Tavia Yeung Trades Him Law for TV Queen Award?

With this year’s TV Queen battle now between Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and Kate Tsui (徐子珊), the duo are allegedly using various tactics to win at all costs. Tavia reportedly persuaded boyfriend, Him Law (羅仲謙), to sign with TVB in exchange for the award. Kate’s rape scene in Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒> will not only gain the audience’s sympathy, but also increase her chances for the coveted award.

Him Law to Sign With TVB?

Since their explosive “car shaking” incident, Tavia’s romantic relationship with Him was exposed. The couple started dating last year, after meeting on the set of The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>.  Him’s standout muscular physique made him a rising star that TVB was interested in pursuing. With Him’s management contract with Filmko about to expire, Tavia allegedly will ask her boyfriend to sign with TVB, to increase her chances of winning the TV Queen award.

Asked about his soon-to-expire Filmko contract and whether he will sign with TVB, Him replied, “TVB has treated me very well, allowing me to train there like a Shaolin temple. I will do my best.” Asked whether Tavia had persuaded him to sign with TVB, Him said, “TVB gave me many chance. I will definitely repay them one day!”

Tavia Yeung Expresses Confidence in Winning TV Queen Award

Asked about Kate Tsui being her strongest competitor in the TV Queen race, Tavia replied, “I’m confident in myself. Every fadan wants to win the award. Since this year, the audience will vote the winner, the most important thing is that the audience likes the artist. I think we should face it with a normal attitude. I am good friends with every fadan, including Kate. As to winning or not, that will depend on doing my own part well.”

Prompted that Kate was currently praised more for her acting, Tavia said, “Really? I did not watch Highs and Lows since I did not have time. Thus, I do not know how well Kate did!  My drama [Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles 名媛望族], is not broadcast yet, but it is an Anniversary series. The script is very good; the audience will have expectations. They should like me more!”

Kate Tsui Wants TV Queen Award

Kate Tsui also admitted that she would like to become TV Queen. “If you were to ask me, of course I wish to win the award. I think I have some chances. So far, Highs and Lows is praised by many people. I have not heard people say that I am not good; I am already very happy.

Asked if she was confident in defeating Tavia Yeung for the TV Queen award, Kate replied, “I have always admired her. I treat her as a si jeh, since she entered the industry earlier and has more acting experience. I am not surprised if she wins the award! But I will try my best to ask all of my friends to vote for me! I am afraid that I may not get enough votes!”

As to whether Kate heard that Tavia asked Him Law to sign with TVB in exchange for an award, Kate said, “No, I have not heard about it.  I do not believe that Tavia is this type of person. Each year, there are rumors of such tactics!”

Meanwhile, Kate’s tragic “Drug Queen” fate in Highs and Lows delivered the right shock value and media attention. While attempting to rescue her younger brother in the drama, Kate climbed into the abductors’ shack and was gang raped. The scene was added last minute by the director. “I didn’t mind, as I was fully immersed in my character. My emotions were uncontrollable.” Kate admitted that she was so immersed in the emotions of her character, she was sometimes depressed after work.

With her performance in Highs and Lows being praised as award-worthy, Kate thanked the audience. Producer Lam Chi Wah (林志華) also praised Kate’s performance, especially in her rape scene. Lam said, “Three months ago, I told Kate that her performance was a big breakthrough. She has a good chance [to win TV Queen]. I will definitely vote for her!”

Sources: Oriental Sunday #775 via kuangaitvb.com, On.cc

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  1. I hope that HimHim don’t sign with TVB lols

    As for Kate, haven’t watched her rape scene yet since I stopped at ep 8. Wonder if it is as good as ppl say it is

    1. The rape scene hasn’t been aired yet, it should be sometime this week or the next. I highly doubt they will show the proces of it just the aftermath of her crying and being emotional but still very tragic.

      1. I bet the Kate gangrape will be short but her tragically crying, moaning, brooding, dazing after the gangrape will take at least half an episode.

      2. It has to be short this is aired on TV they can’t show much on the rape otherwise it would be too disturbing, it will def show the aftermath of it. Such an assault happened to her of course she would display all types of emostions for it.

      3. Yeah I’m sure there will be a lot of the emotion on it. they probably wouldn’t be showing too much of the rape scene or they would probably a lot of criticism. Either way I think because of the rape scene she would probably become a drug addict!

      4. Yeah they inject her with drugs during the rape which made her addictEd to it then later on Ben takes advantage of her because of it

    2. The trailer didn’t appeal to me. Hence, I didn’t follow this series. Besides, Kate Tsui is not somebody I would like to watch.

  2. They can still exchange stuff for the awards? I thought the audience is voting this year?

    1. I doubt txb will let the audience to decide the winner, if the winner came out to be someone not as planned, i bet txb will interfer and alter the winner in the end xD

  3. you gotta give it the media for thinking of such a creative proposal.

