Winners List for 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards Leaked!

Kevin Cheng to Win Best Actor; Myolie Wu to Win Best Actress

As in the past, the TVB Anniversary Awards resulted in a fierce competition among the artists vying for the awards. According to reliable sources, the award results have finalized. “Laughing Sir” Michael Tse (謝天華) could not beat “rogue lawyer Law Ba” Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎). Michael will only receive the My Favorite Male Character Award while Kevin will receive the Best Actor Award. Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) will kick aside Fala Chen (陳法拉) to win the Best Actress Award. Fala will win the My Favorite Female Character Award instead.

The TVB Anniversary Awards will be held on December 5, 2011. The major awards will be a fight between TVB series, Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊> and Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>. At a recent high-level meeting, the “Ghetto Justice” faction beat the “Lives of Omission” faction and if nothing unexpected occurred, Kevin Cheng, who just renewed his contract with TVB, will win the TV King title!

An inside source at TVB revealed, “The production team and TVB executive management support Kevin in winning the award. They felt that he delivered a breakthrough performance. Although Michael will only be receiving a consolation award, the company felt that Michael will not be upset since he will be leading in the new Laughing Gor film.” In fact, Michael Tse already received wind of this year’s award results. Recently, Michael changed his tune and noted that he will be satisfied in receiving any award.

Ben Wong to Win Best Supporting Actor; Elena Kong to Win Best Supporting Actress

The Best Supporting Actor Award will be given to Ben Wong (黃智賢) and the Best Supporting Actress to Elena Kong (江美儀), who both appeared in Lives of Omission. As a first time semi-finalist in the awards, Ben has worked in the entertainment industry for 22 years, finally showcasing his talent. His character, which bordered on good and evil, won over the audience and netizens. An insider noted, “He is TVB’s ‘biological son’ thus Virginia Lok’s camp was more concerned. Ben also received fans’ and production staff support. He won support from all levels!”

On November 27th, a TVB manager arranged for Ben Wong to shop at sponsored jewelry stores in Tsim Sha Tsui and Tsuen Wan. Normally portraying good and honest characters, Ben was extremely happy that his evil “Spicy Ginger” character in Lives of Omission. “I put in a lot of effort to portray Spicy Ginger. I even adjusted the dialogue in my death scene. The character was very three-dimensional role. What made me the happiest was seeing Damien Lau (劉松仁) praise my acting on his blog!”

Buried in the warehouse for two years, When Heaven Burns <天與地> was recently aired in Hong Kong. In the series, Ben portrayed Charmaine Sheh’s (佘诗曼) husband, who appeared in one and a half episodes. Nevertheless, Ben’s acting was praised by netizens. “It was due to my character [in When Heaven Burns] that helped me secure the role [in Lives of Omission]. Although my screen time was only in one episode, it was very standout. I was very happy to portray my character.”

Most Improved Awards

Although Jazz Lam (林子善) was originally a contender in the Best Supporting Actor Award, it has been decided that he will receive the Most Improved Male Artist Award instead. The Most Improved Female Artist Award will be a fight between Sire Ma (馬賽) and Cilla Lok (樂瞳).


Excerpt from Next Magazine

Jayne: I have a feeling that Next Magazine received an accurate tip on the winners’ list. This list seems highly plausible. I do believe Ben Wong will win the Best Supporting Actor. Didn’t he also lead some series in ATV when he left TVB for some years?

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  1. All in predictions deserved to win except for Fala. Why she got so many vote in any polls when many people hate her actings at the same time. Hope myolie will win both category.

  2. omg i really do hope jazz wins most improved! rooting for him. as for fala’s role in lives of omission, i really didn’t think it was that great..she didn’t give off the madam feel and her yelling scenes seemed very forced to me. i do think she did very well in her death scene (not that i wanted her to die LOL, i was upset about that)

  3. If Linda lost fave female chrtr awards this year, I hope she won’t give up and prove it next year. But if next year, still no chance for her… Then leave tvb! They did give chance to kate and fala to lead TITS2 with myolie. Its obvious. When I see the list of upcoming series next year, obvious they don’t intend to give space for Linda. I dun mind if they promote myolie because she got talent. But fala? Oh my god… So sad.

  4. What can we do??? This awards totally based on favor by TVB not talent. Tavia should get it before Myolie but unfortunately all dramas given to her this year don’t show her real talent. Myolie did well in Getho Justice but I think Jessica is better than her in BTROC. Fala acts many dramas this year but I don’t remember any of her best roles. Myolie best in GJ and TRB, Linda shows her best in YSSS and ROW. Fala and Kate did nothing in their series.

    1. If Tavia don’t show any talent this year then isn’t it justified that she doesn’t get any award? You said so that Myolie although horrible in CORH but did well in GJ and TRB 😛

      1. Yeah at least myolie did well in other series while tavia did nothing in her series. She’s good actress but her roles didn’t help her to show her talent. I’m sure she won’t get anything this year.

