Hong Kong. In the series, Ben portrayed Charmaine Sheh’s (佘诗曼) husband, who appeared in one and a half episodes. Nevertheless, Ben’s acting was praised by netizens. “It was due to my character [in When Heaven Burns] that helped me secure the role [in Lives of Omission]. Although my screen time was only in one episode, it was very standout. I was very happy to portray my character.”

Most Improved Awards

Although Jazz Lam (林子善) was originally a contender in the Best Supporting Actor Award, it has been decided that he will receive the Most Improved Male Artist Award instead. The Most Improved Female Artist Award will be a fight between Sire Ma (馬賽) and Cilla Lok (樂瞳).


Excerpt from Next Magazine

Jayne: I have a feeling that Next Magazine received an accurate tip on the winners’ list. This list seems highly plausible. I do believe Ben Wong will win the Best Supporting Actor. Didn’t he also lead some series in ATV when he left TVB for some years?

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  1. I can see linda so unhappy with the result. Feel bad about this 🙁 gud luck nxt year linda.

  2. U don’t have to. Linda not that good to be dissapointed. Fala should dissapointed because she’s more deserved to get fave female.

  3. Not agree with @zj. Linda did well this year compared to fala but luck don’t belongs to her. I’m positive on this. She still young and have lots of time to improve. Myolie deserved what she got today. Thank god she wins instead of fala. So worry if fala wins.

  4. @selipar jepun,exactly what I was thinking,to my opinion Miss Koo better more Madam Jo,so if TVB give fave female to Fala will be unfair for Linda rather Myolie got all,like some interview fr Moses,he said support Linda let’s see if she lucky or not.

  5. As a Ma Ming fan I’m happy that he is sitting at the first row and he is sitting right next to Bosco eventhough he did not won anything.Hopefully next year will be his year.

  6. Stupid shy Bosco, always comfort your future wife after emotional award acceptance speech.

    You get lots of endorsements to pay off your wedding.

  7. CONGRATS to Kevin Cheng for winning BIG this year. U deserved to be No.1. All the best to you, Kevin & I’ll always support you!

  8. omg so happy that Myolie and Kevin won both best actor/actress and my fav.

  9. The only award which i disapprove is the best supporting actress award that went to Sharon.. I’m not saying Sharon didn’t deserve it but I really think Nancy Wu deserves it more. Nancy has proved ppl that she can acts evil and good well.

    The rest are okay, I kinda like how Myolie gave out her love openly to Bosco, it was really romantic and funny.

    1. Myolie’s such a good actress and deserved to get the best actress awards. But for the roles (fave female Chr.) Miss Koo give more impact towards audience.

      1. I want to add some more on your commnet @veejay…yes I think nancy deserved more… she really all put this year.

      2. btw, did Myolie thanked Ms. Lok? or she didn’t? I didnt really watch that part properly, I only saw Myolie thanked Stephen if im not mistaken.

        Did anyone notice that Stephen’s ppl are getting the most awards? is that mean Stephen has regained his power in tvb and 620 has been pushed aside?

      3. I didn’t hear Myo thank Miss Lok.
        She spent a long time thanking Tommy Leung and Catherine Tsang, said a short thank you to Stephen Chan.
        I rewatched her speech as I love her love confession to Bosco 😀

      4. Myolie when speaking to reporters said she overlooked to thank Ms Lok, “唔好意思”.

      5. Either that or Myolie just don’t give “face” to her ship she’s on Stephen’s ship?

      6. If Virginia lok really treat Myolie good, she won’t forget to thank Miss lok, like the way she thanked Tommy Leung and Catherine Tsang. More like paying lipservice.

      7. Veejay: Did anyone notice that Stephen’s ppl are getting the most awards?

        Who are Stephen’s people?

      8. @Veejay: Myolie is in Tommy’s team for years :). If there is a ship for Myolie, it’s Tommy. She isn’t under Stephen.

      9. Tommy Leung, father of Toby Leung. Tommy is like Catherine Tsang, in charge of the producers and series (he is also in charge with Shaw Brother). If talking about series, there are two sides: Tommy Leung and Catherine Tsang. Myolie filmed with Tommy Leung side the most. Tommy Leung’s sides contractual first line artists are Myolie, Bosco, LF and Kate. Charmaine was in Tommy’s side. Bowie, Jessica, Maggie, Gallen were the name under Tommy’s side.

      10. @veejay: re:Stephen Chan’s people – though an interesting read, the news report is just one reporter’s speculation.