    1. LMAO! I AGREE…what they come up with is extremely hilarious…

  4. Is this the work a female artist should do to get an award? It’s awful for a woman to get rape and gang rape as well, what’s wrong with people?? Next Moses will get an award for portraying a killer….

    1. Aimee gets raped in her series, there are news articles about it. Kate gets raped in her series, there are news articles about it as well. Stop with all the raping!

      1. Aimee gets praises too for the rape and straight go for BSA favourite LOL. Kate will go straight to BA fav after gangrape tragic moaning to stardom LOL.

      2. yeah everyone’s trying to portray how victimised they are … If U wanna get praises, do the after-raped scene …

      3. Linda didn’t. Miss Koo only need to be cheated by a fake bf and cried like her mom died to get praises from ‘the entire city’ LOL

      4. I don’t get all the buzz for Linda’s Ms Koo. I watched the series and find her soso, and the series was quite bad to me, only like the last episode with all the students throwing the usb.
        Moses and her even won the Favourite Couple award in the Starhub awards this year and that was the couple I like the least.

      5. I don’t get all the buzz for Linda’s Ms Koo. I watched the series and find her soso, and the series was quite bad to me, only like the last episode with all the students throwing the usb.

        She gets good in the end.

      6. I tried to watch Yes Sir Sorry Sir but gave up after a few episodes, so I’ve never seen this much-vaunted crying scene. Is it the one parodied by Louis Yuen (I think I saw the parody clip on YouTube)?

    2. Didn’t Moses act killer in Master of Play? Look like ppl dun buy it much.

  5. Haha, the media is more creative this year than last year. The recent news are quite interesting, lol

    Him signing with TVB has more to do with him wanting to win Most Improved.

    1. Most improved should go to Oscar Leung, he was good in Tiger Cubs.

      1. Oscar has always been GREAT from day one:) He’s more natural than most! He should win everything….lol….

  6. Oh, so sad to see if this is true. 🙁 Artistes so desperate to win an award to up their reputation. Now, if Tavia or Him wins, and Him “coincidently” become contracted with TVB, we have a clue what went on behind closed doors.

    If their competitors lose, at least they lose gloriously and fairly. Unlike them, their win may be full of shame due to using dirty tricks.

    1. its not only reputation,tv queen means fame thats leads to more workload like more ads and chance for drama in mainland china and that is a highway to become a millionare.good example is kevin chen.

      1. Kevin Cheng was in BBJX before getting the 2nd award.

        LF hasn’t won but he still has high/highest paid for China series and is cast in grand budget China movies.

        Ha Yu won the title but he dun have much chance in China, nor high price.

        Moses also dun have that high price in China, too.

        So the market value in China series dun 100% goes up thank to Txb award.

      2. I think it’s more accurate to say that the market value for an award winner goes up mainly in HK. And then it’s up to the winner to maintain his/her level of fame and expose to sustain the increase market value. E.g. Ha Yu received a great deal of exposure after his win but he couldn’t maintain it so it’s back to status quo. Of course, there is also some level of personal pride for someone like Ha Yu who has coveted it for decades.

      3. Speaking of Kevin’s win last year, I remember reading a comment on a fan forum that he was being rewarded more for his performance in BBJX than for GJ. Can’t say I agree with it, but it was an interesting perspective on his win.

    2. Him signing to TVB might not even be related to the award. I dont see how you buy this news supported without any factual basis.

    1. omg, you guys are real mean… calling ppl ugly… wak con boso mes ta prome@@

  7. hahahaha….i guess the “nose” really knows all the necessary tricks lol.
    poor him him, gotta do what ah jeh commands lol.

  8. Kate is a rubbish actress. Aren’t there any other actresses who are better than Tavia and Kate in tvb?

      1. i love Michelle since i was teen…but Michelle alreay got once…maybe TVB want Kate or Tavia to get it this year..

      2. Michelle Yim can get it a 2nd time! If Liza Jeh and Sheren can get it twice, Michelle is definitely good enough!

      3. sure…we can wait til the last drama come out at Nov…decide to vote for either Michelle or Kate

      4. How come I was suppost to write Michelle Yim and end up with Michelle Yip hahha, nice that you guys understood though:P

    1. Better than the goddess Anubis:

      – Michelle Yim
      – Sheren Tang
      – Rebecca Chan
      – Florence Kwok
      – Idy Chan
      – Mary Hon
      – Elena Kong
      – Law Lan

      Only Michelle, Sheren & Idy are considered 1st line whereas the others are supporting.

      When it comes to the snake goddess the question should be “Who isn’t better than her”? Maybe the newly ascended goddesses?

      In the end it comes down to who provided most services to TVB executives & businessmen.

      In LF case he only have to please 620 which should be considered a bargain, LOL

      1. @top Gigi Lai has stop being an actress….She is a mom and helping with her brother’s shop.

        @ exoidus Liza Wang??

      2. Only mentioned current TVB artists if I include former artists that list would be never-ending, hehe.

        Ah Jeh & Gigi Wong both veteran artists, but somehow I don’t feel any greatness. Still their skills are not inferior.