      2. Im a Tavia fan and I do beleive that her roles did nothing for her this year so Im fine with her not winning anything. I think she only made it to the top 5 female character this year on monday so I hope this will encourage her to do better next year. But I wouldnt say that Myolie did super well in GJ or RB becasue she has done those kind of roles before and its her speciality. I think its fair to only judge her performance in Curse becasue thats the sereis shes nomminated for. This is just my opionion and I think the person who truly deserves TV Queen is Jessica. Her character has depth and Curse is about her becoming the empress. I think the character is comparable with sheren’s character in No Regrest. This is just what I think. I know Jessica is a professional actress so she wont care that much about the awards. I guess Myolie will get TV queen and Im fine with that( in a way). Im enjoying Curse and there are other acotrs that did very well like GiGi WOng, Sunny Chan, and even Nancy. For those who are watching the last few episodee of Curse, the focus is not on Myolie anymore. I heard the last episode is all about Jessica. Enough of my mubo jumbo. P.s- im not praising jessica to put down myolie becasue i truly enjoy Jessica’s performance.

      3. @lee

        I think Myolie and Jessica are equally below par in CORH ROFL

    1. ROFL look at the difference of voters between Best Actor and Best Actress 😛

      Best Actor: 28,968
      Best Actress: 11,235

      That means TVB fadans now are weak? TVB need to make their top fadans better now! This year’s Best Actress award is so lame

    2. I can’t read chinese, can you help me by telling me who’s top 3 for actor and top 3 for actress and the differences of percent. Tqvm vivien. 🙂

      1. @erick

        Actor top 3:
        1. Michael Tse (7474, 26%)
        2. Kevin Cheng (5818, 20%)
        3. Bosco Wong (5134, 18%)

        Actress top 3:
        1. Fala Chen (2753, 25%)
        2. Maggie Cheung (1774, 16%)
        3. Linda Chung (1297, 12%)

      2. Michael is more votes than Kevin? I don’t think Michael is more famous than Kevin

      3. @erick

        adding no 4 and 5

        4. Wayne Lai (2857, 10%)
        5. Raymond Lam (1855, 6%)

        4. Myolie Wu (1249, 11%)
        5. Tavia Yeung (1058, 9%)

      4. @mimi

        This doesn’t mean Michael is more famous, just mean his weibo fans vote more for him. The numbers and percentage in TVB might be different 😛

      5. @mimi:

        TVB fun application latest percentages:

        Kevin Cheng (40%)
        Michael Tse (25%)

        Myolie Wu (28%)
        Fala Chen (24%)

      6. sorry for burst the bubble of Fala or Michael’s fans but the votes from weibo are not counted 🙂

  5. I support the winners except for Fala. Even though i’m a fan of her, i think that my fav female should go to linda

  6. Back to the previous comment, a lot of people say that Myolie outshine Tavia in RB, but my family and all of my freinds like both of their performance. In episode 18, Myolie got a breakthrough scene when aruging with Chilam and Tavia had a scene with michael that was memorable. I think they both did well and I kept watchhing those parts over again. I enjoy RB and I think both female leads got their own share for the series. Im not saying this to defend Tavia because I felt like Myo and TY had diffrenret characters and both had their own way of acting it out. Just wanted to share my thought because both female leads had memorable scene( for those who watched it I hope you know what im talking about) Episode 18 was great.

  7. 2011 is really a year for myolie.Curse and GJ had high ratings..Although i am not a myolie fan.but its undeniable that she did very well this year.<3Although tavia cant win any awards this year..
    i would be waiting for her promienent family,36hours on call to have CD.Cause ill buy it<3

    1. “2011 is really a year for myolie.Curse ”

      And I wonder why…

      1. i just watched watch was really nice.i am a tavia fan.but.gj is really nice><

    2. This year is Myolie’s for her good job throughout the year since TRB, GJ and COTRH. Next year who knows Tavia might step up next 🙂

      1. Best actress is awarded for a actress’s good performance for one series and not their overall performance. If the argument is put in the fact that Myolie have a good performance overall then I have nothing to say, she deserve it. Sheren won last year because her performance as “9 sister” struck the audience. Thats how TV Queen is awarded over the years like Louis Lee, Michelle, and even Charmiaine in 2006(her great performance in amiden’s vow). When is TV Queen ever awarded based on overall performacne. On Monday, tehy should just say Myolie won TV Queen for RB GJ and Curse then. Again, i dont mind if she wins, but shes defninitley not the best TV quuen comparing to the winners in previous years. I do agree shes more deserving then Tavia this year.

      2. The award for Myolie should be Best Overall performacne instead of TV Queen. No point of arguing cuz she will win it anyway. For those who havent watch CUrse and say Myolie deserves it should not even comment becasue shes not running for TV Queen with GJ or RB.

  8. this was a great year for myolie 🙂 im so happy for her…. just hoping that next year bosco’s luck will step up cus for sure his ability has already reached the roof…. his acting in LOO was beyond laughings acting (in my opinion)… even in “7 days in life” (which surprisingly has NO mentions in anything -_-) was not that bad. honestly, at least give him credit for not acting over exaggerated like every other actors that play a comedic role…. i support bosco 🙂

  9. I really hope Myolie can win this year. She’s had a stellar performance! She outshined Tavia in RB (in my opinion, because I barely remember any Tavia scenes, and well, when I think of RB, I think Chilam/Myolie only LOL). Ghetto Justice was awesome and her chemistry with Kevin/Law Ba was sizzlinggggg! <3 I haven't seen Cursed yet, so I can't comment on that.