        Gist of appledaily report:

        Stephen Chan, who has a say in who will be awarded the tv queen, has been secretly supporting Myolie. Under the guise of 「 Eggzero」in weibo, he follows Myolie’s weibo but not Fala’s. As the the new SC party member, Myolie sits tight and awaits the tv queen title.

        …….This year the tv queen throne fight has been reported to be between Myolie and Fala. Though Fala has always been touted as SC’s favorite, and that presumably was supported by SC as queen, but apparently Myolie is SC’s real favorite, and is quite close to him.

        ….. With SC’s support, Myolie getting the tv queen award should not be too difficult. Another SC party member, with Stephen’s help Sharon Chan also has hopes of getting the best supporting actress award for her role in Ghetto Law to win over Nancy Wu in FH3…….


      11. When I first browsed SC Eggzero weibo few days ago, there were like less than 10 comments on his last weibo entry, now there are 77 comments, mostly from irate fans of artistes who did not win any awards.

    2. I think while Nancy’s acting is better this year, Sharon’s role commands more attention from the audience and tends to wow the audience and judges. It’s the same way why we hardly see anyone winning Best Actor/Actress for professional roles, as compared to dramatic roles, Like even though Wayne and Maggie’s acting was good in FH3, their roles were more restrained (due to the characters) as compared to the Kevin’s and Myolie’s characters. Of course, that’s how their characters ARE supposed to be, so they do act well, but as for gaining the approval from judges/audience, it’s a little lacking.

      1. In term of depth, I think Nancy carried out her roles well with depth but Sharon’s role in GJ has better attraction though with Sharon in skippy clothes and running “naked” scene which captured the attn. frm the audiences.

        Anyway, me too likes Myolie’s confession to Bosco, it was really sweet and the 1st time ever she confessed on tv that “bosco” is her other half hehe.

      2. Yes, which is why Sharon won I think. I know it’s best Supporting actress, but most likely how likable a character is also comes into play, Sharon’s Hot leg Goddess is on a whole more likable than Eva who is rather morally ambigious.

        Yes, I love the part, especially when she said that the person said he will be in the toilet when she wins, as it’s the first time she actually confirms he’s her bf.

      3. what’s there to like about Sharon except for her legs? the role shows nothing about her acting ability.

        best supporting? she’s not.

      4. Nancy’s character is both popular and displayed Nancy’s mature acting. Sharon’s character is quite good but Nancy’s acting as Eva is so much better. It’s apparent that Sharon has better background and top executive support.

      5. @ lol

        I disagree that Sharon win because she has better background and top executive support. I was rooting for Nancy too and want her to win. I think she’s the most deserving of the bunch. But, Sharon’s win is understandable. Her character in GJ is very popular and memorable. I bet a lot of audience voted for her.

  10. I really thought that Nancy deserved the award more, too.

    1. I love Nancy, but tvb don’t seem to want to promote her very much. She has talent, beauty, and experience. She play a variety of roles but mostly supporting, but she did them well. On the other hand, they get there beauty pageant girls with no acting ability, just a pretty face, no experience because they are promoted to lead at the very beginning of their career. They get so many chances to improve and lead always fail miserable…but they won’t give Nancy a chance…or Selena (I like her too).

      1. For example, Christine Kuo who has no acting ability but just pretty face gets more significant roles than Nancy Wu did. It’s a matter of luck..

      2. Yeah, luck may have something to do with it, I think TVB need better management, that’s why they are in the rut hole they are in now. I mean as an actress what do you have to do to get notice beside being good at your job…which is acting…but no matter what tvb turn their back on these talented actresses..

      3. Sadly, tvb still practice favoritism towards their artists uptill now. You can see those who participated in Ms HK or Ms Chinese int’l gets more significant role than those who came from the Acting school background. That’s y many hk girls prefer to participate in these beauty contest to get fast recognition rather than spending years in acting school.

        I hope Nancy will get the best supporting actress award next year though…

      4. Err.. I love Selena, but do note that Selena is a beauty pageant girl too. And about getting chances, Selena HAS been getting 2nd lead roles from the beginning of her career, Herbalist Manual, Face to Fate. She has a first leading role in that Sentinel show with Steven this year.

        She has WAY more chances than Nancy or Sharon.

  11. By the way I love Kevin’s fashion for the night; not because he looked good, he looked rather silly but at least different, quirky and a burst of colour.

    By the way is the following picture real???