        Btw, I forgot to mention Louise Lee such a wonderful actress. Can wait to see her with Ruco and Rebecca…

      3. I like Liza Wang when she acts in those serious, tragic/dramatic roles, she has the look for it, bc she looks very serious, the last one being “When Easterly Showers … can’t remember the rest of the gawd damn long title”. Too bad she want to cheapen herself by acting in unsuitable comedies 90% of the time.

      4. Whenever she acts in comedies, she like to do that “Fake crying” act, which is horrible like BOOHOOHOO, but her real crying in serious dramas is GOOD.

  9. Him deserves care well from ‘sister’ lover 🙂 good to have some one takes care all for you to enjoy 🙂 trade off the 6 packs 🙂
    Let see how long sister hook relationship will be last long. Depend on benefit Him receives. Remind me as Ekin and Maggie Siu. But ah Kin is only one year younger from Maggie, not 5 yrs gap 🙂

    1. hahahha…you are funny…sorry i don’t like Tavia…so i will vote for whoever has higher chance to win (i guess is Kate)

  10. I think Tavia wont win as her reputation is going down. She loose many supporters and fans from everywhere since car scandal.
    Kate is not too good but still better than Tavia compare all categories.
    Poor Tavia, unlucky year.

    1. yes…i am one of the example…i never her fans…but before the car scandal…i don’t mind she win…but now…i really don’t want her to win…since i don’t have any favor one for TV queen…just vote for Kate..so that Kate can get more vote than Tavia

      1. ^ You sound like a Tavia’s anti-fan.

        Vote for the one that deserve the award base on their acting! And I still don’t get why people are judging Tavia based on that stupid scandal. I will still vote for Tavia because to me she’s a good actress and she deserves the award.

      2. Huh, people on JayneStars never liked Tavia. The car scandal is now just an excuse. Nonetheless, I definitely think Tavia’s acting is better than Kate’s . Hope she wins.

      3. “Huh, people on JayneStars never liked Tavia. ”
        yea yea, it’s all people on jaynestars. If you notice something, you yourself are on jaynestars and you like tavia?
        And most people do like her before her nose.
        “Hannahh says:
        October 16, 2012 at 8:18 pm
        I find her cute and good to look at b4 she inject stuff in her Nose.”
        “Nicole says:
        October 16, 2012 at 6:51 pm
        post. She was pretty before, especially in ancient series. Don’t know why she will wreck it.”
        We all praise tavia before her nose growth, so don’t say we never liked her. It’s not an excuse to scold her because we don’t like her, but it’s really very ugly.

    2. Even before her scandal, Tavia’s performances have been less than stellar (or even passable) the past few years. I remember a several years ago when all the attention was on her – and I was so excited, hoping for greater things to come – but things went downhill and she’s just been so… bland. It’s not even a love it or hate it thing, because then I would be feeling strongly about a performance that’s been so blah and almost non-existent. What happened?

      1. I think it’s just the roles that’s given to her that don’t stand out. I heard her role in SSSS was made for her, so hopefully it won’t disappoint.

      2. Just watch star hub 2012 award. At such time many people predicted Oncall 36 will win at least several but reality Tavia & Kenenth got only 1 or 2 while Linda got 2 important ones plus she sang on stage and had long coversation in madarin and english to audience. Surprise she won over Tavia.
        Tavia act is good as She has 10 yrs experience and TVB has gaven her lot of opportunities than others. Guess what she lost a chance yrs ago. By now she has to compete with Kate and she has disavantage news from scandal no matter it is true or not. Many viewers lost interest on her. I see lot of vietnamese fans on line raise disappoitment comments on her 🙁 sure that they wont vote for her if last minutes they decide to count oversea voters. I bet HK people doubt on Tavia as well no matter she is innocent or not. Simple her relationship with young Him stirs up lot of criticism 🙁
        For me I am not her fan and Kate fan but I will vote for Kate bc she does not have scandal

      3. @ Skinnymocha

        Her acting got stale

        @ Momo

        They said the same thing about her role in BROC and MOL. That they were “tailored” for her. In the end, she sucked the most in once roles. That said, I expect something better from SSSS just because Damian has been so highly involved in the filming process.

        I think all the chatter about the BA award is just to hype the awards. Yes, right now the spotlight is on Kate because she’s doing well (apparently) in HAL. But so what? Haven’t even seen a single episode of SSSS yet so kinda ridiculous to compare their chances. Maybe Tavia will still flop – probably – but let’s at least wait and see the show.

    3. @Jenny Dam: what an idiot. who says her reputation is going down and losing fans? for you to believe such ‘scandal’ that’s not even 100% confirmed, you represent the whole fan base? and i think its pretty silly for someone to just stop liking an artist because of an ‘unconfirmed rumor’.

      well if you say that, then i can easily say, ‘kate’s reputation is going down too because she’s got too many hookup scandals, changing guys all the time and hooking up with a playboy doctor coz maybe she’s a playgirl herself’???? or perhaps she’s losing fans because of her ‘ever increasing pout size”???