  10. Regarding the other awards, I hope Ben wins because I had hoped that the producers of LOO would’ve given him more to work with towards the end, but never happened. I think Bosco did very well as well, he’s a very charismatic villain as Bai Co. Laughing was alright, Kevin is better IMO. I think Elena is more deserving than the other actresses. Sharon and Nancy both did good too. MC Jin and Jazz both performed well in my opinion.

  11. Myolie should only be evaluated for her perforamcne in Curse becasue she running for TV Queen with that series. Louis Lee, Michelle, and Sheren only have one sereis on the year they won TV Queen and they won the award. If Myolie gets the award, were saying that shes comparable with Sheren who won last year and the previous years. Myolie is probaly the worst TV Queen in if you compare her. If TVB didnt set this year up for her, will she get it? Is her character in Curse as good as Sheren and the past TV Queen winners? Just my opinion.

    1. Do you need to use so many different nicknames to deliver your point?

      1. What do you mean? Or mabey many people are agreeing with my point so they are saying the basically the same thing?

      2. @Benff/len/Jo, etc…

        Your avatar is the same. You are all the SAME person.
        Stop pretending.
        Myolie did well this year. But some actress’s fans trying to sabotage her again by acting as though she has many haters.

      3. Im sorry but I dun really think myolie did well this year when jessica and maggie did their best in their series. I’m not myolie haters but I think jessica and maggie deserved more than her.

      4. I don’t see why myolie had to win the awards when jessica lead the show from the start. Almost 70 percent on jessica and she did very well.

  12. Myolie wu lucked out this year becasue TVB set up everything for her. If TVB wants someone else to win then Myolie will ahve a lower chance.

      1. Myolie hater with split personality? Except all personalities hate Myolie. What’s the chances in that?!

  13. Can anyone explain to me why Myolie’s performacne is condered good in GJ? Is there a perticular scene that showed off her acting skills? I watched the first episode where she was arguing with Kevin and I beleive that this is not the first time she acted these kind of roles( previous roles like war of in lawws, RB, Survivor’s). She always play the loud, confident, and happy person type of role. I think her chemistry with Kevin helped her, but I wont say she performed well. I watched GJ so thats why Im commenting on her performance.Same goes for RB becasue the focus is her and chilam which makes people attract to her character more, but the perofrmance is nothing new from previous years. Im not trying to say that she relies on her male partners to get recgonize, but I think her male parnters helped her a lot this year. Looking at the news, most people comment on Chilam and Kevin’s great performacne in GJ and RB and it happens that Myolie was the female lead with those two male leads. THe hype myolie have this year is not comparble with the praises that Sheren got for NR and Rosy Business. TV Queen for her? Mabey, but I think she is more suited for best performance or best on screen couple with chilam or Kevin( i know this award does not exist). As for Curse, Im watching it right now and her performance is inconsistent. She did well in certain parts like ep 13, but did terrible in the scene when her baby died. Inconsistency should not be awarded TV Queen. I vote for Maggie or Jessica.

    1. @Jo:
      I totally agree with you 100%. I thought her role in GJ was ok, but the drama were good, and all the character were likable. I mean she’s not bad in GJ, but in Curse, omg…her acting was so exaggerated. We can voice all these opinion until were blue in the face and tvb still won’t change their ways.

      In my opinion Moylie don’t deserve tv queen award but I rather have her win it rather that Kate or Fala. At lease Moylie tried, and I can see her getting better. Bottom line is TVB lacks talented female lead in the last couple of years as evidenced by the weak nomination this year. I think this is TVB fault by over promoting Charmaine in the past 10 yrs and not give enough practices to other new actress at the time. I remember when she was in every other new dramas, I was so sick of her. I remember at first when she came out, her acting was not that great, but since TVB gave her a lot of chances, now she’s one of the best.

      I miss those days when we have many great, talented, and beautiful actors like kenix, ada, jessica, amy, gigi etc. I mean they were all different so it didn’t feel like you were watching the same drama all the time.

      1. I really hope that you put Gigi on the beautiful list, not talented list :P.

      2. Sucha shame that Kenix never won the award. I think tvb should have acknowledged her acting abilities.

        I miss the 90s.

      3. Among 90s’ dong ka fadans, only Marianne Chan and Kenix Kwok were not awarded Best Actress. What a pity! They both deserved it.

      4. @bryantchan

        Forgot about Marianne Chan, I really like her too…

        Too bad for both of them, I remember watching Kenix in her first drama, she was really good.

      5. Kenix was good when she first started, but she didn’t make any improvement at all when she became too concerned about dieting and looking like a stick.

  14. Its not fair that Myolie get all the credit for CUrse when the other actors did better then her especially GiGi WOng, Nancy WU, Sunny, and Jessica. Im realy enjoying the series, but how come TVB ignore all the actors in the show and creat the hype for Myolie. For those who havent watched it it, Im telling you that this series is about Jessica and her journey in becoming the empress. She has to fight with all the people who opposes her and myolie is one of them. In the last few episodes, there is nothing about Myolie because shelost the battle wihth Jessica. I dont see how Myolie who is not even the main focus in Curse will win the award with her medicore performance. I felt like she roobed Jessica’s series( by taking all the credit) and winning her best actress award.