      1. Yeah agreed with Kidd, the suit looks so red and bold. Luckily Kevin is handsome to wear such bold colour.

        So the results for AOD award are actually the same as Tvb’s.

      2. 75% correct on the Four major categories: Best & Supporting Actor/Actress in both awards shows:

        TVB 44th Anniversary Awards Ceremony Craptacular
        Best Actor: Kevin Cheng (“Ghetto Justice”)
        Best Actress: Myolie Wu (“Curse of the Royal Harem”)
        Best Supporting Actor: Ben Wong (“Lives of Omission”)
        Best Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan (“Ghetto Justice”)

        My Astro On Demand/TVBI Favourites 2011 Results
        My Favourite Drama Series: “Ghetto Justice”

        My Favourite Actor in a Leading Role: Kevin Cheng (“Ghetto Justice”)
        My Favourite Actress in a Leading Role: Myolie Wu (“Curse of the Royal Harem”)
        My Favourite Actor in a Supporting Role: Raymond Wong (“Twilight Investigation”)
        My Favourite Actress in a Supporting Role: Sharon Chan (“Ghetto Justice”)

        Ben Wong and Raymond Wong screw up the perfect listings…. Rather IMO be Ghetto Justice swept all four major + best series categories.

      3. Larry,

        it seems like “laughing” is certainly not in the favour of the audiences doesn’t seems as famous as before..

  12. seeing kevin to take the Best Actor Award, I cried for happiness. I love Kevin. Support Kevin forever

  13. Lat nights award night – BOSCOLIE MOMENT!!

    “There is also one more person, during this time he was strict towards me. I remember when I filmed war or the in-laws he was so worried about me… I feel… ah don’t know what to say… *laughs* anyways last night there was a little incident where he told me, no! He told the media that when I get the award he will go to the toilet *audience: awwwr* but he didn’t go to the toilet. So I know I have flaws and im hard to put up with *looks at Bosco* but you too have flaws and is also hard to put up with. I hope… we can… both keep “supporting” each other.


  14. TVB is really promoting Aimee Chan… what surprised me is she was on the top 5 for supporting role and my favorite actress…

      1. Imo, I think Nancy should crowned hte best supporting actress, followed by Sharon then Natalie..and Aimee last.

  15. I am happy for Myolie, although I don’t know if I would say that was her best performance. However, it’s much more different from her previous good girl, happy go lucky image. This is what made her stand out more. That year when she had Fay Teen that was when she should have gotten some award. I believe a lot of these have to do with the characters they play. If they keep on playing the same character they will never get recognized. Although I like Myolie, I’m not fond of Bosco and now that I know they are actually a pair, I want to vomit. But congrats to Myolie.

  16. The whole show is a joke. The most deserving award was the Lifetime achievement award.

    Best of the worst actress, LOL

  17. Funn, where, o, where is Myolie’s head in your picture with Kevin and all their awards? Still in the clouds above? I still cannot make up my mind over whether I like Kevin in red. The last time it was all white and next year I wonder what. So far there has yet been no discussion over what the stars wore that night which should be most interesting and which I shall wait for. To start off Myolie should win lots of kudos for her choice, black and elegant dress. Was the material lace? This time I see no deep v lines neirher very low cuts nor backless dresses. Have they suddenly gone coy or felt the urge to be more restrained for this very important function?

    1. Fala’s dress has a deep V. But, she looks very pale. The color of the dress and her make up make her look very tired and sickly (or could be it because she really was sick that day?)

      I like Kevin’s suit. Very bold and festive. 😀

      Quite a number of people criticise Sharon for her very short dress, but, I think it looks good on her.

      Linda look very beautiful and classic that night.

      I also like Kate’s dress. Very unique and modern.

    2. I thought why the women all so washed out of colour. Only Sheren walked in and so dramatic, in black but she always wears black.

      Sorry about her head, originally already like that, sometimes what is fixed cannot be mended.

    3. Kevin’s red suit looks kinda clownish. Luckily, his good looks always save him. Maybe next yr, he will wear all purple- like Prince or willy wonka.

      Myolie’s dress had feathers, very black swan and elegant.

      I liked the top of Linda’s dress but it was too long.

      Sire’s pink dress was cute and young.

      Sharon’s dress looked like a costume f/ “moulin rouge”.

      Aimee continues to show no sense of style.

      I think laughing and fala were best dressed f/ the waist up.

      Liza and Bosco were the worst. Her outer-space outfit and his “war of the in-laws 2” hair were hideous.

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