      How is it an unlucky year for Tavia? And what categories are you referring to? Please explain. But sorry i don’t agree with your idiotic reasoning.

      1. LOL Jenny Dam is just sharing her view after assessing the situation now. Poor Jenny.

  11. Why are people basing a BA award over a scandal??

    It shouldnt matter how screwed up the actor/actress personal lives are. What SHOULD matter is their acting performance.

    Tavia winning the BA award or not should not depend on her recent scandals.

    BTW I dont understand why the car scandal is such a big deal. Cant adults have a lil to drink nowadays with their significant other? Jesus.

    People are so damn judgemental.

    1. i agree with u! Personal lives and acting performance should be completely different it is like work and play.

      1. Except that Tavia is supposedly using her personal life to influence Him to join TVB and hopefully sway some favour to herself for the award?

      2. maybe because i don’t feel Tavia’s performance is so much outstanding compare to other actress…yes…she works hard…but so as other actress…i am here to fight..you have right to super your star…

      3. i mean i am NOT to fight…it is okay…everyone can vote for what he/she like…whatever outcome doesn’t matter…

    2. Maybe some ppl are still being skeptical over it. But it is an old news so give her a break. We should based on SSSS to judge if TY should win this BA. Maybe she will be more outstanding than Kate.

      1. I doubt Tavia will be outstanding in SSSS because it is not a breakthrough role like Kate’s. Sure, she will be adaquate, maybe even good, in the role but the character itself sounds pretty boring. It will be jealous wife vs other jealous wife.

  12. lol at the catfight over what is essentially a meaningless award.

    Although, I guess if either of them wins, they can raise their appearance fees 😛

    1. It does look funny to see all these fadans like Kate and TY worked up over some stupid award but then the award does mean more money and fame for more jobs.

    2. The award itself might be meaningless but can’t deny that it raises their profile and market value. As we know TVB doesn’t pay very well, so it’s not really that hard to understand why they care a lot about the award after all.

  13. Him Him sign with TVB and Tavia will win BA. While Kate get Rape to win the awards lolz

    1. Mean one uses other ppl to win and one uses herself to win. Who is more of a cheater?

  14. Poor Himhim sounds like a property that TY can trade in and lie on.

  15. Whoever win, I do not care since neither deserve it. If TOP 5 includes someone who isn’t Tavia or Kate, and she is a good actress, I will consider it. Tavia’s acting skill has gone down the drain, and Kate acting in Highs and Lows is only one face, it have not surprise or amaze me.

    TOP 5–2 is already out for me. 3 more to see who it’s gonna be.

  16. World Cup2010 Spain vs Netherlands = Spain champion
    TV queen 2012 Tavia vs Kate = Tavia TV queen ?

      1. I support Germany too but I don’t why they lose in the end. Hope they will make a comeback for the next World Cup.

      2. They were unlucky, their team scored the most goal that WC. They should had been there at the final!

      3. They have young and good players but maybe they have no luck. Moreover, the soccer ball is round so anything can just happen.

      4. I was rooting for Germany this year as well (I’m English btw, but our national team would rather create scandals than play football), but once again… And the worst thing is having Balotelli all over the tabloids. Still.

  17. I wonder if this news will affect Tavia’s chances in the award. This year’s award is 100% decided by audience vote. With this news, some audience might feel Tavia is using unfair tactics and thus they will vote for someone else to counter her.

    Kate might also be negatively affect with her comment of asking friends and relative to vote for her.

    1. @Kidd

      Coupled with her still ongoing car shaking news too which isn’t exactly a sweet fairy tale love story for HK audience the way the press milked it I think it will affect TY too.

    2. It can be just faked. 100% decided by audience… If TVB sees that results are not going to their favour, they can always adjust it. LOL

    3. I don’t buy the “100% decided by audience vote.” I honestly think it’s a ploy from TVB. TVB will intervene irregardless.

    4. “This year’s award is 100% decided by audience vote.”

      Seriously 100% as announced? And then behind the back adjusted here and there a bit perhaps.

      1. Agree. TVB will surely alter the results according to their preference.

    5. Asking frds and relative to vote isn’t really a wrong action because most of ppl in a poll do such thing. Just some hypocrite said that they dun ask ppl know them vote for them to win 😛 while doing the different things. So Kate might be negatively bashed by these hypocrite ppl but I think it won’t affect much as it’s just a minor matter.

      1. Maybe he know his friends would rather vote for someone else.

      2. Maybe he doesn’t have any friend since he doesn’t know how to social LOL

      3. Yup, at least she’s being honest and she might just said it casually to the press.

    6. What’s wrong w/ Kate wanting her friends and family to vote for her? If u can’t even count on them to support u, then that’s really sad.