  15. I agree and it seems like myolie felt that she deserves Best actress for Curse when its Jessica who leads the show from beginning to end.

    1. LOL. Stop pretending to be different people when your avatar is the same. You’re just a Myolie hater.

      1. This Myolie hater is just making a fool of himself/herself here lol

  16. I agree with some statement above on myolie but to be frankly myolie’s better than fala. So I don’t really mind if they give it to her. I am aware that jessica and maggie r the best among the actress in tvb but tvb definitely won’t give them an awards based on their age, popularity, looks. That’s the fact eventhough its not unfair for them. So the only fadans that deserved to win this year are myolie or linda. Tavia’s the best actress but her series this year does’t show her best.

    1. Lol, best but doesn’t show the best, then how can be best :P? Jessica, Maggie are not given because (1) they dun sign contract with TVB and (2) their shows can’t create big noise for TVB. So to consider all, Myolie is the best fish in the pool.

      1. Yeah you remind me that myolie and linda are the best among the worst. Tvb have no choice. 🙂

      2. You see… Everyone said that this year’s the worst winner. Haha…poor myolie. Best among the worst’s ok lohh…hehee. Support this girl lohh haha

      3. It’s the truth this year no one can really be called Best Actress but like you said it becomes a battle for Best of the Worst ROFL

  17. TVB invested so much in myolie that they have to justified by giving her the best actress award when there are more deserving actresses like jessica who outshone her in CRH. Myolie certainly does not like up to the “awesome” performance that was touted by TVB “insiders” before the show

    1. They should fix their mistake. Charmaine’s the best example… I wish for a miracle…

      1. Charmaine is a great actress and she deserves all her awards!

    2. I agree. Im so amazed on how much money, time, effort, and planning that TVB did this year to make Myolie TV Queen. TVB worked so hard by airing CUrse finale one day before the anniversary awards, airing her series throughout the year, making her the center of attention in anniversary news, and most liekley fixing the polls. The prpose of airing curse the day before is not allow any people to bash myolie since they will give the award to her the next day so the negative comments wont even matter anymore. Come one, we know that they plan Curse to be aired at this time just to make sure Myolie gets the award. Myolie relies on TVB to give her this award whcih defeats the purpose of the award. Sheren is te opposite. She was like “how dare you not give the award to me” kind of thing wihtout exactly confronting TVB. Remeber last year was suppose to be Chamraine, but all the HK audience supported Sheren so they must give the award to her. Myolie is totally the opoosite. Her character in Curse is tv queen material? Myolie fans, I beleive what im saying is right and just let me complain becasue she will win the award on Moday anayway so why does it matter? Im mad becasue TVB turned TV Quuen award into a favouritism game. TV Queen is an important award and should not be given to a person who does not truly show superior peroformance in theri roles. Yes people say Myolie has a good overall performance, but this does not make her Best Actress. GJ RB and Curse- are any of these series comparable with TV Queen from the previous years? CUrse is my favorite sereis this year becasue I like the stroyline and I can tell you Myolie is not the best actress if you compare her with Jessica. THe title King of Phoneix, refers to Jessica and she did great. Enough of my complain and Im mad becasue of how TVB does not respect their awards anymore. As a TV fan, I care about this so I hope next year wont be like this year.
      Congrats Myolie for winning tv queen on monday. I know some of you will disagree with me, but Im just saying what I feel.

      1. Your effort I recognize. Favourtism game TVB played years, not the day one so if you fave can’t win, shouldn’t get mad because of this :P. BTW, dun split yourself to several same ppl to make yourself seems subjective like this.

  18. One more thing, Im pretty sure Myolie knows that she will win TV queen this year, but she has to pretend that she dosent know. If she doesent win this year( which is impossible) she will totally quit TVB and will loose motovation in acting again. She cares a lot about awards and I dont think her personality fits to be a tv queen. At this point, I know you think Im a myolie hater, but I just started to dislike her after the hype she got. I watched all of her series this year from beginning to end so Im im not being biased.

    1. Stop creating so much different users when your avatar is of the one. It’s pretty obvious that you’re a Myolie hater but don’t you think it’s pretty pathetic to create so much users just to prove your point?!

      Myolie may not be the best actress TVB has ever had but some people do like her acting and I am one of those people. I like most of the current actresses, Myolie, Tavia, Linda heck even Kate and Fala. And out of those five that I’ve listed Myolie deserves it the most.

      You may think that she’s being over hyped but that’s what TVB does for most of the grand production series. Just think, if you don’t like her then don’t watch her series it’s so simple. Some people just spend too much time hating eventhough they haven’t even seen the series.

      P.S stop creating so much users Benff, len, jo, none, jon etc blah blah. Kind of pathetic. Why not do ,A,B,C,D or 1,2,3,4?!

  19. But I actually seen all of her sereis this year and Curse is my favorite sereis so I have the right to argue my point that Myolie shouldnt win. I can do ABCD if you want but Ill jsut stick with Bneff. So what am I using

    1. You do have the right to argue. But no one is arguing with you. We are all just posting our opinions like you. And everyone’s opinion differs.

      So you don’t think Myolie deserves the award. Okay, we get it. But there are people who DO think Myolie deserves the award. And you just have to accept that, the way you have to accept it if she wins.

      And please don’t say that Myolie will quit acting or this and that if she doesn’t win. You, nor anyone one of us, know her well enough to say that.

      1. If no one is aruging with me then how come you reply to my comment? I do accept that people think she should win and I already said in my previous post that she will win no matter how I compplain. I already know she will win tomorrow and I wont even comment after that so just let me write out what i want. I just cant beleive this is happening.

      2. I do not know Moylie well enough, but Im allow to make inferences by the interviews and nesw myolie has done to make my thought that she will quit tvb if she dosent win.

  20. The “my favourite can’t win, how dare s/he win” game is started. Now cross fingers to see what happen in 2 days’ time.

    1. I dont favor any actress and im only commenting becasue Im truly upset at the awards this year.

      1. I wonder why people love to attack tavia. I am fala and kate’s fan. I don’t like myolie. But I do think tavia’s better than her. Stop attacking tavia’s fan. Others fans also attack myolie, why don’t you blame them? Why tavia?

      2. Because this person admit that s/he is a Tavia fan above :). Since s/he admitted so, it’s understandable for ppl to refer her/him to a Tavia fan.

  21. I’d watched the last episode of CORH. Obviously, Jessica lead the show. All about her. I can guarantee, after 3 or 6 months… I can only remember about Jessica if people ask me about this CORH. So silly to let Myolie win based on this drama.

  22. Tvb owez do silly thing 🙂 that’s why they choose Myolie.

  23. Already watched. @cally, you’re right. Jessica stole the audience heart. I wonder who’s leading this series when tvb promote myolie in this series. Why don’t they let her win with the role in RB or GJ which is much better for her.

    1. another hater of Myolie use different nicknames with same avatar or the same person as before?

      1. May also be the same person as Benff/Jo, etc.. You can change avatars quite easily.

  24. I do upset. I love myolie but I can’t lie that TCORH’s jessica show. I love to see her part in this dramas more than myolie’s part. I hope tvb won’t let jessica and maggie leave tvb.

  25. Jessica should win if based on this series. Anyway, we can’t change the result by comment’s here. Myolie will still win tomorrow.

  26. I feel bad for Myolie shes not winning cause of her acting more like winning cause there are no other competitors. Should she be happy or sad? Atleast she tried her best.
    Omgsh imagine next years awards! the only candidate left are Linda, Fala, Kate and Tavia. Unless someone gets lucky and get bumped up to this award. best of luck to other actresses for next year!

    1. Jessica and Maggie are her competitors and Jessica should of win this. Of course, it seems like Jessica wont even make it to the top 5 best actress becasue Maggie will be in it. Jessica did way better then Maggie. Curse is definitley Jessica’s signature work and Im a fan of her now.

  27. I am a Tavia fan and I really like Jessica now after watching Curse. I wathced the finale of Curse and I want to say that i am blown away by Jessica’s performance. For those who watched the ending, you will know what Im talking about. I thought that Shrene’s role in No Regrets was hard to beat, but I have to say her role is just as good. Her character devlopment from beginning to end was planned out well. Im not saying this to bash myolie, but people who watched Curse from beginning to end will know what Im talking about. Anyway, Jessica wins TV Queen in my heart. If you dont beleive me then go watch the last episode of Curse now then you will know what Im talking about.By the way, Myolie dosen show up in the ending so.

      1. Does it matter if I favor any actress or not? Im saying that Jessica deserves TV Queen becasue her perforamance is the best out of all the actress’s this year. Agian, dont argue unless you seen Curse.

      2. I’m calling you out on it, because you are the one who said above “I dont favor any actress”, but obviously you do, so why so two-faced about it.
        And I did watch COTRH, so stop acting as though you are the only one who can comment. Myolie did well, not her BEST. Some scenes were really good, like her crying scene with her mom? That made many people cry. Some scenes were not.
        Jessica was the same. Good but not outstanding.

    1. If Jessica’s performance was just as good as Sheren’s, then you don’t have to worry about TVB giving the award to Myolie. You said TVB gave Sheren the award based on audience support. So if Jessica did as well as Sheren, then it would make sense for Jessica to receive the audience support Sheren had once received. That means that if Jessica did so well, she will win TV Queen, not Myolie.

      1. Hello? Have you been paying atteniton to the anniversary news? TVB will give the award to Myolie no matter what happens! Im pretty sure the audience will praise Jessica this week since the finale just came out today. Agian, even if the audience support Jessica, myolie will get it. They planned it since beginning of the year. They air the finale just to make sure there wont be enough time for audeince to make comment about Myolie performance. If they air curse earlier, im pretty sure the results will be different.

      2. Didn’t Jessica have enough time to garner support in the first 26 episodes? Did it take just the last two episodes for the audience to realize how deserving of best actress her performance is?