    7. I don’t think Tavia needs to worry that much about her “scandal”. By voting time, it’s all forgotten as long as she gives a good performance in SSSS. Of course, if she doesn’t, she’ll probably win anyway with TVB’s help and her own crazy fanbase but it will another controversial win.

  18. Neither has acting skills but if I have to choose, it’ll be Tavia who is more deserving as Kate totally cannot act and can only give stone-faced expressions

  19. This headline of TY trading Himhim is splashed right smack on the cover. Without even buying or go online to read gossips any.passer bys can also read by chance. LOL poor TY.

  20. It’s obvious that TVB is giving the award to Tavia this year.

    Kate, even if she doesn’t win BA, will benefit from this noise marketing. It will propel her to true 1st line leading actress in TVB, just like how Fei Tin did for Myolie and BTROC for Tavia.

    1. LOL so in the end do you think TVB has a secret hand behind all these TY vs Kate vs LF noises?

      1. @Vivien

        TVB always have a hand in those ‘rumors’ to market their artistes and series.

    2. Myolie as Fei Tin was disastrous. I cant believe Myolie thought and hoped she can win and got depressed for losing. Really an ambitious award chaser.

      1. Nah, she said that maybe she could have won favourite character. Besides, Tavia won favourite character and that pork award for BTROC, so getting fav character shouldn’t be too much.
        Besides, why did Tavia get that pork performance award, when all she did was to act as a crazy evil loon, while TVB did not create that pork performance award for Myolie when she gained 50pounds!? I would cry if I have to gain 50 pounds for nothing. LOL

      2. Too bad for Myolie! TVB didn’t promise her a pork performance award when she agreed to gain 50pounds as FEI TIN. Her role isn’t so likeable in the drama until the very few episodes.

      3. i dont think tavia’s character was likeable at all. that is her worst performance to date.

      4. I admire Myolie for willing to gain 50 pounds and able to lose it so quickly.

      5. Indeed, gaining weight does not equal award, but I’m saying I would cry if I’m the one who had to gain 50-70 pounds. I’m sure you would too. You are a girl, put yourself in her shoes. Firstly, I doubt I would even have her professionalism to do it, as I would be worried if I can lose it, and even losing weight, there are things like stretch marks due to the weight gain or loss.
        Besides, my point is, Tavia’s bad acting as a crazy evil lunatic can get a pork award that’s called best performance for her professionalism, then why not myolie who actually had to do something that most people won’t?

      6. I think TVB should’ve given Myolie something for her sacrifice. If so perhaps she wouldn’t turn into a award hungry depressed artist, haha.

        Charlize Theron won Oscar + many awards for getting ugly and fat, LOL. Sure it doesn’t = awards since her acting is way superior than Myolie but still.

        I want to see snake goddess and Anubis gaining 100 pounds but I doubt that will happen 🙂

      7. TVB didn’t not hype up Fei Tin for TV Queen. That series with Andy Hui was not a hit. And, that happened in 2006. TVB probably realized that a pork award was needed after Myolie went into hiding. So, Myolie’s case set an example for others. So, in 2009, although Tavia’s Kam Ling failed to grab TV Queen, there was a pork award for her.

        Stretch marks? They’re celebrities who have the money to get them removed.

      8. Hannah, even with procedures to remove them, you can’t remove them 100%. go ask. They will probably say there’s a “70-80% improvement”.

        Doubt that will happen. I remember when the Goddess of Money and Beauty had to wear an ugly wig in some series, some of her fans praised her for being professional by spoiling her image by wearing that ugly wig. Weight Gain? Doubt it. LOL

      9. Yeah, Nicole it won’t happen maybe putting on a fat-suit ala Eddie Murphy or Andy would be more realistic.

        Perhaps the director of “fei tin” told Myolie “this role will make you TV Queen” and Myolie being naive blved it, LOL

        Otherwise she might not have done it since she isn’t that stupid.

      10. Not all are as lucky as Renée Zellweger who won herself an award for Bridget Jones’s Diary. She also gains weight for this movie.

      1. didn’t she get something for it? fav character, i think

    3. Maybe Kate will get the Best Performance Of The Year (But not yet the best actress level) award?

      Like TVB’s way of saying “We love you Kate, BUT we love Tavia more”

    4. Exactly. It reminds me of how they also pushed up Fala next year. She didn’t really have a chance of winning, but it was used more to show that she really is a 1st line actress.

    5. But last year the bad news come to Fala more and good news come to Myolie more. Media makes it like Myolie is the good concubine and Fala is the evil concubine :D.

    6. Hmm, I think the intention was to award it to Tavia this year (that was obvious), but TVB probably didn’t expect her to be so boring… Her only hope is SSSS. At least with Myolie last year, it did create some waves (whether it be good or bad) and there was room for discussion. Tavia has been utterly pointless so far.

      Kate will probably win the favourite character award, at the very least.

      1. Tavia is too boring if count out her car shaking and nose news. I don’t think SSSS can generate her that much attention.