        This reminds me of 2009. Tavia was so meant to win TV Queen that year, but Sheren kicked her aside. And Tavia ended up with a Best Performance Award. The situation can certainly be replayed this year.

      3. Actually Sheren was expected to win the award all along becasue she got the support from everyone and the series was aired way before the anniversaty awards. As for Tavia, she won favorite female character and best perforamcne. If Rosy Business was released this year then she will definitley kick Myolie aside as well. Mabey TVB see that Jessica totally outshine her at the last 10 episodes so they air it close to the award ceremony. For the first 20 episodes,Jessica still have great performance compared to Myolie but either way theres no reason why TVB will give Jessica the award.

      4. No, Sheren was not expected to win the award UNTIL Rosy Business aired. It was all about Tavia and her ‘breakthrough’ evil role UNTIL Rosy Business aired. And EVEN AFTER, people expected Tavia to compete with her. And also, Beyond was aired right before the anniversary, like Curse.

        If Jessica performed so well, then there is every reason to give her the award based on audience support. You said she performed well throughout the WHOLE series, so if that is true, then she have plenty of time to gain audience favor and kick Myolie aside.

        Jessica and Sheren is also not the only ones who can take the award from Myolie. Maggie and other actresses can also take the award from Myolie if they gain audience support, like Sheren.

    2. It’s obvious that TVB laid the way for Myolie. So, I don’t see how Jessica could have won Best Actress. Yes, Jessica could have pulled another Sheren Tang. But, with TVB politics, that’s not happening.

      1. TVB invested a lot in Myolie this year. There’s no way she’s not winning.

      2. Maybe things could have turned around if Jessica renewed her per-series contract, but she didn’t! She didn’t even attend any of the promotions bc of her Mainland work. And, she’s not attending the anniversary awards.

      So, why would TVB award it to her? I thought Jessica delivered a solid performance in CRH. She’s the king of phoenixes. But, she didn’t get any hype. TVB, the media, etc. are always talking about Myolie, Fala, Tavia, Linda, and even Kate.

      1. If Jessica did as well as Sheren, she will pull a Sheren. However, Jessica’s forte is not in dramatic roles like these, so while she is good, she’s not amazingly good the way Sheren is. That’s why she’s not getting any hype.

      2. Jessica really did solid performance. I hope jessica or maggie will win. Both of them really got charisma which myolie, linda and fala don’t have. But tavia and kate have their charisma. Myolie so childish.

      3. Jess in which series? That cursed of royal harem? Are we watching different shows here?

      4. Tvb politics… 🙂 as long as we know who’s leading COTRH and who’s the best in this series…whoever wins tonight, it doesn’t matter. Jessica’s always the best. Her standard’s too different to compare with myolie. Jessica, ada, kenix, flora and maggie are the best fadans tvb ever had. This year is the worst.

      5. Yes, this year’s the worst. Its not fair to compare myolie n jessica when we know that jessica’s much better than her. It takes a long way for myolie to be like her. I bet myolie wins because of tvb politics.

      6. @Funn: No, you’ve watched the correct series, just the purpose of some “watcher” is different to yours.

  28. Dont even compare Jessica and Myolie becasue obviously Jessica out shined Myolie in Curse. Why? Cause this show is about her. Did you even watch curse?

    1. Besides, why do tvb need to air the finale the day before the award ceremony? They have 5 more episodes to do as of Friday, but they air all of it this weekend. They do that to help Myolie.

  29. aiyoh, watch a series also kpkb until so worked up for what? say once ok, want to repeat how many times. besides, u did comment that audience DID and CAN influence TVB’s decision mah. haiz… contradict self.

    1. Yea not if they air the series the day before the finale not allowing the audience to fully reflect on the series and comment. Okay Im not going to comment anymore and I mean it and this i wll be the last comment.
      The awards is in 14 hours and Myolie will win TV Queen 100% so her fans dont even need to worry if people are leaving bad comments about myolie and what not. Okay, so myolie for beest actress. congrats to her and her fans.
      The ENd
      The End.

      1. You will sound more credible, if you didn’t create like 100 characters to bash myolie. LOL

      2. Agree with @nicole. I do agree that myolie’s not that good as I’m into chung ka yan. But we don’t need to create hundred characters to bash myolie. The truth is everyone knows that jessica lead the series but tvb have to let myolie wins. That’s all.

      3. Nobody worry for Myolie but you are overacting. Calm down. Your fave might win one day if she is still with txb. No need to attack Myolie tat much if you understand she is the best fish in pool now. Wat happened happened.

  30. Whatever all of you’ll say, I’ll always support chung ka yan. Hopefully she wins fave female character and ruco or kevin will wins for best actor/ fave male character. Don’t fight laaaa…just wait and see this show tonight.

  31. Yes, If Myolie’s role in CORH is nominated for TV Queen, then I would say Jessica did even better than her. But compare to other new actresses, Myolie deserve this award. It is not that Myolie is comparable to Sheren last year, but I think the award is to give some credits for her hard work through these years. I like Tavia, but she doesn’t have a memorable role in her series this year.

    1. Umm, myolie IS nominated for CotRH. I think it’s ironic that the best actress winner is not even in the last episode (big ending).
      Tvb should’ve picked her GJ role so that there’d be less argument over who the real lead of the series was. Plus, it could’ve been a clean sweep of wins for GJ.

  32. Haha, few more hours and we might see a topic be flooded :P. Exciting.

  33. KC won the – then he will receive Most fav chac and let the Best to Laughing, who wanna bet?

    1. I bet KC to be best actor. Are u watching the tvb awards now??

      1. Nope, KC won Most fav chac as I expected :P. Laughing will win Best actor.

      2. Nah, i think Kevin and Myolie will take home both prizes! Double winners!!

      3. Law Ba won the best actor. Now I bet GJ win best drama then. Hahaha

      4. Erm. I think I miss out the best drama part. Who won the best drama??

      5. Nicole. Thanks. Hahahaha. Shouldnt leave the tv just now. Aiyah..why no clean sweep one?? Just like last year for rosy biz2.

  34. Think law ba will win best actor. Hehe. By the way why myolie wu speech for my fav actress sounds she dont care the award and take it so lightly. Disappointed a bit here.

    1. i read ‘cos she was taken surprised. during the polls for that award, she was ranked third only so she didn’t expect to win it. she had thought Linda will (maybe ‘cos Linda was leading then? not sure about that). so when her win was announced, she was kinda lost for words. even i tot Linda will win for that yes sir series.

      1. Oh no wonder! No wonder her first word is “die lo” Thanks pearl for the info. She won best actress. Sweet of her wishing that she n bosco support each other.

  35. Me too. Really sad she didn’t win for fave female. No more chance for her. I wish for her luck next year.

  36. Triple awards for Myolie!!!!! Let the hating begin! LOL

    Eventhough I think she deserves all these awards even if haters disagree. Well would have loved linda to win fav female character but oh wells! And jumping because Boscolie won the same awards “Extraordinary Male & Female Artiste 2011”! Well deserved!

    (Now both my two favourite TVB actresses have won awards, Charmaine and Myolie, curious to see who will win next year! Can’t wait)

      1. Hopefully Charmaine joins that cast and then next year’s battle for best actress will be Sheren, Ada and Charmaine! To be honest that would be more intense then this year!

      2. Didn’t see charmaine in the war n beauty promo video. Hopefully she is back to tvb. This year tvb drama is super boring!!! I can’t wait for next year especially wnb2, triumph in d sky2 and some eunuch show by Wayne Lai.

    1. LOL i better get out. dun wan to kill my cells. 😛 btw, congratz to all winners.

    2. HAHA, I’m super happy as a Myo fan!! I too can’t believe that she got both Best Actress and Favourite Character!! Not that she doesn’t deserve it, but I didn’t think TVB would do that haha!! Now double happiness for me, and triple happiness that she won that other award with Bosco. I think I like how Myo looked at the Anniversary Gala and the Astro Awards more than how she looked for the TVB Awards. But anyway, I love Myo!! And congrats to the other winners as well. 😀

  37. Unexpected. Triple awards for KC and Myolie. Poor Laughing. He is pushed too high and end up with nothing. Same to Linda and Fala. Linda, Fala, Laughing are in top 5 only.

    1. Feel bad more for Tavia didn’t even make top 5!!! Aimee did? Like wow… Hope she has a breakthrough role next year and win because after Myolie winning I’m supporting Tavia.

  38. Didn’t really expect Myolie to get so many either! But good for her 🙂 Yeah, I’m surprised Tavia didn’t even get top 5 but Aimee did??!! huh?

    Anyway…I’m also happy Kevin won..haha

    I was really touched by Sharon Chan’s acceptance speech and I thought her prize was very well-deserved.

    To be honest, I thought Jazz Lam did a better job than MC Jin…so I thought he should have won instead.

    For Ben Wong, very well-deserved as well! I still call him ‘Ah Hoi’ from his Kindred Spirit days hah!

      1. I don’t remember but Ben did say thanks to a producer for giving him the character of Ah Hoi haha…that’s how I always call him..Ah Hoi is also so easy to remember perhaps 😀

  39. Oh and congrats to Grasshopper as well..I think they did a good job as hosts..very charismatic and I do enjoy most of the episodes of their show. I was a bit sad for ‘Siu Yi’ that her show didn’t win anything as I quite enjoy her show with the Taiwanese guy – his Cantonese is so bad until it’s so funny..a total riot hah

    My favourite prize-giving hosts were actually Wu Fung and Lau Yi Tat and also Patrick Tse and Francis Ng were a funny pair 😀

    1. The last time I saw Lau Yi Tat was in My Date with a Vampire III; he’s still humorous here. But I prefer Felix Wong – very professional presenter.

      1. Oh yes, he was funny! Felix Wong was good but Lau Yi Tat’s pairing with Wu Fung was the funniest haha I thought…especially when Lau Yi Tat did not say Kevin Cheng’s name correctly this his natural way of speaking btw?

      1. Dun affect the opinion it’s a better show than All Star Glam :P. The end.

      2. Yeah I get that you like Chok Chok Chok…I like All Star Glam. the END! 🙂

  40. Watched the show only because of Marianne Chan Yiu Ming. At least I’m happy that Maggie Cheung still made it to top 5 of Character & Actress regardless of her absence.