  21. If there is a “best BF award” and the rumours serve true, Him should get the award! LOL
    Am not a fan of either Tavia or Kate but it seems like Tavia dating Him and the scandals and rumours that ensue are not helping her career…

      1. One is selling boyfriend, one is selling rape scene. All for a piece of metal from TVB which will bring them more money.

  22. A love story of the century.

    Kate wants TV Queen award? Who doesn’t but if Kate wins, let’s switch off the TV. I seriously do not think she deserves it. Neither does Tavia. Scrap the award! Or let’s Him win as TV Queen and King, a hybrid award.

    1. “To accommodate the ‘drug queen’ role, Kate does not hesitate to ruin her ‘Miss HK’ image as she displayed all seven emotions in the gang rape scene. ”

      Wow seven emotions and it was dazed, dazed, dazed, dazed, dazed, dazed, dazed

      Quite a range.

      Let’s watch then. Which episode?

      1. “Wow seven emotions and it was dazed, dazed, dazed, dazed, dazed, dazed, dazed”


      2. @Funn,

        Maybe not so bad.. Kate will prolly shows more than dazed like stoned eyes, wide mouth then dazed..and continue the same actions over and over again.. I agree with you that her facial acting is still somewhere lacking behind.. can’t really see the emotion in her.

    2. LOL, looks she was comfy with Ben only fake scream a little when it comes to Ding Jeh, LOL

      1. Did Ben raped her or theirs were mutual? I rmb Ben said he was not involved in raping her.

      2. Well it happened when she took drugs so she was a bit unconcious, which meant he kinda took advantage of her but the rape is worse.

  23. So Tavia & Kate both are not BA-worthy and don’t deserve the award, and Myolie did last year? Pleaseeeeee! Don’t think there are any bestttt actress in TVB anymore, most of their acting is the same. Fans will vote for their favorites. At the end, no one cares.

    1. I doubt it. BP aired too early. Even Ray Wong is forgotten.

  24. How come reporter can watch the gangrape already? Did the producer give the clip so that the press can promote the series to get higher ratings?

    1. Maybe just a teaser. I wanna see the spoiler! Will Happy Sir end up with Pat or not!!!!!!! >.<

      1. Yeah, took a bullet for him. I think he loves Gordon more than Pat. Very weird.

      2. I think he loves both :P. But poor him, one rejected him, one is trying to cheat him and let him out of group.

    2. I don’t think they watched it, it’s TVb as usual they would hint us on future episodes and since the scene is huge they would report about it since that scene is happening soon

  25. wow…lets sacrafice your man for a piece of stupid metal paper weight!
    How long will this relationship last now….??? 😛

    1. Because that is the only thing she can head to now. She has nowhere else to develop since she can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t be young anymore, bonus a the long goddess nose. Not that I say her acting is superb either, her fake face make her emotions scary and unnatural.

  26. Why am I not surprised by this news?
    Tavia has been emphasizing on MONEY the past few years whenever she is interviewed on her chances for TV queen. Her reply is always ‘What’s more important is to make more money…’ Maybe because she knew she doesnt stand a chance at all with better actresses like Gigi Lai, Charmaine Sheh, Sheren Tang for the past few years. And now when the competition is negligble, with Myolie having won last year, she has suddenly changed her tone and claimed to be confident in herself. Even making statements like ‘I did not watch Highs and Lows since I did not have time. Thus, I do not know how well Kate did! My drama [Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles 名媛望族], is not broadcast yet, but it is an Anniversary series. The script is very good; the audience will have expectations. They should like me more!’

    She is such a ‘goddess’ huh. Expecting that the audience will like her more even when her series is NOT OUT YET.

    I can’t wait to see her fall from disgrace this year when the award is given to someone else. :p

    1. Glad to know I am not the only one that is a bit taken aback by her reply.

      1. Ha, definitely not. I have been following Tavia news for the past few years, so I am quite aware of her responses to media. Found her to be a fake, hypocritical woman who is more concerned about her well being and reputation.

        For instance, when Raymond’s scandal with PSS broke out, she first said during an interview that she ‘didn’t know much about it’ and tried to act like she and raymond were not that close. After when many artists stood up for Raymond and defended him, she changed her tone and said ‘Raymond is my best friend! I won’t let anyone hurt him!’

        Talk about hyprocritical. Maybe that’s why she can never win me over with her superficial acting :p haha.

      2. Agree with you. Don’t you realise Tavia’s fans also end up like her? Like with the car shaking incident, they started scolding artistes like Raymond, Ron, Bosco, etc. for not coming out and supporting Tavia. Pulease, did they see Tavia come out and support Ron when he had all his scandals? Hypocritical, hypocritical.

      3. Funnier, now someone is saying that Kate is the good friend and there is no competition. Rmb what they said about Kate’s comment to car shake incident? Now Kate is good friend, lolz.

      4. So is it true that Him Law only befriended with TY because she can help to boost his popularity? With such attitude and loud person she seems, I can’t think of anything that can attract Him.

      5. Does that mean Him Law will unfriend her once he gets more famous? Lol

      6. TY has no motherly material in her, she seems like a selfish person to me.. I only adore her acting only. Maybe both Him & TY are using each other to boost popularity..

      7. Fox, you have to tell me about Kate’s comment about the Tavia’s car accident, I don’t particular pay attention on her comment, just normal and support Tavia. And don’t ruin Tavia’s image, I always think she’s good girl, after Ron’s scandal, she still shared birthday party with him.

      8. Maybe TY help Himhim negotiate a good deal with TVB contract. TY and 620 are actually not as distant as her fans always make out.

      9. Kate’s comment about the car shake incident is merely nothing but some fans made it like she badmouthed their idol in order to boost the chance to win. You can look at the topic in Jayne about Kate’s comment to understand.

        As for any common bday party, please not that last year there was none because Ron changed the manager from Garly to Candy last year but changed back to Garly this year. It isn’t his scandal or else to have a common bday party.

      10. ‘Maybe TY help Himhim negotiate a good deal with TVB contract.’

        Somehow I don’t think TY is that proactive.

      11. TY and 620 are actually not as distant as her fans always make out.

        They have always been close. Only that the cult won’t believe it and keep living in denial and keep imagining that 620 hates their goddess. Please, if 620 ‘hates’ their goddess, she won’t jump to the first line 5 fadan now 😛

    2. I was about to write wat you’ve written. My impression on this woman is that she always like to make others lower to boost herself up, especially her peers, as if she’s so great.

      1. You sound as if you know her personally as a friend…hahaha!!! Impressive!

    3. Glad to know that l am not the only one neither to consider she is such a hypocrite

    4. I didn’t expect Tavia to say that the audience will like her more than Kate either. Her comment just makes me like Kate even more and I just know her response to Raymond’s incident which makes me dislike her further. To think that she always acted like she was close buddies with Raymond, yet isolating him when he was faced with scandals. How is she different from Mavis and Viann in the aspect of treating their ‘friends’.

      I’m not a Tavia-hater, I was neutral + a bit positive towards her until I read this article and the comments.

      1. Tavia does sound arrogant and snobbish by saying that audience will definitely like her. What a bad attitude.

        Now she has become a Nose Goddess who is money hungry, treat boyfriend as trading object, broke traffic laws, car shaking champion, and add arrogant and snobbish.

      2. What did she say about Raymond? She did say that the audience will like her more?? Where? I guess I missed it…

      3. Thanks for the info Nicole! I just read the article in the link… OMG, I cannot believe she would say that! I was never a big fan of hers, but don’t hate either.. However, am starting to like her less and less… Yea, her nose is annoying…

      4. That was a disgustingly arrogant and snobbish comment isn’t it.

      5. agree. tavia’s comment is ugly. how overconfident is she! thinking that people will like her before the series airs. she’s giving off a diva air.

      6. im glad she’s snobbish.. i like snobbish ppl. but i haven’t seen a clip or article that said she said those words so her words may have been twisted by the media.

      7. I thought you like snobbish ppl, fez? So you must wish that the reporters did a rite report this time.

        And if they didn’t, lolz, maybe we’ll see a new press conference very soon.

      8. @fez
        The article is just up there.
        ” Prompted that Kate was currently praised more for her acting, Tavia said, “Really? I did not watch Highs and Lows since I did not have time. Thus, I do not know how well Kate did! My drama [Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles 名媛 望族], is not broadcast yet, but it is an Anniversary series. The script is very good; the audience will have expectations. They should like me more!””

        From the phrasing, it sounds like she’s looking down on Kate’s drama as well but I think it really depends on how she said it to the reporter and her tone.

        The Raymond part I read it in some of the comments above but I didnt verify it.

      9. Unless you heard her or any other artist actually saying it and unedited at that on video, do not so easily believe the ‘quote’ on tabloid.

      10. I blv if some words were twisted, a press conference will be held, claimine :). Or at least a rant on weibo.

      11. I haven’t watched both HAL and SSSS, but I’ll be voting for Kate!

    5. Actually, if you read most of the reports, you would have realized most of the artists did not defend Tavia’s car-shaking incident. Even Moses said he wouldn’t do such a misleading act. TY’s so called good friend, Chris Lai, also remained neutral and chose not to comment unnecessarily. So, if TY fans want to start the bashing, they should scold practically every artist since almost none defended her. (Even Christine Ng who defended TY in the end said she was shocked by the pictures initially.)

      And yes, you guys were right abt the TY cult. Her fans are the worst bunch out of all fans I see online. They are constantly putting down other artists to boost their car-shaking goddess.

      Either way, no matter how atrocious TY’s acting in SSSS is gonna be, it is likely that TVB will give her the award to promote her and at the same time, ensure loyalty from her and Him. On the night of the awards when they are the big winners (of BA and most improved), they can have as many ‘car-shaking’ as they want LOL!