  41. Anyone agrees that Marianne Chan looks even more stunning than current TVB fadans?

      1. There are some actresses – the older they grow, the more graceful they become. Marianne is one of them.

      2. You are not the only one Funn.I love to watch Marianne Chan series the most in the 90’s.Anyone still remember her last series with Anne Heung where she played Chor Chor?I don’t really like that drama but it’s very memorable.

    1. I think she looks better now compared to when she was promoted heavily in the old series 🙂 I really like her now – I was rewatching some old series with her and Bobby together – now I wonder how come I didn’t like her in the past haha

  42. Did anyone feel was it Gordon Lam with Irene Wan? That he was exceptionally rude with her?

    1. Actually I felt pretty annoyed when Irene Wan burst out laughing so many times before/after her utterances.

      1. That’s because he was being rather rude and she laughed to hide that fact! I know she goes on and on about herself but it’s the script. I didn’t like how he behaved.

      2. What did Gordon Lam say, please? I guess Irene forced her laughter in order not to feel embarrassed?

      3. Not what he said but his dismissive attitude. I mean Gordon Lam is cocky but never than dismissive.

      4. Yeah, I got it. Thanks.
        By the way, Gordon Lam looks very different now.

    2. Yeah I thought he kept interrupting her and it didn’t seem to be in a joking manner actually. It was quite rude – not sure if this is his version of ‘deadpan humour’…but yeah he did cut her off many times.

  43. Very disappointing that….

    Ghetto Justice should have win Best TVB Series 2011.

    Sire Ma does not deserve Most Improved Female Artiste….Mandy Wong should have won.

    MC Jin, great guy that I met in New York. Never thought he is at TVB, won an TVB acting award.

    Everything else is on target…. Laughing who won the best???? 😀

  44. i am very happy that myolie wu win best actress… i am super fan myolie wu…

  45. So funny myolie wins for the thing she does not deserved. But anyway jessica’s not on the list. The best actress’s not there. What a silly?

  46. Everybody seems happy for myolie but do they think she deserved it? Of course they knew the truth behind all of this is just tvb politics. I don’t care if she won for getho justice but its crazy thing for tvb to let her wins for COTRH when every people can see ho jessica lead the series and much much better than her. Why don’t they just give the awards to maggie? All about politics. Frustated with how tvb treat their actress. I can see disaponted looks in kate, nancy, fala, tavia’s faces.

    1. Current fadans cannot be compared with dong ka fadans like Maggie Cheung, Jessica Hsuan, Ada Choi, or Marianne Chan…
      At least Maggie Cheung made it to top 5 despite the fact that she was absent. Poor Jessica!

      1. I miss the old days 🙁

        I like Flora, Kenix as well although their older series seem to be better than their ‘comeback’ ones..

        I even miss Nadia Chang compared to the current slew of some extent Amy Kwok as well

    2. If I say I think she deserved it, will you stop generalize that everyone don’t think she deserved it?

    3. kate, nancy, fala, tavia – only Fala stand for a chance in your list. The ones who should look disappointed is Linda and Fala only, as they are the only one who pushed by TVB to have big chance to win. Kate, Nancy, TY, none of them have any big chance to win at all, especially Nancy who is not nominated with Best actress at all.

      For the theory GJ vs COTRH, ok, Myolie won the Most Fave chac with it. Done.

    4. While I agree that it may be pre-arranged..not sure what Kate has to be disappointed about…she should be glad she is even in the top 5 looking at her performances this year.

      1. Look back for her performance and it isn’t too bad, in FH3 and in LOO.

      2. Her performances have been that long ago…I don’t think her performances were good at the many series she was in this year..especially in LOO and FH3 for me were pretty bad. Whenever she announces that she is Mdm Ling something..senior family bursts out laughing. very unbelievable..also the same in LOO, can’t be bothered to go into details for LOO again!

    1. No he did not! He usually is there most of the years right? Perhaps he knew he was not going to win anything this year!

      1. Wasn’t even in top 5. No he wasn’t there. Steven wasn’t there. Lots weren’t there.

      2. I didn’t expect Steven to be there..I thought he already left? but probably thought wrong 🙂

        Yeah…Raymond was not even in the top 5 for anything including ‘fav characters’ or those prizes voted by netizens…

      3. @minami: Nope, LF is in top 3 of :P, No.2 after KC :P.

      4. @Fox, really? oh ok

        well he is pretty low profile this year compared to previous years!

        But he was not in the prize where Bosco won..

        I thought Kevin won for the weibo thing as well

      5. Boscolie’s award (Outstanding elegant something) is not voted by the netizens :). It’s something like Best performance by an actor (not given this year) and just some random “creation” of TVB.

        The is in TVB site and top 3 is KC, LF, Ron. Linda in top 5 but No.4 or No.5 I dun rmb.

    2. No didn’t. The reason given out by him is “recording album”.

      1. That’s rite. Lame excuse :). Given it out just for the purpose of given it out. He dun go because TVB will have to give him awards with music.

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