      Honestly, the BA award has started to lose its meaning since last year…

      1. Even if Tavia doesn’t open her mouth, these anti-fan cult will always find a reason to bash her lol… no wonder tavia’s fan base is growing by the minute. because they can’t stand those anti-fans making unreasonable comments… yeh go talk about her long pinnochio nose and stick it up ur a$$ since you love it so much.

        Actually if you read most of the reports, you will realise that the artists did defend Tavia. You obviously left out a few important pieces of information. in reference to Chris Lai (her so called EX) , lemme continue where you left of – he actually said “tavia’s not that kind of person because he knows her well and maybe that she was sick?” and LF said ‘the media sure knows how to make up a fake story out of some pictures.’

        so in all honesty, Candy, i think you are pathetic.

      2. everyone is responsible to what he/she does and says…if you are TY’s fans…of course…you can still support and love her…for those who are not her fans…like me…lead to not liking her…is normal…She might still win the TV queen…who knows

      3. I don’t think you should call someone pathetic just because you disagree with what the person’s saying.

      4. Oh come on fez, Kate did comment directly to defend in this car shake incident but her comment was interpreted as a bash by fans of who you know. So Lai Lok Yi’s words can be interpreted as a hint of a bash as well :P.

        I wonder who are more of cults :P. Like now, Kate is bashing a lot because she is the direct rival to this Queen seat. So Kate’s fanbase is also growing by the minute thank to these bashes.

      5. Kate’s comments made Tavia looks even more petty (? Cant think of a better word). Kate replied so confidently to defend her.
        “As to whether Kate heard that Tavia asked Him Law to sign with TVB in exchange for an award, Kate said, “No, I have not heard about it. I do not believe that Tavia is this type of person. Each year, there are rumors of such tactics!””

      6. Haha, can’t believe I’m actually laughing over fez’s comment that i am pathetic. Proves once again how ‘classy’ TY fans are! But no worries, I have met much worse TY cult before so I really find it humorous that her fans act all defensive and worked up whenever people point out negative things from TY. (And in that aspect, I have heard of TY fans scolding vulgarities to anti-TY’s fans’ families just because they did not like TY).

        I believe at the end of the day, the idol has to ‘pay the bill’ for the actions and behaviour of her crazy fans, so the more TY fans do this, the more her name is smeared. And based on how TY has always been responding with her loose mouth displaying an EQ that is not very high in her interviews, i am not surprised by the standard of her supporters.

        That being said, fez, have a good life! 🙂

  27. Btw heard that SSSS is a copy of Storm – an old famous stage drama and series, isn’t it? If it is, Txb is really uncreative.

    1. Storm has the stepson having affair with the stepmother. Does SSSS has this plot?

    2. SSSS actually has promising cast and storyline but the main actress and her nose and her boring acting bugged me. lol

  28. LOL. Funn tell us later who is more tragic after raped. KT or Aimee.

    1. Aimee because society back then is less forgiving and she was pregnant.

      1. In the sales presentation Kate also gets pregnant and is selling drugs and having gunfights with a 9 month big pregnant tummy.

      2. @Funn

        Apparently after the rape Kate will be addicted to drugs and will have bed scene with Ben Wong who is using her. LOL maybe you have to rethink on who’s more pitiful now 😛

  29. Buahahaha this “news” made me laugh. Geez, the media have got it in for Tavs. I wonder what they will come up with next?

    1. And it’s only October! I wonder what tales the media will be spinning by the time the awards finally roll around in December, LOL.

      If TVB really goes ahead with the Internet voting thing I think some actor or actress will inevitably get accused by the media of vote-buying.

      1. Next the media is gonna say Tavia is going to go into a lesbian relationship with 620 to ‘buy’ the award.

      2. I’m not surprised if Tavia is closest to 620 since Charmaine left. The media should try writing the lesbian gossip between them. Maybe they can find interesting evidences and pictures.

      3. 620 lesbian? More like a wannabe cougar and failed at it! Don’t tell me she looks at Kevin and Raymond Lam and go “Oh my poor poor children”!

      4. Funn, maybe bisexual? Haha, I don’t know. For some reason 620 doesn’t seem straight to me. I can see her lusting after Ray, Kevin dunno. How old is 620 anyway?

      5. Yeah, during a promotional event for self portrait i guess, she was leaning towards LF and putting too much weight on him causing him to staggered.

      6. My gaydar is very accurate and that’s why I don’t think she’s lesbian. Like you said, she’s lusting after some actors, which means she’s straight.

        Anyway, is she married?

      7. She is married with 2 kids, a daughter and a son. Her husband is good looking and wealthy (CEO of a group)

      8. Then she isn’t lesbian. Do you have her husband’s picture?

    2. One look at the title of this article you’ll know it’s crap!

  30. I have to say I really don’t like Kate, she has the wu lei jing look.

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